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"Good Game, Good Buy"

Gameplay 9/10

Crazy Taxi is a great game to have around for a party, or if you just feel like messing around. This out of control dash for cash is fun for beginners as well as veterans to the game. What could be more fun than cruising around the streets in a pimped out taxi? The game is unrealistic, but that just adds to the fun. Drive underwater, wreak into a million cars without getting a nick on your new pant job, riding on two wheels while the other two are rolling of a house. The game can be easy or hard, depending on your skill level and what you feel like doing. With no defined “easy” or “hard” modes it appeals to everybody. As for the control, it is a lot better than people thought. Everything is peachy except for the gas, which is a bit anti-sensitive. All in all the gameplay for Crazy Taxi is worthwhile.

Story N/A

There pretty much is not much of a plot for this game, a lot of arcade games don’t. You drive down the streets of a city loosely based of San Francisco driving people where they want to go and getting extra tips for performing what else “Crazy” stunts. There are four cabbies each with their own little story, background, and taxi. They all have different advantages and disadvantages which makes the game more interesting, because you must find the driver that suits you the best.

Audio/Video 9/10

Graphics are a major part of this game, and makes up for the lack of plot. They look almost identical the Dreamcast version and is an example of the next generation of games. The graphics are very detailed from the color of a phone booth to the shingles of the roof of a Pizza Hut. The music is also a nice touch to the game. Cruising to your favorite tunes by the likes of The Offspring and Bad Religion is always a good way to get yourself in the mood for some crazy driving. The sound effects are also very detailed, you can hear the customers voice their satisfaction or they’re um…. dissatisfaction. Graphics and sound are a major part of this game.

Replayability 10/10

Since you can’t beat this game there is tons of replay value. Play on different modes the Dreamcast city, or cruise on the arcade version of the game. Also there is something called Crazy Box, which is a set of challenges that you must complete in the allotted amount of time. Don’t be afraid when you think you’ve “beat” the game.

Buy or Rent

This game is a good bet to buy if you want to have a fun “Crazy” time, although if you have the Dreamcast version you might want to think twice.

Overall 8/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 05/22/01, Updated 05/22/01

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