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"Funny game, but too short"

I always hated Crazy Taxi, I don't know why. I hated people that said that it is one of the best games ever. I could think how a game like that could be the best ever! I knew that this game was short and wasn't other than just drive around in 2 modes of play. But don't ask me why I bought it! Maybe just to have some fun sometimes.

Graphics 7.5/10
It's colorful, good detailed and...that's all. There are some jaggies around (well there were also on the DC version) and the pop up is still alive in 2001!! It's terrible to see pop up all around the game!
The environments are good, but the buildings are ''old'' style, they just look flat like a paper!
Nothing other to say.

Music/Sound 9.5/10
The best part of the game. Some good tracks from Bad Religion and some others from Offspring. They aren't a lot and can become boring after some plays, but I like them a lot and are a good background for the game.
The sfx aren't anything special, some crashes, brakes and quotes from the character that I couldn't understand because of my english :)

Gameplay 7/10
The worst point are the controls. They are TERRIBLE! At the beginning I had to accelerate and brake with the L and R buttons, but I found the option to change then and now it's better. Just control the accelerator and the brakes with the square, O, triangle, X buttons. You can use the analog stick that is perfect for this kind of game.
I really hate to change gear with the L and R buttons and sometimes the car is almost uncontrollable.
Want to know what I think? This is game is a clone of Driver! You can do the same things, the difference is that Driver was longer, had more modes of play, was more challenging and was more funny to blast some cars around :)

Game/Options/Modes of play 6/10
Unlike the arcade you now have 2 different stages. The Arcade one is like the arcade, and the original is a ''total'' new one. Choosing one of these options you can choose another arcade mode where you have to take customers here and there in time. Then you can do the same work for 3,5 or 10 minutes...and that adds nothing good and new to the game. Choose from 4 different taxis, they're a little different between them, but I actually used them just in the Crazy Box mode, in the Arcade mode I just use Gus because it's nice :)
The Crazy Box is a good extra option. You have to beat 9 different little missions, beat them and you have other 5. The Crazy Box add some fun and is a bit challenging.
That's all, the ''perfect'' arcade game I hate...

Replayability 7/10
Beat the Crazy Box and you have beat the game. Actually you can't beat anything other than that, because the arcade modes haven't an end, just try to beat some records. It's a funny game that gets boring after some races, but you can pick it up sometimes for a play.

Buy or Rent
Buy it only if you loved the arcade and want some fun. Rent it to try it and see if it's worth your money.

Crazy Taxi is a funny game, really, believe me. But it gets boring very soon, after the second customer you will see how it is limited. It's the perfect game to play sometimes when you have nothing to do and don't want to play a TRUE game. It's the same as the DC version, but with a less good graphic, but I don't know why everyone tell me it's better if it's the same boring game...

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 08/17/01, Updated 08/17/01

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