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    FAQ by Rivaldi

    Version: 0.15 | Updated: 11/25/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                         ________________     ______________
                        /___   ____/  /  |   /    /  ______/
                           /  /   /  /   |  /    /  /____
                          /  /   /  /   .| /.   /  _____/
                         /  /   /  /   /||///  /  /______
          /     _________/   __   /    /   __   /    /    ___     / ®
         /     /        /   /_/  /    /   / /__/    /    /  /____/
        /     /        /   __  </    /"- "-   /    /-.,_ "-.,_
       /     /        /   / /  /    /___', '-/    /____ '-,   "-
      /     /________/   / /  /    /   /_/  /    /    /___/    /
      \             /___/ /__/   _/________/   _/             /
       \       __--'        /,-'"         /,-'" "'---,,,---'""
        \__--''           ____________________
                         /                   /
                        /__      ___      __/
                          /     /  /     /
                         /     /  /     /
                        /     /  /     /
                       /     /  /     /
                      /     /  /     /
                     /     /  /     /
                  __/     /__/     /__
                 /                   /
                   Time Crisis® II Guide
    Title -=- Time Crisis® II Guide
    Platform -=- PlayStation™ 2
    Author -=- Randy Walker
    ASCII Title Artist -=- Randy Walker
    Version -=- 0.15
    Last Update -=- Sunday, November 25, 2001
    E-mail -=- ssaiyanbob@aol.com
    GameFAQs Username -=- Rivaldi
    -=Table o' Contents=-
    1. Legal Stuffs
    2. Updates
    3. Intro
    4. Menu Options and How to Play
    5. Characters and Enemy Types
    6. Walkthrough
    7. Mini-Games
    8. Crisis Missions
    9. Secrets
    10. FAQ
    11. Special Thanks
    1. Legal Stuffs
            This guide can be found on:
                    -GameFAQs (www.gamefaqs.com)
                    -Cheat Code Central (www.cheatcc.com
                    -psxcodez (www.psxcodez.com)
                    -Neoseeker (www.neoseeker.com)
                    -ps2replay (www.ps2replay.com)
                    -ps2domain (www.ps2domain.com)
    The newest version will always be at www.gamefaqs.com.  If you want to put it
    on your web site all you have to do is ask me.  If you see it on any page
    beside the one(s) listed above, take it upon yourself to notify me so i can
    proceed to yell at them.
    This guide is for personal use only.  To use it otherwise, profitable or not,
    without my permission is an infringment of your legal capacities.  You may copy
    the guide (word for word) and utilise it if:
            -I have been notified
            -I have given permission
            -I recieve 100% credit
    You can also print a copy of the entire guide or a part of it, provided you
    only use it for personal purposes.
    This guide ©2001 Randy Walker
    Time Crisis®2 & ©1995, 1997, 2001 Namco Ltd., All rights reserved.
    "PlayStation" and the "PS" family logo are registered trademarks of Sony
    Computer Entertainment Inc.
    If you have any issues or have a question, e-mail me at ssaiyanbob@aol.com but
    I have some rules:
            -If you _have_ to be negative, be "positively" negative. Don't e-mail  
           me and say "Sheesh, this guide's REALLY bad." It's not nice.
            -Don't spam. I shouldn't have to say this, but some people just like   
           to be obnoxious.
            -If it's about this guide or Time Crisis II, indicate that in the      
           subject header.
            -If it is a question, make sure it is not covered in the guide, kay?
            -If it is a submission or correction, state your name or alias as you  
           want it to appear when I credit you. That is, if you want me to         
         state your name.
    (If this whole guide looks screwy, notify me so I can slave away trying to fix
    2. Updates
    11/25/01 - Added to the websites section and attempted to fix the format.
    11/20/01 - First posting.  Everything you see here.
    3. Intro
    As a business leading the way for the next-generation communications system,
    Neodyne Industries Ltd. inaugurated their plans for the "Starline Network". 
    With 64 low-orbit communications satellites already developed, Neodyne
    announced their plans for the launch of the satellites in the coming month.
    However, 3 weeks before the planned launch of the satellites, the international
    special intelligence group VSSE uncovered the shocking truth.  Their
    intelligence learned that some of the satellites scheduled for the launch are
    actually strategic military satellites.  To collect more evidence about their
    intent, VSSE immediately dispatched Christy Ryan to penetrate Neodyne as an
    undercover agent.  Although Christy succesfully gathered information about
    Neodyne's intent, her identity was uncovered and she has become a fugitive
    withing the Neodyne compound.
    To rescue Christy and retrieve the information, VSSE called for their best,
    Secret Agents Keith Martin and Robert Baxter, to infiltrate the Neodyne
    4. Menu Options and How to Play
     -=- Menu Options -=-
        At the main menu you have four options: Arcade, Extra Games, Options       
      and Database.
           -Arcade: Play the original Time Crisis 2 arcade game. (1 or 2 players)
           -Extra Games: Play various mini-games to polish your aiming skills. 	   
        Some games are hidden and can only be played by performing certain 	       
    requirements to unlock them.
           -Options: Adjust various game settings, including the number of lives,  
          game difficulty level, controller, game data, screen and sound 		       
           -Database: Check out the score rankings of your previous plays in 	     
      different game modes.
     -=- Arcade:
        Select STORY MODE to play all three stage in order, or select ONE          
      STAGE TRIAL to play one stage only.
            One Player: Play the One Player Arcade mode.
            Two Player: Play the Two Player cooperative Arcade mode in 	           
      split-screen. The rules of the game are exactly the same as the One 	       
    Player game, but the same Credits are shared by Player 1 and Player 	        2.
            Double Gun: Play the One Player Arcade mode using two guns. The game 	 
          rules are basically the same as the One Player Arcade mode, but there    
        is an additional display for the number of bullets left in the 		       
    second gun at the bottom-right corner of the screen.
            Link: Use the i.LINK cable to connect to PlayStation 2 computer 	      
     entertainment systems and two TVs together to play in Two Player Link        
            Rankings: View the score rankings for the Arcade mode.
            Game Options: Change the game difficulty level and number of lives.
     -=- Extra Games:
            Agent Trainer: Play and compete for shooting accuracy at the shooting  
          range. There are 4 different difficulty levels to choose from. The       
        player with the highest score total after 2 rounds wins.
            Quick & Crash: Play the original arcade hit where you compete in a     
          game of quick-draw. Point the GunCon away from the screen. When          
        targets appear, aim and shoot the targets. The goal is to shoot all        
      the targets as fast as you can with limited number of ammo alloted.
            Shoot Away 2: Play the classic arcade hit where you compete in the 	   
        game of skeet shooting. Aim and shoot the clays before they disappear      
      into the horizon.
            Crisis Missions: Participate in the VSSE training exercises. Play      
          various missions to test your shooting skills.
     -=- Options:
            Game Options: Select this option to adjust the number of lives and     
          the game difficulty level of the Arcade mode. To adjust the setting,     
        aim at the setting you want to adjust and shoot.
            Controller: Select this option to assign the RELOAD button, and        
          change the RELOAD method. You can RELOAD by aiming away from the 	       
    screen and pulling the Trigger if the OFF SCREEN method is selected. 	       
    If you are using a controller, you can also use this option to adjust        
    the cursor speed.
            Screen: Select ADJUST SCREEN to adjust the position of the screen. To  
          adjust the screen, aim and shoot the arrow indicating the direction      
        that you want the screen to shift. Select BRIGHTNESS to display the        
      screen that allows you to adjust the TV brightness. To return to the         
    Options screen, press the A or B button on the GunCon.
            Sound: Select this option to adjust the BGM and SE volume or set       
          STEREO / MONO. To adjust settings, aim and shoot the arrows of the       
        setting that you want to adjust.
     -=- Database:
            Arcade: Select ARCADE to view the Top 20 score rankings for the
            various modes in Arcade. NORMAL is the score rankings for standard     
          play, and SPECIAL is the score rankings for play using the hidden
            Extra Games: Select one of the games to view the Top 5 score rankings  
          of the respective games.
     -=- How to Play -=-
     -=- Game Screen
            |score  (A)                      |
            |                                |
            |                                |
            |           ,                    |
            |       (B)-o-                   |
            |           '                    |
            |                                |
            |                                |
            |                                |
            |                                |
            |shot,,,,,,,,, life     time     |
            | (C)|||||||||    (D)        (E) |
    A. Score: Your score and number of Combo Hits.
    B. Cursor: The cursor is where you are aiming when using a controller. The red
    cursor is Player 1. The blue cursor is Player 2.
    C. Bullets: The number of bullets left. To replenish your ammo, use RELOAD.
    D. Life: You lose 1 life for every time you are shot, hit by an object, or when
    the time limit reaches 0.
    E. Time Limit: There is a 40 second time limit for each of the Action Points.
    You will lose 1 life if the time limit reaches 0.
     -=- Rules of the Game
          -Reload: Release the RELOAD button to evade enemy fire and reload your   
         gun. Remember, you cannot shoot from this position. To shoot and          
       attack the enemy, press the RELOAD button. RELOAD method can be             
     changed in Options.
          -Crisis Sighting: I do not know if this is the proper name for it, but   
         I have seen it used a couple times. A Crisis Sighting is when an enemy    
       miraculously fires a shot that has the _possibility_ to hit you. This       
     is signified by a red shockwave emanating from the enemy and their           
    bullet is changed into a red shuriken-like thing spiraling at you.           
    These are the bullets you have to dodge. If you consider all the shots       
    the enemy fires, they seem to have pretty bad aim.
          -Environmental Obstacles: Yes, nature strikes back! Actually, it's not   
         always nature that gets in your way. Every once in a while, some sort     
       of inanimate object decides it wants to embrace you lovingly. Well,         
     give it the cold shoulder and release the RELOAD button.
          -Action Point: The game will proceed forward as each Action Point is     
         cleared. Defeat all the enemies to clear an Action Point. Once an         
       Action Point is cleared, -WAIT- is displayed on-screen while you move       
     on to the next Action Point. When you reach the next Action Point,           
    -ACTION!- is displayed on-screen and the action will resume.
          -Time Limit: There is a 40 second time limit for each of the Action      
         Points. You will lose 1 life if the time limit reaches 0.
          -Continue: The Continue screen appears if you have Credits left but no   
         Lives left in the current game. You can continue a game as long as you    
       still have Credits remaining. To continue a game, shoot "YES"               
     displayed on-screen. Shoot "NO" to quit the game and return to the           
    Title screen.
          -Game Over: The Game Over screen appears if you select "NO" in the       
         Continue screen, or if you have no Credits or Lives left. If AUTO SAVE    
       is "ON", your ranking data and hidden features that are unlocked are        
     automatically saved.
    5. Characters and Enemy Types
     -=- Characters
            -Keith Martin
               Birthplace: Great Britain
               Age: 27
               Codename: Cherub
               Description: One of the heroes of the game. Former agent of SAS     
             specializing in explosives. On paper, Keith is a Hollywood            
           special-effects technician, but in reality he is an elite VSSE          
            -Robert Baxter
               Birthplace: USA
               Age: 29
               Codename: Griffon
               Description: Keith Martin's partner. Former member of the NAVY      
             SEALS, and an expert pilot/driver of various vehicles. On paper,      
           Robert is a school bus driver. In reality, he is a VSSE agent.
            -Christy Ryan
               Birthplace: USA
               Age: 24
               Description: A VSSE special agent. A super-intellectual who         
             graduated from Harvard at the young age of 17. As an undercover       
           agent, Christy penetrated NDI security posing as Diaz's secretary,      
         but she was captured when her true indentity was uncovered.
            -Wild Dog
               Description: A wanted criminal. The former leader of a mercenary    
             group. In his his encounter with "Richard", a secret agent of         
           VSSE, he lost his arm and was left with a scarred face. His arm         
         has since been reconstructed and replaced with a mechanical               
            -Ernesto Diaz
               Description: The head of NDI. A retired officer who has been        
             committing crimes in the underworld since his tenure as an            
           officer. With intent to conquer the world, he concocted a secret        
         plan to launch military satellites into orbit.
            -Jakov (bald guy with hat)
               Description: Charged with capturing Christy Ryan and securing the   
             attache case which held the information regarding NDI's plans for     
           the military satellite. Boss of Stage 1.
            -(Big European black guy)
               Description: Assigned to protect the satellite as it was            
             transported to the launch site by train. Boss of Stage 2.
     -=- NDI Soldier Types
             Blue - Regular soldier
                The normal enemy you will fight through the course of the          
              game. They can get a Crisis Sighting on you, but it seems to be      
            random. Notify me if I am wrong - you will get credit. These guys      
          show up in about every place that has room for them. You'll shoot        
        a lot of them. I think you get my point.
             Red - Sharpshooters
                These guys pop up fairly often, however not as much as the boys    
              in blue. They have a high chance to get a Crisis Sighting, and       
            they are almost guaranteed to get one before you shoot them.           
          Watch out for these guys, they can actually shoot.
             Green Camouflage - Knife Specialists
                Very annoying, these fellers _always_ have a Crisis Sighting, but  
              it is only signified by a red spark, as opposed to the HUGE          
            display one normally gets. They can either throw a knife at you        
          (red spark warning) or get up close and slash you (no warning).          
        These guys usually hop about for a while before they attack, so            
      sometimes you get a warning.
             Green Fatigues - Heavy Arms Specialists
                There are three flavors of this guy - wee, not so wee, and         
              FRIGGIN' HUGE. The first type uses grenades. They always hit, and    
            give no red warning. However the grenades look like tennis balls,      
          and can be easily seen so you know when to dodge. The second type        
        uses machine guns. These guys can hit you, so be careful. They             
      give the standard Crisis Sighting display, so these guys are                 
    pretty standard. The third type uses rocket launchers. They use              
    the standard Crisis Sighting as well, but I think they always hit            
    you, I'm not sure. They are pretty easy, but they fire four                  
    rockets in succession, so wait for their volley to finish before             
    emerging from the reloading position.
             White - Commanders
                I have not found a difference between the white guys and the blue  
              guys. If anyone knows, notify me.
             Yellow - Field Reconnaissance soldier
                This is my theory on the yellow 'uns: They are recon troops in     
              the field, relaying info about Keith and Robert's progress to the    
            local boss. That is why they don't shoot you, they are always          
          running around, and you get a hefty bonus for shooting them              
        (preventing info about you from getting to the boss).
    6. Walkthrough
    As you can imagine, making a walkthrough for this game will be awkward and
    difficult, so it might take a while. Stay tuned.
    7. Mini-Games
    I will have strategies for getting good scores here and other things.
     -=- Agent Trainer
     -=- Quick & Crash
     -=- Shoot Away II
    8. Crisis Missions
    I will explain each mission here and strategies for each as I complete them.
    submissions of strategies is more than welcome (credit will be given where it's
    9. Secrets
    These secrets came from GameFAQs.com and credit goes to OKong
     -=- The following secrets can be found in Arcade mode.
     -Recieve More Credits
         Every time you get a Game Over, your Credits are increased by 1. Once it  
       goes past 9 Credits or complete Story mode, you'll have Free Play.
     -Recieve 9 Lives (Cat Mode ^_^ HA HA!!!!! HOO HOOOO!!! oh... hehehe)
         Recieve Free Play to change the lives up to 9 in ''Options''.
     -Unlock Automatic Ammo
         Complete Story mode twice.
     -Unlock Infinite Ammo
         Complete Story mode using Automatic Ammo.
     -Unlock Wide Ammo
         Complete Story mode using Infinite Ammo.
     -Unlock Mirror Mode
         Complete Story mode without continuing.
     -Unlock One Stage Trial Stage 2
         Complete Stage 1 in Story mode.
     -Unlock One Stage Trial Stage 3
         Complete Stage 2 in Story mode.
     -Unlock Crisis Mission Mode
         Complete Story mode once.
     -=- The following secrets can be found in Crisis Mission mode.
     -Unlock Music Player
         Complete the Final Mission in Crisis Mission mode.
     -Unlock Final Mission 2
         Complete all of the missions in Crisis Mission mode.
     -=- The following secrets can be found in Extra Games mode.
     -Unlock Additonal Mini-Games in Quick & Crash
         Earn one of the top 5 rankings in Quick & Crash mini-game.
     -Unlock Extra Mode in Shoot Away 2
         Earn a high score in Retro mode of Shoot Away 2.
    10. FAQ
    I will put questions that I am asked and the their answers (if I know them)
    11. Special Thanks
     -=- Me, cause, frankly, I love myself.
     -=- Namco, for revolutionizing the lightgun shooter with "The Pedal". I'll    
       never forget the first time I played Time Crisis 1 (I sucked, I was like    
     eleven or something, but boy did I have fun!) All that's left to do is       
    wait for Time Crisis III, with _three_ player action and the ability to     
     -=- My mom, cause she lent me $10 to get the game WITH a GunCon2. (I don't    
       care if its orange, playing with the dual shock sucks.)
     -=- My friend Harry and his "machine gun finger", for introducing me to this  
       fockin' rockin' game 3 or so years ago and becoming my "Time Crisis II      
     buddy". Seriously, every time we were together at a mall or something        
    and we saw this game, we'ed push over old ladies to get to it. He was        
    _always_ player 1 and I was _always_ player 2. We could get through          
    the game without getting shot. It was crazy. But, alas, he moved to          
    the city and those are things of the past. Ah, memories.
     -=- My other friends: Franco, Kenny, Stephen, etc. for being there and being  
       my, um, "quarter caddies".

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