Review by JD 13

"Fun at the start but very boring as you progress"

Graphics: The graphics to this game are very nice. However there are some minor flaws. For instance when the customers get out of the car they sometimes run through the car, or sometimes the car will go through a building. I know that it is sometimes hard to prevent this from happening in a video game I just thought that I would bring it up.

Sound: The sound is very good on this game but it gets very annoying. After extended play it gives you a headache. In fact I never want to hear the ''Yeah yeah Yeah yeah Yeah' again. This really brings the game down. Another complaint I have about the sound is that the music is so loud that sometimes it is almost impossible to hear what the customer is saying to the cab driver. That is actually one of the most humorous parts of the whole game.

Game play: The game controls are very easy and it is very fun to play. This is the best aspect of the game. Also you can enjoy mini-games. These games are very fun yet some are very tough. If they would have added more mini-games this would have scored a lot higher. Another nice aspect is the different drivers. They all bring along there own techniques and this makes the game more enjoyably.

Replay: This is by far the worst aspect of the game. It is very repetitive. After the first couple of days it becomes a very boring game. The customers are always in the same place and they always want to go to a new location. It becomes very boring in a very short period of time. Luckily there is a code that allows you to switch where you start but after a while this begins to feel repetitive also.

Overall: It is an overall okay game. My only problems with it are the annoying soundtrack and the repetitive game play. This is a game to rent when you are having people over to your house. This game is great to have competitions over. I don't recommend buying it. This is definitely not one of Acclaims best games. Hopefully if there is a sequel they take more time on it.

My overall score is a 5/10 because of the repetition.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 07/07/01, Updated 07/07/01

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