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    FAQ/Walkthrough by MeltMan

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    Batman: Vengeance
    Walkthrough by MeltMan
    Version .21
    A.	Story
    B.	Controls
    C.	Character Guide
    D.	Weapons and Items
    E.	Walkthrough
    F.	Contact Information
    G.	Legal Information
    A.	Story
    	The game opens up with Batman trying to help a woman whose child
    has been kidnapped. As far as you can tell, the woman does not have
    the money to pay the ransom on the child, and at any rate, Batman
    wants to help her out to do his duty to justice.
    B.	Controls
    Normal Mode:
            Move / Cycle Gadgets: Left Analog Stick or Digital Pad
            Punch: Square Button
            Duck/Block: Circle Button
            Action: Triangle Button
            Jump/Glide: X Button
            Bat Communicator: Select Button
            Pause Game, Select Gadget, or Enter First Person Mode: R2
            Reset Camera: R1
            Flash Bombs: L1
            Inventory: Start Button
    First Person View Mode:
           Move / Cycle Gadgets: Left Analog Stick or Digital Pad
           Aim Weapon: Right Analog Stick
           Shoot Selected Gadget: Square or X Button
           Duck with Weapon: Circle Button
           Exit First Person View Mode: Triangle Button
           Shoot Selected Gadget/Scope Zoom In: R1
           Pause Game or Select Gadget: R2
          Cycle Through Gadgets: L2
          Scope Zoom Out: L1
          Inventory: Start Button
          Batcuffs (while behind or over enemies): Triangle Button
          Cancel (inside menus): Triangle Button
          Confirm (inside menus): X Button
    Fighting Controls:
          Move: Left Analog Button
          Punch: Square Button
          Break Combat: Triangle Button
          Block: Circle Button
          Kick: X Button
          Flash Bombs: L1
          Activate Power Bombs: L2
          Inventory: Start Button
    Power Moves:
        When Batman's power meter is full to different degrees, you can
    execute power moves. Below is a guide to how full the meter must be,
    and how to execute the move.
        The Hammer - 0 Points - Hold L2 and press the Square Button
        The Clean Sweep - 20 Points - Hold L2 and press the X Button
        Spin-Out - 40 Points - Hold the L2 button and press the Circle
        The Take Down - 80 Points - Hold the L2 button and press the X
    Button, then the Circle Button.
        Lights Out - 120 Points - Hold the L2 Button and press the Square
    Button, then the X Button.
    Free Falling:
         Accelerate: Triangle Button
         Slow Down: Square Button
        Press the Triangle Button while facing a wall to lean up against
    it. Hold the Triangle Button while leaning against a wall to creep
    along it.
        Press the Triangle Button while facing a ladder, and Batman will
    automatically climb up it.
    	On smooth surfaces like ice, or slanted surfaces, Batman will
    automatically slide to move.
    	To glide, jump (press the X Button), then press and hold the X
    Button again to spread the cape. You can control the direction that
    Batman is gliding by using the Left Analog stick.
    	To handcuff a knocked-out enemy, just stand over him, and press
    the Triangle Button. To handcuff a conscious enemy, use a flash bomb
    (L1) to stun him, stand behind him, and press the Triangle Button.
    Batman should reach down and snap a pair of handcuffs onto the enemy,
    who will try to resist. Batman can ONLY handcuff an enemy if he has
    handcuffs in his inventory.
        To use Batman's grappling hook, use R2 to select it from your
    gadgets. You will now be in First Person View mode. Use the Right
    Analog stick to aim the grappling hook. The grappling hook can only
    attach itself to a Glowing Yellow Bat symbol. If you're having trouble
    finding this symbol, follow the green directional arrow, which appears
    next to the yellow aiming crosshair, in the middle of your screen, it
    will help to lead you to the symbol if you follow it.
        Steer: Left Analog Stick
        Hard Left Turn: L2
        Hard Right Turn: R2
        Accelerate: X Button
        Fire Spikes: Square Button
        Steer: Left Analog Stick
        Roll Left: L2
        Roll Right: R2
        Spin Left: Double Tap L2
        Spin Right: Double Tap R2
        Engine Boost: X Button
        Fire Electrical Spikes: Square Button
        Fire Electrical Pods: Triangle Button
    C. Character Guide
    Batman - The Dark Knight, who protects Gotham City. With his arsenal of
    weapons, sharp mind, and allies to aide him, he is nearly unstoppable
    in his war on crime.
    Batgirl - Always in the Batcave, waiting to help Batman with any
    information she can. Batgirl can be contacted by pressing Select to use
    the Bat Communicator.
    The Joker - The Clown Prince of Crime is up to his old ways, trying to
    destroy Batman and take over the city. He holds a grudge against
    Batman, since he was the one who knocked him into the vat of acid,
    which made him who he is today.
    Harley Quinn - Harley Quinn is back again as the Joker's main squeeze.
    She's here to help "Mistah J" in any way she can, so that the man she
    loves can finally achieve his goal of killing Batman and ruling Gotham.
    Mr. Freeze - Mr. Freeze has taken the Gotham Industrial District under
    siege, and has frozen most of it. He's holding a scientist hostage,
    because he has information on how to reverse the freezing process that
    destroyed Mr. Freeze's body.
    Poison Ivy - Poison Ivy is using her concoctions as usual. She's out to
    drug Gotham's wealthy and influential men and bring them to their
    Commisioner Gordon - The police commissioner of Gotham City. He often
    finds Batman as his closest ally. Also, unknown to him, his daughter is
    Isaac Evers - A scientist who invented a miracle drug called
    Promethium. He is being held hostage by Mr. Freeze.
    D. Weapons and Items
    Batarangs - Batman's standard throwing weapons.
    Electric Batarangs - Batarangs that pack an electric jolt. If a regular
    Batarang doesn't do the job, give these a try.
    Batgrapple - Batman's grappling hook, which allows him to cross
    rooftops, or save himself while free falling.
    Batlauncher - Throws nets at enemies, ensnaring them. Can also shoot
    electric charges at enemies.
    Remote Charges - Placed one at a time, they will knock out one enemy at
    a time.
    Flash Bombs - Momentarily stun enemies, so Batman can escape or cuff
    the stunned enemies.
    Batscope - Basically, a pair of high powered binoculars.
    Handcuffs - Use them to handcuff knocked out enemies for pickup by the
    Gotham Police Department. Can also be used on stunned enemies after
    using a flash grenade.
    Batcommunicator - Use this to talk to Batgirl for helpful hints on what
    to do next.
    E. Walkthrough
    	First you'll need to set the game up. Insert the game into your
    Playstation 2, and make sure you have your memory card in Slot 1. Let
    the game set up a save file by pressing Yes when it prompts you to. Now
    you should get the main game screen. From here you can enter the game,
    change the options, view cinematics that you've unlocked, watch the
    credits, or quit the game. Press Enter Game to start up a new game.
    A Girl To Die For - Part 1
    	After the cutscene, you will have control of Batman. Head down
    the ramp, which is located at the gap in the chain link fence. In the
    room at the end of the ramp, head left and go down the next ramp, and
    head towards the gap in the wall. In the area below there is steam,
    which will injure you if it touches you. Jump down to the first set of
    three crates. Now jump and glide across to the next set, and then the
    next box. Now, jump down (use your cape to slow your descent so that
    you won't be injured.)  From where you landed, head left, then up the
    alleyway until you see a ladder on your right side (the game will tell
    you how to climb ladders, so this will be a good indication that you
    reached it.) At the top of the ladder, turn left and glide across to
    the next rooftop. Now turn and glide across to the rooftop to your
    right. Head upward till you reach the edge of this rooftop, and glide
    down. On the other side of a chain link fence will be a screaming woman
    and the bomb you saw in the cutscene. Move forward and open the gate in
    the fence (press the Triangle Button to open doors.) Move through the
    gate, and head towards the woman. There will be a cutscene, after which
    you will be carrying the woman. Run past the bomb (over the yellow
    striped area) and drop down. Head left and follow this path until you
    reach a sloped roof. At this point, another cutscene will take over,
    and Batman will slide down the roof on his own, with a massive
    explosion following him. After a cutscene of Batman setting the woman
    down on the ground, you'll see a sparkling yellow dot. This is a letter
    from the Joker (press Triangle to pick up objects when you see a
    sparkling spot.)
    A Girl To Die For - Part 2
           You will now see a cutscene of Batman and Batgirl, and you'll be
    in the Batcave. When you regain control of Batman, head right, down a
    short ramp, then head down a little bit and find the next ramp. Follow
    it up to the large steel doors. Open them, pass through, then open the
    next set of steel doors. You will now be in the Batcave's training
    room. Alfred will be explaining what to do here. First, you'll need to
    activate your Batgrapple (you can use the grapple when you see the
    flashing yellow Batgrapple symbol next to your health bar.) With your
    Batgrapple active, aim up at the yellow Batgrapple symbol on the bridge
    overhead. When your aiming crosshair turns red, fire the Batgrapple,
    and you will find yourself up on the platform. Move forward to pick up
    some Batcuffs. Now, turn to your left on the platform (I'm facing the
    wall, and now turning left.) Jump off and glide down to the platform
    below, which has a box of Batarangs on it. Now, jump and glide down to
    the ground level. Now, switch to your Batarangs, aim, and throw them at
    the red targets on the posts in the training room. Now, punch and kick
    the next post until it is destroyed. The next lesson is a lesson in
    stealth. Head into the other training room, by going through the door
    behind you. Now, head straight across the room to the other wall. Face
    the wall, and press the Triangle Button. Batman will lean up against
    the wall, and you can maneuver him by pressing left and right. Hold
    left until he walks all the way around the circle created by the beam,
    from the post. When you reach the wall with the blinking button on it,
    press the Triangle Button again to move away from the wall. Now,
    activate the switch, and the training will move on. We're now going to
    learn how to free fall, so head to the other training room. From the
    doorway, walk forward on the left side of the room until you find a
    small platform. Batman will automatically run out and jump off of the
    platform.  While freefalling, use the left analog stick to move, the
    triangle button to speed up, and the square button to slow down. Your
    goal is to grab the item that is falling below you, before you hit the
    water. Once you grab the item, Batman will automatically shoot the
    Batgrapple and pull himself up. This will complete your training. There
    will now be a cutscene between Batman and Batgirl.
    A Girl To Die For - Part 3
           There will be a cutscene with The Joker and Harley Quinn. When
    you regain control of Batman, head forward and glide over to the next
    rooftop. Head to the right, and follow the rooftop around. Now, beat up
    the thug and handcuff him. Now, use the Batgrapple to pull yourself up
    to the next roof. Throw a Batarang at the thug here to knock the gun
    out of his hand, then beat him up and handcuff him. Now, move forward
    across the roof, and there will be large pipes with wire platforms on
    top. Jump out on the first one, then jump down between the pipes and
    glide down. There will be an item here. Pick it up, and locate the
    ladder on the wall. Climb up and now make your way across the pipes to
    the other side. Head up the ramp and towards the edge of the roof, and
    a cutscene will play out. Now, use the Batgrapple to cross over to the
    next roof. Beat up the thug here, and use the Batgrapple to head up to
    the next roof. Now, follow the metal walkway, glide over to the other
    metal walkway, and go through the door. Head down the hallway, and
    through the door on the left. Now, on this platform, use the Batgrapple
    to pass over to the other rooftop. Beat up the thug here, and head left
    towards the edge of the roof. Locate the break in the fence, stand
    here, and use the Batgrapple to cross over to the next roof. From where
    you land, turn around, and glide over to the platform slightly to the
    right and in front of you (it has walls on both sides, but is quite
    easy to glide to.) Now, turn around, and glide to the platform in front
    of you. From here, glide to the next platform in front of you. Now, run
    forward, jump off the edge of the roof, and glide towards the next
    rooftop, located directly in front of you. It's a tough glide, but
    Batman should grab the edge of the roof and pull himself up. From here,
    use the Batgrapple to reach the next rooftop. Head forward, then glide
    over to the left (you should see a platform with a ladder on it, glide
    over to that. If you miss just use the ladder to climb on up.) Now,
    walk forward, then turn and walk out onto the rainspout that's sticking
    off the building. Jump off and glide down towards the rooftop in front
    of you. This will be a VERY hard glide, as you barely make it, and
    Batman has to pull himself up to the ledge. Now head to the right, and
    when the Bat Communicator symbol begins to blink, press Select. Batman
    will talk to Batgirl. Afterwards, drop down and Batman will slide down
    the roof. As you near the edge of the roof, be sure to JUMP to the next
    rooftop, otherwise you will fall to your death. Batman will pull
    himself up onto the roof, and there will be a cutscene. You will have
    to fight a strong thug. Just throw a flash grenade (L1) and then
    handcuff the thug. That will end the fight very quickly. There will be
    a cutscene between Batman and Mary afterwards.
    A Girl To Die For - Part 4
    	After the cutscene between Batman and Batgirl, you will be at the
    Gotham Bridge. Press select to talk to Batgirl, then disable the thug
    that is directly in front of you. Be sure to pick up the item box
    located next to where you entered the level. Head up the ladder, and
    drop down on the other side. Disable the two thugs here, and pick up
    the health box near the crane. Walk around the front of the truck, and
    locate the box of Batarangs. Notice that you can't just walk up and
    take them? Lean up against the truck, and slide along it to get the
    Batarangs and head into the next area. After the cutscene, disable the
    thug, pick up the handcuffs, and use the Batgrapple to pull yourself up
    to a platform on the bridge. Now just follow these platforms and
    ladders until you pass through a doorway. After the cutscene, use the
    Batgrapple to get up to the top of the bridge. Now you will have to
    fight The Joker.
    A Girl To Die For - Boss Battle - The Joker
    	The Joker is riding around the bridge on a wrecking ball, and
    will try to smack you with it. Your goal here is to lure him into
    slamming into the metal support beams. While he's stunned from hitting
    the beam, use your Batarangs to smack him senseless. In this area there
    is a Heath Item and a Batarang Item that will come back infinitely, so
    don't worry about running out of health or Batarangs. The quickest
    strategy is just to stand by a pole. When you hear the Joker speaking,
    run away from the pole, turn around, and take aim in 3rd person mode.
    When the Joker talks, it means he has already taken aim, and will
    always hit where you were standing. After hitting The Joker nine or ten
    times with the Batarangs, there will be a cutscene and Batman will have
    to freefall to save Toby. After the next cutscene, you will have to
    fight the Joker in Hand to Hand Combat. He's not too hard to defeat,
    especially if you use your power move, The Hammer (L2 + Square). You
    can use The Hammer as soon as your power move bar begins to flash. If
    he pins you to the ground, you need to wiggle the left analog stick
    left and right really fast and really hard. After the cutscene, you
    will need to freefall to save Harley Quinn. As soon as the freefall
    starts, you need to move downward to avoid a beam that's right in front
    of where you start. After that just power dive and grab her, and Batman
    will pull himself up. There will now be a few cutscenes.
    Congratulations, you have now finished the mission, "A Girl To Die
    In Cold Blood - Part 1
    	After the cutscene, which describes a new drug called Promethuim,
    you will be in control of Batman. Apparently Mr. Freeze has taken the
    man who invented Promethium hostage. Time to save him. Head forward
    until you reach a door covered by a huge chunk of ice. To the right of
    this will be a guard, trapped in ice. You need to save these guards, so
    punch and kick the block of ice until it cracks, freeing the guard.
    Now, head back to the door, and punch and kick the ice until it cracks.
    Head through the doorway, and glide down to the floor below. There will
    be another guard trapped in ice in front of you. Free him, and head
    right. Defeat the henchwoman and handcuff her. Now, break the ice that
    is blocking the doorway. Head to the top of the stairs, and break the
    ice, which is blocking your path. Search this room to find two item
    boxes, then exit through the door near the desk.  Defeat the henchwoman
    here, and free the guard that is trapped in the ice. Pick up the item
    box here, then head out the door on the back wall. Head through the
    next door in front of you, and defeat the henchwoman to your right.
    Walk around the large glass pipe, and glide to the lower ledge on the
    pipe next to it (the next pipe is directly in front of you, from where
    you landed.) Head across the walkway to your right, and defeat the
    henchwoman here. Climb up the ladder to the next level of the pipe.
    Head around the pipe, and glide over to the next platform. It will be a
    pretty tough glide, since Batman can't reach it, and will have to pull
    himself up. Walk around this pipe, and climb up the ladder. Walk around
    this pipe, defeat the henchwoman, and cross the bridge. Head up the
    ladder, pick up the health item near it, and head across the bridge.
    Free the frozen security guard, and pick up Storage Area Key 1, which
    lands near him. Now, head to the middle of the bridge you just crossed.
    Turn around until you see a large, open doorway.  Glide down to the
    ledge. Proceed forward, and Batman will use the Storage Area Key.
    In Cold Blood - Part 2
    	From this doorway, head left, and up the ladder. Follow the
    walkway, and then jump on one of the moving platforms. When you're over
    the area with all the crates, glide down, pick up the Batarang Box, and
    head up the ramp. Free the guard here to receive Storage Area Key 2.
    Drop down to the lower level, and head to the left. There are two of
    Mr. Freeze's henchwomen here. Head around the right side of the large
    pile of ice, located in the middle of the room. Next, head behind the
    massive computer to free another guard. Next, run up the big pile of
    ice and jump onto the platform that's stuck in the middle of it. Walk
    up to the door at the end, and Batman will use the Storage Area Key 2,
    and pass through the door. After the cutscene with Mr. Freeze, there
    will be three henchwomen after you. Defeat them, and head up the large
    set of stairs in the back of the room. After the cutscene, you will
    notice that Mr. Freeze has frozen you to the ground. Wiggle your left
    analog stick left and right really fast to break free. Now, head
    through the large door in front of you for another cutscene.
    In Cold Blood - Part 3
    	After the cutscene, you will find yourself flying the Batwing.
    Refer to the Controls section of this FAQ if you do not know how to
    control it. Basically, avoid the objects in your way while zapping at
    Mr. Freeze's helicopter. Eventually the helicopter will go down in
    flames, and you will rescue Issac Evers.
    In Cold Blood - Part 4
    	After the cutscene, you will be back in control of Batman. Head
    around the wall in front of you, and out the bathroom door. Head
    forward and then go to your right. Head through the door, and there
    will be a short dialog between Batgirl and Batman. You now have fifteen
    minutes to solve the puzzles and get back out of the building. Proceed
    forward, and press Triangle. You will be presented with a puzzle. Your
    goal here is to connect the glowing blue wire to the darkened blue
    wire. It's fairly simple, so just play around with it until the wires
    light up. You can now head out the door to your left. Walk up to the
    board (which looks like the one in the last room) and press Triangle.
    Here is puzzle number two. This time, just connect the yellow wires.
    This puzzle is also fairly simple, so just work it on out. Once it's
    completed, head through the door on your left. Once again, walk up to
    the board, press Triangle, and now puzzle number 3. Connect the red
    wires. Once this is done. Head up the stairs to your left, and there
    will be a cut scene. Now, jump across the freezing tanks, until you
    reach a switch on a platform. Watch out for the blasts of icy air and
    the electricity in the water below. Activate the switch, which will
    turn off the electricity in the water below. Now, head to the back
    corner of the room, avoiding the icy blasts, and activate the second
    switch. This will turn the icy blasts off. Now head out the door on the
    platform behind you. Head down this new hall, and through the door. In
    this room, you will need to defeat two of Mr. Freeze's henchwomen. Once
    you're done, head down the hall, grabbing the bat box near the end, to
    the right, and head out the door. Head down this hall, and into another
    door. There will now be another cut scene between Batman and Batgirl.
    After this cut scene, head through the next door, and follow the icy
    hallway. Break the ice that is blocking your way, and move on forward.
    Now, defeat Mr. Freeze's henchwoman and exit through the door. Now,
    break the ice in front of you, and proceed into the new room. Defeat
    the two henchwomen here, and proceed out the next doorway. Be sure to
    glide down so you don't incur any damage! Defeat the two henchwomen
    here, and Batman will be able to pick up the Laboratory Key. Head out
    of this room through the door on the right. Head down this small
    hallway, and exit through the next door. There will now be a cutscene.
    After the cut scene you will have to fight Mr. Freeze.
    In Cold Blood - Boss Battle - Mr. Freeze
    	Batman isn't strong enough to just walk up and smack the hell out
    of Mr. Freeze like he did to the Joker, though if you don't believe me,
    just give it a try. You'll need a new strategy. Notice the Bat Boxes
    that regenerate around the room? They contain remote charges. Pick them
    up, then activate the Remote Charge gadget. Shoot at the Promethium
    tanks overhead. When Mr. Freeze is directly under the tank, activate
    the charge to drop the tank on his head.  This battle is pretty easy,
    and is mostly long and drawn out. As long as you realize the key is to
    avoid freeze and drop the tanks, you'll be fine. The easiest strategy
    is to stand on the opposite side of the large glass tank in the middle
    of the room from Mr. Freeze, and shoot at the tanks on the other side
    (over him.) He can't shoot you, but you can easily hit him. After a
    rather cool cut scene, you will have completed this mission.
    Plant Food - Part 1
    	After a few cut scenes, including one with Poison Ivy, you will
    be in control of Batman. Head forward through the door. Continue
    passing through each car, defeating the strange enemies. The easiest
    way to defeat them is to either stun them with the Flash Bombs, or use
    your Remote Charges on them. Electric Batarangs are especially
    effective against these enemies, so I would suggest using these first.
    Either cuff them or just run past them, but they are quite strong. The
    objective in this area is to break all the speaker boxes, so you'll
    need to check every train car for one. If you find one, shoot it with
    Batarangs until it explodes. If you get really desperate, you can kick
    and punch it, but it will shock Batman when it finally breaks. Also,
    make sure to flip the switches to the right side of some doors. Now,
    when you reach the train car with the gauge next to the door, break the
    speaker next to the gauge to unlock the door (all four lights on the
    gauge should be green. If one of them is not, then you missed a
    speaker.) Now, enter through the door to the right of the gauge and you
    will have saved Batgirl.
    Plant Food - Part 2
    	You will now be driving the Batmobile. Read the controls section
    at the beginning of the FAQ if you do not know how to control it. Your
    goal here is to make it through the route, following the getaway car,
    while blasting it with your guns. Once the car is damaged enough, in
    the amount of time provided, you will need to shoot a smoke grenade
    through the read window. Good Luck.
    F. Contact Information
    I can be reached by email at:
    I can be contacted on:
    AIM: MeltMan274
    ICQ: 2958318
    Yahoo!: MeltMan274
    MSN: MeltMan@MeltMan.com
    If you message me, please do not sit there going "Hello? Hello? ARE YOU THERE?
    HELP HELP HELP!" etc. If I'm there, I'll respond. If i'm not, or if i'm busy,
    I'll respond when i'm availble. Also, do NOT email me at any other email adress
    than MeltMan@MeltMan.com. Yes, I know i get a Yahoo! email accont when I signed
    up for Yahoo! Messenger. I don't use it. Yes, I know i got a Hotmail account
    when I signed up for MSN Messenger. I don't use it.
    Please, do not email me, then contact me on AIM about the same problem.
    I do read my email, and I do reply to it. Bugging me on AIM if you've
    emailed me, or emailing me after you've talked to me on AIM about the
    same subject will just get you ignored.
    If you can't get a hold of me by one of those methods, I don't know
    what to tell you.
    Also, do not contact me to ask "When will you be updating your FAQ?",
    "Can you help we with this part.. I know the FAQ said not to contact
    you if it was past where you left off, but pleeeeeease?" or "Can I use
    your guide on my site" ... The FAQ is only to be on Gamefaqs.com or
    MeltMan.com. Thank you.
    G. Legal Information
    This FAQ is copyright 2001 MeltMan (Chris Abramson) and may appear only
    on sites which I approve. The latest version of the FAQ will always be
    available on GameFAQs.com and MeltMan.com. If you know anyone using this FAQ
    without my
    permission, please let me know. I am not affiliated with Ubi Soft, DC
    Comics, or Warner Brothers in any way, so don't blame me if you don't
    like them.

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