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    Trick Listing by KasketDarkfyre

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 09/28/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    -Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2-
    -Play Station  2 Trick Listing-
    -Version 1.0- September 28, 2001-
    -Author: Drew "Kasket" Guirey-
         As always, be aware that this FAQ is intended to inform gamers and 
    not to make money for other sites and the like. Everything that you see 
    here, is what I've found through playing the game, and I have listed 
    down. Consider this the most complete guide that I've found to date, 
    and that all tricks you may find through the game can be linked back to 
    this FAQ. Dave Mirria BMX 2 is a rather impressive game that features 
    nearly endless possibilities in terms of tricks that you can perform. 
    Hopefully you'll find this of some use, and I really didn't waste my 
    time typing it up.
    ---Table of Contents---
    Section 1: Trick Listing
                     -Air Tricks
                     -Modifier Tricks
                     -Custom Modifier Tricks
    Section 2: Credits
    -----Section 1: Trick Listing-----
         Most of the tricks that you find, are the basic tricks that you 
    start out with and can perform from the start, the first of these being 
    Air Tricks, which you can perform off of anything that you can get air 
    off of. 
    -----Air Tricks------
    *	Turndown                     Left + Square
    *	Can-Can:                      Right + Square
    *	Tabletop:                      Up + Square
    *	Backflip:                      Down + Square
    *	Superman:                    Up/Right + Square
    *	Candy Bar:                   Down/Left + Square
    *	Tailwhip:                      Down/Right + Sqaure
    *	Toboggan:                    Up/Left + Square
    *	Double Backflip:          Down  + Down + Square
    *	Frontflip:                      Up + Up + Square
    *	Turndown Backflip:     Left + Down + Square
    *	Can-can Backflip:        Right + Down + Square
    *	Tabletop Backflip:       Up + Left + Square
    *	Toboggan Backflip:     Up/Left + Down + Square
    *	Superflip:                     Up/Right + Down + Square
    *	Candy Bar Backflip:    Down/Left + Down + Square
    *	Tailwhip Backflip:       Down/Right + Down + Square
    *	Decade:                        Right + Left + Square
    *	No Footed Can-Can:    Right + Right + Square
    *	Un-Turndown:             Left + Left + Square
    *	Double Tailwhip:         Down/Right + Down/Right + Square
    *	Can-can Lookdown:     Left + Right + Square
    *	Candy Bar Lookdown: Left + Down/Left + Square
    *	Superman Indian:         Up/Right + Up/Right + Square
    *	Superman Tabletop:     Up/Right + Up + Square
    *	Can-can Tabletop:        Right + Up + Square
    *	Candy Bar Tabletop:    Down/Left + Up + Square
    *	Superman Tailwhip:     Up/Right + Down/Right + Square
    *	Superman Toboggan:   Up/Right + Up/Left + Square
    *	Pendulum:                    Right + Right + Square
    *	Can-can Tailwhip:        Right + Down/Right + Square
    *	Candy Can:                  Down/Left + Right + Square
    *	Can-can Toboggan:      Right + Up/Left + Square
    *	Bar Hop:                      Down/Left + Down/Left + Square
    -----Modifier Tricks-----
    *	Barspin:                        Down + Circle
    *	One Footer:                   Left + Circle
    *	One Hander:                 Right + Circle
    *	X-Up:                           Up + Circle
    *	X-Down:                      Up + Up + Circle
    *	Suicide No Hander:      Down/Right + Down/Right + Circle
    *	No Footer:                    Down/Left + Circle
    *	No Hander:                   Down/Right + Circle
    *	Nothing:                       Down/Left + Down/Right + Circle
    *	One Hand One Footer: Right + Left + Circle
    *	One Hand X-Up:          Right + Up + Circle
    *	Switch Hander:            Right + Right + Circle
    *	No Footed X-Up:         Down/Left + Up + Circle
    *	One Footed X-Up:        Left + Up + Circle
    *	No Footed One Hand:  Down/Left + Right + Circle
    *	No Handed One Foot:  Left + Down/Right + Circle
    *	No Handed Barspin:     Down + Down/Right + Circle
    *	Barspin to Back Spin:   Down + Down + Circle
    *	No Footed Barspin:      Down/Left + Down + Circle
    *	One Footed Barspin:     Left + Down + Circle
    *	Indian:                          Down/Left + Down/Left + Circle
    *	Switch Footer:              Left + Left + Circle
    *	Busdriver:                     Down + Right + Circle
    *	Suicide Clapper:           Down/Right + Right + Circle
    -----Custom Modifier Tricks-----
    All of these vary depending on which of the modifier options you 
    choose, you'll have to experiment with them to find which ones work on 
    which buttons.
    *	Seat Grab     Framestand Seat Grab     Rocket Air     One Handed 
    *	Double Peg Grab     No Handed Framestand     One Handed Seat Grab
    *	Barspin Framestand     No Footed Seat Grab     One Footed Framestand
    *	No Handed Seat Grab     Rocket Framestand    Double Seat Grab  
    *	Crankflip Framestand     Rocket X-Up     Surfer     Crotch Rocket
    *	X-Up Peg Grab     Rocket One Hander     One Handed Peg Grab
    *	Rocket No Hander     No Footed Peg Grab     Rocket Barspin
    *	One Footed Peg Grab     Rocket One Footer     Rocket Peg Grab
    *	X-Up Seat Grab     Crankflip Peg Grab     Barspin Seat Grab
    *	Framestand Peg Grab     Crankflip     X-Up Tire Grab     Framestand
    *	One Handed Tire Grab     Peg Grab     No Footed Tire Grab     Tire 
    *	One Footed Tire Grab     Frame Grab     Rocket Tire Grab     Crotch 
    *	Crankflip Tire Grab     X-Up Crankflip     Double Tire Grab
    *	Crankflip Seat Grab     X-Up Frame Grab     No Handed Crankflip
    *	Seat Grab Frame Grab     Barspin Crankflip     One Handed Frame Grab
    *	No Footed Crankflip     Barspin Frame Grab     One Footed Crankflip
    *	No Footed Frame Grab     Rocket Crankflip     One Footed Frame Grab
    *	Crankflip to Back Crankflip     Rocket Frame Grab     X-Up 
    *	Crankflip Frame Grab     Double Frame Grab
         To Grind, all you have to do is find an edge and hit the Triangle 
    button to edge on them. Virtually anything in Dave Mirra is an edge, so 
    try different combinations.
    *	Double Peg Grind:     Triangle
    *	Smith Grind:              Left + Triangle
    *	Feeble Grind:             Right + Grind
    *	Toothpick Grind:        Up + Triangle
    *	Icepick Grind:            Down + Triangle
    *	Lip Slide:                    Up/Left + Triangle
    *	Luc-E Grind:              Up/Right + Triangle
    *	Crooked Grind:          Down/Left + Triangle
    *	Sprocket Grind:         Down/Right + Triangle
         Stalls are good for the top of ramps if you want to add to your 
    score, all you have to do is hit the grind button just before you get 
    to the top of the ramp, and you'll do a stall for increased points.
    *	Double Peg Stall:     Triangle
    *	Toothpick Stall:       Up + Triangle
    *	Icepick Stall:            Down + Triangle
    *	Nosepick Stall:        Up/Left + Triangle
    *	Tail Tap:                   Down/Left + Triangle
    *	Disaster:                   Left + Triangle
    *	Whiplash:                 Left + Left + Triangle
         These tricks are more or less to add onto an already existing 
    score and to continue a trick line. Use them heavily and master them to 
    gain hardcore scores. All of these tricks are done after a jump, so 
    learn them specifically.
    *	Fastplant:                 Left + Triangle
    *	Walltap:                   Right + Triangle
    *	Wallride:                  Up + Triangle
    *	Manual:                   Down + Down
    *	Nose Wheelie:         Up + Up
    ---Section 2: Credits---
         I'd like to thank the following people with some help with this 
    *	Mary Lynn: My one and only...special in every way, she inspires me to 
    do what it is that I like to do and never gives me grief about it.
    *	CJayC: For putting up with my guides, and posting them up on his 
    *	Acclaim Sports for putting out great sports games like this one.
    *	Anyone and Everyone who reads my guides and uses them for 
    instructional purposes.
    ---Copyright to Drew "Kasket" Guirey . September 28.2001---
    ---Released to GameFAQ's only and not to be reposted without my express 

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