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    FAQ/Walkthrough by juventus_FSU

    Version: 2.5 | Updated: 07/08/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                Escape From Monkey Island (PS2) v2.5 FAQ/Walkthrough
    Welcome to my Escape From Monkey Island for the Playstation 2!  Although you
    CAN use the PC versions of the FAQ/Walkthrough for this game, there are SOME
    differences, and this FAQ/Walkthrough will also address those.
    I have played the Monkey Island series of games from their beginnings on the PC
    - if you haven't played any other of the MI games, I suggest you do - they are
    (in my opinion) just as funny as Escape From Monkey Island...not to mention the
    fact that many jokes in the MI4 will make MUCH more sense if you have played
    the previous games.  The game is still funny, but it adds an extra punch to
    have played previous installments.
    I am always open to suggestions, ideas, and so forth, and am usually in a
    pretty good mood, so feel free to email these (plus any criticsims, which you
    hopefully won't have too many of) to juventus_FSU@hotmail.com.  I will try to
    answer any question you may have about the game as well and I do try to answer
    any and all email I get.  Sometimes I'm really good about it, other days not so
    good =)
    Table of Contents
    (1) Copyright Information
    (2) Version History
    (3) Controls
    (4) Characters
    (5) Prologue & Act I
    (6) Act II
    (7) Act III
    (8) Act III+
    (9) How to Insult Like A Pro
    (10) Monkey Kombat - Flawless Victory
    (11) Items & Their Location
    (12) Have you tried...
    (13) Credits, Thanks, and Contact Information
    (1) Copyright Information
    Escape From Monkey Island, and all of the names, places, etc. are copyrighted
    trademarks of LucasArts Entertainment Company LLC.  This FAQ/Walkthrough is
    also copyrighted and may not be reproduce in whole or in part without the
    WRITTEN consent of Brian D. Wall (the author).
    Places this FAQ/Walkthrough is legally posted:
    www.gamefaqs.com (Gamefaqs)
    www.cheatcc.com (Cheat Code Central)
    www.neoseeker.com (Neoseeker)
    www.cheatsforplaystation2.com (Cheats For Playstation 2)
    www.psxcodez.com (Playstation Cheat.net)
    If you find it anywhere else, please let me know!
    (2) Version History
    v2.5 - added a characters section, updated copyright information, and added
    an omission to the Act II section
    v2.0 - added the Monkey Kombat section, fixed some major formatting issues
    v1.5 - the first update to the Walkthru - added two buttons I managed to miss,
    added Act II, added Act III, more items, added to the "things to try" section,
    and split Act III and Act III+ up the way I should have to begin with
    v1.0 - the original version, the first version, the start of a great adventure
    (well, not really, but it sounded good at the time)
    (3) Controls
    Usually when adventure games are translated onto a console, the controls are
    ackward.  Thankfully, the good people at Lucas Arts managed to avoid this
    problem and have kept the controls simple and intuitive.
    Triangle Button:  Use an object on the screen or talk to a person.  Also,
                      when in the inventory screen, will allow you to combine
    Circle Button:  Look at an object
    X Button:  Use action highlighted on the bottom of the screen
    Square Button:  Pick up and item or put an item away
    L1 Button:  Skip dialogue (real handy for parts you have to repeat!)
    L2 Button:  Bring up inventory management screen
    R1 Button:  Scroll up through dialog choices/actions
    R2 Button:  Scroll down through dialog choices/actions
    Left Analog:  Move Guybrush, when pushed in, leave room quickly
    Right Analog:  Move through dialog/action choices, when pushed in same as X
    Start Button:  Pauses the games, gives you access to options, and lets you
                   save your game
    Select Button:  Skip cut scenes
    (4) Characters
    In this section you can find all of the characters from Escape From Monkey
    Island - from the major players to the bit actors.  If you find some sort of
    error or omission, let me know and I'll fix it in the next update.  Please note
    the characters are in alphabetical order, and not order of appearence!
    Admiral Casaba
    About as intelligent as a Casaba Melon, he will fire cannon balls at groups of
    three or more pirates.  He can also blow up rocks...
    Bait Shop Owner
    An interesting fellow with apparently no sense of smell.  One day he may learn
    that termites don't really belong in a bait shop.
    Bank Manager
    "'Ol Moneybags" himself - he is pleasent until his money comes up missing. 
    Then the real Bank Manager comes out.
    A bank teller with an annoying habit of giggling a lot - she wants to break
    into show business (personally, I feel they are poking a little fun at a singer
    with the same name, but that's just my opinion).
    The former sword master of Melee Island(TM).  A reluctant crewmember who is
    almost as much fun to talk to when she is drunk as the Drunken sailor.
    A chess player with a fleeting attention span.
    Charles L. Charles
    Alter ego of LeChuck, this slimy (yet intelligent) politician should scare you
    more than LeChuck does!
    Deadeye Dave
    An appropriate name, considerind Dave is blind.  He does, however, have a
    killer sense of smell and a killer filing system!
    Diving Judges
    One's cranky, one's old, and one's still back in the 60's.  If you want to win
    the diving contest, you will need to get these guys on your sides.
    Drunken Sailor
    He's drunk.  He's a sailor.  He has a balloon.
    Elaine Marley-Threepwood
    The pants-wearer in this little pirate family, and everybody knows it.  She has
    not only been declared dead, but deemed nuts for thinking Charles L. Charles is
    LeChuck (but WE know the truth!)
    The proprietor of the House of Sticks.  He will help you find the right walking
    stick for your needs.
    A dart thrower with impecable aim - hey, doesn't the balloon look like a good
    Guybrush Threepwood
    Our hero.  Our savior.  Be very afraid.  Guybrush has thwarted LeChuck three
    times while trying to become a mighty pirate - can he do it a fourth time??
    Harbor Mistress
    A...large woman.  A by the books person, she won't give you a ship without
    proper authorization by someone with authority.  That pretty much leaves out
    Hellbeard The Puppeteer
    A man with deep psychological issues - he will only communicate through
    puppets.  For a little mean fun, try mentioning the Ultimate Insult to him!
    Herman Toothrot
    Yet another odd bird who seems to have lost his memory.  Help him get it back,
    and you will find out a Marley family secret!
    A pirate turned perfume salesman.  Hopefully he was a better pirate (seeing as
    how you just kind of "appropriate" a bottle of cologne.
    Ignatius Cheese
    Owner of the SCUMM Bar and heckuva navigator.  Likes to take the scenic route
    if it is available!
    Inspector Canard
    A rather intelligent, if suspicious, man.  You need to prove to him you are an
    innocent man.
    Jojo Jr.
    Look a talking monkey! Son of Jojo and master of Monkey Kombat.  He has
    something you need, but you must prove your worthiness first!
    Jolly Pirate
    Charicature artist at Planet Threepwood, he will draw your picture for free -
    just answer a few questions first...
    Jumbeaux LaFeet
    Son of Tiny LaFeet, he is trying to rectify his father's image after what the
    marketing department of Ozzie Mandrill made it more "family friendly".  Has two
    parrots, he just can't remember which is which.
    Our hero's nemesis, he has a knack for surviving.  Under the guise of Charles
    L. Charles, he his now running for governor of Melee Island(TM).  Not only does
    he have his eyes on Elaine, he has a whole religion (well, at least one church)
    based on him.
    LUA Bar Chef
    A French chef making sushi?  That's...original.  Will fanatically defend his
    kitchen and boat track.  Likes wax paintings.
    Lua Bar Waitress
    Brutally honest and doesn't like pirates.  What else can you say about her?
    Marco De Pollo
    Discoverer of trade routes to China in...oh, wait.  He is actually the plank
    diving champion of Jambalya Island(TM) and likes himself a lot.
    Another character from way back, Meathook has a fear of parrots and does a mean
    tattoo trick.  Also is an accomplished wax painter.
    Miss Rivers
    Goal in life is to rid the world of pirates.  She reminds me of a few nuns I
    had as teachers in high school (you think I'm kidding, don't you?).  Also has
    an uncanny resemblance to the trippy "Poltergeist" spiritualist.
    He tries.  He wants to become a non-pirate, but can't quite get it.  Miss
    Rivers understands this, but fails him none-the-less.
    He's evil, he's a skull, he's MURRAY!  He has been given the task of being the
    bouncer and announcer for Planet Threepwood.  Still making evil plans.
    The second of the pair of dart throwers.  can't say much else.
    Scared of you, thanks to Monkey Island(TM).  Your third creman has an uncanny
    knack of winding up in jail.
    Ozzie Mandrill
    In league with LeChuck, he is buying up everything he can in the tri-island
    area and making it "family-friendly", the fiend!  Possibly related to Steve
    Erwin (aka The Crocodile Hunter), but this is unconfirmed.
    Pegnose Pete
    The true thief of the Lucre Island(TM) bank, he is deathly afraid of ducks.
    Planet Threepwood Waitress ("Elayne")
    A cheap knock off of our hero's wife (I mean, she can't even spell her
    name right!!)
    A single-minded man when it comes to chess!  But he does have a crush
    on Brittany...
    SCUMM Bar Bartender
    A likeable fellow - he really wants to join your crew too - sadly, his boss
    won't let him.
    Stan the Salesman
    Returning once again, this time as a time-share salesman.  Unfortunately, he is
    incredibly annoying (even more so than usual!)
    Starbuccaneer's Counter Clerk
    Whiney and annoying - and his coffee stinks ;)
    Three Lawyers
    A law-suit happy bunch - they'll sue whoever you want...as long as they
    are rich!
    Timmy The Monkey
    TIM-MAY!  The MON-KAY!  He likes bananas, and will follow you anywhere
    for one!
    Tony Biboulda
    The man throwing rocks at your house - he's union though, so he has to take a
    break and will do so if you can get him a snack to eat!
    He knows a lot about Tiny LaFeet, but can get a tad long winded at
    Voodoo Lady
    A perpetual figure in the Monkey Island series, she is back on Melee
    Island(TM), and will once again help Guybrush along the way!
    She tries to renounce her pirate-y ways, but has a serious attitude problem!
    (5) Prologue & Act I - Things to Do On Melee Island(TM) When You're Dead
    Pirates intent on doing mean and nasty things have attacked Guybrush and
    Elaine's ship.  We find our hero tied to the mast.  To the right, you will
    notice a lit brazier.  Move to the right so you are facing the coals and use
    the brazier (when I say something should be "used" it means to use the triangle
    button).  Highlight "Look at coals" and press the square button.  Guybrush will
    start juggling a piece of hot coal with his feet - perhaps a Nike or Adidas
    contract is in the works?  Quickly turn to the left, highlight "Kick red hot
    chunk o' coal at loaded cannon" and press the X button.  The coal should light
    the cannon and sink the other ship with an amazing quickness.  Having gained
    the advantage, Elaine and her crew get the best of enemy crew. 
    Congratulations!  You've solved the FIRST puzzle (don't get TOO excited).
    Act I - Things To Do On Melee Island(TM) When You're Dead
    Melee Island(TM)
    Not quite the reception we were expecting, is it?  And who the heck is this guy
    with the catapult??  Obviously, we need to stop him from flinging boulders at
    the mansion!  Fortunately, he seems to have a less than thorough knowledge of
    the catapult, so let's go look around a little bit.  Walk away from the
    catapult and follow the path east towards the wall.  Walk through the archway
    and follow the wall until you are at the Melee Island(TM) map.  Go to the
    harbour (all the way on the east side of the island).  There isn't much you can
    do here at this point except take the POPPED INNER TUBE.  Head back to the
    Melee Island(TM) map and go to the town.  The first building you see is the
    Scumm Bar.  Go inside.  Before talking to anyone, look around the bar a bit. 
    How nice, they've given the drunken sailor a balloon for his birthday!  For a
    little fun (and for those who have been through college, a little nostalgia
    perhaps?  I know it was for me) try talking to the drunken sailor.  You won't
    learn a whole lot, but it is fun nonetheless.  Walk to the let side of the bar
    and talk to the crusty sailor.  You will learn he is the owner of the SCUMM bar
    and that he is named Ignatius Cheese.  Also, some Australian guy is trying to
    buy the bar, and he is a master insulter.  Ask him about Insult Arm Wrestling 
    Then ask him to join your crew.  Choose to challenge him at insult arm
    wrestling.  This is relatively easy, but if you are having trouble, see the
    section entitled "How To Insult Like A Pro".  Once you have won, go and talk to
    the dart players (either one will work).  Aks them about the number of holes in
    the wall and they will claim to never miss a shot.  Challenge them to hit the
    balloon we saw earlier.  The drunken sailor will be startled, then pass out. 
    Go back to his table and take the BOWL OF JERKY PRETZELS.
    Head to the left and you will be at the Melee Island(TM) Town Hall.  Go and
    talk to the two pirates standing outside of it.  Keep insisting you know them,
    and eventually they will break down and tell you who they are - it's Carla (aka
    the Swordmaster from MI I) and Otis (the jailbird from MI 1).  Ask them to join
    your crew, and promise them cushy government jobs.
    Time to save the mansion!  Head back to the mansion and the catapult.  Head
    towards the mansion and you will see a funny looking cactus.  Use the POPPED
    INNER TUBE with the funny looking cactus.  Head back to the catapult and offer
    the man some pretzels.  Move next to the catapult and tinker with the catapult
    controls.  The operator will get mad and have to recalibrate the controls with
    the funny looking cactus.  The rock will come flying back at the catapult and
    destroy it (well, knock it backwards - the fall off the cliff is what really
    destroys it =) ).
    Ok, the mansion is no longer under siege!!
    After another conversation with Elaine and the other candidate for island
    governor, enter your mansion.  Move to the right side by the desk (left side of
    the window).  Now take the CUSHY GOVERNMENT JOB CONTRACT FORM.  Move over to
    the table Elaine is at and take the GOVERNMENT JOB CONTRACT FORM.  Give both
    forms to Elaine to be signed - Carla wants SIGNED contracts, remember?  Head
    back to city hall.  Give the now signed CUSHY GOVERNMENT JOB CONTRACT FORM to
    Otis and Carla.  All right!  You have a crew!  Now if only you had a ship!
    Go to the island map and head back to the harbor.  Talk to the harbor mistress
    and tell her you are comandeering a boat.  She will tell you that you don't
    have the proper authority.  Head back to the Marley Mansion and explain the
    situation to Elaine.  She will give you the MELEE ISLAND(TM) GUBERNATORIAL
    SYMBOL.  Head back to the harbor.  Use the MELEE ISLAND(TM) GUBERNATORIAL
    SYMBOL with the Harbor Mistress and she will take you to your ship.  Yes!  You
    have a ship!  But...it's pink.  The other pirates are going to have a field day
    with this.  Well not in the game, but in real life, they probably would.  Oh
    well - on to Lucre Island(TM)!
    Lucre Island(TM)
    Ok, not the greatest navigator in the world, but Mr. Cheese got you there. 
    First things first, go see the lawyers  (Side Note: For anyone who has played
    the Monkey Island series, groups of three people that you need help from are a
    common thread).  They will give you a letter, go ahead and read it.  It is from
    Elaine's grandfather - apparently he has some gifts for you two.  Head to the
    Lucre Island(TM) bank.  There is another person in line - apparently he is from
    Australia and is having problems.  Wait a minute...Australia...hmmmm... 
    Anyways, after Ozzie Mandrill has left, talk to Brittany the Bank Teller and
    tell her you would like to remove some items from your safety deposit box.  The
    Bank President will take you to he vault and give you the safe deposit chest. 
    While you are in the vault, the bank will be robbed by Guybrush.  HEY!  That's
    not Guybrush, you're Guybrush!  Obviously we will have to sort this out. 
    First, pick up everything in the vault - the OLD SWORD, the SMALL SEA SPONGE,
    safe deposit box and take the MUSIC BOX and the BOTTLE OF FINE GROG.  Go over
    to the bank vault door and use the OLD SWORD with the bottom hinge.  Then use
    the BROKEN SWORD with the crack that is now in the door.  This will widen the
    crack.  Use the SMALL SEA SPONGE with the crack.  Pour the BOTTLE OF FINE GROG
    on the SMALL SEA SPONGE.  Repeat this for the MEDIUM & LARGE SEA SPONGES. And
    the door will come right off the hinges. (Another side note:  IMHO, the logic
    of the inspector is flawed - how could you blow the hinges off the vault from
    the inside if you were outside the vault robbing the bank??  Oh well.)
    It is time to clear your ,eh-hem, good name.  Of course, you can't leave the
    island as you are under "house arrest".  You will have to accomplish three
    things in order to satisfy Inspector Canard that you are not the guilty party:
    (1) find the real thief, (2) Prove the real thief was at the scene of the
    crime, and (3) find the booty.  Let's go!
    Finding the Real Thief
    Before you leave the jail, walk over to the iron maiden and pick up the CHICKEN
    GREASE.  Make your way over to the "Scents and Sensibilities" stand and pick up
    the COLOGNE.  Walk just to the left of the stand and pick up the EMPTY SPRITZER
    BOTTLE.  While you are in this part of town, head to the House of Sticks. 
    Watch the short cut scene of Ozzie Mandrill buying a replacement stick.  Walk
    over to where he was and pick up the WOOD SHAVINGS.  Head back in the direction
    of the Hall of Justice.  While you are here, use the EMPTY SPRITZER BOTTLE on
    the fountain.  The EMPTY SPRITZER BOTTLE is now called the HOME-MADE PERFUME. 
    Walk to the right and you will find the Bait Shop.  Hey - a duck!  Pick up the
    DUCK.  Now go into the Bait Shop.  Stinky!  Talk to the shop owner about the no
    nosed pirate thief to learn about where he is and how infamous he is (he is so
    famous he's IN-famous, to quote a movie).  Use the HOME-MADE PERFUME on the
    free bait - thankfully you are a pirate, not a perfume-scent creator!  Leave
    the bait shop and head to the Lucre Island(TM) map.  Head towards the Mystes O'
    Tyme and use the HOME-MADE PERFUME on the puddle.  Go back to the map and take
    the path to the foreboding mansion.  Near the fountain (and somewhat hard to
    see) is the FLOWER.  Go ahead and take it, then combine FLOWER and the WOOD
    SHAVINGS with the HOME-MADE PERFUME.  Make your way to the town and head left
    to enter the screen with the Bank.  Walk over to the man hole cover and use the
    BROKEN SWORD on the MANHOLE COVER.  Pick up the MANHOLE COVER.  This will be
    used later, but it is convenient to get it now.  Head left one more screen and
    you will be at the Palace of Prostheses, go ahead and enter the store.  Talk to
    Dave, then spritz him with the HOME-MADE PERFUME.  He will tell you the real
    name of Pegnose Pete - it is different for every game.  Dave will even tell you
    he has the directions to get to his house...you just need to figure out how to
    use the filing controls.
    Each symbol is a substitute for a section of the alphabet:
    Rabbit:  A through D
    Palm Tree:  E through H
    Pumpkin:  I through M
    Monkey:  N through S
    Banana:  T through Z
    In my case, Pegnose Pete's real name is Yahootie P. Everywhere.  So the order
    of the symbols would be Banana, Monkey, Palm Tree.  It's not too hard to figure
    When you have the correct symbols, press the button and you will get the file
    for Pegnose Pete with the directions through the Mystes O' Tyme.  Although you
    can take the file with you, it is easier to write down the directions.  The
    directions, like the name, is different in each game.  When you have everything
    written down, leave the shop.  Walk down near the docks and you will find two
    pirates playing chess.  If you talk to the fat pirate with no attention span,
    you will find out the skinny one has a crush on Brittany (the now ex-bank
    teller).  Wait until the fat pirate picks up a piece and then distract him (it
    isn't hard to tell which phrase to pick!).  The fat pirate will get annoyed
    with skinny one.  Now talk to the skinny priate.  When he picks a piece up, use
    the phrase that has Brittany in it.  The pirates will start fighting and
    swatting chess pieces around.  Take the CLOCK.  Head towards the Mystes 'O
    This next bit can be somewhat confusing.  Place the CLOCK on the raft (this
    isn't the confusing part! ;) )  Now use the raft.  You should see a clock in
    the lower left hand corner.  Match the time on the clock to your directions
    your wrote down and head in the corresponding direction. Do this until you
    encounter yourself at a gate.  Yes, you heard me.  This is the somewhat
    confusing part.  You are the nearer of the two Guybrushes.  Remember (or better
    yet write it down) what Guybrush says to you, and the order of the items he
    gives to you.  Once AGAIN, this is random (at least the number you are thinking
    of is).  Keep following the directions - eventually you will run into yourself
    again, only now you are the FURTHER of the two Guybrushes.  This is a good
    place to save, by the way, as if you screw up you will be back at the beginning
    again.  Do everything in the same order as the first time you ran into
    yourself, and say the exact same things, otherwise, you will be sucked into a
    time vortex and be put back at the beginning of the swamp.  Once you have made
    it through this surreal part of the game, keep following the directions until
    you get to Pegnose Pete's.  Move towards the house, and you will overhear
    Pegnose Pete and Ozzie Mandrill talking about a plan.  Time to capture the real
    thief!  Use the TIN OF CHICKEN GREASE on the doormat.  Walk back over to the
    window and use the DUCK on the window.  Pete will come screaming out of the
    house, slip on the grease and fall into the cage on the dock.  One task down,
    two to go!
    Proving The Real Thief Was At The Scene Of The Crime
    Remember the MANHOLE COVER?  Go ahead and look at it.  Remember the names on it
    - which are, of course, random.  Now go to the Prostheses shop and talk to Dave
    about getting a free Prostheses.  He will tell you a story, and you must supply
    the names.  After succesfully doing this, you will receive the PROSTHETIC SKIN.
     While you are here, let's get a prosthetic hand.  Use the music box on Dave,
    and while the words (Music Playing) appear in the lower left of the screen,
    quickly walk to the barrel by the door, look at it, and take the WOODEN
    PROSTHETIC HAND.  If the music stops, you will have to try again.  Leave the
    shop and go back to the bank.  Use the PROSTHETIC SKIN with the manhole - all
    right!  A trampoline!  Use the now covered manhole and you will bounce into the
    open window of the bank.  Once you are inside the bank, walk down the ladder
    towards the table in the lower left corner. Take the SCUPPERWARE.  Walk to the
    left side of the counter and use the pull-chain.  Climb back up the ladder and
    walk towards the left side of the balcony.  Look at the light fixture and you
    will see a weird shadow on the wall and Guybrush will find a prosthetic nose. 
    Inspector Canard will come in and take the nose.  You have now proved he was at
    the scene of the crime.
    Watch the short cut scene of Elaine having problems with the election on Melee
    Island(TM).  How can you match good times and free grog??
    Finding the Booty
    Leave the bank and head towards the bait shop.  Pick up some BAIT. Combine the
    SCUPPERWARE and the BAIT.  Now move towards the termite circus in the lower
    right corner and use the WOODEN PROSTHETIC HAND on the termite circus.  Leave
    the store and go to the Lucre Island(TM) map.  Go to the foreboding mansion and
    go inside - why, it's Ozzie Mandrill and a lot of stuffed animals! When you are
    done talking to Ozzie (you can challenge him to insult sword fighting, but
    you'll lose), use the COLOGNE on one of the stuffed animals - it doesn't matter
    which one.  Ozzie will get mad and break his walking stick.  Go back to town
    and go to the House of Sticks.  Walk over to the rack of sticks near the
    "Choosing the Right Walking Stick" sign and you will find Mr. Mandrill's cane. 
    Use the TERMITE INFESTED PROSTHETIC HAND with Mr. Mandrill's cane.  You will
    see a trail of sawdust.  Go back to Ozzie's mansion and accuse him of plotting
    against you with Pegnose Pete.  You can answer whatever you like when he asks
    you what the booty looks like.  Mandrill will leave, conveniently leaving a
    trail of sawdust behind him.  Follow the trail through the woods and you will
    see Ozzie show up from behind a hill of sand (and get a Looney Tunes phrase as
    well!).  Walk around behind the hill after Ozzie leaves and you will find a
    hidden passage.  Walk to the front of the table and use the button.  Hey it's
    the missing loot and the Marley Heirlooms!  Leave the secret room.  Walk near
    the deep water and dive into it.  Wow - it is really dark.  Wait until you see
    some glowing fish on the screen and open the SCUPPERWARE - VIOLA!  You have a
    lantern (aka GLOWING SCUPPERWARE).  Walk to the left a bit and you will find a
    secret door - enter the door.  Pick up the MARLEY FAMILY HEIRLOOMS, and a screw
    will fall onto the ground.  Pick up the ITTY-BITTY BRASS SCREW and leave the
    cave.  Walk up the hille to the right and leave the water.  Head back to town
    and the Hall of Justice.  Show inspector Canard the MARLEY FAMILY HEIRLOOMS. 
    He is still not convinced.  Finally, show him the ITTY-BITTY BRASS SCREW. Watch
    the cut scene of Pegnose getting his nose put on (along with a bad O.J. Simpson
    joke) and his subsequent escape.  You will then head back to Melee Island(TM).
    You will then see a movie of Guybrush badly inflating what happened on Lucre
    Island(TM).  Suddenly, Elaine's opponent will show up and reveal himself
    Congrats!  You have finished Act I - Things To Do On Melee Island(TM) When
    You're Dead
    (6) Act II - Enter The Manatee
    Melee Island(TM)
    Act II starts with you and Elaine chatting in the Mansion.  Ask her all of the
    questions presented to you.  Take Elaine's suggestion and go visit the Voodoo
    Lady.  Her house is on the first screen of the town after the mansion (the one
    with the clock).  Enter the International House of Mojo.  Walk to the hand in
    the middle of the floor and pull the finger.  Follow all of the dialog options
    to learn about the Ultimate Insult and Grandpa Marley's wedding gifts.  When
    you ask her about the gifts, you will receive the EARRINGS, the NECKLACE, and
    the PEN ON CHAIN.  After talking to your heart's content, leave the
    International House of Mojo and go to the Melee Island(TM) map.  Go to the
    house just right of the mansion on the map - this is Meathook's house. Talk to
    Meathook about all of the candles.  When you are finished talking to him, take
    the PAINT BRUSH from the bucket he showed you.  Head towards the harbor. 
    Approach the Grog machine and look at the change return slot, then take the
    QUARTER.  Use the Quarter in the Grog Machine.  It gets jammed, so kick the
    grog machine, punch it, shake it, then yell at it until the machine spits out a
    whole pile of grog.  Pick up a CAN OF GROG.  Go back to town and go to the
    SCUMM Bar.  Oh no!  It isn't the SCUMM Bar anymore!!  It is now the family
    wholesome Lua Bar.  Go ahead and enter the Lua Bar.  Look at the table just to
    the left of the door and take the CHOPSTICKS.  Order food from the waitress (it
    doesn't matter what, but you get the Flaming Scuttlefish).  After you have
    talked to the waitress, a flaming ship will float by you.  When it reaches the
    totem pool on the right and is heading left, use the PAINT BRUSH with the boat
    mechanism.  If you have timed it right, the boat will be under the landscape
    painting on the wall.  The French cook will come running out to see what the
    matter is - when he does, make a dash for the kitchen.  Find the canal steam
    generator (it is in the lower right and is somewhat hard to find) and use the
    CAN OF GROG with it.  The painting will melt, the cook will be upset and give
    it to you.  You now have the BLUE PAINTING.  What's this?  It is really a water
    color map of the tri-island area!  Head to the harbor and go to the Dainty
    Lady.  Use the EARRINGS with the figurehead.  Woah!  The figurehead is alive -
    but she is far from pleasent.  Now use the NECKLACE on the figurehead.  After
    being insulted repeatedly, use the BLUE PAINTING on the figure head and she
    will draw you a picture of the ultimate insult - spewing insults and sarcasm
    all the while.  Next stop - Jambalya Island(TM).  Before you leave, however,
    Elaine shows up and takes the MELEE ISLAND(TM) GUBERNATORIAL SYMBOL.
    Jambalya Island(TM)
    There are three parts to the Ultimate Insult - (1) The Silver Monkey Head, (2)
    A Bronze Hat, and (3) A Golden Man
    Getting the Silver Monkey Head
    The first thing we need to do is get the silver monkey head.  Head into town
    and go to the first building on the right - StarBuccaneer's Coffee.  Time to
    practice the pirating ways...sort of.  walk up the tourist in the loud purple
    shirt and look at her shopping bag.  You will notice a mug, so get the
    STARBUCCANEER'S LOGO MUG from the bag.  Next, go to the left side of the
    counter and get yourself a free sample of mini bagels - apparently, they taste
    pretty bad (*EDITORIAL* - (1) I find it amusing that the game is poking fun at
    an over-priced coffee shop that has bad coffee to begin with (2)  I have a
    friend who owns a coffee shop chain who would be proud and (3)  I wonder how
    many hoops Lucas Arts Legal Department made the creators go through so they
    wouldn't get sued...ok back to the game).  You now have the JUICY WAD OF CHEWED
    UP BAGEL CHUNKS WITH SCHMEAR WHIZ(TM).  Now Go to the Jambalya Island(TM) map
    and go to the gaudy house.  Hey hey!  It's Stan.  He is horribly annoying in
    this game versus previous games, so talk to him as little as possible.  Go to
    his desk, however, and take a TIME SHARE BROCHURE.  Walk to the left of the
    door and take the JAR OF GLUE.  Go back to town and head to the Micro Groggery.
     Walk to the Menacing Mechanical Manatee and use the JAR OF GLUE with it.  Talk
    to Carla if you wish, and ask the bartender about the thing with the saddle. 
    Ask him what it is here for, then tell him you wish to try riding it.  After a
    rather amusing cut scene, you will get off the Manatee and receive the PLANET
    Head over to Planet Threepwood.  It's another old friend - Murray the Evil
    Skull!  He is apparently now the greeter/bouncer for Planet Threepwood.  Talk
    to him if you want and then enter the restaurant.  Just to the right of the
    door is today's menu.  Read it, then talk to the waitress, Elayne.  Place your
    order (it doesn't matter what you get) and get a drink.  Sit down, then talk to
    the Jolly Pirate.  Ask for a free pirate caricature, answer his questions, and
    you will receive the MONKEY MUG CARICATURE. Use the JAR OF GLUE on the MONKEY
    MUG CARICATURE.  Then stick it to the STARBUCCANEER'S LOGO MUG.  Now switch the
    mug you just made with the mug the waitress brought you
    Ta-da!  You have the first part of the Ultimate Insult! (thanks to
    boblemjw@hotmail.com for pointing out I forgot to add the part about switching
    the mugs until now!)
    Getting A Bronze Hat
    Return to the Micro Groggery and request some grog.  The bartender will ID you,
    then give you the WIMPY GROG (just strong enough to affect a skinny parrot!). 
    Leave the bar and go look at the statue in the center of town - hmmm...it seems
    to have been vandalized.  Talk to the tourist with the nasally voice (the only
    one by the statue) to learn more about the statue and Tiny Lafeet.  When you
    are finished talking to the tourist, go to the docks and next to the Dainty
    Lady is a community rowboat - use it.  Row around the north side of the island
    on the left.  As you are passing the ship in between the islands, you will be
    fired upon by a grade 'A' nimrod, Admiral Casaba (or Ricardo Luigi Pierre
    M'Benga Chang Nehru O'Hara Casaba the Third).  Don't bother talking to him and
    continue heading towards the island on the right, Knuttin Atoll.
    It is time to learn!  Head towards the brightish building in the back - it's a
    school.  Talk to the nice lady and ask her about the school.  Then tell her you
    are tired of being a pirate.  Now your Transmogrification can begin!  After a
    small break, you will be given your final exam.  No matter what you are asked,
    answer with the most violent answer you are able to.  You will fail so badly,
    you will be given the DUNCE CAP.  Once you have failed your exam and are kicked
    out of school, look to the right, see that fire alarm?  Pull it.  Miss Rivers
    will run out of the school.  Quickly go in the school and over to the chest. 
    Take the WHISTLE.  Get back to the beach and go check out the puppet show. 
    Talk to Li'l LeChuck - tell him you think you've heard of him, then tell him he
    died over 80 years ago.  Finally, question him about where he's been.  The
    other puppet - Li'l Guybrush - will tell you that Casaba will fire on three or
    more pirates talking in a group.  Ask to speak to the puppeteer.  Leave the
    puppeteer alone, then show him BLUE PAINTING.  He will scream in terror, throw
    the puppets on the ground, and run.  Pick up LI'L GUYBRUSH & LI'L LECHUCK.
    Walk to the beach on the east side of the island.  Talk to the metabolically
    challenged pirate.  You will find out his father was Tiny LaFeet and that he
    stole the hat from the statue.  He then tells you he buried under one of the
    rocks, but can't remember which one.  Walk one screen to the right - now begins
    perhaps the most annoying part of this game (in my opinion, this is worse than
    Monkey Kombat...although I liked Monkey Kombat personally).
    Use the whistle to call the parrots.  Use the WIMPY GROG with only ONE of the
    parrots.  Now ask it a question to find out if it lies or tells the truth.  I
    happened to give it to the lying parrot.  The rock the hat is under is random,
    so here is the general pattern to follow:
    1)  Use the WHISTLE (now called the PARROT CALL)
    2)  Ask one of the parrots if the hat is buried under this rock
    3)  If it is the truth teller and says no, wait for the parrots to land again
        and find out which direction you should go (make sure you get the truth
        telling parrot!)
        If it is the truth teller and says yes, go to the next section
        If it is the liar and says yes, wait for the parrots to land again and
        find out which direction you should go (make sure you get the truth
        telling parrot!)
        If it is the liar and says no, go to the next section
    (An easy way to know which parrot is which is to do this - whichever parrot
    can't sit still is drunk on grog.  So for me, the liar was tottering back and
    forth - always ask the truth telling parrot the question to make this go
    Once you have found the correct rock, use LI'L GUYBRUSH & LI'L LECHUCK to get
    Admiral Casaba to fire on you with the cannon.  Casaba will miss you
    completely, but blow the boulder up for you, leaving a big hole.  At the bottom
    of the hole is the BRONZE HAT!  Combine the BRONZE HAT and the  MONKEY MUG. 
    Only one more piece to go!
    Getting A Golden Man
    Get yourself back to Jambalaya Island(TM).  Head to the left side of the island
    and watch the self-proclaimed world's best plank diver, Marco de Pollo.  After
    talking to this chicken (pollo=chicken in spanish...ok ok it was a bad joke) -
    make sure you ask him about how to enter the competition - head to the left to
    talk to the judges and find out how to get certified.  After a
    somewhat...painful sounding certification process, you will receive the DIVING
    CERTIFICATE.  Head back to where Marco de Pollo is.  See the baby seal oil on
    the table?  You can't pick it up, but use the JUICY WAD OF CHEWED UP BAGEL
    CHUNKS WITH SCHMEAR WHIZ(TM) with it.  Notice the seagull?  Now it's time to
    compete for that golden man!  Talk to Marco de Pollo and tell him you are ready
    to dive against him.  Hmmmm....that didn't go so well, did it?  Go and talk to
    the judges about how to beat Marco De Pollo.  The grouchy judge has been paid
    off, the wise old judge didn't like how big of a splash you made, and the
    hippie judge tells you to mimic Marco de Pollo.  Essentially, do the exact same
    moves.  In order to do that, remember the order of moves Marco de Pollo does -
    a direction corresponds to each move:
    Alpha Monkey: left
    Keelhaul:  up
    Rum Barrel:  down
    Spinning Swordsman: right
    So (once again, something is random in this game) in my case Marco did a
    Keelhaul, Alpha Monkey, Keelhaul - up, left, up.  It doesn't matter how fast
    you press the buttons, as long as you get all three in before you hit the
    water.  To please the middle judge, you need to be more aerodynamic - wear the
    DUNCE CAP.  The grouchy judge apparently has an expensive red headed wife,
    kids, and dog to take care of.  Look at the TIME SHARE BROCHURE.  Wait a minute
    - didn't the judge just say his wife was red-headed?  Show him the brochure and
    you can blackmail him into giving you a better score.
    Ok, it's time to challenge the great Marco de Pollo again.  Before you dive
    this time, wear the DUNCE CAP.  Copy his dive exactly and you will tie his
    score.  In the tie break round, you can make up any dive you want (it really
    doesn't matter).  When Marco de Pollo goes, he puts the baby seal oil in his
    hair...and is suddenly the best seagull attractant in the tri-island area.  He
    will get horrible scores, be scarred for life, and even Guybrush can mock him -
    with some assistance from the "crowd" (how low can you get??).
    All Right!  You have all three parts of the Ultimate Insult!  If only you had
    some idea as to how to use it!  You will see a cut-scene of Elaine being
    taunted by LeChuck (and looking crazy in the process).  Elaine loses the
    election, Guybrush gets the Ultimate Insult taken, and is banished to *GASP*
    Monkey Island(TM)!  It is their darkest hour...
    (7) Act III - Escape From Monkey Island(TM)
    We all knew it would happen sooner or later - we're back on Monkey Islan
    (TM).  You start Act III washed up on the beach with Timmy the Monkey with
    nothing to your name.  Near the path to the island map is a note.  Read it
    (hmmm, who do we know with the initials H.T.?), then take the NOTE then go to
    the island map.  Just north of where you start is a cluttered clearing and
    campsite - go ahead and visit it.  Read the note, then take the NOTE.  On the
    left side of the shack is the COCONUT - pick ut up.  Now talk to the man just
    to the left of the fire - it's Herman Toothrot!!  Only...he has no idea that is
    who he is.  Apparently he has lost his memory.  Herman isn't much help right
    now, so lets move on.
    Go to the Monkey Island(TM) map and head towards the vista point.  Hmmm, some
    rocks and some canals - pick up a rock from the pile.  This isn't too hard if
    you just get the timing right.  Pick up a rock, throw it in the right canal. 
    Now quickly pick up another rock.  You will see the first rock you threw hit a
    branch - as soon as it does that, throw the rock you have into the middle
    canal.  Quickly pick up a third rock.  As soon as the second rock hits a
    branch, throw the rock into the left canal.  Quickly pick up ANOTEHR rock. 
    Finally, when the third rock hits a branch, throw the rock into the left canal.
     If you timed it right, a boulder will go flying and land in a bunch of lava,
    creating a pool.  If you don't see this happen, just try it again - timing is
    of the utmost importance!
    Get yourself back to the island map and hike down to the canyon (just north and
    east of the campsite).  All the way to the right, leaning against the cactus is
    the BANANA PICKER (note:  I'm not sure about the PC version, but on the PS2
    version, it is EXTREMELY hard to see - just get by the cactus and you should be
    Head towards the castle in the cliff.  You will see a short scene of a monkey
    throwing a bottle onto one of the islands in the lava field.  Remember which
    island!  Head inside the castle and you will find yourself in a VERY creepy
    looking place.  Turn around and use the BANANA PICKER to get the SHIELDS.  Go
    across the bridge and you will meet Father Allegro Rasputin, who just happens
    to be a ghost.  Talk to him about the stream of lava flowing through the
    church, and eventually you will be able to try the lava plunge.  As soon as you
    are at the bottom of the lava-fall, get the banana picker ready.  Go to the
    right of the top middle island and use the BANANA PICKER to get the MILK
    BOTTLE.  If you miss it, just keep pressing right and you can go back around
    for another try (you need to press right to get past the boulder as well).  If
    you mess up, you can always ride it again.  Once you have the milk bottle, make
    your way towards the pool you created with the boulder.  Walk up the ramp to
    the lone palm tree.  Push the tree, and you will create a bridge to get to the
    other side of the lava flow.  Walk to the Monkey Island(TM) map.
    Go back to the beach you started on and use the BANANA PICKER on the bananas
    until you get a BUNCH OF BANANAS.  Now offer poor Timmy a banana and he will
    start to follow you.  Quickly make your way to the canyon.  If Timmy stops
    following you, simply offer him another banana.  Go into the mine and walk as
    far back as you can until you see the big metal door.  (Note:  If this is the
    first time you have entered the mine, Herman will come in and say "hi".  This
    will cause you to lose Timmy.  Just go outside the mine and offer him another
    banana)  At the big metal door, open the vent and use the BUNCH OF BANANAS with
    it.  After Timmy enters the vent, close it (you big mean person!).  Now use the
    BUNCH OF BANANAS with the portal and Timmy will activate the switch that opens
    the door.  Enter the tube and walk around the left side of the machinery until
    you see "Look At Weedwhipper" as an option.  Use the BANANA PICKER to get the
    WEED WHIPPER (is the banana picker great or WHAT??).  There isn't much else you
    can do here, so go ahead back to the map.
    Go back to the lava field and cross the tree you pushed over.  Go over to the
    patch of weeds and use the WEED WHIPPER on them.  You will eventually pull out
    so many weeds that the lava will drain into the mine and the machinery you were
    just at, activating it.  It's time to go meet the majority of the residents on
    Monkey Island(TM) - the monkeys.
    Cross the stone bridge at the lava field and make your way towards the Monkey
    Village on the map.  You will meet Jojo, Jr. the talking monkey.  Ask him about
    his hat, and you will learn about a "noble" sport - Monkey Kombat.  Ask him
    about it, and you will learn the basics of Monkey Kombat, including the 'Monkey
    See Monkey Do' method.  For a much more in depth coverage of Monkey Kombat, see
    the section entitled "Monkey Kombat - Flawless Victory", or see the FAQ at
    www.gamefaqs.com entitled "Monkey Kombat FAQ" by David Moore (it was designed
    for the PC, so there may be some differences, but I'm assuming the basics have
    not changed).  ANYHOW, walk to the left and use the SHIELDS - the musically
    inclined monkey will get excited and take the SHIELDS.  He will drop the
    ACCORDIAN - pick it up.
    Leave the village and find the walking monkey on the map - this is how you
    learn Monkey Kombat.  Again, since the sounds to change positions and the
    weaknesses are different for each game, I'm only going to say that the four
    sounds and their buttons are:
    Triangle - Ack
    Circle - Oop
    X - Eek
    Square - Chee
    As you win more fights, you will encounter different monkeys - starting with
    timid, then smelly monkeys, then the strapping monkey, and finally the brawny
    monkey.  After you have defeated the brawny monkey, Guybrush will mention he is
    ready to take on Jojo Jr.  Again, all the real in depth information about
    Monkey Kombat can be found later on in this Walkthrough, or just talk to Jojo
    Jr. again.  One thing you want to make sure and do is to get a draw (copy your
    opponent's move) three times - it will give you a big clue as to the end of the
    game (*mysterious music playing*)
    Before you go and challenge Jojo Jr., lets go help Herman get his memory back! 
    Make your way back to the campsite.  First, throw the COCONUT at him. He will
    remember a things a little bit.  Now fling the MILK BOTTLE at him.  Herman will
    remember you now.  Finally, wonk Herman with the ACCORDIAN.  His memory will be
    completely back!!  He'll remember EVERYTHING - including where he left his
    pants.  Watch the cut scene with a lot of whale-staggering news.  Make sure to
    talk to him and you will get the MELEE ISLAND(TM) GUBERNATORIAL SEAL.
    Having learned the shocking secrets of "Herman's" past, it is time to go beat
    Jojo Jr.  Make your way back to the Monkey Village and challenge him.  It may
    take a try or two, but if you wrote everything down like I suggested, you
    should be able to beat him (also assuming, that you know the different moves
    and so forth from fighting the other monkeys).  You prize for beating Jojo Jr.
    is the BRONZE HAT.  If you are close to winning, he will seemingly throw the
    fight by tying you towards the end of the fight.  Don't throw your notes away
    just yet though...
    One more stop to make before we can get off of Monkey Island(TM).  Head to the
    giant Monkey head on the east side of the island.  Walk up to the head and use
    the BRONZE HAT with the monkey head...hmm...a giant Ultimate Insult!  Next, use
    the highly useful BANANA PICKER with the monkey nose.  Walk inside the mouth
    and you will find yourself in a control room. In the left center of the room is
    a prominent slot.  Use the MELEE ISLAND(TM) GUBERNATORIAL SEAL with the
    prominant slot.  Watch the cutscene - congrats, you have gotten yourself off of
    Monkey Island(TM)!!
    (8) Act III+ - Guybrush Kicks Unusually Large Butt
    The final act will start with you (inside the giant monkey) on a small island
    next to three antennas.  Walk to the right of the small antenna and pick up the
    REALLY BIG PLANK.  Use the REALLY BIG PLANK with the small tower.  Climb the
    small tower, then jump on the REALLY BIG PLANK.  After a few jumps you will
    find yourself at the top of the large tower.  Pull the excessively large
    switch.  After another cutscene, you will find yourself in Monkey Kombat with
    the giant LeChuck Statue.
    Now, remember I suggested getting three draws?  Did you do it?  If you had, you
    would notice the monkey POUNDS its head.  Notice Ozzie Mandrill sitting on the
    LeChuck Statue's head?  Get three Draws, and I bet he would get hurt.  So get
    three Draws.  After a final cutscene, you will have won the game!
    See?  That wasn't so hard.
    (9) How To Insult Like A Pro
    Note:  These can also be found in the instruction book that comes with the
    |        Insult		      |          Response             |
    |Today, by myself, twelve     |  From the size of your gut,   |
    |people I've beaten!          |  I'd guess they were eaten!   |
    |I've got muscles in places   |  It's too bad none of them    |
    |you've never even heard of!  |  are in your arms!            |
    |Give up now, or I'll crush   |  I would if it stop           |
    |you like a grape!            |  your WINE-ing!               |
    |My 98-year-old grandmother   |  Yeah, but we both got better |
    |has bigger arms than you!    |  bladder control than you!    |
    |I'm going to put your        |  Why, are you studying to     |
    |arm in a sling!              |  be a nurse?                  |
    |My stupefying strength       |  I'm surprised you can        |
    |will shatter your ulna into  |  count that high!             |
    |a million pieces!            |                               |
    |Hey, look over there!	      |  Yeah, yeah, I know,          |
    |                             |  a three-headed monkey.       |
    |Your knuckles I'll grind     |  I thought the bean dip       |
    |to a splintery paste         |  had a strange taste!         |
    (10) Monkey Kombat - Flawless Victory
    Ok, well it's not really flawless, but using the ideas and methods below will
    ensure that you get through Monkey Kombat as painlessly as possible.  To most
    people, Monkey Kombat was the most annoying aspect of this game.  Personally, I
    liked it.  The absolute, must do thing is to keep everything written down!! 
    Since it changes from game to game, this is essential to be successful at
    Monkey Kombat.  Once you have it written down and organized, it becomes
    surprisingly simple.
    Basic Training
    The basics of Monkey Kombat are pretty simple.
    (1) There are five different positions - Anxious Ape, Bobbing Baboon,
        Charging Chimp, Drunken Monkey, and Gimpy Gibbon.
    (2) There are four differnet monkey words - Ack, Chee, Eek, and Oop
    (3) Each position has 4 different combinations of 3 monkey words to to move
        to the other positions. However, the combination of words is different
        for each position.  For example to move from Anxious Ape to Bobbing
        Baboon, the combination might be Ack Chee Oop.  But the combination of
        words to move from Drunken Monkey to Bobbing Baboon might be Chee Eek
    (4) In the example above, Ack Chee Oop changes you from the Anxious Ape to
        Bobbing Baboon.  Ack Chee Oop is also the combination to change you from
        Bobbing Baboon to Anxious Ape.
    (5) Repeating any of the monkey words 3 times will maintain your current
    (6) Each of these positions loses to two other positions.  For example,
        Anxious Ape may lose to Charging Chimp and Drunken Monkey.  This is
        random from game to game.
    (7) For each of the two positions in the example from (5) one will be
        stronger than the other (and again, this is random each game).
    (8) You start Monkey Kombat (as does your opponent) with a certain number of
        "banana points" (i.e. hit points).  Each time you lose, you lose some
        points.  As you progress through the different monkies, bot you and your
        opponent get more banana points.
    (9) If you and your opponent both have the same position, it is considered a
        draw.  Three draws by one person (whoever has the position second) will
        end Monkey Kombat.  A draw will allow you to recover a banana point or
    Winning Monkey Kombat Through the Use of Tables
    Note:  These tables are based on the ones created by David Moore in his FAQ,
    "Monkey Kombat" posted on www.gamefaqs.com and are used with his permission.
    Perhaps the most frustrating part of Monkey Kombat is (a) the randomness and
    (b) trying to keep all of the information straight.  The key to winning is to
    WRITE IT ALL DOWN.  Since you do not have a time limit within which to change
    positions, take your time to check your notes and get the right position.
    I found the easiest way to stay organized was to use the tables from the FAQ
    "Monkey Kombat" by David Moore.  There are two tables:  A Positions Table to
    keep track of the the monkey words you need to use, and a Winning Positions
    table to keep track of which positions beat each of the 5 stances in Monkey
    Positions Table
                                              END WITH
                    |   APE     |  BABOON   |   CHIMP   |  MONKEY   |  GIBBON   |
     S |------------|-----------|-----------|-----------|-----------|-----------|
     T |     APE    | ********* |           |           |           |           |
     A |------------|-----------|-----------|-----------|-----------|-----------|
     R |    BABOON  |           | ********* |           |           |           |
     T |------------|-----------|-----------|-----------|-----------|-----------|
       |    CHIMP   |           |           | ********* |           |           |
     W |------------|-----------|-----------|-----------|-----------|-----------|
     I |    MONKEY  |           |           |           | ********* |           |
     T |------------|-----------|-----------|-----------|-----------|-----------|
     H |    GIBBON  |           |           |           |           | ********* |
    Winning Positions Table
       | Your Position  |  Beaten By #1  |  Beaten By #2  |
       |      APE       |                |                |
       |     BABOON     |                |                |
       |     CHIMP      |                |                |
       |     MONKEY     |                |                |
       |     GIBBON     |                |                |
    Talk about organized (everybody thank David!)!  Let's use an example.  Let's
    say to change from Anxious Ape to Bobbing Baboon is Ack Che Oop.  Find Ape in
    the "Start With" Column and follow the row it is in over to Baboon.  Fill in
    "Ack Che Oop".  Since Ack Che Oop changes you from Ape to Baboon AND Baboon to
    Ape, find Baboon in the "Start With" Column, and trace over in the row to Ape
    and fill in "Ack Che Oop" as well.
                                              END WITH
                    |   APE     |  BABOON   |   CHIMP   |  MONKEY   |  GIBBON   |
     S |------------|-----------|-----------|-----------|-----------|-----------|
     T |     APE    | ********* |Ack Che Oop|           |           |           |
     A |------------|-----------|-----------|-----------|-----------|-----------|
     R |    BABOON  |Ack Che Oop| ********* |           |           |           |
     T |------------|-----------|-----------|-----------|-----------|-----------|
       |    CHIMP   |           |           | ********* |           |           |
     W |------------|-----------|-----------|-----------|-----------|-----------|
     I |    MONKEY  |           |           |           | ********* |           |
     T |------------|-----------|-----------|-----------|-----------|-----------|
     H |    GIBBON  |           |           |           |           | ********* |
    To continue the example, lets say after you have changed to a Baboon (in the
    game =) ) you get the crap kicked out of you by your opponents position, the
    Chimp.  You would fill in the "Winning Positions Table" like this:
       | Your Position  |  Beaten By #1  |  Beaten By #2  |
       |      APE       |                |                |
       |     BABOON     |     CHIMP      |                |
       |     CHIMP      |                |                |
       |     MONKEY     |                |                |
       |     GIBBON     |                |                |
    Simple, isn't it?  Just keep fighting until you have the tables filled in!
    Winning Strategies & Parting Thoughts
    There are several things to keep in mind when you are getting through the
    section in Monkey Kombat that will keep your from going insane (or, in my case,
    more insane =) ):
    -You won't win too much to begin with.  You should use the first couple of
     battles to learn new combination of words to get to new positions.
    -If you remembered to talk to Jojo Jr. as much as you could about Monkey
     Kombat, not only will you learn the basics, you will learn the "Monkey See,
     Monkey Do" strategy.  Basically, mimic your opponent to learn new positions.
     This works extrememly well, especially as you move past the timid monkey
     level.  You will also have learned your first position.
    -Once again WRITE IT ALL DOWN.  Use whatever method works for you.  For me,
     the tables I found in David Moore's FAQ (also posted on www.gamefaqs.com
     made things about 1000% easier.  If they don't work for you, don't use 'em!
    -You do not necessarily need every position to beat Jojo, Jr.  But it helps
     to have as many of them as you have the patience to learn.
    -When you have beaten Jojo Jr., don't throw your notes away.  You will be
     needing them again.
    -In the words of a great book, "Don't Panic"
    Monkey Kombat really isn't as hard/frustrating as many people might make you
    think.  I read some reviews before I actually bought the game and was a little
    hesitant because people were freaking out about this Monkey Kombat thing.  The
    key is to stay organized and write everything down.  If you don't, you will
    have a hard time getting through it.
    (11) Items & Their Location
    The following is a complete list of items in the game as I have solved it. 
    They are listed in the order I found them, so it may seem a little unorganized.
    Popped Inner Tube
    Found:  Harbor
    Used With/For:  When used with the cactus at Marlet Mansion, stops the
    catapulting of rocks at your house
    Bowl of Jerky Pretzels
    Found:  SCUMM Bar
    Used With/For:  Give them to the catapult operator to get him to take a
                    break...and so you can "adjust" the catapult.
    Cushy Government Job Contract Form
    Found:  Marley Mansion
    Used With/For:  After Elaine has signed it, give it to Carla and Otis so they
                    will join your crew.
    Government Job Contract Form
    Found:  Marley Mansion
    Used With/For:  I haven't found a use - I think it is for comedy
                    relief/confusion with Carla's request - has anyone found a
                    use for it?
    Melee Island(TM) Gubernatorial Symbol
    Found:  Elaine gives it to you at Marley Mansion
    Used With/For:  Not only to get a ship, it is the mysterious 4th part of the
                    Ultimate Insult!
    Old Sword
    Found:  Lucre Island(TM) Bank vault
    Used With/For:  To pry the bank vault door open a little and to pry the
                    manhole cover up outside the bank
    Small Sea Sponge
    Found:  Lucre Island(TM) Bank vault
    Used With/For:  To pry the bank vault door open even more
    Medium Sea Sponge
    Found:  Lucre Island(TM) Bank vault
    Used With/For:  To pry the bank vault door open even wider
    Large Sea Sponge
    Found:  Lucre Island(TM) Bank vault
    Used With/For:  Blow the bank vault door right off!
    Found:  Lucre Island(TM) Bank vault
    Used With/For:  To give you a clue about who actually committed the robbery
    Music Box
    Found:  Lucre Island(TM) bank vault/safe deposit box
    Used With/For:  "Confuses" Protheses shop owner so you can, um, borrow the
                    artificial hand
    Bottle of Fine Grog
    Found:  Lucre Island(TM) bank vault/safe deposit box
    Used With/For:  Widens the sea sponges to help you get the bank vault door
    Tin of Chicken Grease
    Found:  Lucre Island(TM) Hall of Justice
    Used With/For:  Used on Pegnose Pete's doormat to make him slip
    Found:  Scents and Sensibilities stand on Lucre Island(TM)
    Used With/For:  Sprayed on Ozzie Mandrill's stuffed animal to make him break
                    his cane
    Empty Spritzer Bottle
    Found:  Next to Scents and Sensibilities stand
    Use With/For:  Combined with other ingredients, make your own scent for
                   finding Pegnose Pete
    Wood Shavings
    Found:  In the House of Sticks on Lucre Island(TM)
    Used With/For:  One of the ingredients for your own unique perfume
    Home-Made Perfume
    Found:  Not actually found, but created by using several items together
    Used With/For:  Used with the Prostheses' shop owner to help find Pegnose
    Found:  Outside the bait shop on Lucre Island(TM)
    Used With/For:  Scared Pegnose Pete out of his house
    Found:  Outside the foreboding mansion (aka Ozzie Mandrill's house)
    Used With/For:  One of the ingredients for your own unique perfume
    Manhole Cover
    Found:  Outside the Lucre Island(TM) Bank
    Used With/For:  Names on the cover are to complete the story DeadEye Dave
                    tells you to get the prosthetic skin.
    Found:  By pirates playing chess on Lucre Island(TM)
    Use With/For:  Navigating through the Mystes 'O Tyme
    Prosthetic Skin
    Found:  Given to you by Deadeye Dave in the Prostheses shop
    Use With/For:  Use with manhole to get into the bank
    Wooden Prosthetic Hand
    Found:  In the prostheses store (where else?)
    Use With/For:  Use it to get termites
    Found:  Inside the Lucre Island(TM) Bank
    Use With/For:  Capture a glowing fish to use it as a lantern when finding the
                   missing booty on Lucre Island(TM)
    Found:  In the bait shop (duhhhh...)
    Use With/For:  Combine it with the scupperware to attract a glowing fish
    Marley Family Heirlooms
    Found:  Inside Pegnose Pete's secret booty cave
    Use With/For:  Clear Guybrush of robbing the bank and to learn about the
                   Ultimate Insult
    Itty-bitty Screw
    Found:  Inside Pegnose Pete's secret booty cave
    Use With/For:  Clear Guybrush of robbing the bank
    Found:  One of the wedding gifts, you get it at the voodoo lady's
    Use With/For:  Use them on the figurehead of the Dainty Lady
    Found:  One of the wedding gifts, you get it at the voodoo lady's
    Use With/For:  Use them on the figurehead of the Dainty Lady
    Pen on Chain
    Found:  One of the wedding gifts, you get it at the voodoo lady's
    Use With/For:  Use them on the figurehead of the Dainty Lady
    Paint Brush
    Found:  At Meathook's house after you ask him about the candles
    Use With/For:  Use it at the Lua bar to stop the ships
    Found:  In the Grog Machine change return slot at the Harbor
    Use With/For:  To get a can of grog at the machine
    Can of Grog
    Found:  At the harbor
    Use With/For:  Used in the steam machine at the Lua Bar
    Blue Painting
    Found:  At the Lua Bar
    Use With/For:  Give it to the figurehead of the Dainty Lady to learn how to
                   put the Ultimate insult together
    Starbuccaneer's Logo Mug
    Found:  At Starbuccaneer's Coffee on Jambalya Island(TM)
    Use With/For:  Use it with the glue and your picture to swap mugs at the
                   Planet Threepwood
    Juicy Wad of Chewed Up Bagel Chunks and Schmear Whiz
    Found:  The result of eating a mini-bagel from Starbuccaneers
    Used With/For:  Use it to make Marco de Pollo real attractive to seagulls
    Time Share Brochure
    Found:  At the gaudy house (aka Stan's) on Jambalya Island(TM)
    Use With/For:  Use it to keep the judge honest in the diving competition.
    Planet Threepwood Coupon
    Found:  At the Microgroggery, you get it for riding the manatee successfully.
    Use With/For:  To get a meal and the mug at Planet Threepwood.
    Monkey Mug Caricature
    Found:  Get it at Planet Threepwood from the jolly pirate.
    Use With/For:  Combine it with the jar of glue and the starbuccaneer's logo
                   mug so you can switch it with the mug at Planet Threepwood.
    Wimpy Grog
    Found:  Ask for a drink at the Micro Groggery
    Use With/For:  Use it with one of the parrots on Knuttin Atoll to find out
                   which is the liar and which is the truth teller.
    Dunce Cap
    Found:  Fail the final exam at the Pirate Transmogrification School on
            Knuttin Atoll
    Use With/For:  Wear it during the diving contest to make the old judge happy
                   and give you a 10
    Found:  In the Pirate Transmogrification School in the chest
    Use With/For:  To call the two parrots when you are looking for the bronze
    Li'l Guybrush & Li'l LeChuck
    Found:  At the puppet show on Knuttin Atoll
    Use With/For:  Once you have found the correct rock, gets Admiral Casaba to
                   blow it up for you!
    Bronze Hat
    Found:  Under a random boulder on Knuttin Atoll
    Use With/For:  One of the three pieces to the Ultimate Insult
    Diving Certificate
    Found:  The judges give it to you at the diving competition on Jambalya
    Use With/For:  Show it to Marco de Pollo to compete against him
    Golden Man
    Found:  Win it in the diving competition
    Use With/For:  The "final" piece of the Ultimate Insult
    Note (from beach)
    Found:  On the beach you start at on Monkey Island(TM)
    Use With/For:  I have no idea.
    Found:  Cluttered clearing on Monkey Island(TM)
    Use With/For:  ???  Does anybody know?
    Found:  Campsite on Monkey Island(TM)
    Use With/For:  Hit Herman Toothrot with it to help him get his memory back
    Banana Picker
    Found:  In the canyon on Monkey Island(TM)
    Use With/For:  To pick bananas, and to generally reach things that would
                   normally be out of reach
    Found:  Inside the church devoted to LeChuck on Monkey Island(TM)
    Use With/For:  Use them to get the monkey playing the accordian to drop the
    Milk Bottle
    Found:  On an island in the lava field
    Use With/For:  Throw it at Herman Toothrot to help him get his memory back
    Bunch of Bananas
    Found:  The beach on Monkey Island(TM)
    Use With/For:  To get Timmy the Monkey to follow you
    Weed Whipper
    Found:  Inside the mine on Monkey Island(TM)
    Use With/For:  To whip the weeds at the lava field (did you think you were
                   going to use it for something else?!?!)
    Found:  In the Monkey Village
    Use With/For:  Whack Herman Toothrot with it to help get his memory back
    Really Big Plank
    Found:  On the small nameless island in Act III+
    Use With/For:  To get to the top of the large tower
    (12) Have You Tried...
    -In the "wide-view" of the mansion (the one in which you can see all of the
    different shrubbery, walk to the left side of the screen near the cliff.  You
    can actually make Guybrush jump off the cliff...until he changes his mind.
    -If you keep pestering Meathook about that thing he does, you will get him to
    do the tattoo trick from Monkey Island I
    -If you choose the last response when Marco de Pollo asks who you are, you will
    get an incredibly good Sean Connery/James Bond voice out of Guybrush
    -If you change in the tent at the diving competition 13 times, Murray the Evil
    Skull will attack your foot and you will give him a swift kick
    -Let the end credits play through without skipping past them - you will get an
    epilogue movie
    (13) Credits, Thanks, and Contact Information
    Thank you to LucasArts for continuing this fine series of games through the
    Thanks to them and Sony for making a Play Station 2 version
    Thanks to David Moore for allowing me to use his tables (in a modified way) in
    this FAQ/Walkthrough
    Thanks to GameFAQs, Cheatcode Central, Cheats For Playstation 2, Playstation
    Cheat.Net and Neoseeker for posting this FAQ/Walkthrough
    Thanks to everyone who has pointed out mistakes and omissions - it only helps
    to make the FAQ/Walkthrough more complete!
    If you would like to contact me, you may do so at juventus_FSU@hotmail.com

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