Review by T Bo

"Shame on you Sega!"

Crazy Taxi crashes its way onto the PlayStation 2. Was it worth it? A big hell no! If you held your breath waiting for this one then you wasted your time.

The Story:
In case you didn't know, you drive people around to places like Pizza Hut or Tower Records in a fictional town. You get more money for being really quick and avoid crashing into other vehicles. Also, there are crazy jumps to get more moolah. Different from the arcade version: An extra mode which allows to you perform stunts/tricks in certain time limits is also available. Plus you can adjust the difficulty. It is an original concept to be a taxi driver so I'll give it that.

Oh my, did they ever mess this up. At first it looks like everything is fine until you drive for a couple of minutes and then the whole level disappears! The other cars are still there but everything else is invisible. Totally unacceptable. I can't believe that the game testers missed this one since it happens multiple times throughout the world. Anyone who buys this game should feel ripped off. It makes it extremely hard to drive characters because you think all you have to do is drive forward but then you crash into an invisible wall! It also makes no sense since this game has very long loading times. Plus, the graphics look PlayStation 1-ish, as if the developers simply ported over the game without taking advantage of the power of the PS 2. The graphics get a big whopping goose egg, that's right 0/10. For shame.

The controls are not too good either. You can be driving forward then hit a car and completely turn around. Then, you'll lose two or three precious seconds holding down R1 and cursing at the game as your car slowly starts to take off. Also, if you hit a wall you'll get stick for a bit and may lose some seconds there too. The controls are really basic: steer with the left analog or d-pad, gas is R1 or R2, brake is L1 or L2, forward shift is circle, reverse shift is X, horn is triangle yadda yadda yadda. The controls could've been way better and more responsive. 5/10

Yeah that's The Offspring singing, just like in the arcade version. I would've liked more songs since that one just gets played and played so much that it gets annoying. Plus, the characters swear at you if you drive too slow or crash too much (due to the stupid invisible walls). Since it is a sound, the PS 2 makes a lot of noise as it loads the game. Sound is okay 6/10.

Fun Factor:
It is fun driving around...for maybe ten minutes, it depends on how much you can tolerate the invisible walls. There's absolutely no replay value even after the first play through since there's only one level and it remains the same. There's also the little things like the ''Are you sure you want to restart?'' screens. Of course, I want to restart that's why I selected it in the first place! This game is made for the arcades and should've had way more options like extra levels, extra music, better GRAPHICS (I can't stress this enough) and more drivers. Fun Factor gets a 3/10.

The Verdict:
Well I really enjoyed playing it in the arcade and I'd suggest that you should go play it there instead of on PS2. This game offers little extras that aren't enough to warrant a purchase. The terrible graphics totally killed this game for me. I'll give it a final score of 3/10. Yep you read that right a 3 out of 10 because when it worked properly it was really fun. I really wanted to enjoy this game but those idiots at Sega robbed me, and anyone who plays this game, from having a great time.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 10/14/03

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