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    Secrets FAQ by ruyeyama

    Version: 1.5 | Updated: 08/24/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Crazy Taxi (Sega, Driving Action Game, DCast)
    Secrets FAQ
    V1.5  8/24/03
    Written by: Richard Uyeyama (ru e ama best com)*
    * Instances of the letter "y", the "at" symbol, and all periods have been
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    The latest version of this file can be found at:
      What Are You, Crazy?!?
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    Richard Uyeyama.
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    Crazy Taxi is Copyright 1999, 2000 by Sega Enterprises, Ltd.  All rights 
    Table of Contents:
    0. Document History
    I. Basic Stuff
       1. The purpose of this document
       2. Notation and stuff
       3. Change in-game language
    II. Pre-Cabbie Select
       1. No destination mark
       2. No arrows
       3. Expert Mode
    III. At Cabbie Select
       1. Special Taxi (Bike)
       2. Another Day
       3. Both Special Taxi and Another Day
    IV. In-Game
       1. View Change, and Speedometer
       2. Honking
    V. Crazy Box
       1. On finishing Crazy Box mode
       2. Special congratulations
       3. Crazy Box stage tips
          A. Column 1 stages
          B. Column 2 stages
          C. Column 3 stages
          D. Column S stages
    VI. Some Technique Notes
       1. Crazy Dash notes
       2. Drift Cancel notes
       3. "Crazy Dash-Stop" notes
       4. Crazy Backdash notes
       5. "Turn-Stop" notes
       6. Limiter Cut notes
    VII. Thanks and Stuff
    0. Document History
    V1.5: 8/24/03
          Copyright section updated (top of document)
          Info on selecting in-game text language added to Basic Stuff.
          Horn honking command and notes added to In-Game section.
          Special congratulations info added to Crazy Box section.
          Detail and clarity editing in a couple sections.
    V1.4: 2/24/00
          Addendum to Copyright info in Copyright section (top of document).
    V1.3: 2/17/00
          Techniques quick reference added to Notation section.
          Special Taxi code command refined (stated more accurately).
          Tips for all Crazy Box stages added to Crazy Box section.
          Crazy Dash-Stop and Turn-Stop notes added to Techniques section.
          Detail and clarity editing in a number of sections.
    V1.2: 2/7/00
          Another Day start point for Original Mode at Millennium Tower.
          Fixed a typo in Crazy Backdash section.
          Drift Cancel info added to Technique Notes section.
          Minor editing in a couple sections.
    V1.1: 2/2/00
          Special Taxi scores are marked in Records.
          Technique Notes section added.
          Site recommendations added to Thanks and Stuff section.
          Minor editing in a couple sections.
    V1.0: 1/31/00
          Launch version.
     (1/27/00: Dreamcast Crazy Taxi now on sale)
    I. Basic Stuff
    I.1  The purpose of this document
         This document is an informational resource for the Dreamcast version 
    of Sega's Driving Action game Crazy Taxi.  In this Secrets FAQ (side note: 
    I'm using "faq" herein with its more colloquial definition of "document of 
    organized information", rather than its more traditional definition, which 
    implies organizational headings in the form of questions...), I'll be 
    covering codes and secrets and other such information which may be of 
    interest to Crazy Taxi fans.
         I will not be comprehensively covering game techniques in this 
    document, since there are already a number of resources on the Net (for 
    the arcade version, but all of the techniques (including the Limiter Cut) 
    are still the same in the home version) covering those.  Neither will I be 
    covering general game strategies in this document; you should probably 
    consult a more general FAQ (as opposed to a Secrets FAQ) for that.  =)
         This document is based upon the J version of the game.  However, I 
    suspect that at least some of the information presented herein will 
    probably apply to other versions of the game as well.
         Crazy Taxi basic info:
            1 Disc (HDR-0053)
            1 Player
            Works with: Racing Controller, VMU (23 blocks), PuruPuru Pack,
                        VGA Box
         Note on codes: Codes have been tested with the standard Dreamcast 
    controller.  Alas, I don't have a Racing Controller, so I don't know how 
    the codes may differ when using one of those...
    I.2  Notation and stuff
         In order to avoid any potential confusion, here are some of the 
    standards of notation I'll be using in this document:
           A       A button on Dreamcast controller
           B       B button on Dreamcast controller
           X       X button on Dreamcast controller
           Y       Y button on Dreamcast controller
           L       Left trigger on Dreamcast controller
           R       Right trigger on Dreamcast controller
           START   START button on Dreamcast controller
           Dr      Hit "Drive" gear
           Rv      Hit "Reverse" gear
           AccON   Hit accelerator
           AccOFF  Release accelerator
           BrkON   Hit brake
           BrkOFF  Release brake
           +       at the same time as
           ,       then
           n(p)    hit n, then while holding n, hit p
           n-off   release n (button or trigger)
         And here's a quick reference guide to some of the techniques I 
    mention in this document (techniques I don't know the official names for 
    (or don't know if there *are* official names for) will be listed below in 
           Crazy Dash          AccOFF+BrkOFF, Dr, AccON
           Crazy Backdash      Crazy Dash, Rv
           Crazy Drift         while moving, Rv, Dr, turn
           Drift Cancel        when skidding, Crazy Dash
           Limiter Cut         after Crazy Dash, AccOFF+Rv, (wait), Dr, AccON
           "Crazy Dash-Stop"   while moving, Crazy Dash, Rv+BrkON
           "Turn-Stop"         Rv+BrkON, turn (& hold), BrkOFF, (wait), BrkON
                                 or some other technique to stop perpendicular
                                 to your direction of movement (see Techniques
                                 section for more details)
         Note that the above is *not* a comprehensive list of techniques, but 
    rather just techniques I may make reference to in this document...
    I.3  Change in-game language
         Set your Dreamcast system Language option (from main DCast system 
    menu (turn on system without a disc inside), select Settings (lower right 
    option) then Language (top option)) to any language besides Japanese 
    (English, German, French, Spanish, Italian) for English in-game text 
    instead of Japanese.
    II. Pre-Cabbie Select
    II.1  No destination mark
         Before the Cabbie Select screen, hold down: L+START.  When the Cabbie 
    Select screen appears, the message "no destination mark" should be printed 
    (in red) in the lower left corner (and will remain there during your 
    entire next game).  Select your cabbie, and during your game, instead of 
    the normal green cage that marks your passenger's destination, there will 
    only be a green outline on the ground.
    II.2  No arrows
         Before the Cabbie Select screen, hold down: R+START.  When the Cabbie 
    Select screen appears, the message "no arrows" should be printed (in 
    yellow) in the lower left corner (and will remain there during your entire 
    next game).  Select your cabbie as normal, and during your game, you won't 
    have any directional arrows indicating the direction of your passenger's 
    II.3  Expert Mode
         Before the Cabbie Select screen, hold down: L+R+START.  When the 
    Cabbie Select screen appears, the message "EXPERT" should be printed (in 
    white) in the lower left corner (and will remain there during your entire 
    next game).  Expert Mode is a combination of "no destination mark" and "no 
    III. At Cabbie Select
    III.1  Special Taxi (Bike)
         The Special Taxi, which is basically a bike-drawn cart (a rickshaw 
    sort of thing), is accessible in one of two ways: via a code (which is, 
    btw, different from the arcade version code), or by finishing Crazy Box 
    mode (see the Crazy Box section of this document for more info).  Here's 
    the code:
         At the Cabbie Select screen, input the following:
            (L(R), L-off, R-off), repeat, repeat
         Make sure to let go of the L trigger *first*, then release the R 
    trigger, after each L(R).  So basically, you just have to do the following 
    three (or more, if you want) times: hit (and hold) L, then while holding 
    L, hit R, release L, release R.  Alternating L and R quickly three (or 
    more) times (L,R,L,R,L,R) will also work, so long as your L commands 
    aren't fully released when you input your R commands.
         Now select your cabbie as normal (if you let time run out, the code 
    will not activate), and you should hear a bicycle bell chime twice.  When 
    the city loads, you should have the Special Taxi (the bike & cart), 
    instead of your cabbie's normal taxi.
         The Special Taxi, if I'm not mistaken, has better acceleration, 
    braking, and top speed than any of the normal taxis.  However, it has the 
    worst (by far!) traction, and so is quite easy to lose control of.  If you 
    haven't mastered the Limiter Cut, then using the Special Taxi will 
    probably improve your scores, but if you can pull off the Limiter Cut with 
    ease, you're probably better off going with a taxi with more stability.  
    Unless you're just playing for fun, of course; the Special Taxi is a whole 
    lotta fun.  =)
         Oh, btw, after a game in which the Special Taxi was used, if you exit 
    back to attract mode, the Special Taxi will be used during the next cycle 
    of attract sequences.  =)
         (High score note: For records (Arcade, Original, and Crazy Box Modes) 
    shown in Records Mode and Crazy Box Mode, scores for which the Special 
    Taxi was used will have the cabbie listed in yellow, instead of white.  
    The Top 20 lists shown during attract mode, however, do not seem to mark 
    Special Taxi scores in any way.)
    III.2  Another Day
         (note: for those of you familiar with Reverse Mode (or Reverse Track) 
    in the arcade version... that's what this is)
         At the Cabbie Select screen, input the following:
            R,R(hold, and select cabbie)
         So basically, hit the R trigger once (or more, if you want), then 
    again, holding it down while you select your cabbie normally (if you let 
    time run out, the code will not activate).  After selecting your cabbie, 
    the message "another day" should appear (in green) in the lower left 
    corner (and will remain there during your entire next game), and you 
    should hear a car horn honk twice.
         In Another Day, things will be slightly different.  Mostly, it looks 
    like the passengers will be located in different places, and will have 
    different destinations (and the general flow of passenger destinations 
    will be going in a different direction than normal).  You also won't start 
    out in the same place as normal (in Arcade Mode, you'll start out on the 
    other side of the street, and facing the other direction; in Original 
    Mode, you'll start out in a completely different location (at the 
    Millennium Tower)).
    III.3  Both Special Taxi and Another Day
         Yep, you can do both codes for the same game.  Either do the Special 
    Taxi code followed by the Another Day code, or simply hold the R at the 
    end of the Special Taxi code (you don't actually have to release the very 
    last R for the Special Taxi code to work), while selecting your cabbie 
    (the Another Day code will ignore the L inputs from the Special Taxi 
    code), as follows:
            L(R),L-off,R-off, L(R),L-off,R-off, L(R),L-off (keep R held down,
               and select cabbie)
         Alternatively, you can input the above in the following manner 
    instead: "L,R,L,R,L,R(hold and select cabbie)" (see Special Taxi section, 
    above, for more details).
    IV. In-Game
    IV.1  View Change, and Speedometer
         If you have a controller plugged into the P3 slot (port C), then 
    after starting a game (Arcade or Original), press the START button on the 
    P3 controller to activate the following commands on that controller:
            A   standard camera view
            B   first person view
            X   speedometer (kph) (press X button five times to activate;
                                   thereafter, X button is on/off toggle)
            Y   third person quasi-fixed view (attract mode view)
         Note that in third person quasi-fixed view (this is the camera option 
    used during attract mode), neither passenger markings nor destination 
    zones will be visible (just as in attract mode)... plus, directional 
    arrows will usually not be visible, either!
    IV.2  Honking
         Honk the horn of your taxi by pressing the Y button during gameplay.  
    Honking can only be done when the taxi is in Drive.  When using the 
    Special Taxi, instead of a honk, the ring of a bicycle bell will be heard.
    Honking does not (as far as I can tell) affect gameplay in any way (i.e. 
    cars won't change speed or direction due to your honking), but is merely 
    an aesthetic effect.
    V. Crazy Box
    V.1  On finishing Crazy Box mode
         Crazy Box mode starts out with 9 stages, designated 1-1 through 3-3.  
    After you finish all three stages along a particular row or column, a 
    fourth stage will appear.  When complete, your Crazy Box stage select 
    should look like this:
            1-1   2-1   3-1   S-1
            1-2   2-2   3-2   S-2
            1-3   2-3   3-3   S-3
            1-S   2-S   3-S   S-S
         Stage S-S will appear after all other stages have been completed.  If 
    you finish Stage S-S (hint: mastering the Limiter Cut makes things a *lot* 
    easier... though it is possible to finish without it), you will earn the 
    use of the Special Taxi (the Bike) in all modes of the game, including 
    Crazy Box.  In Crazy Box mode, simply scroll to the right of Gus to access 
    Cabbie & Bike selections.  In Arcade and Original Modes, simply press up 
    on the d-pad at the Cabbie Select screen.
    V.2  Special congratulations
         If all of your Crazy Box first place scores have been earned by the 
    same cabbie (first place scores must be better than the default top 
    scores), then immediately following completion of this feat, when the game 
    goes back to the Crazy Box stage select screen, your cabbie will say 
    something, probably as a special congratulations:
           Axel     It's your lucky day!
           B.D.Joe  Yeah!  I am the king!
           Gena     Yoo hoo!
           Gus      You're full of energy!
         You don't have to (although you certainly can) earn the special 
    congratulations in conjunction with the Special Taxi.  It seems, however, 
    that the Special Taxi cannot be used to obtain any of the special 
    congratulations messages.
    V.3  Crazy Box stage tips
         Since some people seem to be having trouble with some of the Crazy 
    Box stages (especially 2-S, 3-S, S-3, and S-S), and thus have not been 
    able to unlock non-code use of the Special Taxi, here are some brief tips 
    for each of the stages in Crazy Box Mode (note: for more information on 
    the techniques referenced below, see the Techniques section of this 
    V.3.A  Column 1 stages
         1-1 (Crazy Jump)
         If you can Crazy Dash, you should be able to complete this stage.
         For longer distances, use the Limiter Cut, which you should have time 
    enough to do two, or maybe three times.
         1-2 (Crazy Flag)
         If you simply want to pass this level, do a Crazy Backdash, don't 
    turn the wheel, and just hold the Accelerator down.
         For quicker times, use a quick turnaround technique, then abuse the 
    Limiter Cut.  For my best times, I've used either a Crazy Backdash-based 
    turnaround: Crazy Backdash, turn wheel right, BrkON, Crazy Dash, turn 
    wheel left, Limiter Cut three times.  Or a stationary skid-based 
    turnaround: turn wheel left, Rv,Dr,AccON, Drift Cancel (or BrkON, Crazy 
    Dash), turn left, Limiter Cut three times.
         1-3 (Crazy Balloons)
         I haven't played this one enough to have figured out an efficient 
    pattern to use, for the regular taxis.  In general, though, I'd recommend 
    Crazy Dashes, Crazy Drifts, and Drift Cancels.  Also, for the clusters of 
    three balloons, if you hit two balloons at the same time (i.e. hit one 
    "side" of the triangle), you can actually pop them both, then follow 
    through on the third (which will have bounded away a small distance), 
    getting rid of those three balloons fairly quickly and efficiently.
         1-S (Crazy Bowling)
         Crazy Dash, head for the 1-pin (the closest pin), Crazy Drift, then 
    Drift Cancel.  I would not recommend using the Limiter Cut (it probably 
    won't wear off soon enough for you to Crazy Drift), except down the long 
    alley before the seventh (last) set of pins.
         Some notes on the Crazy Drifts: The first Crazy Drift should be done 
    to the right, then after that, alternate between left and right; wait 
    until you're fairly close to the pins before doing the Crazy Drift; 
    approaching the pins, aim either directly for the 1-pin, or slightly to 
    the opposite direction of the upcoming turn (i.e. if you will be Crazy 
    Drifting to the right, aim your taxi slightly to the left of the 1-pin).
    V.3.B  Column 2 stages
         2-1 (Crazy Drift)
         Crazy Dash, then Crazy Drift.  Repeat as necessary.  Umm, that's 
    pretty much it.
         2-2 (Crazy Turn)
         Crazy Dash, Crazy Drift, Drift Cancel.  You can also sneak in the 
    occasional Limiter Cut to improve upon your times.
         2-3 (Crazy Bound)
         Crazy Drift on each ramp, so that as you leave the ramp, you're 
    already facing the direction you'll want to be going next.  Right after 
    you land, Drift Cancel to reestablish traction, and head for the next 
         To improve your times, you can Limiter Cut towards the last jump 
    (straight jump), and do a Crazy Dash-Stop at the end.
         2-S (Crazy Zigzag)
         Crazy Dash, then Crazy Drift into the turn, and Drift Cancel out of 
    it.  Remember, for the sharper turns, you'll want to start your Crazy 
    Drift slightly sooner.  Also remember to time your Drift Cancels properly 
    (i.e. when your taxi is facing the direction you want to go), or you may 
    find yourself zooming into the ocean!
         To improve your times, do a Crazy Dash-Stop at the destination zone.  
    Something slightly riskier (you may lose control of your taxi, or not be 
    able to Crazy Drift in time) you can try, which may improve your time 
    slightly, is doing a minor Limiter Cut (don't hold down the Accelerator, 
    but just tap it briefly) *right after* you Drift Cancel past the third 
    V.3.C  Column 3 stages
         3-1 (Crazy Rush)
         Crazy Dash towards passengers and destinations, and Crazy Dash-Stop 
    to stop.
         To improve your times, when heading towards passengers and 
    destinations, either do two Crazy Dashes (pretty easy), or a Crazy Dash 
    and a Limiter Cut.  In picking up passengers, take whoever's on the far 
    side (relative to where you're coming from) of the cluster, since he'll be 
    going more or less in the direction you're already heading.  Finally, when 
    stopping at a destination zone, try to have your taxi turned towards the 
    side when you stop, to make it easier to get back to pick up the next 
    passenger (either use an arcing path (i.e. approach the destination from 
    an angle) before you Crazy Dash-Stop, or use a Turn-Stop technique instead 
    of Crazy Dash-Stopping).
         3-2 (Crazy Jam)
         Crazy Dash, and when dropping off a customer, try to stop next to the 
    waiting customer at the destination zone.
         To improve your times, you can also use the Limiter Cut, and stopping 
    techniques (Crazy Dash-Stop, or a Turn-Stop).  If the traffic between the 
    second and third passenger is problematic for you, you can always drive on 
    the sidewalk (either side, but the left side might be better, since you 
    won't have to cross traffic to get to the destination zone); just watch 
    out for parked cars.  For the last passenger, I don't think there's any 
    specific technique to avoiding the cross-traffic (besides dodging, of 
    course); I think you just have to get lucky.
         3-3 (Crazy Pole)
         Crazy Dash to each destination; your next passenger will 
    automatically get in.  Try not to get your taxi stuck against a pole.
         To improve your times, you can also use the Limiter Cut, and stopping 
    techniques (Crazy Dash-Stop, a Turn-Stop technique, or you could even try 
    Crazy Drifting (or Crazy Drift, BrkON) into the pole).  Note that your 
    time doesn't go down as you change passengers, so there's no real need to 
    try to stop right next to your next passenger.  At your final destination, 
    you can crash into the pole to stop quickly.
         3-S (Crazy Zigzag 2)
         This is basically the same thing as stage 2-S (Crazy Zigzag), except 
    that you have 15 more seconds... and you have to drop off 7 passengers 
    along the way!  Use the Crazy Dash and a Turn-Stop technique.  The easiest 
    Turn-Stop technique to use is simply BrkON+turn.  Try to start your 
    Turn-Stops close to the outside of the curve, so as to give your taxi a 
    greater arc for the maneuver.
         I've mostly used the "Rv+BrkON, turn (& hold), BrkOFF, (wait), BrkON" 
    Turn-Stop, so here are some timing notes for that: Around when you pass 
    the white markings, hit Rv, and tap the brakes briefly; turn, and while 
    turning, release the brakes; if you do this right (it'll take some 
    practice to get the timing right), your taxi should curve into the 
    destination zone, so then just hit the brakes when your taxi is facing the 
    way you want to go next.
         To improve your times, you can use the Limiter Cut in places, or do 
    multiple Crazy Dashes (just make sure not to do a Crazy Dash just before 
    a Turn-Stop, or you'll probably stop too quickly to turn your taxi 
    effectively).  At the final destination, Crazy Dash-Stop to stop quickly.
    V.3.D  Column S stages
         S-1 (Crazy Through)
         The easiest (imho) way to finish this stage is to travel between the 
    two lanes of oncoming traffic, and to go *really* slowly.  Even if you're 
    going almost at a crawl, you'll still get Crazy Through bonuses, since 
    your speed relative to the oncoming traffic is still decently fast.  Since 
    you're going slowly, though, it should be pretty easy to avoid hitting any 
    other vehicles.
         To improve your score, just increase your speed... but not so much 
    that you end up bumping other vehicles, of course!
         S-2 (Crazy Parking)
         You can actually finish this stage with just the Crazy Dash, as long 
    as you don't bump into too many things.
         If you want to improve your times, you can Crazy Drift and Drift 
    Cancel around corners (for example, the corner just before a ramp), use 
    the Limiter Cut in places, and do a Crazy Dash-Stop at the end (or if 
    there's a conveniently placed car, you can crash-stop instead).
         S-3 (Crazy Party)
         Here's the order I've used to get my best times: 1) guy by the boxes, 
    2) guy at the top of the ramp with the bowling pins, 3) guy by the 
    telephone booth, 4) guy in the parking lot, 5) guy at the top of the 
    spiral, 6) and 7) the two guys at the patio area. (you can also start with 
    the bowling ramp guy instead, and pick up the guy by the boxes after the 
    telephone booth guy, and before the parking lot guy... or even start with 
    the patio area guys (left, then right), and end with the guy at the top of 
    the spiral...)
         Techniques used for all (unless otherwise specified): Crazy Dash, 
    Crazy Dash-Stop.  Other techniques used for each: 1) similar to stage 3-1, 
    you can arc towards this passenger, or you can Turn-Stop instead of Crazy 
    Dash-Stopping; 2) Drift Cancel at the final curve of the ramp, to avoid 
    sliding off; 3) crash into telephone booth to stop fairly quickly; 4) 
    sometimes (but not always), crashing into a parked car will help you stop 
    more quickly; 5) don't scrape the inside wall, and during the latter half 
    of the spiral (i.e. when you start drifting towards the outside of your 
    lane, even while turning right), Crazy Drift... then Drift Cancel and stop 
    (Rv+BrkON), once you get to the top (if you do this right, you can skid 
    sideways up the top part of the spiral, and Drift Cancel right towards the 
    passenger at the top); 6) after taking the jump, Crazy Drift when you 
    land, and Drift Cancel to head back to whichever passenger is closer... 
    then Turn-Stop, so that you face the final passenger; 7) Turn-Stop to face 
    the final path towards the destination zone.
         Location of the destination zone: From the starting position, if you 
    take the ramp, and drive all the way through the patio, you'll find 
    yourself on a narrow path; this path leads to the destination zone.
         To improve your times, use the Limiter Cut whenever some extra speed 
    won't hurt your progress (for example, going up the bowling pin ramp, if 
    you go too fast, the final curve will be a lot harder).
         S-S (Crazy Attack)
         The object of this stage is to make one complete circuit (counter-
    clockwise) of the city (Arcade version city), within four minutes.  Note 
    that traffic density is set rather high (density 8?) for this stage...
         It's possible to finish this without the Limiter Cut, but using the 
    Limiter Cut makes things a *lot* easier.  For more details on the Limiter 
    Cut (including timing notes), see the Techniques section of this document.
         Finally, if you're not familiar with the layout of the Arcade version 
    city, I would recommend taking a look at BFL's Crazy Taxi page (URL listed 
    near the end of this document), which actually has a jpeg map of the city!
         Once you've mastered the Limiter Cut, and have become familiar with a 
    decent path around the city, finishing this stage will hopefully be pretty 
    easy... or at least, not as prohibitively difficult as it was before!  =)
    VI. Some Technique Notes
    Here are some notes which may not be entirely obvious, in regards to some 
    of the techniques in Crazy Taxi.  I've decided to write up this info here 
    because some (some) of it I have not previously seen in any English 
    language resources...
    VI.1  Crazy Dash notes
         The Crazy Dash (AccOFF+BrkOFF, Dr, AccON) does not necessarily have 
    to be done from a complete stop; it can be done at any time, even while 
    moving.  Doing a Crazy Dash while moving may briefly give you a small 
    burst of speed, so doing the command repeatedly on unpaved ground (or 
    other conditions of slight hinderance (scraping along a wall or traffic 
    barrier, for example)) may actually help you out (speedwise) a bit; if 
    you're on paved ground, however, the gradual accumulation of speed after a 
    single Crazy Dash should get you to a velocity higher than if you do 
    multiple Crazy Dashes.
    VI.2  Drift Cancel notes
         If your taxi is skidding (via a Crazy Drift, or a more normal loss of 
    traction), you can actually regain traction simply by doing a Crazy Dash.  
    This is what is known as a Drift Cancel.  Combined with the Crazy Drift 
    technique (while driving, Rv,Dr,turn), the Drift Cancel enables you to 
    take sharp corners quite efficiently!  You can even combine the Drift 
    Cancel with a stopping technique (Rv+BrkON, for example), if your taxi is 
    skidding, and you simply want to stop.
         Side notes: It's because of the fact that the Crazy Dash grips the 
    ground (at the beginning of the technique), that the Drift Cancel works to 
    reestablish traction.  Note that the strong grip on the road also makes it 
    a little more difficult to steer, right after Drift Cancelling (or any 
    other Crazy Dash)... so do the technique *out of* sharp curves, and not 
    into them.  =)  It's also because of this grip that you can't Crazy Drift 
    right after doing a Crazy Dash (you have to wait a bit for the grip to 
    VI.3  "Crazy Dash-Stop" notes
         One other side effect of the way a Crazy Dash grips the road is 
    that this grip actually allows you to stop more efficiently!  So as 
    counterintuitive as it may seem, doing "Crazy Dash, Rv+BrkON" will 
    actually allow you to stop more quickly than just doing "Rv+BrkON"!
         This technique ("Crazy Dash, Rv+BrkON") is what I've designated a 
    "Crazy Dash-Stop", in this document.
    VI.4  Crazy Backdash notes
         If you've done a Crazy Backdash (Crazy Dash, Rv), you've probably 
    noticed that after the initial boost of backwards speed, your taxi's 
    velocity drops to a more normal rate.  The Crazy Backdash, though, like 
    the Crazy Dash, does not have to be done from a complete stop.  So if 
    you're trying to drive backwards to something a moderate distance away 
    (for example, if you're trying to pick up the passenger to the back of the 
    starting location in Arcade Mode), just do multiple Crazy Backdashes.
    VI.5  "Turn-Stop" notes
         A "Turn-Stop" is what I'm calling a technique used to come to a stop 
    (by yourself, without hitting anything) facing either right or left of the 
    direction you've been going.  Here's the most effective (at least for me) 
    Turn-Stop technique I've found:
            Rv+BrkON, turn (& hold), BrkOFF, (wait), BrkON.
         So basically, you brake a bit, then, while turning, you release the 
    brake briefly, then hit it again, once you've turned your taxi (slowing 
    down allows you to turn more sharply, but you have to release the brake 
         Other Turn-Stops:  The simplest Turn-Stop is just: BrkON+turn.  A 
    Crazy Drift-based Turn-Stop is: Crazy Drift, BrkON.  Another Crazy 
    Drift-based Turn-Stop is: Crazy Drift, Drift Cancel, Rv+BrkON.  You can 
    experiment with each of these (and any other Turn-Stop techniques you may 
    encounter in a more technique-oriented faq), in order to see what's 
    easiest or most effective for you.
         Learning a Turn-Stop technique for the normal game doesn't seem as 
    essential as learning, say, the Crazy Dash, Limiter Cut, or Drift Cancel 
    (but it can be somewhat useful at times).  Mastering a Turn-Stop technique 
    can actually be *quite* useful for certain of the Crazy Box stages (see 
    the Crazy Box section of this document, for more information), however!
    VI.6  Limiter Cut notes
         The Limiter Cut (after Crazy Dash, AccOFF+Rv, (wait), Dr, AccON) is 
    basically like a Crazy Dash in a Crazy Dash.  As mentioned above, however, 
    if you simply do a Crazy Dash followed by a Crazy Dash, you'll only get a 
    small, brief burst of speed out of the second Crazy Dash.  So basically, 
    you have to "reset" things so that the second Crazy Dash will give you a 
    boost of speed similar to the first Crazy Dash, allowing you to surpass 
    the normal velocity limit a Crazy Dash has; that's what you're doing when 
    you do AccOFF+Rv.  The wait is critical, though; if you don't wait for 
    long enough, you'll probably end up with a Crazy Drift instead.  So here 
    are some timing notes:
         The timing actually seems to be fairly forgiving on the far side.  So 
    if you're having trouble pulling off the Limiter Cut, simply increase the 
    wait.  As far as the near side... well, try timing it to the music.  If 
    you're familiar with the song used during the Arcade Mode attract (it's 
    also used during the game sometimes), think of the phrase "Yeah Yeah Yeah 
    Yeah Yeah!" (the first phrase of the song).  If you do AccOFF+Rv on the 
    first "Yeah", then wait until the second "Yeah" before doing Dr,AccON (the 
    actual minimal wait is slightly shorter than that, but once you get the 
    hang of the Limiter Cut, you can experiment on your own to find the actual 
    minimal timing).  If that still gives you trouble, then try waiting until 
    the third or fourth "Yeah".
         One last timing note: After your first Crazy Dash, you have to wait a 
    little while before doing a Limiter Cut, or your Taxi will jump a bit (and 
    waste some time).  You don't have to wait until your taxi is at its top 
    speed, but you do have to wait a little bit.  There is no such wait 
    necessary after doing a Limiter Cut, before doing another, though; the 
    timing for doing multiple Limiter Cuts is similar to that for doing 
    multiple Crazy Dashes.
         Anyway, hope the above makes things clearer, for those of you having 
    trouble doing the Limiter Cut!  Once mastered, the Limiter Cut is a lot of 
    fun, and should improve your scores significantly!  =)
    VII. Thanks and Stuff
    Thanks to:
       The Dreamcast secrets site at
          (http://www.geocities.co.jp/Playtown-Dice/6400/urawaza.html), for
          pointing me in the right direction on the Another Day code, the
          Special Taxi code, and the P3 controller codes...
       BFL's Crazy Taxi page (page seems to be down or relocated)
          (http://www.nanatic.tokio.ne.jp/~bfl/taxi.htm), for helping me out
          with the Limiter Cut!  As well as with various other techniques.
          And for confirming some of the DCast version codes...
    And some sites I would recommend, for more Crazy Taxi info:
       BFL's Crazy Taxi page (Japanese) (page seems to be down or relocated)
          The Arcade city map has been quite helpful (and it looks like a
          Dreamcast city map is planned too!), as has the techniques page.
          Overall, a very informative and organized site.
       Prisoner's Crazy Taxi page (English)
          Informative English language page (he even explains what a limiter
          is).  Also has links to lots of other Crazy Taxi pages.
       GameFAQs (English)
          For pretty much any game, this is probably the first place I'd look
          for an English language resource.

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