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"A trimmed down clone..."

Acclaim's hit game, Crazy Taxi, has had a lot of success on both the arcade and the Dreamcast. It was, after all, a wild taxi game. How could the port go wrong on an even more powerful machine? Obviously, we were all waiting for an even better PS2 port complete with even more secrets, or tracks, or crazy box challenges. What did we get? The same thing plus a lot more engine problems.

Crazy Taxi on DC was a heck of a lot of fun, and while the gameplay is still as enjoyable, the port had some problems. Mainly, it was the slowdown of the system that was a severe turn-off. Also, it has a lot more pop-ups than the DC version. What's odd is the fact that the PS2 is a very powerful system that could have easily gotten rid of and handled these problems, or at least slim them down a bit, but I guess the developers were a little sloppy in the port. The soundtrack for Crazy Taxi is also splendid. It includes my personal favorite; the Offspring.

The strongest foundation of the game however, is its wild, fun gameplay. It fun, addictive, and you really can't stop playing it. The controls remain excellent and the graphics are still as crisp and clean as its predecessors. The weird crazy box challenges are also in there too though they are the same as the original. The simple concept of picking up and dropping off taxi customers has changed into a wacky driving challenge full of a wide range of characters.

Only buy this game if you haven't bothered to get a Dreamcast copy yet. The port is basically the same exact thing except for a few voice changes, which, by the way, sound more abnormal than usual. It proves worthy enough to warrant a look at it. Otherwise, if this is your introduction to the series, then this is a most definite buy. I was never a fan of racing games, but this was probably the only car-oriented game I've ever enjoyed as much as all my other favorites. Oh, and if you already own Crazy Taxi for DC, but want a car game for your PS2, then go take a look at Twisted Metal Black and Grand Turismo 3: A Spec, I can guarantee you'll find interest in one of those.

Numeric Review Breakdown:
Gameplay - 8.5
Graphics - 7
Sound - 7.5
Replay Value - 6
Originality - 4
Overall - 6

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 07/30/01, Updated 07/30/01

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