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"A good game, but has errors"

When you first go to the store and see Crazy Taxi for PS2, the first thing that comes to mind is better graphics, new levels, new drives, and new cars. What you get is the exact same game, only toned down, a lot. This is a very cool game, with one of the best sound tracks in a game ever. The only thing that is the problem are errors and the fact that every thing is repetitive. The music, the levels, the people, the phrases. For example, you could have a punk guy in your car, and he'll keep yelling the same thing over and over. Then, when you drop him off, you'll give someone else a ride, then end up dropping someone else off at that exact same spot again. In other words: there aren't that many different stops to make.

Errors: Well, there really is only one main one. On the down hill level, all chaos breaks loose. When you are driving down hill, the level will turn blue and you will have no idea where you are driving. next thing you know, you're either in the water, or you have hit a building. that get on your nerves after a while. The others, I don't know if they are errors, but they seem like it, is the fact that there are only ten different people that you can pick up, with a thousand copies of themselves.

Well, lets move on to the good things about the game.

Graphics 7
Not wonderful, not bad, just very animated. I have no problem with it, they really do look fine, the buildings, the people, the cars, it just doesn't compare to a lot of PS2 games. Still, they should be acceptable, just don't expect something wonderful.

Sound 9
One of the good things about the game, but also where some repetitiveness comes into play. The sound effects are perfect, matching exactly what you hit, but after hearing the same song over and over again and hearing the big guy in the back seat yelling at you, over, and over again, its enough to make you want to turn it off. The sound track really is quite good, it just repeats.

Controls 5
Steering is the easy part. Shifting and using special moves are another story. Thankfully you can change the controls, but the special moves require exact and precise timing, which after trying over, and over, and over, can get, well, annoying.

Gameplay 9
The game is so fast paced, its hard for you to keep straight what your actually doing. Shortcuts are every where, and you can't forget driving on the wrong side of the highway or flying over a car.

Replay 5
This is a game where you will want to space out the amount of time you put into playing it. Otherwise after playing for two hours straight, you'll be going crazy, like the name of the game. This is more of a pick me up on a rainy day or something to play when you just beat a game and are looking for a new one

Buy or Rent? Rent
I would rent it, and not spend $30 on it right away. Try it out and see what you think of it.

Over All Score 7

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 07/19/02, Updated 07/19/02

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