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Reviewed: 09/01/01 | Updated: 09/01/01

A wonderful short term play...

I've always loved Crazy Taxi, because well, it's an original game... I'd never played anything like it before... but since I live far away from any arcades, I never had much chance to play it, yet now I can play it on my PS2. ^_^

Graphics - 7
I've seen people over and over say that the Dreamcast has better graphics, and maybe it does, but this isn't the kind of game where the graphics are bothering you. Sure this game isn't even comparable to several PS2 games out there, but when you are in the middle of the game, you notice everything but that. The graphics are easily good enough to keep a gamer happy, and this game wasn't meant to make people stare in awe. On the plus side, the graphics have this really great anime-like style which I have never before seen in any kind of car sim. I think the graphics suit the game nicely.

Sound - 7
Everything from hitting a box, to a metal sign has it's own personal sound effect. The voices aren't wonderfully done, but they don't make you cringe like in some games... sadly they aren't too numerous, and in one day, I'd felt I'd heard them all... and the background music comes from two bands, one being the Offspring with songs including Way Down the Line and All I Want. If you don't like that kind of music, just mute the music through options, and put a cd in your cd player. =)

Gameplay - 9
This is my favorite part of the game. It's an extremely fast paced game where you're a taxi driver getting customers from one part of a bustling city to another. Who doesn't find pleasure in taking a short cut by driving through a park littered with innocents?!

Control - 7
The control is just fine for how fast the game is... now I really hate the original controller settings, but luckily you can change them. Although you can't really drive the precision you normally can in other games, with skill, you can seem to do a whole lot better. Sadly though, a few things can be very annoying, like trying to do a Crazy Dash when you really need it.

Replay - 7
This is not, I repeat NOT, a game you play for hours on end. It's one you pick up and play for an hour, maybe less, then put down for a while and go back to later. If you play it for a long time on end it gets oh so repetitive... but if you only play it for a short time it's really fun. There's the original city from the arcade, a whole new city, and a little thing called Crazy Box in which you perform little tasks before the time runs out (ala the license test from the Gran Turismos, but not quite as annoying, especially since they aren't required).

All in all, I suggest you rent before you buy if you've never played the game before, and even if you have, I suggest you don't but it for full price unless you already have a lot of other games you can play for hours on end.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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