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Reviewed: 11/04/02 | Updated: 11/04/02

You really want me behind the wheel?

Crazy Taxi is one of the coolest games around due to the fact you get to drive a taxi and also make some major moola. I loved Crazy Taxi since I first put my fifty cents into the arcade machine and enjoyed my sixty seconds of scooting around the city picking up customers and having insults shouted at me. After playing this game for a while I realized it's actually a lot deeper than just pressing the gas and brake pedal.


Buckle your seatbelt and lets get ready to make some crazy money. You get to choose between four drivers, who's attributes very ever so slightly. Certain character have better steering skills and some have a better take off, unless you played this game quite a few times you will never know the difference. As you zoom around the city you will see various pedestrians who need a lift, each one has a different color circle around them which lets you know the degree of difficulty. Green is a quick and easy run while Yellow requires you to travel a little further and there is the red where you basically drive from one city to the next. The gameplay for the most part maintains a constant frame rate but if you collide into a traffic of cars be prepared to see some slow down in the frame rate. You run around town basically picking up people and then dropping them off at a certain location. Nothing like hearing a girl jump in the back of your ride telling you ''Take me to Pizza Hut''. The people will insult you according to your driving skills,
lets say you smash in a ton of cars trying to get the person to their location, you may hear ''YOU IDIOT'','' ARE YOUR EYES EVEN OPEN'','' YOU DUMBASS''. Well at least the developers found a nice way to give you some real-time feed back on how your driving. Another cool part of Crazy Taxi is you can make extra money by doing various maneuvers like a Crazy through(which is you zipping past a car really close with out actually hitting the car) and by jumping your car in the air. Crazy Taxi is pure mindless fun that will keep you hooked for hours


Well pick up the customer and drop them off to get cash. The more money you make the better license you get when the timer
runs out. Again with these types of simulations you just get a carload of game play and no story line.


Crazy Taxi and fair amount of rock tracks to keep you bobbing your head to while trying to keep an eye out for oncoming traffic.
The music is very up beat and has a quick tempo to keep the tense feeling of driving seventy miles an hour through a 30 mile an hour traffic zone, or busting out a two wheel motion on the side of Kentucky Fried Chicken. I never found myself digging for my CD player even after endless hours of play, the music is just right.

Replay ability

There are so many modes of play in the game. You can play the original mode if you liked the arcade version or you can play the
arrange version which is a completely different city. You can also play the crazy taxi mini games that include jump your taxi as far
as you can to pick up a certain number of customers within an allotted amount of time. Crazy Taxi will give you hours upon hours of gaming bliss with enough mini-games to keep the ride going

To Buy or Rent

I recommend you rent it first to get a feel for it. While I loved the game most people may not since it is not your typical simulator
game. If you have tried the arcade you will like this game but beware it is a little buggy from its port over from the dreamcast but all in all to me it was a worth while investment!

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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