Review by SuperLuigi

"Fun, fun game, but a little old."

Crazy Taxi; Everyone's played it at one time or another, and everyone knows that this is a fun, fun game.

Graphics- 8/10

This game is a good example of eye candy. The buildings look incredible, the people look fine from a distance, but the best part are the cars. The taxis are so finely detailed it blows away the rest of the game in comparision. The worst part, however, are the people. They'll do fine, but when the camera pans around during the beginning, you can yell that not much time was spent on the person models. Mouths don't move (which is bad for B.D. Joe, because this poor man is stuck with an eternal smile), hair doesn't flow (all of em have no roofs, yet hair stays in place like cement) and the hands are like mittens.

Gameplay- 9/10

This is where the game REALLY shines! The game is so fun, so easy to learn, so addictive, that it is definitely easy to use as a party game (although it lacks a two-player mode). The only problem is the complete and total lack of a story of any kind. Now, I know it's an arcade game by nature, but at least make an attempt! The lack of modes is disturbing too. There's Arcade, Original (arcade switched around) and Crazy box, a buncha mini-games. These modes are solid, but there aren't enough. A little add-on, a new charecter, new map (not original, it's the same damn thing) anything would be good, but it's just a straight port.

Sound- 5/10

What can I say here? The sound is basically grunge rock and worn out speech clips. The speech gets repetitive, the music doesn't stand a chance, and the announcer just makes you wanna punch through the screen. It isn't that bad, it just gets way too repetitive. There may be a total of 10 lines coded into the game, and that just doesn't go with me. If just a few more lines were added in, and some better songs were put in (oh, say, Saliva?), the sound score here would be better, but, well, it wasn't, so that drags the score down a bit.

Summary- It's a fun, short-lived, addictive game. I'll give it a rent. If more things were added to this version, it'd be great, but, of course, this was ported by Acclaim, not Sega, so it's not like Acclaim could screw with Sega code, they just bought the rights to bring it to PS2, and that's good enough, right?

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 10/01/02, Updated 10/01/02

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