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"I think my taxi's gone cray-zay!"

The series that made it big on the Sega Dreamcast was ported over to the PS2 with Crazy Taxi, making it easy for all the fans who might have missed it on the Dreamcast. While, it is absolutely the exact same game with no improvements made, this doesn't hinder it in anyway. Crazy Taxi was a solid release and one that provided hours of fun for people of both arcade and console play. With the demise of the Dreamcast (something that I wish had never happened), I was happy to be able to pick up one of it's classic titles from the shelf.


Deranged taxi drivers… that seek only one thing, the quick and easy buck. With that being said the goal of the game is strictly this, set out and pick up customers (those of which have money sign's and circular targets on them) and deliver them to their destination as fast as possible. The faster the delivery the better the pay out. Finding the fastest routes, and utilizing shortcuts are the key to succeeding in this game. You are able to choose from four playable taxi driver's each with their own different stylized taxi cab and attitude. In the time limit you choose, depending on it's many playable modes such as arcade, you can earn licenses for your characters. Generally licenses are earned depending on how well your run was. The more money you made, the better you do. License's range from E to Crazy with crazy being the best over all. Other than these modes there is a bonus mode with missions on it. These missions require the player to tackle a pyramid of challenges and meet the criteria in order to earn the next mission. Completing all the missions unlocks goodies. The crazy taxi's also come equipped with special moves, otherwise unable to be done by normal cars, such as crazy drifting. All in all this game is tons of fun, and highly entertaining.


Graphics and Sound

As you can see I skipped the story section because this game lacks a story. Anyway, the graphics are very colorful and full of life when driving through the city, even though it's a game you somehow develop the desire to hop on in and move to California. The sound in this game is pretty cool with bands like the Offspring and Bad Religion blasting in the background, adding a rush to the already upbeat game play. The character's and customers have tons of catchphrases as well which can be funny, but repetitive. Even so, it never really reaches the point of annoying.



Being an arcade type game and having no story it doesn't have a playtime. However, presented with the tasks, and mini-games you must achieve the game takes around 15 hours to do so, this of course is depending on your skill. Getting the best licenses in the game can be a tough thing to do, and the crazy box mini-games are no walk in the park either. It's fun to take turns with friends though and just have a blast swaying to the music and delivering passengers.


Final Verdict

Rent or buy? Buy the game if you don't own it or have never played it. However if you have this game already on the Dreamcast, or if you have owned it in the best and no longer desire to play the same game again, then don't bother picking this up. However, if you're a die-hard fan of the series, or just looking to spend some quality time on a classic and non-brain churning story driven game, then check this out, it's worth the time and the money. However, I'd recommend just buying an old Dreamcast and getting Crazy Taxi 2 or if you have an X-Box simply getting Crazy Taxi 3: High Roller.

Final score: 8/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 04/20/06

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