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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Yojimbo_setsuna

    Version: 0.75 | Updated: 04/26/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    *Backtrak- taking you through those classic games you just have to play again*
    Time crisis 2 walkthrough( PS2 )
    Written by Daniel Byrne
    (c)Copyright Backtrak 2006
    Developer: Namco
    Version <0.75> 
    *This walkthrough is exclusivly permitted to Game FAQ's, under no circumstances
    may it be reproduced without Daniel Byrne's permission.
    *Please note: This FAQ is owned by Daniel Byrne & Backtrack(c) any 
    unauthorised copying, traces, or taking any other content etc from this 
    document is strictly prohibited. Any breach of this on your (the user's) 
    intentions will result in legal action.
    Version history
    V. <0.75>
    26/04/2007 - Updated certain elements regarding stage III
    25/04/2007 - Crisis mission section updated
    25/04/2007 - Main walkthrough section completed.
    V. <0.50>
    1/01/2006  - Started Time crisis 2 walkthrough
    20/02/2006 - Revised full walkthrough inventing better stratergies
    25/04/2006 - Upgraded walkthrough to V. <0.75>
    2.-Setting up
    3.-Starting the game
    4.-Glossary of game terms
    5.-the game screen
    7.-Main walkthrough
    9.-Crisis missions
    = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = - =
    1.>->Introduction                                           +
    = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = - =
    Welcome to the walkthrough, My first of 2006 to be exact! So let's get down to
    some classic gaming once again this year while we wait for the many other new
    releases to hit the shelves this year. We kick off this year with a 
    walkthrough for Time crisis 2 which yes as you already know is the arcade 
    sequal to Namco's highly addictive gun-slinging Time crisis. Not all that much
    has changed since the previous game gameplay wise, & the action still is based
    around the shoot, hide, & reload theme. Basicly Time crisis 2, is a shoot em 
    up which was out on the arcade & then released on the PS2 & of course Time 
    crisis 2 like it's predececer still allows use of the G-con45 & the new G-con2
    developed for the PS2. The story this time also has a dramatic new twist in
    that 2 players can join forces as V.S.S.E. agents Keith Martin & Robert Baxter
    rather unfortunatly for us die hard fans of Richard Miller (the main character
    of Time crisis & Time crisis project Titan) he isn't in the game but has a
    slight mention in the instruction manual. Time crisis 2 is broken down in to
    three stages each with three areas & as before once you clear all three areas 
    you progress to the next stage & some more of the game's story will unfold.It
    can't be said enough that accuracy in this game counts for quite a lot,
    because not only are you shooting down those bad guys you are also fighting
    against the clock hence the title 'Time crisis' after you dispatch a number of
    enemys on a particular section of the area your character/s will move on to
    the next area & your time will be extended. The game's story follows the
    rising of Neodyne industries under the control of Ernesto Diaz to launch a
    network, however Diaz's true intentions at Neodyne are to make use of the
    newly developed nuclear satalite for his own personal gain. A female agent 
    Christy Ryan steals top secret infomation from Neodyne & contacts the V.S.S.E.
    to hopefully bring Neodyne down! The V.S.S.E. dispatch Keith Martin & Robert
    Baxter to take action against Neodyne however Christy is captured by Neodyne &
    so it's in the hands of V.S.S.E.'s elite Keith & Robert to save Christy & take
    Neodyne & it's wicked plans down for good... However once again the clock is
    2.>->Setting up 
    Ok silly it may sound but lets cover setting up, will you use a controller, 
    or the G-con45 or G-con 2 (if you have them.) With a controller you will have 
    a cursor displayed on screen & you will have to aim to your target/s manually
    where as with a G-con45 or G-con 2 you aim your gun then fire! It's really 
    that simple, using the controller can be hard but if you prefer it you can get
    used to it. Anyway here are the full controls for both G-con & ps2 dualshock 
    PS2 Dualshock (controller)
    Circle button- fire
    L1 button- reload/take cover
    X button- mover cursor faster
    D-pad- Moves target cursor
    Start button- pauses game
    G-con45/G-con 2
    Trigger- fire, Red button(main button) reload/take cover
    alternative button- pauses game
    3.>-> Starting the game               +
    Once you have booted up the game you will be asked to calibarate your G-con
    if you have one inserted that is, if not you will proceed to the title screen.
    Once on the main menu you will be presented with several options on your screen
    they are as follows:
    [Arcade]- Play the original time crisis 2 hit! (1 or 2 players)
    One player story- begin Story mode with 1 player as Kieth or Robert
    Two player story- Begin Story mode with 2 players, using G-cons, Controllers
    or a mix of both. In 2 player story mode credits are shared so try to be more
    tactical with credit consuming.
    Double gun- For the real hollywood fanatic, this allows you to play a one 
    player game with two guns (thus you have two bullet gauges displayed)
    Link- To use Link mode you will need the i link for playstation 2 & two T.V's,
    this will allow both players to play a two player game with a full screen
    unlike the standard two player mode which splits the screen vertically.
    [Extra games]- Play mini game like target practise to hone your aiming skills,
    there are several games to choose from here but some will require you to
    fulfill special requirements to unlock them!
    Agent Trainer: This game will test your shooting accuracy, it has 4 levels of
    difficulty & the player with the highest score after two consecutive rounds
    wins the game!
    Quick & Crash: A game of quick draw is the principal here, first aim your
    G-con away then aim & destory the targets but beware ammo is limited so shoot 
    Shoot away 2: Now this should really test your shooting skills, shoot the two 
    plates but it's not that simple.... you olny have two bullets in the chamber
    so aim accurately & shoot em out of the sky!!
    Crisis missions: VSSE training exercises completed in order to select VSSE 
    agents, a variety of scenarios & rules apply so test your trigger finger hot
    [Options]- Adjust sound settings, calibarate your G-con, difficulty & lives etc
    Game options- This option will allow you to change the arcade mode's difficulty
    & number of lives avalible to each credit for each player.
    [Database]- Here you can view the score rankings for each mode in time crisis 2
    Arcade- Split in to score rankings for standard arcade & special, special
    ranking represents some of the games hidden features
    Extra games- Here view game rankings for the extra games included in time 
    crisis 2 (top 5 rankings only)
    4. >->Glossary of the game terms  +
    #Reload-- To reload your weapon release the reload button, while doing so
    your character will automatically take cover from enemy fire, however
    in this postion you cannot fire at the enemy you must press the reload
    button again to take action. The reload method can also be altered in options.
    #Crisis sight-- Beware when an enemy flashes red, they are about to fire a
    shot that has very high accuracy & is likley to make you take on damage,
    the worst case scenario for this will be red type enemies who have great
    accuracy & use the crisis sight to devastating effect, timing is key to evade!
    #Hazzards-- These are scattered at various points in the game, usually you 
    will be prompted when a hazzard is present, take cover immediatly to avoid 
    these then resume fire.
    #Time limits-- In each action zone there is a 40 second time limit, should the
    timer reach zero in that action zone you will lose a life
    #Action zones-- You complete these small action zones to proceed in the game
    once cleared you will move to the next one until action is displayed again
    you cannot act inbetween while your character moves between action zones.
    #Continue-- when all your current lives are expended the continue screen will
    show, shoot yes to continue or no to return to the title screen, if all credits
    are expended you will see the game over screen.
    5.The Game screen
    Score: Current score (bonus points for accuracy)
    Cursor:(if using a controller) small target to aim at enemies on screen
    Bullets: Number of bullets/ammo remaining when this depletes you must reload.
    Life: You will lose life when you are shot, hit by a hazzard, or the time hits
    Time limit: 40 seconds for each action zone, when this reaches zero you will
    lose one life.
    6.CHARACTERS                            +
    Kieth Martin
    Age- 27
    Bio: One of VSSE's best agents & a former member of the SAS, he has quick
    thinking & is always ready to face any situation head on!
    C.O.B- Great Britain
    Robert Baxter
    Age- 29
    Bio: A former SEALS member, Robert is knowledgeable on various subjects
    & is a able agent who will never give up! 
    C.O.B- USA
    Christy Ryan
    Age- 24
    Bio: VSSE's special agent, she plunged deep in to Ernesto's base to discover
    his true plans but she was discovered & captured by Neodyne. Christy has a
    very high I.Q & excells at gathering information & spying
    C.O.B- USA
    Wild Dog
    Bio: Wild Dog returns! not much is known about this "mercenary" however
    he is a deadly shot & was once overcome by a former VSSE agent causing
    him to form a cloud of malice toward VSSE.
    C.O.B- unknown
    Ernesto Diaz
    Bio: Head of Neodyne, he will stop at nothing to realise his ambitions & he
    says Neodyne will unite the world. In the shadows plans to launch a military
    satalite to utilize in possible terrorist attacks!
    Bio: He is responsible for kidnapping Christy, & has the attache case 
    containing plans for the military satalite. Boss stage 1
    Mysterious african man
    Bio: He is responsible for phase two of the Neodyne plan, a very violent 
    criminal possesing incredible strength! Boss stage 2
    |7.Main walkthrough |
    Kieth's path              +                                         	
    You will begin the game with a short introduction cut scene then get ready
    to lock & load!
    AREA 1 (STAGE I)
    = = = = = =
    The game starts now, outside the door of the room Christy was in before Jakov
    Kidnapped her, regardless of which character you choose (this walkthrough 
    is assuming you are plugged in to port one to play as Kieth Martin) this 
    upcoming first section will be the same. Before i begin take note that each
    character has a different route somewhat & at certain times the duo V.S.S.E
    agents will have to split up to secure the action zones, this gives a 
    different new experience to both character's paths through the game.
    Now we begin for real, from your starting postion come out from your cover
    behind the door to kick it open. Straight away you will enter a gun fight
    so shoot Jakov first (whom is indicated with a BOSS above him in a form of
    HUD) to gain additional points. Reload your next round of bullets either in
    to Jakov if he hasn't already retreated or the remaining troopers preferably
    in the head if possible to gain a greater score) & try to stay accurate
    because you will recieve bonus points for multiple shots that are accurate
    & hit the enemy. After dealing with this action zone Kieth & Robert move
    in to the room & out of the window
           :WAIT PHASE:
    You will resume action again outside a cafe area, aim for their heads if you
    can, taking cover where appropriate & beware of the red troopers here as they
    are insightly more accurate than their other cohorts.
           :WAIT PHASE:
    Next you will be facing the cafe's front window & be introduced to a new
    threat, grenade throwing troopers. If a grenade is hurtled toward you take aim
    & if you think you are quick enough shoot it down before it hits you! If
    you don't think you can shoot it down take cover & return fire immediatly
    you should be able to clear this action zone easiley without much trouble
    or in fact none at all!
           :WAIT PHASE:
    Next you are just opposite the cafe on it's terrace, here destory the large
    tanker in the background to instantly dispose of the enemy troopers & recieve
    a 10,000 point bonus to your score. You will now move to the next action zone
    facing the town centre.
           :WAIT PHASE:
    Here deal immediately with the troopers weilding rocket launchers! take them
    out ASAP, then reload & take cover quickly resuming fire towards the centre 
    monument taking down the two yellow troopers for more bonus points! whenever
    they present themselves usually it will be quick so aim as best you can &
    fire, if you manage to always target each yellow trooper you can easily gain 
    the top rankings position, but as i said they will be quick to retreat having
    such a huge point bounty over their heads.
    At this point Robert & Kieth get caught inbetween enemy crossfire & decide
    to split up & go either side of the town centre, Kieth will head towards the
    fashion outlet.
           :WAIT PHASE:
    Dispose of the pans on the stall infront of the fashion outlet to prevent
    restricion of your shots, beware of the red trooper make them general targets
    as & when they appear on screen but do prioritize targets accordingly
    (eg rocket launchers first, then the red troopers) don't forget to reload
    your weapon here.
           :WAIT PHASE:
    A truck busts through to the town & in to the square you've been taking
    action in! Kieth will take his cover behind a nearby tree, shoot Jackov
    again as he pops up again from inside the truck now to fire at you, next
    make sure to take out the storm of troopers armed with the rocket launchers
    dealing with the troops on your side as well & target the ones on Robert's
    side you can just see them to shoot them. Jakov obviously isn't one to learn
    from past mistakes as he will pop up again on Robert's side shoot him here too
    you have the advantage as his back will be turned to you due to him focusing
    on Robert to try & get in some shots at him, after taking him down twice from 
    each side Jakov retreats yet again & this marks the end of area 1!
                              AREA 1 CLEAR
    AREA 2 (STAGE I)
    = = = = = =
           :WAIT PHASE:
    On to area 2 now, with Robert giving you the signal to move ahead. You
    will move to an ally & proceed up it, you will be tested with your trigger 
    finger here because the falling barrels will head staight down the ally
    one after another in rapid succession. As if that wasn't enough to deal with
    troopers of a variety of colour will attack you as you proceed. Reload between
    destroying the barrels, once you reach the top of that alley Jakov will shoot
    at you from afar, return fire & hit him from long range even if you only shoot
    one bullet at him & it hits do it fast before he retreats!
           :WAIT PHASE:
    The next large action zone in the alley, will have a series of enemies
    attacking from the balcony & other surrounding doorways. Don't forget to
    get those shots in on Jakov as he will appear again to try shoot you as he
    makes his retreat, also take care now as Robert will be within your firing
    range & shooting him means a big -1000 points penalty every time! The key
    is precision & timing, hopefully your aim will get better as you progress
    if it isn't too good right now.
           :WAIT PHASE:
    Shoot down the barrels infront of you, to prevent the enemy from having
    a form of cover. To quickly finish this action zone off, try to shoot
    the normal troopers (blue in colour) who are largely inaccurate in the head.
    Troopers will also slide down on ropes here to shoot you so take heed of this
    & get the upper hand before they do.
           :WAIT PHASE:
    Take care of the knife throwing enemies quickly & if you are quick & accurate
    enough shoot the knives down before they hit you! As well as shooting down
    the regualr troops, Jakov will show his ugly mug again fire at him & he will
    yet again run off (he'll get his turn soon, just you wait!!)
           :WAIT PHASE:
    After you will be turned back toward more enemy troopers, provide Rob
    with cover fire, you will have a greater chance to achieve headshots
    so you should jump at the opportunity now.
           :WAIT PHASE:
    A flurry of enemies now, beware of the two grenaders for either
    character route & also shoot that damn elusive Jakov to gain
    more points.
           :WAIT PHASE:
    During his haste to run away like the coward he obviously is, Jakov
    drops the automatic he's been firing at you all this time! ( ha ha the fool!)
    you will automatically pick it up & note the shot gauge has OO next to it
    the symbol for infinity, meaning infinate ammo ALRIGHT!!
           :WAIT PHASE:
    Now wipe the enemy out with the automatic, you have no reason to hold back
    while firing unless of course the crisis sight goes off meaning the enemy is
    going to shoot accurately in which case cover becomes the option. Eliminate 
    the troopers, during which a armoured van will appear. Unleash a burst of 
    shots from the automatic in to the van also avoiding the sentry gun that 
    appears from it while maintaining constant fire to blow the van to bits!
                          AREA 2 CLEAR
    AREA 3 (STAGE I)
    = = = = = =
    A brief cut scene occurs here, Kieth & Robert pursue Jakov who is at the dock
    however Jakov is detirmined to stop them now...
    Deal with the small fry of enemies here, do not miss a well hidden yellow
    troop by the hut in the far background across from the dock. After clearing
    the area you move to seperate hover crafts to pursue Jakov.
           :WAIT PHASE:
    Now you are on one hell of a white knuckle ride with fatal consequence, 
    eliminate Jakov's speed boat's gatling guns first they fire many bursts
    & won't give you chance to breathe let alone shoot! After doing this eliminate
    all enemies that surround you (one shot to the enemy will be enough to 
    overturn their hovercraft completely, once again at various point Robert will
    be in your line of fire so avoid shooting him & avoid any kind of the penalty
    in the process. Whilst on the hovercraft at certain points Jakov will pop his
    head up to shoot you from the speed boat, take this chance to shoot him in 
    the head if you can. During the course of dealing with Jakov, scubba divers 
    will appear in the water & swim towards the hovercraft as they approach they
    will dive out from the water to strike at you. Ensure you take them down &
    also shoot them if failing all else take cover when they assault the sides of
    your hovercraft. Once you can finally focus your full attention on Jakov,
    use shoot & cover tactics accordingly eventually killing Jakov (I told you
    you'd get that swine in the end!!) Stage 1 is now complete.
                                    STAGE 1 CLEAR!!
    There will be several cut scenes relevant to the games story, then Kieth
    & Robert make haste to stop the satalite which is being moved by train
    in a nearby wood.
    AREA 1 (Stage II)
    = = = = = = = = =
           :WAIT PHASE:
    You will resume the game in the woods beside the V.S.S.E car, clear out the
    first wave of troopers with accurate shots to the head. Take care
    in also watching your ammo/shot count reloading when nessescary.
           :WAIT PHASE:
    You will move further in to the woods, keep your eyes peeled for yellow 
    troopers & grab those bonus points! take caution as there will be many
    knife brandishing troopers jumping out from the trunks of the trees. After
    clearing this wave it'sgoing to get somewhat rougher so make sure you are
    ready to take aim & accurate fire!
           :WAIT PHASE:
    Moving deeper still in to the wood, you will encounter the rocket launcher
    troopers, as you have done before make them a general priority to neutralize
    but beware of incoming enemy fire as you shoot for them. Hopefully you have a
    clearer aim by now & head shooting shouldn't be a problem.
           :WAIT PHASE:
    Here is a wood clearing, the troopers here all carry machine guns so be on 
    guard & accuracy goes without saying here, this is only a short action zone
    though so at least that is somewhat a relief to know.
           :WAIT PHASE:
    You will have another chance now to pick up another machine gun as it's
    time to take on another armoured van. Blast the van & take caution to avoid
    the falling trees hazzard taking cover to do so. Resume fire on the van &
    dodge the rockets that are launched from the van one after the other. it's 
    from this point forward "sniping fire" becomes effective in the game. Sniping
    fire is a tactic whereby you fire one or two accurate quick shots & then take
    cover resuming fire for another quick possibly less accurate shot, this will
    allow you to preserve life & your credits thus prolonging your game & allowing
    you to make accurate shots one at a time, bear in mind using this tactic i 
    made may at some point need to be speeded up if you intend to hit the yellow
    troopers for extra points.
           :WAIT PHASE:
    Now you move on to the warehouse action zone, shoot the troopers on the
    above balcony while remaining cautious for an elusive knife trooper,
    shoot him or simply don't risk it & take evasive action.
           :WAIT PHASE:
    In this next action zone, shoot at the red oild barrels to earn a bonus
    & finish the area in faster time! 
                              AREA 1 CLEAR!! 
    = = = = = =
           :WAIT PHASE:
    As this area begins, the train is almost ready to depart, quickly dispatch
    the troopers & put the sniping tactic in to practise if you like, after 
    dealing with this wave of enemies quickly & calmly without wasting much time
    you will move to the departing train!
           :WAIT PHASE:
    Once the wait phase ends, shoot all enemies in the car utilizing what
    you have learned so far to make quick work of the enemy. no real threats
    are presented to you here.
           :WAIT PHASE:
    The windows will have been taken out in the previous burst of gunfire along
    the train window by the african man. Shoot the enemies in the opposing car
    that rides up alongside your car, the windows now being free of glass grant
    you a greater chance of hitting the enemies directly anyway.
           :WAIT PHASE:
    Now you move out of the train car in the next action zone, avoid the
    major hazzard when prompted which is the various train track
    indicators on the track. Shoot towards the distance, at the troopers
    further down in other train cars but take caution as always of the red
           :WAIT PHASE:
    Now you have leapt over to the opposite car you were shooting at,
    you will take cover in a shelter & shoot out from within a hole
    in the shelter. There isn't a great deal you can aim for on the enemy
    other than the head as they appear out of the other shelter holes, try to
    ensure you shoot them first before they even display an inkling of a crisis 
    sight. There will be some yellow troopers show their heads to you so try not
    to pass this chance up if only to gather some extra points you missed out on
    in previous areas. Take the large gun turret out ASAP & be ready to take 
           :WAIT PHASE:
    In this last action zone, shoot across at the train but the enemy has
    quite a bit of cover here so try to aim in places that present you with
    the best opportunity i.e chest if the head is too much of a risk 
    take heed of the fact that a knife thrower is also lying in wait here.
    as long as you are accurate & stay on target while firing, you will recieve an
    accuracy bonus for each succesive hit as you will have noticed thus far
    during the course of the walkthrough & game. After this the second area is
    now complete.
                                     AREA 2 CLEAR!!
    = = = = = =
    You now fight the african man whom is the boss for final area of the stage,
    he will start by shooting you from a gun turret, shoot him when he turns
    away from you & only risk shooting him in a frontal attack if you are 100%
    positive you can make at least one shot hit him before quickly taking cover.
    shoot the afican man enough times & he will assume the next phase in his
    assault to stop the V.S.S.E in their tracks.
           :WAIT PHASE:
    After the gun turret didn't make such an effective means to destroy you
    (that is if you are still alive at this point) the african man now picks
    up a missile or possibly some sort of nuclear device to attack you with!
    (DOES THIS GUY HAVE A BRAIN!! ....don't answer that..) shoot him inbetween
    striking you with the missle & attack him with a full expendature of all ammo
    in your gauge when he focuses his attention to Robert. After taking enough 
    shots, he will begin swinging the missile all around him take cover when the
    missile is about to hit & take snipes at him during the swing & when the missile
    isn't a threat of taking your life. The boss also will return to his normal 
    attack pattern of "clubbing" you (or tying to) with the missile (what an
    absolute idiot, & i thought Jakov was bad but one of Neodyne's best is this
    chump?!) maintain a good sniping/cover stratergy & after enough shots have 
    been pumped in to him the last phase in his "onslaught" cough will continue.
           :WAIT PHASE:
    Ok so this guy goes from gun turret, to missile bashing, to....oh yeah
    a helicopter from which to shoot a big heavy gatling gun from (original?
    na not when it's going to weigh him down, & it looks like he put on a lot
    of pounds as it is the beefcake!) the helicopter will swoop over you & he will
    fire a chain of shots in rapid succession but don't let this hold you back
    maintain a constant line of fire. After enough persistance in shots him &
    his helicopter will go down (HA HA i love his death scene here watch his gob
    ahem that's slang for mouth to those not of U.K shores.) Congratulations 
    you cleared stage II
                            STAGE II CLEAR!!!
    Area 1 (stage III)
    = = = = = = = = = =
    After a slight cut scene the final stage will commence, this is the final
    stage in Time crisis 2 having 2 credits or more will be enough to finish
    the game with ease at this point, if not don't give up you could still finish
    the game just take cover frequantly
    Shoot the no good troopers in the first action zone (some are also above 
    crates so watch out!) utilize the "sniping" tactic to full effect here
    as of this point numerous enemies will attack continuously & there will
    be more red troopers than usual. Other enemies will slide down on ropes.
           :WAIT PHASE:
    Moving to behind the crates, shoot the attacking troopers. Watch out for the
    oncoming red troopers & quickly try to shoot down the retreating yellow trooper
    for another + 5000 points bonus.
           :WAIT PHASE:
    Enemies will now be attacking from all angles & sides, you should make
    effective use of covering yourself but not taking too much time to avoid your
    time running out while also equally trying to preserve your remaing life/
    credits. More Knife type troopers will attack you so keep an eye out for their
    rapid movements to stay one step ahead of the enemy. After you have cleared 
    them out an old friend enters.....WILD DOG!!
           :WAIT PHASE:
    More or less throwing down the gauntlet to the V.S.S.E (see what i did there?
    gauntlet>>hand>>hand gauntlet>>>>wild dog>>>>no hand -_^) you must now
    do battle with Wild dog.
    Take out the rocket launcher troops either side of Wild Dog, then concentrate
    fire upon him while avoiding his shots as they vary somewhat in accuracy which
    you should know by now to look for the red crisis sight when danger from enemy
    fire presents itself. Wild dog will soon after move to lower ground, continue
    to fire at Wild Dog & don't hesitate to expend a full clip of ammo on him.
           :WAIT PHASE:
    Troopers with knives will launch assaults at you, try to shoot them instantly
    in the head, & get this over with quickly & promptly.
           :WAIT PHASE:
    Underneath the structure the V.S.S.E will resume their attack on Wild Dog,
    he will now fire on both sides Keith & Robert's positions or both at the
    same time!! While he turns his attention to Robert shoot at him, also taking
    the chance to take down the troopers to ensure they don't get in the way of 
    you & your main target. After enough shots here & careful cover/shooting 
    methods, Wild Dog retreats & area 1 is now complete!
                                 AREA 1 CLEAR!!
    Area 2 (stage III)
    = = = = = = = = = 
    After a short cut scene Ernesto primes a rocket launcher & tries to eliminate
    the V.S.S.E himself!
           :WAIT PHASE:
    Wild Dog will also be assisting Ernesto now so you must ensure to take extreme
    caution. Utilize the sniping stratergy as was outlined previously to deal 
    shots to both enemies. Avoid shooting Robert, & take cover when Wild Dog
    leaps leaps at you from the crate as he will attempt to kick you.
           :WAIT PHASE:
    Take the choppers down & resume fire on Ernesto Diaz & Wild Dog, during
    this phase you should be aware that Ernesto will grab Christy AVOID SHOOTING
    HER!! with Diaz trying to beat a quick retreat you should focus your full
    attention to Wild Dog once he attacks you again, shooting him enough times
    to defeat him....sadly it wasn't enough to kill him.....yet.....
                               AREA 2 CLEAR!!
    Area 3 (stage III)
    = = = = = = = = =
    You begin area 3 by riding a lift heading up, Shoot the various troopers
    including red ones in each wave & then after each wave shoot Diaz being
    extremely careful not to shoot Christy! Your shots must be accurate & precise
    before you choose to fire at Ernesto otherwise you will risk hurting Christy
    & hurt your overall score quite badly & after coming so very far ( he he
    part quote from a certain Time Crisis game me thinks -_^) you don't want to
    do that & risk coming out of the game with little to show for it!
           :WAIT PHASE:
    In the next section, avoid the crane hazzard & try to keep accurate aim on
    Ernesto as he will have some cover of his own here, shoot Ernesto quickly
    & with accuracy enough times & he will throw Christy off the edge & towards
    the ignition blast but only for Robert to save her from her death! After the
    small event Diaz will now try to combat you in a satalite, a prototype!
           :WAIT PHASE:
    The satalite may be a prototype, but it is certainly not lacking in weaponry!
    First priority is to deal with the laser cannon on the front of the prototype
    this allows you to next target & destroy the gattling guns on each side of
    the prototype satalite. The gattling guns will fire very rapid bursts & may 
    even catch you out be careful not to take fire from them & snipe carefully
    taking cover in between the bursts. Once Diaz begins to fire at you of his own
    accord shoot Diaz with a continuous fluury of shoots to shoot him off the 
    platform & the prototype satalite along with him!! Well done V.S.S.E hotshot,
    now go make yourself a cup of tea! ^_^
    Now you have completed the game you will have unlocked Crisis missions,
    see the chapter below to learn more about what Crisis missions are & what
    requirements need to be fulfilled in order to complete them.
    Here is the secrets section for Time crisis 2, all secrets here are obtained
    in Arcade mode:
    #Extra credits
    Each time you recieve a game over, your maximum credits will be increased by 1
    up to a total count of 9 credits, repeat the same after 9 credits to unlock
    free play (unlimited credits)
    #Up to 9 lives
    Obtain free play then go to options & change your lives to 9!
    #Unlock automatic ammo
    Succesfuly complete the entire story mode twice.
    #Unlock infinate ammo
    Complete story mode using automatic type ammo
    #Unlock wide ammo
    Complete story mode using infinate ammo.
    #Unlock mirror mode
    Complete story mode without any continues
    #Unlock one stage trial
    Complete stage one in story mode
    #Unlock crisis misson mode
    Fully complete story mode once to unlock Crisis mission mode, this will test
    your VSSE skills to the max!
    9.>->Crisis missions
    Crisis missions will appear on the extra games menu after you have beat the 
    game once, if you truly intend to master Time Crisis 2 then crisis missions
    will test all the skills you had to use in the original game with slight 
    twists & other various scenarios. The crisis missions story is set before
    & after the events of Time Crisis 2
    Day 1
    #Mission 1 - Defeat 23 enemies.
    #Mission 2 - Defeat 26 enemies, don't hit civilians!
    #Mission 3 - Defeat enemy with one shot, don't hit civilian!
    #Mission 4 - Defeat all 14 enemies.
    #Mission 5 - Defeat all 33 enemies.
    Day 2
    Mission 1 - Defeat 31 enemies, don't hit civilians.
    Mission 2 - Get at least 25,000 points!
    Mission 3 - Defeat 16 enemies
    Mission 4 - Defeat enemy with one shot.
    Mission 5 - Get at least 18,000 points!
    10.>->Frequantly asked questions
    Q. My G-con/G-con 2 isn't working properly,& the aim is off...
    A.Ok, recalibrilate the G-con in the options menu, also ensure all the
      correct wires are in their sockets (as you re-calibarate aim for the centre
      of the screen to make sure your G-con is firing to it's mark) failing this
      you might need a new G-con & i also heard something about G-cons not having
      great compatibility with flat screen T.V's as yet i cannot confirm or deny
    Q. Does Time crisis 2 bear any refrence to the first adventure?
    A. Well not really as much as an ingame reference other than Wild Dog in the
       way of characters, however Richard Miller (the hero from Time crisis &
       Time crisis project titan) is mentioned in the games manual for having
       seriously injure Wild Dog during their last encounter.
    11.>-> Credits
    *BIG, BIG,Thanks to Namco for making this awesome sequal to the greatest 
    arcade shooter on the planet!
    *As always you for reading & taking heed of my advice.
    *The people at Game Faqs, boy do these guys get lots of submissions
     greatly appreciate the distribution of this guide to others, thank you!
    Any questions? feel free to mail me your ideas & any things you would like to
    see in this guide @ dbs_darkstar@hotmail.co.uk

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