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"The Fast and The Furious: The Game!"

Well, first off, your tastes will highly affect your liking of this game, so I will attempt to make this apply to both racing worlds.


G R A P H I C S: 8/10
The graphics are pretty darn... uhhh... pretty. The game looks just like it should: That is, exciting and cool. Also, the environments have just enough pizazz to warrant your attention.

S O U N D: 6/10
The songs will either excite you or make you mute the TV, but for me, I liked some of the tracks, and others I despised, but they are overall fit for this game. The sound effects, however, are pretty adequate, like the bone-crunching sound you get from slamming into either a civilian, another racer, or a cop(more on this in the gameplay section), and the WHANG! you hear from landing from a jump.

S T O R Y: 7/10
The story is the biggest head-scratcher of the lot. I asked myself ''Huh?'' so many times, it was incredible! The game focuses on you, a drag racer, or something like that, named Dennis Black. You work for this crippled English dude with some name like Clark or something. Anyways, you have to race for him, against a buch of terribly voice- acted misfits, like the beach bum Reese, or the hillbilly guy, named JimmyBob or something. And that's pretty much the whole story. Anyone looking for a deep, involving story should look elsewhere.

G A M E P L A Y: 5/10
The gameplay is average, just not revolutionary or anything. And the game is not half as dangerous as it is billed to be, and most of the ''crazy'' stuff like the jumps are just 10-footers off trailer-trucks, so don't wet your pants just yet. And, there are two fatal flaws with the cars: one, when you get a good car, you race it until you get a better one. That's it. Another flaw is the lack of modifying options and the car color-changing ability: for some reason, when you change a car's color, it looks totally different on the track. So if you just have to have your car's color JUST right, prepare to go back and forth through the race and the garage for quite a while.

C O N T R O L S: 5/10
The controls are another low spot. For example, changing your view or looking behind you can actually HINDER your racing ability! For example, changing your view is done with the triangle button, so you have to take your finger OFF of the gas and THEN scroll through a series of viewpoints until you find one that you like, so you end up losing about 50 mph, messing you up, so that you have to maneuver FLAWLESSLY for the rest of the race! WOO-HOO! Also, the cop/arrest portion is very NOT well done. For example, you have 3 strikes, and if a cop so much as bumps you, you lose one this is especially bad in the Tokyo races, as cops pop out from nowhere and slam into you, throwing you off track. That's just pathetic.

R E P L A Y: 4/10
After beating this game (you lucky stiff, you), I seriously doubt you'll play it again, but at the same time, it'll take you forever just to beat it, I played it for about 2 months STRAIGHT and got to the 1st from last race, where I conveniently gave up. This game is so unevenly difficult, it drove me insane! When you fight the ''last'' boss, he's one of the easiest people to beat in the game! What the &%* were they thinking?

F U N F A C T O R: 7/10
If you can ignore the glaring problems with this game, you will have some fun. It is mostly a rental game, but it will soon be (if it isn't already) in the bargain bin, so you might as well buy it by that point.

So, buy it or not? .if you did, email me and tell me what you thought(of the game AND my review).

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 04/30/03, Updated 04/30/03

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