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"Lets Go"

Come and have some fun with crazy taxi,and that is exactly what you do,as soon as you pick up that controller it is fun until you put it.If you like any of these things then you will most probably like this game allot,some themes that this game has in it are things like Fast Cars,Great Fun,Freedom To Go Anywhere you want,and I mean anywhere.Let me just say that if you like a combination of any of the things below then you will absolutely go crazy for crazy Taxi.
If you like to go fast in a taxi that seems like it has no brakes,you just want a change from all your other games or just want to try something new,then you'll enjoy this game.Because thats what this game has in it.

And if you like a couple or more things in that list then you will go crazy for this game,because that is all you do,squeeze in and out of traffic while trying to please the customers who will get easily angry with you if you get them to their destination just a little late.
So sit back and see if you should buy this game and
Lets Go Make Some Crazy Money!!!

Okay,I think I'll split this part up into 3 parts Action,Controls and Drive able Places.


If you have played this game you would realise that the Action never stops coming,especialy when you hit something on or off the road,the controller shakes and gives you a real sense that you are driving the car around and you are the driver.
It is funny to see you in the car with or without a passenger in your cab and driving on the sidewalks and watching the other people run for their lives as your car comes incredible speeds through the streets.It would be much better if the people were able to be ran over and injured,maybe even killed,but it is fine the way it is.
If you don't like to earn a load of cash on the streets there are other things you can do in this game like play the crazy box,this is a series of crazy stunts you have to complete so you can move onto the next line of the stunts.

Nnnnoooo!!!!They are terriable!!!Although you can change them to suit your way of playing the,they are still very bad and every move you make sends you over to the other side of the road,even when you don't want to.They are shocking for doing crazy stuff in between the cars,and makes even more difficult when you are trying to do stunts like the crazy drift on the public road way,and it is very easy to perform a huge crash into another car,and it is very funny when it happens.

Drive able Places
What are the names of any other car games that you can go into anywhere you want and not get chased by the Cops,none that I know of.Yes in this game there is no cops,there is a cop station,but no actual cops roaming the streets and there are none that chase you if they see you committing a offence.So if you hate begin chased by the cops in all the other car games,then this game might be for you.And sometimes the game doesn't even allow you to got in there,or sometimes even close to the place.You can travel to all different and wonderful places,these places include the Beach,where you can go underwater,A Shopping Mall and lots of other mad places to take people through.
The good thing is if you ply this game enough you will get a person who wants to go to every place there is on the map,and you will get to know both of the towns very quickly.

Once again I'll split this section up again into the Actual Sound and the Commentary sounds.

The sounds are very good in this game,the sound the car makes as it speeds up and around to pick the next passenger up before the time limit runs out,but getting back on the subject,there is really good music with great sounds to help hum along to the lovely tunes while you tear up the streets trying to make some hard earned cash.The heaps good tunes and songs are also in the CRAZY BOX section.

I just thought I would add this bit just because it is completely different than the music and stuff like that.
You will hear them at different points in the game,and depending on how you act with the passengers.If you stuff up and get them their late,they will be angry with you,but if you get them there early they will love you.

This game has the Graphics of the PS2 standard,if not better.The good thing is that every time you hit either a car,wall or building or anything else that is solid you'll scrap your car and make some sparks that fly in every which way you can think of.
The jumps you do get supported allot when you are in the air and when you hit the ground it makes a little bouncy ride up the road a bit.
The detail on the your vehicles that roam the street and your car has great detail on it,the mirros,the person in the car,the driver you have selected and every little thing in your car is great.
The only bad thing is that the cars don't show the damaged,I think it would be very good if every time you hit the car or another car you should get a little dinted or even on fire,I just think it would be much better if you could actually get on fire and Hi-Jack other cars just to keep going to get more cash,but that might be going a little to far.
But on the whole they are very good,and gives the game some real kick to play.

Nothing wrong with it at all,actually I think it is great to be a good cabbie,that is driving around as fast as they want,to get to the end of the road and just to receive about $500 just for going about 600 meters,maybe less.Yes it would be great to be a cabbie when you drove around the street everyone would put up their hands just they can get in the car with you,the reason I didn't give it 10/10 was the fact that it would be hard to get that job out of all the other people,and the fact the their are no cops that will chase you down,but the good thing is this is just a game and in games we can imagine ALL we want.

Not good,not good at all.I got bored with it in about 4 hours of straight play,at the most!!!All you do is the same thing over and over again,there will be always something different with each run,but everything is relatively the same thing.The good thing is if you get bored of making cash,you can go play crazy box,In the crazy box section you will do all different stunts to progress through to the next level of stunts,every time you pass one the next one will be usually be a little harder.

**Replay Abbility:9/10**
You should notice that as soon as you finish your run the screen will be split in half,one half will be the credits flowing down the side,and on the other side it will show you your entire run from start to finish.Most the passengers,stops and everything else you did right down to most of the crashes you did will be shown.The only thing wrong with the replay ability is the fact that you can't stop,start again,change the camera veiw,pause the replay and that is really all you can do.So just sit back and watch your entire run from start to finish.

Very good game,and a must for anyone who likes taxi cars or begin a cab driver.I like this game because of this action,and to be honest the action never ever stops.It is also very good because the vehicles you drive and the characters you drive as.

Same as the Summary,I was going to give it a 10 but the Controls and the Lifespan brought it down allot,so that is my verdict.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 10/26/02, Updated 10/26/02

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