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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Vism

    Version: 1.5 | Updated: 11/17/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Quick Walkthru 
    ver. 1.5
    by Viet Nguyen aka Vism
    As this is a quick walkthru for those that get stuck at a certain point, 
    I highly suggest you explore everywhere you can and familiarize yourself 
    with the area, and talk to everyone about everything, even repeating 
    questions sometimes.  I will usually not tell you where a location is or 
    what exactly to say to open an option.  IF YOU CAN'T SEEM TO DO WHAT IS 
    After the intro, you find yourself tied to the ship watching pirates 
    fight.  To the left of you is a brazier of hot coals, kick it down.  Now 
    pick up the hot coals on the floor (yes your hands are tied, just do 
    it).  Then kick the hot coal to the loaded cannon on the far right.  
    ACT I: Things to do on Melee Island When you're Dead
    After you return to Melee Island, you find out that Elaine has been 
    declared dead and your mansion is being bombarded by a stone wielding 
    catapult.  Your two objectives now are to stop the catapult and get a 
    ship and crew to go to Lucre Island.  Don't forget to talk to the voodoo 
    lady for some more info that may help.
    Head to the Scumm bar, get the dart players to hit the balloon, take the 
    While you're there, talk to I. Cheese (crusty pirate) and convince him 
    to join your crew if you beat him at insult-arm wrestling.  Beat him 
    with insults, like you do in every Monkey Island game.
    Talk to Otis and Carla and convince them to join your crew for cushy 
    gov't jobs.
    Now head to the harbor, and pick up that popped inner tube.  Talk to 
    Harbor Mistress to try to get a ship, but find out you lack authority. 
    Back to mansion, use popped inner tube on funny looking cactus by the 
    mansion.  Give pretzels to catapult guy, after he leaves, tinker with 
    catapult.  The catapult should be gone shortly after.
    Now you can enter the mansion.  In the back on the desk is a document.  
    Take it, look at it.  There are two documents, the one on the table near 
    Elaine isn't the one you need.  The cushy edition is right of the stairs 
    where the fine china is.  Give it to Elaine to sign.  Talk to her about 
    the ship and she gives you a gubernatorial symbol of authority.  
    Talk to Otis and  Carla .  Give them the signed cushy job document. 
    Head back to the harbor and show the harbor mistress the gubernatorial 
    symbol of authority.  You should be able to go to Lucre Island now.
    Lucre Island
    Go to the law office, read the letter you receive.  Go to bank, ask for 
    safe deposit box.  Watch your loot get stolen and you get locked in.
    Pick up the hanky, sword, and three sponges.  Take the music box and 
    grog out of the deposit box.  Use sword on bottom hinge on the door.  It 
    breaks.  There's now a crack.  Use broken sword on crack.  Use small 
    sponge in crack.  Apply grog.  Use medium sponge in crack.  Apply grog.  
    Use large sponge in crack.  Apply grog.  You should be free to be 
    In jail, pick up the chicken grease.  You need to prove your innocence 
    At Sense and Sensibilities, pick up an empty spritzer bottle and the 
    cologne on the stand.  
    At the House of Sticks pick up wood shavings.  
    Go to the Bait Shoppe and pick up a free bait.  Talk to the shop owner.  
    Also take the duck outside the shop.
    Go to Palace of Prostheses and talk to Dave.  Show him the hanky, but he 
    has a cold and can't smell so you need a stronger version of the stench.  
    Take your empty spritzer bottle to the water fountain and fill it.  Add 
    the wood shavings to it.  Head back to the Bait Shoppe and fill it with 
    some bait water.  Head out of Lucre town and to the mansion.  Pick up 
    the flower in front of the fountain and add it to your perfume.  Go to 
    the Mystes 'O Tyme Marshe and use your perfume bottle on the puddle.  
    The smell should be identical of that to the hanky.  
    Head back to Dave at the Palace of Prostheses and spray him with your 
    new perfume.  He'll tell you the name of the person the smell belongs 
    to.  Now here it is a random name, every game is a different name.  
    He'll give you a first name, middle initial, last name.  Now you need to 
    twiddle with the filing contraption to find the name.  The three 
    pictures represent the 3 names left to right, first to last.  The system 
    works as follows:
    Bunny = A - D;  Tree = E - H;  Pumpkin = I - M;  
    Monkey = N - S;  Banana = T - Z
    (I might be off a couple letters, email me if there's a mistake)
    Just match up the pictures with the corresponding letters.  For example, 
    Edgar E. Dangerous would be Tree, Tree, Bunny.  You should have the 
    directions to Pegnose Pete now.  Before you go, ask Dave about a 
    prosthetic hand, play the music box for him, so he can't hear what's 
    going on and steal the hand.  
    Now go to the chess players.  Distract the portly player until he gets 
    mad.  Find out about the skinny player's crush on Britney.  Distract the 
    skinny player with the Britney technique.  Watch them really go at it.  
    Take the clock.
    Go to the Mystes 'O Tyme Marshe.  Use the clock on the raft.  Now you 
    will see the time, and according to the time use the directions to find 
    which way you go.  Something like this:
    12:05 N                                2:15 S
    12:35 S                                2:20 N
    12:55 W                                3:15 W
    1:30  W                                4:00 W
    If it's 2:20 on the clock you go North or up.
    Can't give exact directions as they are different every time.  The times 
    and navigation are probably different as well.  After following the 
    directions around, you should encounter yourself from the future.  Pay 
    attention to what the future you says and gives you as you'll have to do 
    it back exactly the same way.  You will need to talk to him first and 
    remember what he says.  Open the gate, and mimic what he did when you 
    encounter him again.  
    When you reach Pegnose Pete's shack, use the chicken grease on the 
    welcome mat, and the duck in the window.  
    Now go next to the bank and use your broken sword on the manhole.  Take 
    the manhole.  After looking at the manhole, go to Dave at the prosthetic 
    place again and ask him for a free item.  He'll being to tell a story 
    and if you mention the 3 names from the manhole you'll get some fake 
    skin.  You can also do other combination of names to receive a 
    prosthetic head, stomach, heart, foot, guts, and liver, but I do not 
    think these are important.  Take your fake skin back to the manhole and 
    use it there.  Now you can bounce off it into the bank.
    In the bank there is a chain you can pull to turn on the lights.  Look 
    at the weird shadow on the top.  You need to make Guybrush look at the 
    shadow and he will find Pegnose Pete's prosthetic nose.  You need to 
    make Guybrush look at the shadow and he will find Pegnose Pete'Take the 
    Scupperware, put your bait in it and leave.
    Now go to the bait shoppe and use the prosthetic hand on the termites.  
    Go to Mandrill's mansion and use the Lechuck cologne on one of his stuff 
    animals.  He will get ticked and break his stick.  Go back to the 
    walking stick place and you'll see his repaired stick there.  Use the 
    termites on it and watch him get it and leave a trail of sawdust.  Go 
    back to the mansion and tell him you know about the loot and you were 
    framed.  He'll go to check on it and leave a trail.  Follow him.
    You should be at an island looking thing.  Go to the back side of it and 
    you'll find a passageway.  Go down and push the button.  Go back up.  
    Dive into the deep water.  Open your scupperware with bait and you will 
    catch a glowing fish.  Now you can see the secret door.  Enter and take 
    all the loot.  Also pick up the screw.  
    Head back to the jail.  Show the inspector the loot and the screw.  That 
    should be all.  End of Act I.
    ACT II:  Enter the Manatee
    Back on Melee Island
    Go to the voodoo lady and talk about heirlooms, you will get earrings, a 
    necklace and a pen.
    Go to Meathook's and get the paintbrush.
    Go to the harbor and get a can of grog
    Go to the Lua Bar, sit on the stool and order a flaming scuttlefish.  
    Time it so it sits below the painting, and jam the sushi boat propulsion 
    mechanism with the paintbrush.  When the chef runs out, go to the 
    kitchen and pour the grog into the steam generator.  That should get you 
    the painting.
    Back to the harbor go to your boat.  Place the earrings on the 
    headpiece.  Then give it the necklace, pen and painting.  
    Jamalaya Island
    At Starbuccaneer's Coffee, look at the coffee cup from the outside.  Go 
    inside next to the window to take it.  Get a free refill.  Try a free 
    sample bagel and keep the leftovers.  Steal the mug from the lady.
    Go to Stan's.  Take the free pamphlet.  Take the glue.  Drink coffee and 
    listen to his sales pitch.  You should now have a monkey meal coupon.  
    Go to the micro-groggery.  Get a free grog.  If you didn't get a coupon 
    yet, you can apply glue on the manatee and ride it for another coupon.
    Go to Planet Threepwood and order something.  When the drawing guy comes 
    buy ask him to draw you with the mug.  Use the glue on the caricature 
    and then use that on the complimentary mug you got from Starbuccaneers.  
    Swap mugs.
    Now go back to the docks and hop on the rowboat.  Go to Knottin Atoll.  
    Talk to the puppets until you get the puppeteer out.  Show him your 
    painting of the Ultimate Insult.  Take the puppets.  Go to the school 
    and get educated.  Be a bad student by giving the worst answer.  You get 
    a dunce cap.  Now when you are outside, pull the fire alarm.  Go in and 
    take the whistle from the box.  You can repeat this to take the boat, 
    magazine, and gaming card.  Head to the beach and talk to the pirate.  
    Go right to the rocky beach.  Blow the whistle and the parrots come.  
    Give one of them some grog.  Now you can extinguish one from the other.  
    Ask one a simple question to find out which one is the truth telling 
    one.  Keep asking that parrot where the bronze hat is until you find it.  
    Use the puppets on the boulder.  (Many people email me why they can't 
    ask the parrots where the hat is, make sure you speak to everyone about 
    it, mainly the guy at the statue and the pirate with the parrots, you 
    need to find out that the hat is under a boulder first.)
    Head to the diving platform.  Use the bagel chunk on the lotion.  Talk 
    to all the judges.  Look at the pamphlet you got from Stan's.  Show the 
    fat judge the pamphlet.  Go dive.  The hippie judge should have told you 
    the direction that corresponds to the move.  For me it was:
    Keelhaul = UP; RumBar = DOWN; Spinning Sword = RIGHT; Alpha Monkey = 
    It can be different so just write down the info the judge says.
    Before you dive, put on the dunce cap.  And copy the same exact moves as 
    Marco de Pollo.  You should get the trophy shortly.
    That should be it and you should be on your way back to Melee Island.
    ACT III: Escape from Monkey Island
    On Monkey Island 
    You wash up on shore.  Read note.
    Go to the clearing and meet Herman Toothrot.  Pick up coconut.  Hit 
    Herman with it.  Talk to him again.  
    Go to canyon and pick up the banana picker on the right side.  
    Go back to the beach and use the banana picker to pick all the bananas.  
    Give a banana to Timmy the monkey.  Get him to follow you to the canyon.  
    Give him another banana to get him inside the mine.  Repeat until you 
    get him all the way to the steel door.  Open the vent.  Throw a banana 
    in the vent.  Close it.  Use another banana in the portal.  That should 
    open the door.  Enter.  Use banana picker to get the weed whipper.  
    Go to the vista point.  There are three canals.  Pick up a rock and 
    throw it to the right one.  Pick up another rock and wait until the 
    first one hits the branch.  When the branch moves throw the 2nd rock to 
    the middle.  Pick up another rock and wait until the 2nd rock hits the 
    branch and throw the 3rd one to the left canal.  Pick up another rock 
    and wait until the next branch moves and throw it to the left canal.  
    Go to the LeChuck church.  Use banana picker to get the two shields 
    above the door.  Talk to the priest.  Ask him to ride the lava boat 
    ride.  Steer it towards where the boulder is into the opening you made.  
    Use the weed whipper on the weeds.  Kick the tree over.  Go over the 
    tree and back into the church.  Ride the boat again this time steer 
    towards the bottle and use the banana picker to get it.  May take a few 
    Go back to the beach and hit Herman with the bottle.  Talk.
    Go to the village.  Talk to Jojo Jr. about monkey kombat.  Look at the 
    musical monkey.  Look at the shields you have.  Give the cymbals to the 
    monkey.  Take accordion.
    Go all the way back to Herman and hit him with the accordion.  Talk to 
    him.  You should get another gubernatorial symbol.
    You should know the basics of monkey kombat from Jojo.  You need to 
    battle the monkeys in the jungle before the village to learn what beats 
    what and the transition commands from one stance to another.  I would 
    make a chart and write them all down.  This involves losing a few times 
    by doing 'monkey see monkey do'.  If you found a list somewhere it would 
    be useless as it differs every time.  So just write them down something 
    like this:
    drunken monkey <-> anxious ape = ack eek chee
    drunken monkey <-> charging chimp = chee oop eek
    and what beats what:
    drunken monkey beats anxious ape and charging chimp
    anxious ape beats charging chimp and bobbing baboon
    When you have most of them down, start beating those monkeys.  You earn 
    more hit points with every win.  You should move from the Timid monkey 
    to the smelly, then strapping, and then brawny.  If you can beat the 
    brawny monkey you are ready for Jojo Jr.  Challenge and beat Jojo, and 
    get his hat.
    Go to the giant monkey head.  Use the bronze hat on the head.  Use the 
    banana picker on the nose.  Enter.  Find a slot and use the 
    gubernatorial symbol on it.
    ACT III+: Guybrush Kicks Unusually Large Butt
    You're in the giant robot monkey.  Go to the right side and pick up 
    large plank.  Use it on the small tower.  Climb it and jump on the 
    plank.  Flip the switch.
    Now you should be on melee island in the giant monkey kombat battle.  
    There is no way to beat him.  To win you do the same move as him to 
    draw, three times.  
    The End.
    I hope you enjoyed Escape from Monkey Island, as I have.
    Special Thanks
    Thanks to everyone I got help from on #monkeyisland: dopehat, Drillan, 
    guard|, uNK, and Quintak Lee.
    Did I miss something?  Email me at vism@vism.net and I will update it.
    This documentation is freely distributable as long credit is given.  
    Copyright 2000, Vism

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