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"Get Ready for a Test Drive"

I rented this game with my free rental coupon over at Blockbuster. Just returned it and it may come back as a keeper.

Graphics: 8/10

The developers did a nice job recreating the cities in the game. Very excellent use of the lighting, but the buildings could have used a little more detail. While racing through the cities, gamers will be able to recognize famous landmarks like the Golden Gate Bridge. Everything looks nice and authentic. The game has a very fast frame rate that is still pretty good even in two player.

The cars look wonderful and the hardcore car fanatic will be able distinguish them. Because the game has actual real life car models, driving 150 MPH head on in to a bus will not scathe your car at all, not even a single scratch.

Gameplay: 9/10

The best part of the game, is the ''Underground''. This is like the story mode of the game and where you shall spend most of your time playing the game. You start out as a amateur racer and join the ranks of the top illegal street racers in the world. The mode also features a fantastic story that I shall go in to more detail later.

The game also has your other normal modes like two player, quick race, and single race. You can also have fun by dragging against a friend or the AI. Dragging is not automatic though, you have to switch gears yourself until you reach the finish (quarter mile) and that's what makes dragging so much fun.

Unlike other arcade racing games that require you to always finish first, you only have to finish in the top three.

You also get to play ''Pong'' while the game loads!!!!!!!

Sound: 10/10

The soundtrack to the game is absolutely amazing. It features your favorite bands like Saliva, DMX, and I guess Ja Rule and Moby. The soundtrack totally kicks Gran Turismo's ass. Unlike other games, the soundtrack is very diverse rather than just being rock, or rap.

Sound effects are done well. The car's engines sound good, and you will hear the usual basic sounds like car horns, tires squealing, and the sound of your car scraping another.

The voice acting is also rather good. Not much to explain here.

Controls: 8/10

The controls are easy and there's no need to read the instruction manual. Just press ''X'' for the gas and ''Square'' to brake. The shoulder buttons are used to shift your gears which come in handy during the drag races. The response time is quick and the handling of the cars are very realistic.

Story: 9/10

A story in a racing game!?!? Not only is there a story in ''Underground'' mode, but it is an excellent one! To join the club, all racers first have to get video screens installed in to the cars. The screens help the racers to communicate with each other.

You play in the role of a poor and jobless fellow by the name of Dennis Black. Donald Clark is an ex-driver who was injured in a crash and is now handicapped and unable to drive. Dennis is recruited by Clark to race in the club. The story also has some minor twists.

Overall: 9/10

The game is very good, but only for the ''Underground''. I recommend renting it though since it has little replay value. But you may want to buy it now though since you can find it for pretty cheap.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 06/11/03, Updated 06/11/03

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