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"Well, I just found out that cloning isn't that hard after all..."

The first thing I did was buy this game. I bought a PS2 hoping to Almighty God that Crazy Taxi would be ported over to my new shiny PS2. And then, my greatest dreams came true, I walked into EB World one day and there it was! In all its glory... 'Crazy Taxi' in a package larger vertically than horizontally, with the infamous 'Playstation2' label posted on top. And, not to mention, the $49.99 dollar price tag hanging off the side.

Basically, what I found out when I got home with my new $50 dollar game was that, you can get the same EXACT game on the Dreamcast for probably $20-$30 dollars less. Alas, I continued to play my new game. I must admit, I enjoyed the game, I really did. But, after playing it for 2+ hours, I seemed to get annoyed by it. I played every single mode you can play within a time limit of 15 mins. This game has a very low replayability level. They give you only 4 drivers and, of course, only 4 cars. The maps are identical to the ones on the DC and only 1 of the 2 maps can I actually play without just turning off my PS2 and walking away. The 'original' map... sucks. They screw you over with all those damn hills, and it really gets annoying after driving around for 60 seconds hearing the same phrase from your custmomer... OVER AND OVER AND OVER!! At one point, I had a 90 year old lady yelling 'dude' more than 7 times within a course of ten seconds. It really, really, REALLY, gets repetitive. Even the music, I mean, the music IS really cool (offspring, and some other neat band I can't think of off the top of my head), I have no complaints about the selected band(s), BUT they only play TWO songs. That's it, 2 songs, OVER AND OVER AND.. see I told you it was repetitive. Although the game IS a very good game, it, really isn't up to par with the PS2. Take 2 Tv's, hook one TV up with a DC and a Crazy Taxi game, and the other with a PS2 and a PS2 Crazy taxi game. Put them on, and you won't be able to tell the difference between the PS2 version, and the DC version... why you ask? Because Acclaim didn't change anything except the voices, and, tell you the truth, they made them worse. I did have fun playing Crazy Taxi, but there is no doubt, that I was disappointed. If they ever make another Crazy Taxi game for PS2, I have some recomendations: First off, get some more of EVERYTHING (Drivers, Cars, In-game views, music, stuff that the driver and customers say, maps, mini-games, etc., etc., etc.) Second off, actually use the PS2 power. I'd LOVE to see a fun Crazy Taxi game with the graphics of Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec... wouldn't you!? And, finally, third off, get some multiplayer/online capable modes. Just imagine, Crazy Taxi, with eye-popping graphics, 10+ taxis' (maybe a Corvette taxi mix sorta thing), a record of songs, a bit more maps (New York, Chicago, Las Vegas [wouldn't that be carzy.. driving through casinos]!!, Pittsburgh, San Francisco, man, even take 'em to London!), and, on top of all that, playing against someone 250+ miles away, via not too distant future network...!!!

What I'm really saying is, this game is getting to be pretty OLD. People wanted to play Crazy Taxi, but, they wanted to play it NEW. And, all Acclaim/Sega gave us was the stinky OLD game. Crazy Taxi (ps2 version) really had great potential, but all it A simple clone.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 06/25/01, Updated 06/25/01

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