Review by Psycho Ral

"Fun, but never got so mad while playing a game"

Story 7/10- The story to this game is ok. Your suppose to be some street drag racer named Dennis Black. One day, some guy named Clark contacts you. Clark is part of of a street racing club. But in one of his races, he crashed into a tree and got injured and can't race. He ends up asking you to race for him.

Graphics 9/10- I think the graphics were really good for the game. The cars and the backgrounds were great. They even have some famous landmarks: Big Ben(London) and The Golden Gate Bridge(San Francisco)

Gameplay 8/10- The gameplay is pretty good. You race trying to get to the checkpoints to not run out of time, find ramps to get extra time, avoid cars, and try to finish good. There are different modes you can play during the game. Underground which is the story, Circuit which is a race where you do a certain amount of laps, Linear which is from point A to B, 2 player where you can face someone BUT you need 2 playstation 2 controllers, Drag race where you face one car in a long straight track, then theres police chase where your the cops and you have to arrest the racers. The races are good, you have to avoid vehicles, walls, and trees to place good. Most of the time, your against 5 other computer cars. One thing I like is that they crash sometimes. I hate playing racing games where the the computer is perfect. But if you crash, it won't be big because the computer never gets that far ahead of you. Turning might be a problem, the hand brake isn't that good. I usually used the reverse button while going on turns.
Also, the loading times were long, but they let you play pong while its loading.

Music and Sounds 5/10 I didn't like the music in the game. Not the kind I would listen to and you can't change the music during a race. Also the cars sound the same.

Replay 6 Replay isn't that good either. Once you beat the game, you pretty much unlocked everything. You can try the cop chases but there get boring after awhile. The game also isn't that long. If you played it alot, it would take you about a week to beat.

Rent or Buy I would rent it because its pretty short and once you beat it, theres not much to do.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 07/20/02, Updated 07/20/02

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