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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Murray

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                PS2: Escape From Monkey Island Walkthrough V1.2
    Mwa-ha-ha-ha-ha! This deliciously DEMONIC walkthrough is brought to you by Tom 
    Carlisle (AKA Murray, the all-powerful demonic skull) and covers the PS2 
    version of the game. To date, I haven't found any differences between this and 
    the PC version, but e-mail me at murraytheevildemonicskull@hotmail.com if you 
    find any. The Playstation 2 version of this game is infinitely superior to the 
    PC version, if you ask me, due to they're being no EVIL (mwa-ha-ha-ha-ha) 
    system requirements, and no EVIL (Ok, I'll stop this now) bugs. But that 
    doesn't matter, really. This game is probably the funniest in the Monkey 
    Island series, but only if:
    A.	You have played Secret of..., LeChuck's revenge, and Curse of... 
    B.	You have a basic understanding of American (AKA 'Pop') culture
    C.	You have seen all the Star Wars films. 
    The other games are superlative-defying masterpieces, some of the funniest 
    games ever created. Try hunting out the "Monkey Island Bounty Pack"- if you 
    can find it, it costs 20 quid and has the first three games in. Well worth 
    playing before this, as some jokes will be lost on you otherwise.
    So, into the bulk of what you actually logged on to find- the walkthrough! 
    This walkthrough CONTAINS MAJOR SPOILERS! If you want to make the most out of 
    this, ONLY look at the puzzle you are stuck on. Don't worry if you are stuck; 
    the game is hugely frustrating and harder than any others. Just enjoy it. And 
    feel your soul being gently ripped from your body in this walkthrough of 
    incomprehensible EEEVIL!!! MWA-HA-HA-HA-HA!!
    I am always open to contributions, suggestions, fan mail, etc., and I will TRY 
    to reply to any e-mails sent to me in a pretty quick fashion, so feel free to 
    email these (plus any criticisms, which I don't like) DO NOT e-mail me about 
    any typos. I will hunt you down and kill you personally. I will try to answer 
    any question you may have about the game as well, but only if it IS NOT ON THE 
    WALKTHROUGH.  Sometimes I'll find it, other times you'll get a letter (well, 
    e-mail) of apology. So go ahead- e-mail me at 
    Table of Contents
    (1) Copyright Information
    (2) History
    (3) Characters
    (4) Prologue & Act I: Things to do on Melee Island when you're dead
    (5) Act II: Enter the Manatee
    (6) Act III: Escape from Monkey Island (AT LAST!) 
    (7) Act III+: Guybrush kicks unusually large butt
    (8) Stuff, and where to find it.
    (9) Fun Stuff
    (10)Thanks to...
    (1) Copyright Information
    Escape From Monkey Island, and all of the names, places, etc. are copyrighted 
    trademarks of LucasArts Entertainment Company LLC.  This FAQ/Walkthrough is 
    copyrighted and may not be reproduced in any part without the consent of Tom 
    Carlisle (the author).
    Current placement of this FAQ (E-mail me for permission to place it elsewhere) 
    www.gamefaqs.com (Gamefaqs)
    www.neoseeker.com (neoseeker) 
    If you find it anywhere else, please let me know!
    (2) History
    08. 07. 01- Worked for 3 hours doing entire character section. Slept.
    09. 07. 01- Worked 5 hours non-stop doing walkthrough. Tired. Sent off as 
    version 1.1
    12. 07. 01- worked for 2 hours non-stop on the Stuff, and where to find it, 
    and Fun stuff sections. Published as v 1.2.
    15. 07. 01- very slight update, amended a few grammatical errors (Creepy. I 
    just spelt grammatical wrong) and added David Davidov's tip.  
    (3) Characters
    I tried to include everyone on the credits list. In alphabetical order. Sorry 
    if I missed anyone (Who am I apologising to? The voice actors, I guess.)  E-
    mail me if I'm wrong!
    Admiral Casaba
    A complete and utter idiot who is straight out of a Monty Python sketch 
    ("Wheel out the REALLY BIG CANNON!!!") He fires a cannonball at any three 
    pirates talking as he reckons that it's a conspiracy against him. Paranoid, 
    but useful on Knuttin Atoll...
    Bank Manager
     "Very funny, Mister Threepwood" His nasally voice starts to grate after a 
    while, but he seems likeable. He also has oblique glasses. Until YOU allegedly 
    steal all his money, he seems alright. You don't meet him after you've caught 
    Pegnose, which is a pity, as I wanted an apology.
    Boulder Guy
    The boring git throwing rocks at your house. Rude and uncouth, he's a member 
    of the union and is entitled to regular snack breaks. Hmm...now if only he had 
    some snacks...
    Chess player Santiago (I think, but it may have been Castaneda) fancies her, 
    but frankly, I don't know why. She is seriously annoying, and giggles a lot. A 
    popular rumour is that she is a parody of that popular singer, what's-her-
    name...Brittany Spears, that's it! It's a lie, or misinformation. If she was a 
    parody, it would have been a LOT more blatant.
    The first relic from MI1 (barring Guybrush and Elaine). You first meet her 
    with Otis by the town hall. I didn't recognise her at first, and Otis baffles 
    me. Why does he speak with a pseudo-French accent? She is funny at he micro-
    groggery, and other than that basically uninteresting. Although she IS 
    extraordinarily sardonic....
    He's a chess player, intent on winning his game. Concentrating very hard. 
    Charles L. Charles 
    Posh and very irritating, it's obvious who he is. Quite why Guybrush doesn't 
    guess is beyond me, but this guy is NOT someone you would want as a 
    politician, being evil demonic (CENSORED for little ones! Isn't it irritating 
    how no one says HELL in this game? Instead, it's HECK! Oooh, scary) spawn. 
    Yep, that's LeChuck all right.
    Deadeye Dave
    Good old Dave seems to have a permanent cold as well as being completely 
    blind. He has brilliant smell and hearing, though. And gives out free 
    prosthetics to good customers... 
    Diving Judges
    "Whoa, dude.... Marco de Pollo wins again" The hippie judge is classic. Just do 
    the right moves to wow him.
    "Grasshopper...Your head is too flat." Typical Chinese mentor. Need to 
    streamline your head. Pity he doesn't speak like Yoda, though. 
    "I have a beautiful red-headed wife to look after..." Look at the pamphlet you 
    pick up from Stan to bribe the grouchy judge.
    (What shall we do with the) Drunken Sailor
    "Hnngh"..."Tnghh"- yes, he is drunk, not constipated, and quite funny if you're 
    bored. He also has the last bowl of pretzels in the SCUMM bar, and a balloon. 
    Now what can you do with that? 
    Elaine Marley-Threepwood
    She's now Guybrush's lawfully wedded wife. For richer or for poorer... 
    Apparently, she wants to be out on the open seas with Guybrush, swashing 
    numerous buckles (Hmm...) incidentally; the voice actor playing her in this is 
    completely different to the one in Curse of Monkey Island. She is still the 
    love interest of Ghost Pirate from HECK, LeChuck. Damn!
    "Elayne" (Planet Threepwood waitress)
    Blonde haired, typical bored waitress. Nothing more to say except for the fact 
    that she is extremely curt.
    Father Allegro Rasputin
    A ghost priest, founder of the church of LeChuck, treats him like a god. Bit 
    of a nutter really. Thinks you are three metres tall, have red skin, horns and 
    a tail, and the number 1138 on your forehead.
    He's got a rebel spirit but won't stand up to Ozzie Mandrill (BOO!) He owns 
    the House 'o' sticks, is old, kind, and reeeal observant...
    Ask him to hoy a few darts anywhere you choose. Try telling him to "hit that 
    guy over there"- you'll "crack" the camera lens. He can also hit that balloon 
    over there, giving the drunk a wicked shock...
    Guybrush Threepwood
    The pirate with amusing trousers. The hero. The man with the stupidest name in 
    the Caribbean. Yes, It's THAT Guybrush Threepwood. Hilarious, sardonic, dryly 
    witty and multi-talented, the man with pockets bigger than Cloud Strife has 
    seen some pretty big monkey heads in his day... He's also defeated LeChuck three 
    times (He's now the demon ghost zombie pirate LeChuck. Hmm) and is married to 
    Elaine. According to Planet Threepwood, he is eight feet tall, covered in 
    scars and has the ghost of his favourite parrot on his shoulder. According to 
    the Church of LeChuck, he is three metres tall, has red skin, a gargantuan 
    tail and horns, and the number 1138 on his forehead. Okay...scared now... 
    Harbour Mistress
    She's fat, she's round, she bounces on the ground...quite what Otis is doing 
    with her is beyond me, but she is seriously irritating, and strictly by the 
    books. If you're doing something wrong, she'll find you...mark my words...
    Hellbeard the pirate/puppeteer
    A bit of a nutter, but an all right nutter nonetheless. He communicates 
    through puppets of Guybrush and LeChuck, until you convince him otherwise, and 
    scare him senseless with a blue painting.
    Herman Toothrot
    An oddball from M-I1 and M-I2. He's lost his memory, and needs you to hoy a 
    lot of stuff at him to get it back. Help him out for one of the game's biggest 
    A camp perfume salesman with perfume that scares Guybrush. He talks about 
    himself in the third person, and is currently testing 'Eau de LeChuck'. 
    Riiiiight... He doesn't mind if you steal a bottle, oddly, considering he is an 
    ex-pirate, but nevertheless he can't have been very good as he is even less 
    fearsome than Guybrush!
    Ignatius Cheese
    He used to own the SCUMM bar before it was converted and is one hell of 
    navigator.  However he likes his voyages with adventure, and will not think 
    twice before sailing into tropical storms. Guybrush thinks his name is stupid- 
    which is odd, as it isn't really- "Cheese?" "Aye?" "Cheese?" "Aye?!"
    Inspector Canard
    ASTOUNDING reference to all comedy police officers ever, this is a very 
    suspicious character that runs the Hall 'o' Justice. Not suspicious as in 
    Fester Shinetop in MI1, but suspicious of YOU instead. Will not believe your 
    pleas for innocence- unless, of course, you can prove it?... 
    Jojo Jr.
    "I still can't believe you're a talking monkey!" For those who haven't played 
    MI1, Jojo Snr was the monkey who helped Guybrush in that. Jojo tells you a 
    hilarious story about how SOMEONE (i.e. you) left Jojo Snr hanging on a totem 
    pole, BUT NEVER TOLD HIM TO LET GO!!! What's that he's wearing? A bronze hat 
    of honour? That sounds useful... try using it with the giant monkey head... 
    Jolly Pirate (AKA George Lucas)
    Answer him a few simple questions for your FREE caricature. GREAT... He seems 
    all right, but is only for use when you've got the monkey mug in your hand. 
    And he doesn't know what the Internet is...
    Jumbeaux LaFeet
    Son of Tiny LaFeet- nice name, mate!- He has two parrots cursed. One always 
    lies, the other always tells the truth. This is useful for finding his 
    father's bronze hat, stolen by the evil Ozzie Mandrill enterprises (The Cads!) 
    and buried under a rock. He gets very upset when talking about his late 
    father. Poor bloke (I really felt sorry for him).  
    "Mr. LeChuck, you have a nasty habit of SURVIVING" Now in the form of L. 
    Charles, he has risen from the dead numerous times, and isn't going to let 
    being demonic stop him. He (CENSORED AS IT RUINS THE PLOT) now, and still 
    loves Elaine. But she's washing her hair for the next seven years. Damn.
    LUA Bar Chef
    Like the chef in the first game, he won't let anyone in his kitchen and is a 
    psychopath. It seems that LucasArts didn't want to offend anyone Japanese by 
    having a stereotyped sushi chef, but the fact that he's French is more than a 
    little odd. Nevertheless, he likes his art, which can't be a bad thing. And 
    you just KNOW that his painting is hiding something...  
    LUA Bar Waitress
    She never saw the SCUMM bar in all it's glory, and is stuck in the hellhole 
    serving a torrent of sushi and strange-coloured tropical drinks. She is very 
    frank and very stereotypical.
    Marco De Pollo
    "Marcooooo" "Pooooolooooo". Childhood trauma has led him to be the greatest 
    plank diver in the world (tm), but nonetheless, GUYBRUSH still manages to beat 
    him (With a little help from some hyperactive seagulls) so he must be bad. I'm 
    sure his name is a parody of something, but I can't remember what. He's a 
    ponce. He walks like, talks like and is one. Full stop.  
    Marley Family Lawyers
    The music in their offices is very good. They are funny, citing from films 
    such as A FEW GOOD MEN and THE FIRM. Talk to them about saving your mansion.
    From the first game, Meathook looks a little different and his parrot is dead, 
    but he's retained his tattoo act and is still a cool character. He is now an 
    accomplished wax painter, and has sold some stunning paintings- one 
    particularly interesting one is hanging in the LUA bar...
    Miss Rivers
    She sort of reminds of my art teacher, only my art teacher is probably the 
    nicest person in the world. So she's not really like my art teacher, then. 
    Employed by Ozzie Mandrill, she must rid the world of all pirates because 
    Ozzie Mandrill tells her to. (Let me deviate slightly and talk about another, 
    similar character- Adolf Hitler) She's a little odd, but I love some of her 
    phrases "What do you mean I failed? This sucks!" "Your tests were good, dear; 
    but your attitude sucks!" 
    Pull the finger on the hand in her room. "You pulled?" She has an uncanny 
    habit of telling you what you are about to say before you say it. 
    Refreshingly, she has moved AGAIN (this must be costing her a LOT) and now has 
    an unbreakable five-game deal with LucasArts. Like Guybrush, then.  
    A wannabe member of civilisation who is a bit thick. He tries hard, but his 
    piratey instincts tell him to murder, loot and pillage. Miss Rivers fails him 
    for being thick. C'mon, be a bit more sympathetic! Witch. Poor old Mungle. I 
    actually felt sorry for him. But then I have a conscience. Damn.
    Murray, the all-powerful demonic skull
    Cower, brief mortals! Mwa-ha-ha-ha-ha! Murray is SO the best character in the 
    game. He may only appear for a couple of minutes, but he is classic! He's the 
    bouncer/ greeter at Planet Threepwood and regales you with his heat-stopping 
    tale of malice and evil. He is my role model. Look out for sub-game Murray 
    Ball. Pity he doesn't have a bigger part, actually. Roll on MI5! He is easily 
    the best character in this one.
    An incredibly accurate dart player. 
    "Carla, save me! The nasty man wants to take us back to Monkey Island!" A 
    relic from MI1, he speaks in a strange accent but is very, very funny. Has a 
    habit for getting thrown in jail for picking flowers. Odd. A victim of 
    capitalist oppression. Possibly in a relationship with the Harbour Mistress.
    Ozzie Mandrill
    Typical domineering Australian developer. Pure evil. Easily tricked by 
    Freddie, the stick-man (Did you get that?) (CENSORED AS IT RUINS THE PLOT) to 
    rid the world of pirates. Certifiable nutter. Could have been out of a Bond 
    film. Grumpy, bad-tempered and the villain in this game.
    Pegnose Pete
    An evil thief who's nose was bitten off by a duck, he robbed Lucre Island's 
    bank, and framed you. Resides in the Mystes 'o' Tyme. Not really very nice. 
    TERRIBLE OJ Simpson joke, too. 
    Salty old Cur (bait shop owner)
    He seems all right, apart from the fact that he hangs out in a fish shop, has 
    no sense of smell, guts fish for fun, seems to think that bait can be BROKEN 
    and runs a termite circus (!!!) Actually, judging by all that, he seems like a 
    bit of a nutter, really. 
    Like Castaneda. Intense, not easily provoked. Fancies Brittany, bank teller. 
    Good @ chess.
    SCUMM Bartender
    Possibly a relic from the first game, he wants to join your crew but his boss 
    refuses. So just arm-wrestle his boss into submission and sail off into the 
    sunset! No problem. 
    Stan the dodgy Salesman
    I could cope with him in MI1, but ever since he started speaking, he's the 
    most annoying thing ANYWHERE. Try to avoid him in this. You really don't need 
    to talk to him, unless you need a Monkey Mug ticket. He just makes me yawn. 
    Starbuccaneer's Counter Clerk
    Typical work experience boy. Just like dorky teenager from the Simpsons.  
    Makes some VERY strange comments on his coffee.
    Timmy The Monkey
    Elaine's pet monkey. He mysteriously arrives on Monkey Island (tm) at the same 
    time as Guybrush. He likes bananas (As monkeys do), and will follow you for 
    Mooching around the statue of Tiny LaFeet, he knows a lot about it but is a 
    typical geeky tourist- "Ohh! A scavenger hunt! How exciting!" YESSSSS...as 
    stupid as that sounds.
    A student at Miss Rivers' pirate transmogrification academy. She gets good 
    marks, but according to Miss Rivers fails, as her attitude sucks. She is rude 
    and laughs at other people's misfortune.
    (5) Prologue & Act I - Things to Do On Melee Island(TM) When You're Dead
    The Beginning! Enjoy the BRILLIANT theme tune then watch in horror as we find 
    Guybrush prisoner on his own ship! Evil pirates have attacked, and Guybrush 
    must stop them (As usual).  You, as Guybrush, are tied to the mast.  Manoeuvre 
    to the right to notice a brazier of hot coals. Use the SQUARE button (PICK UP) 
    on the hot coals in the brazier to start juggling a hot coal with your feet. 
    Look around. What needs lighting? The cannons! Turn left towards the cannons, 
    select "KICK RED HOT CHUNK 'O' COAL AT LOADED CANNON", (Try kicking it at the 
    enemy pirate!) then press select (default CROSS). The coal lights the cannon, 
    and then...BOOM! The enemy ship explodes, and Elaine and Guybrush are safe. 
    Great! You've solved the easiest puzzle in the game. Don't fret...It gets a LOT 
    Act I - Things To Do On Melee Island(TM) When You're Dead
    Melee Island(TM)
    I half expected Guybrush to say, "It's quiet. TOO quiet." But he didn't. Damn. 
    No, so obviously nobody was expecting Guybrush and Elaine back. Hmm...odd, 
    considering she's their much-beloved governor. Ohh! So she's been pronounced 
    dead now, has she! GREAT! That's JUST what they need after their honeymoon. 
    And worst of all, some maniac with a catapult is trying to demolish their 
    house! Admittedly, he's not having much success, but he's trying nonetheless. 
    This is bad news. Take a look around- walk away from the catapult and go 
    through the gap in the wall. 
    Go to the map, then head to the harbour (There's nothing to do in the town 
    yet) look to the side of the shack and pick up the POPPED INNER TUBE. Now go 
    to town. 
    Head to the SCUMM bar, go inside, and talk to the darts players about THE 
    HOLES IN THE WALL. They reckon that they can hit anything, huh? Try them, see 
    if they can live up to their promises. Talk to the bartender, and ask about 
    snacks. He tells you that the drunk has the last PRETZEL BASKET. Hmm. Go over 
    to the drunk, try to talk to him, fail, and laugh at his idiocy. He won't give 
    you his pretzels; why should he- it's HIS birthday. The balloon tells you that 
    much. Go back to the darts guys. Ask them to HIT THE BALLOON OVER THERE. They 
    succeed, the balloon pops, and the poor drunk passes out (Sorry to keep 
    harking on about this, but I really felt guilty about doing this) and you can 
    steal the KUDU JERKY PRETZELS. Head back to the mansion. Use the POPPED INNER 
    TUBE on the FUNNY SHAPED CACTUS, then offer the PRETZELS to the BOULDER GUY. 
    TINKER WITH THE CATAPULT CONTROLS so the bloke resets them to his "Calibration 
    Cactus", hits the inner tube, the rock bounces off, and hits his catapult. He 
    laughs, at the pitiful damage the boulder has done to his catapult...then it 
    rolls off a cliff! Brilliant! "Oy! What are you doing? Those things don't grow 
    on trees, y'know!" Now you've got to stop him coming back. But first spend a 
    moment feeling blissfully superior. You are your own master. Now watch the 
    Go back to the SCUMM bar. Go to opposite the drunk. Talk to the CRUSTY SAILOR. 
    This is I. Cheese, and he's class. He tells you that an Ozzie developer is 
    trying to buy the bar, and that only by Insult Arm-Wrestling has he managed to 
    keep it. Ask him about Insult Arm Wrestling, and about him joining your crew. 
    Challenge him, and beat him.  
    Head left and talk to the two pirates outside the town hall. Pester them about 
    knowing them until they give in and tell you their identities- Carla the sword 
    master and Otis the flower picker, both from MI1. (I as embarrassed when I 
    first found out who they were, as I didn't recognise them at all.) Promise 
    them good jobs if they join your crew, then head for the MANSION.   
    Enter the mansion. Go to the desk by the window and pick up the CONTRACT. This 
    is a CUSHY GOVERNMENT JOB CONTRACT FORM. (DON'T pick up the contract on 
    Elaine's desk, as this is a manual labour contract and so it is absolutely 
    useless) Take it to ELAINE, and get it signed. Take the SIGNED CUSHY 
    GOVERNMENT JOB CONTRACT FORM to Otis and Carla. Now you have a crew. 
    Excellent! Now, in typical Monkey Island routine, you have to get a ship...
    Return to the map and go to the harbour. Annoy the HARBOUR MISTRESS. Tell her 
    that you are commandeering a ship. She dismisses you, saying you do not have 
    proper authority. Well, we'll see about that! You're the husband of the 
    governor! Go to Elaine and whine about not having authority. She gives you the 
    a ship. Your WIFE'S ship. Yep...you guessed it. It had to be THAT ship. Guybrush 
    protests "But it's pink!" he feebly tries. "All the other pirates will laugh 
    at me!" "Hmm, I get the feeling that you're used to being laughed at." Oddly, 
    no-one mentions it. But Guybrush appears to have a fear of pink in this game, 
    like his long-time fear of porcelain (Why is he scared of porcelain, anyway?) 
    Anyway, on to Lucre Island (tm). 
    Lucre Island(TM)
    So Guybrush has been told to go and see the Lawyers. But this being a MONKEY 
    ISLAND game, something has GOT TO go wrong. And it does. But I'll get to that 
    in a minute. Go to the lawyers like a good boy, and listen to the BRILLIANT 
    music there, before regaling the lawyers with some nice lawyer jokes ("What do 
    you call a bunch of lawyers at the bottom of the ocean?" "A terrible tragedy?" 
    "A horrible waste?" "A potential negligence litigation lawsuit?" "A GOOD 
    START!") and saving your mansion. The lawyers give you a letter, so read it 
    (It's quite funny. You just KNOW that something's going to go wrong here) and 
    weep. Then go to the bank to pick up H.T. Marley's heirlooms. 
    At the bank, a miserable Ozzie git is having problems. This is OZZIE MANDRILL, 
    and he's pure evil. When Ozzie leaves, talk to Brittany, who let's you into 
    the vault to get items from your safe deposit box. After you open the chest, 
    the bank is robbed...by GUYBRUSH THREEPWOOD. Either this is a potential cloning 
    scandal, a case of time travel (don't rule it out), or it's someone in 
    disguise. Obviously, however, it's not you, but you have to get out to prove 
    that. Pick up everything the vault - the OLD SWORD, the SMALL SEA SPONGE, the 
    safe deposit box and take the MUSIC BOX and the BOTTLE OF FINE GROG.  Go to 
    the door, and use the OLD SWORD with the only hinge you can reach- the bottom 
    hinge. Use the BROKEN SWORD (hmm...is this an intentional gag or not?) with the 
    crack in the door, widening it. Use the sponges with the crack, and then pour 
    the grog on to them (Alternatively, pour grog on each before putting them in 
    the crack. Your choice). The door blows right off its hinges! You're free...oh, 
    wait a minute, and they think you robbed a bank! DAMN!!!!
    Framed for bank robbery, eh, Guybrush? Tut, tut. Better find the REAL 
    criminal- the no-nosed pirate. CANARD places you under 'house arrest' but due 
    to your non-residence on the island, you are not permitted to leave the 
    island- as a temporary 'home'. If that makes ANY sense at all. CANARD very set 
    on believing that you robbed the bank. To prove your innocence, find the real 
    thief, prove he was at the crime, and find the stolen money. Easy enough, 
    right? Weeeeell...this IS a Monkey Island game... 
    Finding the Real Thief
    Go to the iron maiden. Look at it. Guybrush says something HILARIOUS in 
    dudespeak. Pick up the TIN OF CHICKEN GREASE. Go to the House 'o Sticks, watch 
    Ozzie Mandrill whining about his stick, and pick up the WOOD SHAVINGS. Talk to 
    FREDDIE if you want, then head outside to the perfume stall (Try looking at 
    the Grassy Knoll beforehand; useless, but funny) Pick up an EMPTY SPRITZER 
    BOTTLE from the large pile, Then steal the COLOGNE from the main stall (You 
    can find out that this is EAU DE LECHUCK now or later). Go to the bank, use 
    the BROKEN SWORD with the manhole cover, and pick it up. (Note: if Guybrush 
    couldn't pick it up in the first place, how can he carry it in his pocket?) 
    Go to the bait shoppe. Guybrush will make a comment on how bad it smells. Pick 
    up the FREE BAIT, leave the shop and pick up the DUCK, return to the fountain 
    and use the EMPTY SPRITZER BOTTLE on it to get the HOME-MADE PERFUME. Use the 
    Go to the map, and go to the MYSTES 'O TYME. Use the HOME-MADE PERFUME on the 
    PUDDLE, then return to the map and go to the mansion. Look for a FLOWER, pick 
    it up and combine it with the HOME-MADE PERFUME. Voila! Now try smelling the 
    HOME-MADE PERFUME- If you have smelt the HANDKERCHIEF in advance, Guybrush 
    will tell you that they smell absolutely alike. Obviously, a no-nosed pirate 
    will need a fake nose, so head to town and voila! 
    The palace 'o Prostheses is near! Go in to meet the blind shopkeeper, DEADEYE 
    DAVE. He tells you about his advanced sense of smell and hearing. Spray him 
    with the HOME-MADE PERFUME, and he tells you PEGNOSE PETE's fake name 
    (Completely random) He also has directions through the MYSTES 'O' TYME, but 
    since his filing monkey ran away, he can't find them. He tells you to feel 
    free to have a try. This frustrated me at the time. Each symbol is a section 
    of the alphabet:     
    Rabbit:  A-D
    Palm Tree:  E-H
    Pumpkin:  I-M
    Monkey:  N-S
    Banana:  T-Z
    When I played this, Pegnose's name was Kaise. R. Sose, so I inputted PUMPKIN, 
    MONKEY, MONKEY. Now press the button to get directions to PEGNOSE PETE's 
    house. Weird. They're like a train schedule. Write the directions down on a 
    piece of paper. Now where have you seen a clock before? The chess players had 
    one. Head towards them (They're near the docks, on the large view that shows 
    all of Lucre Town) and talk to CASTANEDA. He tells you that SANTIAGO has a 
    crush on BRITTANY. Distract him by choosing the stupidest option on the menu, 
    until he messes up one of his moves. SANTIAGO laughs at him, so go over there 
    and distract him by muttering about BRITTANY. He also messes up a move, and 
    CASTANEDA laughs at him, starting an intense war of words. In the chaos, steal 
    the CLOCK, and then go to the map, travelling to the MYSTES 'O' TYME.
    I hate this next bit. It is incredibly confusing and frustrating, and I caused 
    about three time paradoxes the first time I played. Damn! Use the CLOCK with 
    the RAFT, then use the raft. Did you write down the directions? Good. Match 
    the times to the directions (i.e. 12:50 East) until you meet yourself. Yeah, 
    you heard me right. Remember what I said in the bank robbery section? Write 
    down what the other Guybrush gives you, and in what order he does it. Also 
    write down what answer he gives you when you ask him what number you are 
    thinking of at the current time. Continue following the directions, until you 
    meet yourself on the other side of the gate. Give yourself the items in the 
    order you were given them, and answer the question you asked yourself 
    Now continue following directions until you find PEGNOSE's house.  You hear 
    OZZIE MANDRILL and PEGNOSE talking it the hut. (This puzzle had me whooping 
    with delight when I realised how to solve it) Use the TIN OF CHICKEN GREASE on 
    the welcome mat, and then use the DUCK on the window. PEGNOSE PETE screams 
    (His nose was allegedly bitten off by a duck), runs outside, slips on the mat, 
    and falls into the crawdaddy trap. Yippie-Ki-Yay!  
    Proving Pegnose was there
    (This bit had me baffled for about a week, and is unfairly frustrating. Take 
    heed, LucasArts!)  Look at the MANHOLE COVER.  It has random names on it, 
    which is frustrating. Go to DAVE's shop, and ask about getting some ST. 
    SWITHENS DAY GIFTS FOR YOUR FRIENDS. Ask about free prostheses, and use the 
    names on the manhole cover in the story he tells you. You receive the 
    PROSTHETIC SKIN. Go to the bank, use the PROSTHETIC SKIN on the MANHOLE, to 
    get a TRAMPOLINE! (YUK!) Bounce up to the window, take the SCUPPERWARE in the 
    bottom-left table, and pull the PULL-CHAIN. Look at the furthest left light 
    fixture from the balcony to see a weird shadow of a nose on the wall. CANARD 
    comes in mysteriously, takes the nose, and you've proved PEGNOSE was there! 
    Yippie-Ki-Yay, no-nosed ******! Watch the cut-scene of Elaine being massacred 
    at the polls.
    Finding the Loot
    Head to the PALACE 'O' PROSTHESES, and use the music box with DAVE. Steal the 
    bait shoppe, pick up some more free bait. Combine it with the SCUPPERWARE 
    ("There! Now my bait will stay fresh!") Go to the termite circus and use the 
    Go to the map, and head to the FORBODING MANSION. Enter it to meet OZZIE 
    MANDRILL in person. He's a miserable git. Spray EAU DE LECHUCK (Aka COLOGNE) 
    on his dingoes and he'll break his stick. Head to the house 'o sticks, and 
    as MANDRILL storms in. 
    Go to his mansion, and tell him that you know he's guilty. Now you can follow 
    him to PEGNOSE's booty showroom. When you reach the lagoon, head to the trees 
    that MANDRILL came out of. There's a hidden passage in there. Press the button 
    on the table to find the heirlooms, behind reinforced glass. Leave the room 
    and dive into the deep water. It's pitch black. When the fish appear on 
    screen, open the SCUPPERWARE. One will swim in and you can see underwater. 
    Head into the secret passage to find the MARLEY HEIRLOOMS and MISSING LOOT. 
    Pick these up, as well as the ITTY-BITTY BRASS SCREW, and head into town. Go 
    SCREW to convince him of your innocence. Watch Pegnose's nose get put on, 
    listen to the OJ Simpson joke, and watch him escape. CANARD insults Guybrush, 
    and then you can leave.
    Back on Melee Island, Guybrush tells Elaine about his exploits ("...and then I 
    was attacked by an army of Giant Koalas...") before L. Charles turns up and 
    starts gloating about the idiocy of Melee Island's citizens. He transforms 
    into all his different forms- Ghost, Zombie and Demon, and Guybrush looks 
    surprised. Nobody else does. The music swells to a climax as LeChuck walks out 
    of the door, finishing when Guybrush shouts "Oh Yeah? Well YOU FIGHT LIKE A 
    COW!" Inspired. 
    Well, that was a lengthy act, wasn't it? Congratulations!
    (5) Act II - Enter The Manatee
    Melee Island(TM)
    Ask Elaine everything possible in the Mansion, and then head to the 
    International House of Mojo. (It's the massive great temple thing) Pull the 
    finger on the hand table (For a laugh, try picking up the hand- "There's only 
    a few hands I want down my pants (!!) and that's not one of them") and Mojo 
    spins round. Ask her everything, and you'll learn about the Ultimate Insult 
    and Grandpa Marley's wedding gifts. Ask her about the gifts, and you will 
    receive the EARRINGS, the NECKLACE, and the PEN ON A CHAIN.  After talking 
    until you get bored, leave the International House of Mojo and go to the map.  
    Go to Meathook's house. Talk to Meathook about everything.  When you are 
    finished talking to him, take the PAINT BRUSH from the bucket he gives you.  
    Head to the harbour.  Look at the Grog machine and at the change return slot 
    to notice something glinting, then take the QUARTER.  Use the QUARTER in the 
    Grog Machine.  It gets jammed, so kick, punch, shake, and then yell at the 
    Grog Machine until the machine spits out dozens of cans of Grog. Pick up a 
    can. Elaine, being omnipotent, won't let you drink it, so go to the SCUMM bar. 
    Hmm...something's a little wrong. Why is it called the LUA bar now? Noooooooooo! 
    It's I. Cheese's worst nightmare! They've turned his bar into a sushi 
    Enter the LUA Bar.  Look at the table just to the left of the door and take 
    the CHOPSTICKS.  Sit down and talk to the waitress (Regardless of your order, 
    you'll get the flaming scuttlefish) When the flaming fish floats past the 
    totem pole to the right, use the PAINTBRUSH in the SUSHI BOAT MECHANISM The 
    flames should be under the painting. Now rush into the kitchen (For a bizarre 
    Beastie Boys reference, look at the brass mechanical monkey- "That Funky 
    Monkey!") and use the can of grog with the sushi boat steam generator. The 
    flames melt the wax on the painting and the chef gives you the blue map- the 
    wedding gift! 
    Now go to the harbour, and use the earrings (As Elaine says, they're wooden. 
    What else in town is wooden?) Use the EARRINGS on the figurehead. It comes 
    alive, and is not in a good mood. Next use the NECKLACE and the PEN ON A CHAIN 
    on the FIGUREHEAD, before finally giving her the BLUE PAINTING! Voila! You now 
    know where the ultimate insult is, and what it looks like. Now give back the 
    MELEE (tm) ISLAND GUBERNATORIAL SYMBOL and sail to Jambalaya Island! 
    Jambalaya Island (TM)
    I love this island! It is easily the best bit in the game.
    There are three parts to the Ultimate Insult - (1) The Silver Monkey Head, (2)
    A Bronze Hat, and (3) A Golden Man. All of these are on Jambalaya Island
    Getting the Silver Monkey Head
    Head into town, and go to STARBUCCANEER'S. Look at the EMPTY GROGGOCHINO CUP 
    from the outside, then go in and pick it up. Talk to the counter boy and ask 
    for a refill. This is just in case you mess up he next bit- go to Stan's, 
    drink it, and ask about his sales pitch. He gives you the PLANET THREEPWOOD 
    TOKEN at the end. Otherwise, look in the fat woman's bag to see a 
    STARBUCCANEER'S LOGO MUG. Steal it (Bit immoral, this game) and go to the left 
    side of the counter to get a free sample of SCHMEAR-WHIZ (tm) MINI BAGELS. These 
    are terrible, Guybrush tells you, and spits it out, giving you the JUICY WAD 
    Now go to the map, and go to the gaudy building to meet Stan. Ignore him if 
    possible, pick up a PAMPHLET from his desk and pick up the GLUE on the 
    Go to Town again, and go to the MICRO-GROGGERY. Use this on the MANATEE in the 
    corner. Go to the guy at the counter, ask him about the thing in the corner, 
    and ask to have a go on it. You succeed after a few hours, and get your PLANET 
    THREEPWOOD TOKEN. Go to PLANET THREEPWOOD to meet MURRAY! Mwa-ha-ha-ha-ha! I 
    love him; he is easily the best character. Converse with him for a while, 
    before going inside. Look at the menu then talk to ELAYNE, order a meal and 
    show her the coupon. She gives you the monkey mug. While sitting down, talk to 
    the JOLLY PIRATE. He will draw you a caricature with the mug. Use the 
    caricature with the glue, and the sticky caricature with the STARBUCCANEER'S 
    LOGO MUG. Use the fake monkey mug with the monkey mug, and walk away. Well 
    done. You've got the first part of the ultimate insult!  
    Getting A Bronze Hat
    Go to the MICRO GROGGERY and ask for some grog.  The BARTENDER asks for ID 
    from you, then give you the WIMPY GROG (just strong enough to stun a skinny 
    parrot.).  Leave the bar and look at the statue in the centre of town - it 
    seems to have been vandalized.  Talk to the TOURIST WITH THE NASALLY VOICE who 
    knows a lot about the statue and its origins. Talk to him and ask him 
    everything. Go to the docks, and use the COMMUNITY ROWBOAT. As you try to row 
    you are fired upon by an utter git, ADMIRAL CASABA (or RICARDO LUIGI PIERRE 
    M'BENGA CHANG NEHRU O'HARA CASABA THE THIRD).  Ignore him, unless you want to 
    be bored, and continue heading towards Knuttin Atoll.
    On the beach you will see a bright white and blue building. This is MISS 
    RIVERS' PIRATE TRANSMOGRIFICATION ACADAMY. It's a brainwashing centre! Talk to 
    Miss Rivers, tell her you are tired of being a pirate, and you get into 
    school. In the test, give the most violent answers humanely possible. You fail 
    so badly that you get the DUNCE'S CAP and you get chucked out of school! Now 
    go outside, and pull the fire alarm ("Don't try this at home, boys and girls. 
    False fire alarms cost lives!") Run inside and pick up the whistle from the 
    chest. Miss Rivers catches you but doesn't take the whistle back. Good. Go to 
    the puppet show, and talk to L'IL LECHUCK about everything. Ask where he's 
    been. L'IL GUYBRUSH tells you that CASABA fires on three or more pirates 
    talking at once. Ask about the puppeteer. When he appears, leave him alone, 
    then show him the blue painting. He screams in horror and runs off, leaving 
    his puppets. Pick them up.  
    Walk to the beach on the east side of the island.  Talk to the metabolically 
    challenged pirate (Jumbeaux LaFeet).  He tells you that his father was Tiny 
    LaFeet and that he stole the hat from the statue.  He then tells you he buried 
    under one of the rocks, but can't remember which one.  Walk one screen to the 
    right - I hate this bit, it's the worst bit in the game, much worse than 
    Monkey Kombat.
    Use the whistle to call the parrots.  Use the WIMPY GROG with ONE of the 
    parrots.  Now ask it a question to find out if it lies or tells the truth.  I 
    gave it to the truthful parrot.  The rock the hat is under is random, so here 
    is the general pattern to follow:
    1) Use the WHISTLE (now called the PARROT CALL)
    2) Ask one of the parrots if the hat is buried under this rock
    3) If it is the truth teller and says no, wait for the parrots to land again 
    and find out which direction you should go (make sure you get the truth 
    telling parrot!)
     If it is the truth teller and says yes, go to the next section
     If it is the liar and says yes, wait for the parrots to land again find out 
    which direction you should go (make sure you get the truth telling parrot!)
     If it is the liar and says no, go to the next section
    (An easy way to know which parrot is which is to do this - whichever parrot 
    can't sit still is drunk on grog.  So for me, the truthful parrot was 
    tottering back and forth - always ask the truth telling parrot the question to 
    make this go quicker!)
    Once you have found the correct rock, use LI'L GUYBRUSH & LI'L LECHUCK to get
    Admiral Casaba to fire on you with the cannon.  Casaba will miss you, but blow 
    the boulder up for you, leaving a big hole.  At the bottom of the hole is the 
    BRONZE HAT!  Combine the BRONZE HAT and the MONKEY MUG. 
    Almost there...
    Getting A Golden Man
    Go back to Jambalaya Island(TM).  Head to the tall rock and watch the world's 
    best plank diver, Marco de Pollo.  Talk to this pompous git about his 
    childhood, why he's a diver, how to dive, etc. Go to the left to ask the 
    judges and to find out how to get certified.  After a particularly nasty 
    medical process, you will receive the DIVING CERTIFICATE.  Head back to where 
    Marco de Pollo is.  Use the baby seal oil on the table with the JUICY WAD OF 
    CHEWED UP BAGEL CHUNKS WITH SCHMEAR WHIZ(TM). A seagull lands. This is a clue, 
    showing that seagulls like it. Talk to the judges to find out how to get good 
    marks. The hippie judge tells you how to do the moves:
    Alpha Monkey: left
    Keelhaul:  up
    Rum Barrel:  down
    Spinning Swordsman: right
    The wise old judge tells you that your head is too flat.
    The grouchy judge tells you he's been bribed. Look at the TIME SHARE BOOKLET 
    you picked up from Stan's, to see him with a girl who is NOT his wife. Show 
    this to him and he'll give you a fair score. Now challenge MARCO DE POLLO to a 
    contest. Watch his moves, and then when you get up top wear the dunce's cap 
    and copy his moves using the instructions above. You should get three 10's. 
    Now the tables turn. You have to do a dive, and he has to beat it. Do any 
    dive. Before he dives, he puts the baby seal oil on. This makes him a seagull 
    attractant. He dives and is hideously scarred for life by evil seagulls. 
    Guybrush and the omnipotent crowds cruelly mock him, and you receive the 
    golden man. Now you have an ultimate insult... 
    A cut-scene shows L. Charles taunting Elaine on Melee(tm) Island. She goes crazy, 
    upon losing the election. Guybrush gets the ultimate insult stolen (GASP!) and 
    is banished to (NOOOOOO) Monkey Island (tm)!!!!!! Mwa-ha-ha-ha-ha!  
    (6) Act III - Escape From Monkey Island(TM)
    How could it not happen? Finally, you're actually here to escape from it, and 
    it's changed just a LITTLE since you were last here. Timmy the monkey is there 
    to greet you at the start of Act III, as Guybrush becomes seriously depressed 
    ("It's like my life is a never-ending series of...of puzzles. Don't try to 
    comfort me, Timmy. Oh. Ok. I'll do for the children. Order of business: 1) Get 
    off the fershlugginer island. 2) Stop Ozzie and LeChuck destroying the pirates 
    of the Caribbean with the ultimate insult. 3) BUY SOME NEW SHOES!!!!) Pick up 
    the NOTE from the tree- it's from HT (HERMAN TOOTHROT. OR IS IT???) Go to the 
    map, and visit the campsite to meet HERMAN TOOTHROT (OR IS HE???), albeit 
    without his memory. Pick up the NOTE and the COCONUT, then move off to the 
    Head to vista point, and take note of the canals and rocks. This is where 
    timing is vital. It's a bit hard, and frustrating if you don't get it first 
    time. Pick up a rock, throw it in the right canal. Pick up another rock, and 
    when the first one hits a tree branch, throw the rock you have into the middle 
    canal. Pick up another rock. When the second rock hits a branch, throw the 
    third rock into the left canal. Pick up one more rock, and when the third rock 
    hits a branch, throw the fourth rock into the left canal. The rocks will fly 
    out to the lava field and create a pool of lava! Success!
    (NB: Each rock only hits one branch. If you are confused about which rock is 
    which, just look for a branch that has not yet been hit.)
    Hike to the canyon (North east of the campsite), and look at the cactus on the 
    right. Pick up the BANANA PICKER, this being one of the most useful items in 
    the whole game.
    Head to the castle on the volcano. You see a monkey throwing a milk bottle 
    into the lava field. The island is random! Be careful! Go into the castle, and 
    everything, and then ask to go on the lava boat (It's...Pink!). Get your BANANA 
    PICKER ready at the bottom of the lava fall. Steer the boat towards the milk 
    bottle and grab it with the BANANA PICKER. Next head into the lava pool you 
    made. Climb out of the boat, 'USE' the tree to make a bridge. Walk a cross it 
    to the map.
    Go to the beach that you started on, use the BANANA PICKER with the bananas 
    repeatedly until the whole bunch falls down. Give one to Timmy, and he follows 
    you. Go to the canyon, and walk to the metal door. Open the vent, and use a 
    banana with it. Timmy runs through. Close it, and use a Banana with the 
    portal. Timmy opens the whole door.  
    Go through the tube and use the BANANA PICKER to get the WEEDWHIPPER in there- 
    its on the left of the machinery.
    Return to the lava field, use the WEEDWHIPPER on the patch of weeds. Guybrush 
    does a DISCOVERY CHANNEL (tm) as the lava drains away, activating the machinery 
    in... something.  
    Go across the stone bridge to the village. 
    Talk to Jojo Jr. Ask repeatedly about his hat, and he tells you about MONKEY 
    KOMBAT. For more detail on this (Extending on what he says) go to 
    www.gamefaqs.com and look for the FAQ entitled "Monkey Kombat FAQ" by David 
    Moore. Give the SHIELDS to the Musically Inclined Monkey, who gives you the 
    accordion. Look for monkeys on the map to play MONKEY KOMBAT against. It's 
    completely random, so just copy other monkey's moves until you have learn all 
    of them. 
    Triangle- Ack
    Square- Oop
    X- Eek
    Circle- Chee
    It's needlessly complex and takes hours to explain. You'll understand it 
    better if you play it yourself. Listen to Jojo Jr. and David Moore instead.
    Return to the campsite, and throw the COCONUT at Herman, followed by the MILK 
    IS!!!!!!! Talk to him after the Cut-scene to get the MELEE ISLAND(TM) 
    Go to the monkey village and beat Jojo Jr. To bat him, you will need to have 
    written down EVERY move. Trust me, it's hard. Get the BRONZE HAT and use it 
    with the giant monkey head. Use the BANANA PICKER on the MONKEY NOSE to open 
    the mouth. Use the MELEE ISLAND(TM) GUBERNATORIAL SEAL with the prominent slot 
    to reveal the _REAL_ SECRET OF MONKEY ISLAND(tm). Finally! You've ESCAPED FROM 
    (7) Act III+ - Guybrush Kicks Unusually Large Butt
    You start inside the MECHA-MONKEY. Walk to the right and pick up the REALLY 
    BIG PLANK. Use it with the smallest tower. Climb the SMALL TOWER and jump on 
    the PLANK. After a few jumps you reach the top of the tallest tower. Pull the 
    EXCESSIVELY LARGE SWITCH. After a pulse-poundingly exciting cut-scene, you 
    begin MOOOOOOOONKEY KOOOOOOOOOOMBAT! With a giant LeChuck statue! He cannot be 
    beaten by conventional means, but try getting three draws and making him pound 
    his head....
    Congratulations! You've done it! (With my help) Thanks for reading this!
    (8) Stuff, and where to get it.
    Question to readers: Would this be better in alphabetical order? At present, 
    it is in the order that they are in the walkthrough. Email me with your 
    opinions, PLEASE?  
    Popped Inner Tube
    Found:   Next to the shack in the Harbour
    What's it for?: Use it with the FUNNY-LOOKING CACTUS at the Marley Mansion and 
    then give the BOULDER GUY the KUDU JERKY PRETZELS and tinker with the catapult 
    controls. He recalibrates the catapult to the cactus- the rock rebounds and 
    destroys his catapult. 
    Bowl of Jerky Pretzels
    Found:  With the drunk at the SCUMM Bar
    What's it for?:  The Catapult operator is entitled to snack breaks- give these 
    to him so you can tinker with the catapult.
    Cushy Government Job Contract Form
    Found:  On the desk in the Marley Mansion
    What's it for?:  Otis and Carla will join you on your voyage if you get it 
    Melee Island(TM) Gubernatorial Symbol
    Found:  Given to you at Marley Mansion
    What's it for?:  Use it to get a ship, and also as the mysterious 3rd and a 
    half piece of the Ultimate Insult (I say A HALF, as both are needed for the 
    REAL ultimate insult)
    Old Sword
    Found:  Inside the Lucre Island(TM) Bank vault- one of H.T. Marley's 
    What's it for?:  This opens the bank vault door a bit, and also allows you to 
    get the manhole cover. As well as having a terrible BROKEN SWORD joke 
    Small Sea Sponge
    Found:  Inside the Lucre Island(TM) Bank vault
    What's it for?:  Jam it into the crack to widen it further
    Medium Sea Sponge
    Found:  Inside the Lucre Island(TM) Bank vault
    What's it for?:  Jam it into the crack to widen it further
    Large Sea Sponge
    Found:  Inside the Lucre Island(TM) Bank vault
    What's it for?:  Jam it into the crack to widen it to bursting point. 
    Found:  Inside the Lucre Island(TM) Bank vault
    What's it for?:  Appears useless, but gives a clue to the EVIL (Mwa-ha-ha-ha) 
    robber of the Lucre Island bank. 
    Music Box
    Found:  Lucre Island(TM) bank vault- in the open safe deposit box
    What's it for?:  Distracts DEADEYE DAVE allowing  you to steal the WOODEN 
    PROSTHETIC HAND from the box of finely-crafted prostheses. 
    Bottle of Fine Grog
    Found:  Lucre Island(TM) bank vault- in the open safe deposit box
    What's it for?:  Makes the sponges expand, widening the door and blowing it 
    off it's hinges!
    Tin of Chicken Grease
    Found:  Lucre Island(TM) Hall of Justice- by the Iron Maiden
    What's it for?:  Use it on the welcome mat at PEGNOSE PETE'S house for a 
    slippery surprise!
    Cologne (Eau De LeChuck)
    Found:  Scents and Sensibilities stand on Lucre Island(TM)
    What's it for?: Spray it on OZZIE MANDRILL'S dingoes to irritate him into 
    breaking his cane.
    Empty Spritzer Bottle
    Found:  Next to HUGO (Perfume man)
    Use With/For:  Store ingredients in it to make HOME-MADE PERFUME.
    Wood Shavings
    Found:  In the House o' Sticks, on the sideboard 
    What's it for?:  Use it with the EMPTY SPRITZER BOTTLE.
    Home-Made Perfume
    Found:  Add ingredients together.
    What's it for?: Smells like PEGNOSE PETE- spray it on DEADEYE DAVE to get 
    PEGNOSE'S real name. 
    Found:  Waddling outside bait shop.
    What's it for?: PEGNOSE PETE'S nose was bitten off by a duck- he's scared of 
    them. Throw this into his house to chase him out.
    Found:  Pick it from outside OZZIE MADRILL'S house.
    What's it for?:  Use it in the HOME-MADE PERFUME
    Manhole Cover
    Found:  Outside the Lucre Island(TM) Bank
    What's it for?:  Look at it to find out names. Ask DEADEYE DAVE for free 
    prostheses, use names in story, get PROSTHETIC SKIN.
    Found:  Steal it from CASTENADA and SANTIAGO by distracting them. 
    Use With/For:  Use it in the Mystes 'o' Tyme.
    Prosthetic Skin
    Found:  Given to you by DEADEYE DAVE 
    Use With/For:  Use with open manhole to make trampoline to enter bank.
    Wooden Prosthetic Hand
    Found:  In the box of finely crafted prostheses in the PALACE 'O' PROSTHESES.
    Use With/For:  Use with termite circus to get TERMITE-INFESTED PROSHETIC HAND 
    Found:  Desk inside the Lucre Island(TM) Bank
    Use With/For:  Use with the FREE BAIT to catch a BIOLUMINESCENT FISH 
    underwater to make a lantern.
    Free Bait
    Found:  In the bait shop, to the right 
    Use With/For:  Combine it with the SCUPPERWARE to attract a glowing fish, 
    which can then be used as a lantern.
    Marley Family Heirlooms
    Found:  Inside Pegnose Pete's booty showcase ("It's booty-tastic!")
    Use With/For:  Clues to Ultimate insult, prove you didn't rob bank, nice 
    presents (?!) 
    Itty-bitty Screw
    Found:  Inside Pegnose Pete's booty showcase ("As showrooms go, I would rate 
    it a 78. It had a good beat, and I could dance to it")
    Use With/For:  Prove PEGNOSE PETE was bank robber.
    Found:  In Marley Family heirlooms, MOJO finds it in Act II.
    Use With/For:  Use them on the figurehead of the Dainty Lady
    Found:  In Marley Family heirlooms, MOJO finds it in Act II.
    Use With/For:  Use them on the figurehead of the Dainty Lady
    Pen on Chain
    Found:  In Marley Family heirlooms, MOJO finds it in Act II.
    Use With/For:  Use them on the figurehead of the Dainty Lady
    Paint Brush
    Found:  MEATHOOK gives it to you when you ask about his candles.
    Use With/For:  Jam into the sushi boat propulsion mechanism at the LUA bar.
    Found:  In the Grog Machine at the Harbour
    Use With/For:  In the machine (Duhhhhhhhhh!)
    Can of Grog
    Found:  In the grog machine (Well, actually out of it once you've yelled at 
    Use With/For:  Use it in the sushi boat steam generator in the LUA bar kitchen 
    to stop the sushi boats.
    Blue Painting
    Found:  At the LUA Bar, hidden behind the wax painting.
    Use With/For:  Give it to the figurehead of the Dainty Lady to learn how to 
    make and where the ultimate insult is.
    Starbuccaneer's Logo Mug
    Found:  At STARBUCCANEER'S, in the lady's bag.  
    Use With/For: It looks like the SILVER MONKEY MUG. Use it with the CARICATURE 
    and the GLUE to get a FAKE MONKEY MUG.
    Juicy Wad of Chewed Up Bagel Chunks and Schmear Whiz
    Found:  Yuk! Spit it out after trying the free sample of mini-bagels at 
    What's it for?:  Schmear-Whiz is made from salmon. Sea birds like salmon. Use 
    salmon with MARCO DE POLLO, and you get... 
    Time Share Brochure
    Found:  On STAN's desk
    Use With/For:  Blackmail grouchy diving judge.
    Planet Threepwood Coupon
    Found:  Either tame the MANATEE at the Micro-Groggery or withstand STAN's 
    sales pitch using the GROG-O-CHINNO. 
    Use With/For:  To get a meal and the mug at Planet Threepwood.
    Monkey Mug Caricature
    Found:  Go to Planet Threepwood and ask the JOLLY PIRATE for it while sitting 
    down with the MONKEY MUG.
    Use With/For:  Use it with the JAR OF GLUE and the STARBUCCANEER'S LOGO MUG so 
    you can switch it with the SILVER MONKEY MUG at Planet Threepwood.
    Wimpy Grog
    Found:  Given to you at the Micro-Groggery by the bartender
    Use With/For:  Stun ONE parrot on Knuttin atoll to make it easier to find the 
    Dunce Cap
    Found:  fail miserably at Miss Rivers' pirate transmogrification academy on 
    Knuttin Atoll. 
    Use With/For:  Wear it during the diving contest. The wise old judge will give 
    you a 10. 
    Found:  In the pirate transmogrification academy in the chest.
    Use With/For:  It sounds just like a parrot. Use it to call the parrots on the 
    Li'l Guybrush & Li'l LeChuck
    Found:  Steal them from HELLBEARD on Knuttin Atoll.
    Use With/For:  Makes ADMIRAL CASABA fire on you when you have found Tiny 
    LaFeet's hat.
    Bronze Hat
    Found:  Under a random boulder on Knuttin Atoll
    Use With/For:  One of three pieces in the Ultimate Insult
    Diving Certificate
    Found:  Pass the diving competition medical.
    Use With/For:  Needed to compete against MARCO DE POLLO.
    Golden Man
    Found:  Prize for the diving competition
    Use With/For:  Part III of the ultimate insult.
    Note (from beach)
    Found:  On the beach you start at on Monkey Island(TM)
    Use With/For:  Pointless
    Found:  Cluttered clearing on Monkey Island(TM)
    Use With/For:  Pointless, again.
    Found:  Campsite on Monkey Island(TM)
    Use With/For:  For regaining HERMAN TOOTHROT'S memory.
    Banana Picker
    Found:  In the canyon on Monkey Island(TM), by the cactus.
    Use With/For:  Grab things out of reach.
    Found:  In the skull inside the FIRST CHURCH OF LECHUCK.
    Use With/For:  Give to MUSICALLY-INCLINED monkey to get ACCORDION.
    Milk Bottle
    Found:  On an island in the lava field in Monkey Island (tm) 
    Use With/For:  Another piece to regain HERMAN TOOTHROT'S memory.
    Bunch of Bananas
    Found:  High up on the beach on Monkey Island(TM)
    Use With/For:  Give to Timmy so he follows you.
    Weed Whipper
    Found:  Behind the heavy metal door in the mine in the canyon.
    Use With/For:  Rip weeds out of the ground on lava field.
    Found:  Dropped by MUSICALLY-INCLINED MONKEY when he is given SHIELDS. 
    Use With/For:  Last thing needed to regain HERMAN TOOTHROT'S memory.
    Melee Island Gubernatorial symbol (II)
    Found: Given to you by HERMAN TOOTHROT after conversation with him about his 
    past life.
    Use with/For: Operating giant (CENSORED AS IT RUINS PLOT)
    Really Big Plank
    Found:  On the island in Act III+
    Use With/For:  Use it as a springboard with the SMALL TOWER.
    (9) Fun stuff
    This is a collection of things which made me laugh. Others are mentioned in 
    the walkthrough, but these are some you might have otherwise missed.
    - Notice PEGNOSE PETE'S OJ Simpson joke in the cut-scene when his nose is 
    - Get all the pieces of free prosthetic rubbish from DEADEYE DAVE and combine 
    WHAT IT'S FOR. Somebody please tell me. (Thanks to David Davidov for reminding 
    me of this tip) 
    -Try to get MEATHOOK to do the tattoo trick from MI1. The first time, it's 
    barely visible, but second time it looks brilliant.
    -Leave MURRAY to talk a bit on his stool. Eventually he will come out with: 
    "FEEL your soul being gently ripped from your body by this restaurant of 
    uncompromising EEEEEEVILLLLLL! MWA-HA-HA-HA-HA!" Classic.
    -For some reason, I mysteriously acquired the sub game MURRAYBALL (Like PONG, 
    but with Murray) If anyone knows how to get it, PLEASE e-mail me, as I messed 
    up badly and lost my save with MURRAYBALL on it. Also, does anyone know what 
    the other sub-game is, and how to find it? Pleeeeeeease?
    -If you change in the tent at the diving competition 13 times, Murray the Evil
    Skull will attack your foot and you will give him a swift kick (Thanks to 
    Juventus_FSU for this tip)
    -After the end credits, listen to Guybrush whine pitifully! 
    (10) Thanks to...
    Juventus_FSU: You helped me get through the game the first time, and helped me 
    solve the bronze hat puzzle, as well as finding the MURRAY secret. I owe you one 
    hell of a favour.
    David Davidov: For reminding me about the ABOMINATION OF NATURE bit. And sending 
    me the first e-mail about this walkthrough. Very gratifying. Thanks.
    God: For making the earth, and me, and the people who made this great game.
    Www. Gamefaqs. Com: For publishing this, and being the best FAQ site in the 
    LucasArts: For making the funniest games ever. You've brought humour back in to 
    my life. Thanks, Guys.
    Mark Knopfler and the rest of Dire Straits: I couldn't have written this without 
    brilliant music to keep me going.
    Bono, the Edge, and the rest of U2: Exactly the same as above.
    Hans Zimmer and Lisa Gerrard: Brilliant GLADIATOR music.

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