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"Clearly sega has never heard of SUBLIMINAL advertising..."

Crazy taxi. Simple old crazy taxi sees one of four drivers zooming around a city trying to make as much money as they possibly can before a repeatedly varying time runs out. Prepare yourself, here comes the review...

Graphics: 7
The graphics are superb. Everything is sharp and accurate, the characters and cars move smoothly, and the areas around you are crafted to perfection. The cars each look different, and the various objects on the streets bounce about like there is no tomorrow. Clearly perfect, but there are a few glitches. Sometimes, when you are driving, your car will ''lock'' against a wall, resulting in a kind of shaky screen mode, then propelling your car forward at a huge speed. Also, it is sometimes possible to park on top of a person, which looks wierd, and the people also walk through any obstacles in their way. While this is annoying, it is nothing huge. All in all, they are great, but the glitches let it down.

Sounds: 10
The sound is absolutely mind blowing. The voice acting, while not great, is sharp and clear as a bell. The music rocks as well, with music from Offspring and Bad Religion. However, if you do not like these bands, then you won't have as much fun. The sound effects are brilliant too, with a honking and a screeching here and there as you weave through the traffic. Truly genious. The guy who does the phrases at the end, however good and clear his words are, will seriously grind your nerves though. I actually wanted to kill him by the end. But still, nothing can actually let the sound score down.

Controls: 6
Ah. Oh dear. This is where it falters. Most driving games have a button to accelerate, one for braking, and one for reversing. But this game, has one for accelerating, and one for braking. Instead, you must chang gears from ''Reverse'' to ''Drive''. This is incredibly frustrating. It also collides horribly with the good point of the controls - there are some moves in the game you can pull off which rule. There is the ''crazy boost'' which is a little blast that propels you forward, a reverse version of the boost, and there is also a crazy drift, which is basically a sharp turn. Doing these tricks along with dodging traffic earns you tips and therefore extra money. But driving along, pulling off a drift, and relising you got stuck in reverse will make you cry in some of the game.

Gameplay: 10
The gameplay is incredible. As well as two maps (although not sounding much, they are so big it is possible to get lost. Believe me.) there is also the ''crazy box'', a selection of (initially) nine minigames, each designed to test your skills of the game. As well as this, there are quite a few unlockables; you can unlock an extra 7 minigames, and a new vehicle for use in both the mini games and the real thing. As well as this, there are dozens of secrets in each level, such as train tunnels, short cuts over buildings, and under buildings, and even underwater there are characters and even a whale to watch in arcade mode. What more could you want?

Replayivity: 9
The game lasts for ages, but once you have unlocked everything, there is incredibly little left to do unless you have a lot of other people who play this game; then you can try and beat each others scores in the main game and the mini games. This is more fun than it sounds, and will have you coming back for more and more. Also it is very fun to try and find as many secrets as possible. With all of this, this game will last for a long time.

Overall: 9
Solid gameplay, great graphics, brilliant audios, and slightly over complicated controls all add up to one fantastic game.

Buy or rent?- BUY!
Buy this game, buy and enjoy. Buy it, and I guarantee you will love it.

Note:- No guarantees count towards anything. No money refunds will be provided from me.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/21/04

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