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"Whoa! This game is fun!! For about two minutes..."

Like my synopsis says, the fun in this game lasts for about, oh, let’s say about 1.43 minutes, but for it’s sake, I’ll make it an even two minutes of fun. Want to help me count the different things that you do in the game? I didn’t think so, but I am going to count them without you. Hmm... Let’s see... You drive a taxi around... and, well... you drive a taxi around. Now that sounds like fun doesn’t it? Surprisingly, the fun lasts longer than you’d think, which is a miracle for this game. The almost two minutes that you do have fun, actually are pretty fun. The taxi is fast, and the realism is about zero, so it makes for some fun drives, but the repetition is what brings this game down. If it had a free mode, where you could just drive around and not have to worry about time limits and picking up people, the fun would last a lot longer. The driving is the only good aspect of the game. I love how there is barely any realism to it, which was a good change when I played it. I love games like Gran Turismo, that have a lot of realism, but the unrealistic driving in Crazy Taxi was a nice change from the norm. I have no clue why people were going crazy over it when it first came out for dreamcast, but it was a good selling game then, but this isn’t for dreamcast. This is an extremely bad clone of an ok game. I actually liked the Dreamcast version of the game almost twice as much as this one. Now, on to the different sections of the game.

Gameplay: 8/10

The gameplay is decent in the game. Fun to drive, easy to control. Not much else to the gameplay, so it gets a couple points added for simplicity.

Game Modes: 2/10

There is supposedly 3 different modes for the game. In actuality, there is only two modes, Arcade style and Crazy Box. Arcade consists of the meat of the game, the driving around picking people up. There are two different stages, Arcade and Original, which is a cheap way to make people think there are more modes to this crappy game. They count each of the tracks as a mode! What kind of crap is that? More proof to the fact that Acclaim is in the business for the money, especially looking at the previews of BMX XXX, which goes on the basis that sex sells. But that is a totally different game, so I’m not going to get into it. On to Crazy Box. Crazy Box is around 15 different mini games, that all equally suck as much as the game. So, I’m not going to get into them at all.

Graphics: 6/10

Meh, not the worst, not near the best. A little better than average(Average being 5 in this case), but still pretty bad. Even the best graphics in a game ever couldn’t save this game from sucking this bad though, so don’t worry about the graphics.

Story:: 1/10

The question is, IS there an actual story? As far as I know, you just get in the taxi and pick people up, so I guess the story is that you’re a taxi driver. Ooh!! Exciting, isn’t it?

Overall: 3/10

Could have been good, if there were more modes in it. Wait, no it couldn’t! The whole idea is stupid! It makes me wonder why in the hell they made 2 sequels to this game... It just puzzles me as to why they would make a sequel to such a crappy game, let alone two of them. I got this game for around a quarter from a friend, and I regret giving him that for this game. I played it maybe twice and then it got put on the shelf and never opened again, but I looked at it today when I was really bored, and I got a nostalgic feeling of he Dreamcast game, so I decided to play it again, for old times sake. I wish I hadn’t.

Rent of Buy: None

More than likely no where even has this game for rent, or even for sale for that matter, but if you do find it somewhere, do not waste your couple of bucks to buy it(Yes, it is probably on sale for 2 bucks used, if that), instead go and buy a couple sodas, you’ll enjoy them more than this game.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 01/02/03, Updated 01/02/03

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