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Reviewed: 06/01/03 | Updated: 06/01/03

Up to the Power of GT3!!!!

This is the perfect game. Everything about it is awesome. It is up there with GT3. The racing and the handling are very very good. The only thing I don't like about it is that there are no crashes, you can break up the car at all. But oh well. The games killer soundtrack and stunts make up for that. Like wise, this is a must own game for people that like street racing and fast cars.

The gameplay is a racing game. That about it. But there is more too it then racing along side of people. You get instructions from a guy to go out and race. You race and win cash and cars. Alot of cars. That's the basic play of the game. It goes into more things and all but I don't want to spoiler you with that. ^_^

They are very simple and the handling of the cars is outstanding. They are very simple to know. Just X to go and square to stop. That's it. But the handling of the cars is great. It is the same as GT3. You don't have to worry about sliding in corners and such. This is not a factor in this game. The areas are good to control in as well. Some might have blind curves and all but rather then that the only thing that isn't good is when you have to slow down to a stopping point to move. >_<

This is the story. You get info from a guy to go and win cars and money. That's it. There are three cities you go to, with about ten courses for each city. You race everyone. Sometimes it is the drag strip you go to and race, other time you go head to head with another guy for slips (car slips) and you have to win or else GAMEOVER. But the story is good. In the end you go head to head against the guy that gives you the cars to drive. No big deal. ^_^

But the game is really great. I would get it bow because it is a Greatest Hit and it is under $20!!!! Which is a really great deal for this game. And don't worry about the two player mod. In the end you get every car so it is a real great time. So make sure you get another controller while picking up this game, you are going to need it. MAWHA!!


Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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