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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Evil Lady Rikku

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    CLOCK TOWER 3 (PS2)- FAQ and Walkthrough for the US version.
    Written by Rebecca Rodriguez
    Copyright 2003 of April by Rebecca Rodriguez.
    I. Introduction
    -a. Items
    -b. Holy water
    -c. Panic meter
    -d. About killers
    -e. Taking shelter from a killer
    ---1. Hiding spots
    ---2. Safe/evade points
    -f. Spirits
    ---1. Spiritual Healing
    -g. Boss fights
    II. Walkthrough
    -a. Chapter I- "It's Only the Beginning"
    ---1. Chapter I, Part II- "Music of the Night"
    -b. Chapter II- "Home Sweet Home"
    ---1. Chapter II, Part II- "I Hear the Acid's Lovely"
    -c. Chapter III- "Sewers of Hell"
    ---1. Chapter III, Part II- "Take it to the Grave"
    -d. Chapter IV- "Visiting Hours are Over... Or Are They?"
    ---1. Chapter IV, Part II- "Return of Burroughs Castle"
    -e. Chapter V- "Justice Shall Be Served"
    III. End review, Contact Information
    I have worked very hard to write this guide completely, as to walk the reader
    through the game with little confusion and problems as I possibly can. I am not
    (or at least I try not to be) one to blurt out spoilers. If some parts of my
    walkthrough are a little too obvious, or so basic, I apologize. My purpose is
    not to make you feel stupid, but rather to help those who are really stuck.
    I have created my guide from scratch. Its sole purpose is to, like I stated
    before, help the reader get through the game yet at the same time enjoy it and
    get the most out of it. It would be nice to have some feedback from those who
    have used my FAQ. By that I do not mean posting it on your site. If you intend
    to do so, get permission from me beforehand. My FAQ can ONLY be found on
    Gamefaqs.com .
    Clock Tower 3 is a truly great game. With Capcom on its side now, it can't get
    better. Sure, there are some flaws (Doesn't every game have flaws?), but
    despite that, the game is enjoyable. Before I begin my walkthrough, I will
    briefly give an explanation of other game basics. I recommend you look these
    things over before you begin; they might be of much help to you.
    Throughout your quest, you'll find items that aid you and some that will help
    you. Some basic support items are listed below:
    *LAVENDER WATER- Clears panic meter instantly.
    *SIGIL STONE- Blocks ONE attack from hurting (or killing) Alyssa.
    *INVISIBILITY BAND- Temporarily makes you invisible (duh).
    *REPELLANT ARROW- Inflicts damage on a boss.
    *BINDING ARROW- Binds the target in place.
    Support items are scarce, So, USE THEM WISELY! For example, don't use a
    lavender water if you're not even close to panicking. Use it for emergencies.
    Unfortunately, the only thing Alyssa has to protect herself with is holy water.
    Conserve holy water; you don't have an unlimited supply of it (until you get to
    a refill station, that is). Holy water can be refilled at lion fountains and
    holy water jars. Holy water removes blue crests from doors, stuns an attacker,
    and activates portal squares.
    If at any time Alyssa feels scared or nervous, the panic meter at the top left
    of the screen will increase. The presence/attack of an enemy and butterflies
    contribute to Alyssa's panic meter. When the meter is full, Alyssa enters panic
    mode. During this time, she stumbles around carelessly (you can still partially
    control her walking movement). She is likely to freeze in her tracks as well.
    The only thing you can do at that time is wait, or use lavender water to get
    her to move again. Alyssa also cannot use holy water while in panic. To
    alleviate panic, you can:
    -Attempt to run away. However, this is not always a good idea.
    -Use a lavender water to clear Alyssa's panic meter.
    -Use an invisibility ring to try and fool the attacker, and to regain normalcy.
    -Find a hiding spot or an evade point.
    So obviously, panic mode is not fun. Be careful!
    In each chapter of the game, a killer (they're also known as stalkers and
    subordinates) is out to kill Alyssa. These evil beings are cold-blooded
    murderers who just won't leave Alyssa alone. As the game progresses, killers
    become smarter and faster. At the end of each chapter, the boss fight will be
    against the killer.
    My favorite concept about killers is the way they appear. There's special music
    that plays when killers are near. There is a certain amount of time that passes
    before a killer appears. Take immediate action when this time comes! But don't
    become too dependent of the music; sometimes killers appear out of the blue!
    In certain locations, just walking can attract a killer. Knocking over an item
    or running through garbage on the streets sets off noise that may trigger a
    killer's arrival. Stealthily walking through an area with cans on the ground
    prevents any noise from being made.
    When Alyssa is being chased by a killer, she can hide until they are presumably
    gone. When a swirled green light appears over places such as curtains or
    lockers, that indicates that Alyssa can hide there to get away from the killer.
    HOWEVER, hiding in one of these places does not always guarantee her safety!
    Just the presence of an enemy makes Alyssa nervous. If the enemy is close to
    Alyssa even when she is hiding, her panic meter will rise. If she goes into
    panic, she will run out of her hiding spot! There are times when hiding will
    not work. For example, if Alyssa enters a room with a hiding spot, and hides in
    it after the killer has entered the room, the killer will see her, and you'll
    be forced out. So, keep a close eye. While successfully hiding, use the right
    analog control to look around in first-person view. Also, just because a killer
    leaves the room, does not mean they're gone! They can still turn around and
    come back! ALWAYS wait until the killer teleports away, or the music totally
    stops. It's a smart idea to let your panic meter empty out before moving on.
    Safe points are just like hiding spots. They serve the same purpose; to get
    away from a killer. But safe points don't hide Alyssa. The swirled green light
    most of the time appears over objects. When you press X over the light, a cut
    scene takes over, showing Alyssa temporarily stunning the killer with whatever
    thing the green light hovered over. Safe points do not occur too often, and
    each one can only be used once in the entire game!
    Many times throughout her quest, Alyssa will pass by many ghosts, or spirits.
    They don't mean any harm, but they can still make Alyssa nervous if they get
    too close to her. These creatures are unsent spirits who were tragically
    killed by a killer. Most spirits will be seen close to their [dead] human
    form. Alyssa's job is to send these ghosts.
    The body will sometimes give you a clue
    about how it died, or what item it needs in order for you to send it. By
    giving the spirit its appropriate item, it will leave, and always leave you an
    item in return. If spirits annoy you (and they sometimes can), use holy water
    on them to back them off.
    At the end of each chapter, Alyssa will battle the killer that has been trying
    to kill her as well. This is the only time in the game Alyssa will be given a
    weapon, an arrow. To pursue victory, Alyssa must bind the enemy in place three
    times. But it's not that easy! Depending on the speed and difficulty of the
    enemy, this technique is sometimes really hard. Alyssa has an infinite number
    of regular arrows to fight with, and the special ones (repellant, binding) that
    you found on the way. *TIP: SAVE YOUR ARROWS FOR THE FINAL BOSS FIGHT!* For
    Alyssa to bind an enemy or do any damage at all, she must attack her enemy with
    a fully-charged arrow. To fully charge an arrow, hold down the triangle button
    until Alyssa's arrow has beams of light shooting out of the back of it. When
    you strike the enemy with that arrow, they will be binded. It's kind of like a
    ball and chain; The enemy cannot move a far distance because it is chained to
    the ball. By quickly binding the enemy from three different points, Alyssa will
    carry out her final attack, which finishes the enemy. If you find this strategy
    too difficult, you can just plummet the target with regularly fully charged
    arrows to do some damage. To use a special arrow, use the R1 button. After
    defeating a boss early in the game you get a piece of the important clover
    charm. Clovers increase Alyssa's power and wisdom.
    -- Chapter I: "It's Only the Beginning" --
    After the awe-inspiring opening scene, you start out in Alyssa's dining room.
    Exit through the doors here to enter the mansion's lobby. Take note of the jar
    and the save point here. Head up the staircase and enter the door to the far
    right with Alyssa's name inscribed on the front. The only thing here is a
    lavender water on the table. Exit through the other door here. You'll end up
    in a hallway with three other doors. The one right next to you leads out into
    the mansion lobby, the one diagonal from you is (and always will be) locked,
    and then there's one with a strange blue crest over it. Examine the door for a
    nice way to wake up. Read the tutorial about your panic meter, and check out
    the fireplace nearby to see that the fire is no longer burning. Indulge in your
    curiosity and use the square button and the directional arrows to crawl through
    the fireplace. Pick up the bottle and Nancy's letter, then crawl back out. Go
    back to the door with the blue crest over it and sprinkle holy water on the
    symbol to gain access to the next room. Enter the door at the end of the
    hallway labeled, 'Nancy'. Examine the shining spot on the desk to trigger a
    cut scene. In total panic, Alyssa will run out the door and be transported to
    another place and time.
    -- Chapter I, Part II: "Music of the Night" --
    HIDING SPOTS: Phone booth, Curtain in Tailor Shop, Curtains behind stage,
    Exit this dark hallway to find yourself in the line of fire. The year: some
    time in the 1940's, during World War II. After throwing yourself to safety, run
    up the road to discover a body. And its spirit. Search the phone booth nearby
    to find an engagement ring. Read the tutorial on Spiritual Healing, and give
    the ring to the body. Move on, and use the lion fountain to save or refill your
    water. At the edge of the "cliff", you'll hear that piano music again. Now you
    at least know where it's coming from! Get rid of the blue crest on the gates
    and proceed down the stairs. Walk down the few steps by the road to pick up a
    gold fountain pen. Head back up the steps and go down the street to the cafe
    area. Give the pen to the body here and continue on your way. In the next
    area, head down another set of mini-steps. Crawl under the bridge and grab the
    lavender water on the other side. Up on the street, get rid of the blue crest
    on the Tailor Shop door, and go on inside.
    Pick up a lavender water on the register and a letter on the desk. Make your
    way up the steps and enter the door to the far left end. Go down yet more
    steps here. Examine the newspaper article, and you're in for a surprise. This
    nice guy's name is Sledgehammer. Yeah, read the tutorial carefully, and run.
    If you run fast enough, you can hide in the curtain back in the lobby
    successfully. Or, you can use holy water on him and run. Either way, make your
    way to the first door in the outer hallway. Eliminate the blue crest on the
    door here and enter. Pick up the red drawer key and head back to the room
    where you first encountered Sledgehammer. Use the key you just got on the red
    drawer by the desk to get May's room key, which unlocks the door right at the
    foot of the steps in this room. Go there. Pick up May's diary and the
    invitation on the dresser. Next, you'll be able to use your first evade spot.
    Then, run!
    Exit the Tailor Shop and cross the bridge. There's a lion fountain to the left
    on the other side of the bridge. Because you have an invitation, you're
    allowed to enter the concert hall.
    Inside, you'll notice yet another save point. There are steps on each side of
    the desk, both take you to the same place. There's a lavender water on a bench
    above the right steps. Now, enter the auditorium ahead. Walk towards the stage
    to view a cut scene. Hide behind the curtains until Sledgehammer is gone. While
    you're back here, pull the lever in the corner to release a catwalk and a dead
    body. Search the body for a note. Don't forget to pull the lever back up! Take
    a look at the note. The combination is BAD. You're supplied with two words and
    their number translations; BABE (1014) and DEAD (3403). The answer to the
    combination is BAD, B= 1, A= 0, and D= 3. So, BAD= 103. Go back to the entrance
    area and search the wall behind the desk for a combination locker. Enter the
    number of BAD in the combination and you'll receive the master key, which just
    about unlocks almost all the doors in the concert hall. Enter the auditorium
    again and you'll be able to unlock the only passable door here with the master
    key. Through this door, take a left and enter the double doors. Go up the stairs
    to find another door to enter. Take note of the lockers in this hall for future
    hiding reference! Get rid of the blue crest on the door here and enter there.
    For your inconvenience, you have to walk all the way up and down each side of
    the seats to get to the door on the other side! Exit out the door there. Go in
    the room with the door wide open. Grab the matches from a suit in the wardrobe
    rack and leave. As you make your way back down the hall, a cut scene shows your
    stalker has found you! Run back into the room you were just in and use the
    evade point that has appeared. Ah, now that's a great weapon; a violin case. =P
    When you knock him out, hurry back into the hallway and crawl under the neat
    little bridge the mess has made. There's an invisibility band in the room where
    there was a door. Now, make your way all the way back to the hallway back on
    the first floor that leads to the auditorium. This time, enter the other door
    there. At the base of the first steps here is a nice little rest area which
    houses a lavender water. Now head up the other stairs and enter the door at the
    top. Take a left and at the end, and you'll be able to light the lantern here
    with the matches so that it'll be easier to walk across... that stick right
    next to you! Be extremely careful; one extraneous move and Alyssa will end up
    a pancake on the stage below. Sometimes Alyssa will wobble, which just means
    you have to straighten up your path. When you finally cross, pick up the pliers
    and cross your way back! Walking back towards the door, butterflies appear.
    Butterflies almost always appear when the killer is nearby. They add to stress,
    and add to Alyssa's panic meter. They don't attack you, they just distract
    you. You can use holy water to kill them.
    You can choose to hide from Sledgehammer or you may just run. In any case, you
    need to exit the building. Save/refill if needed, and return back to the Tailor
    Shop. Go back to the room with the red drawer. You can now get through the door
    in the corner covered with wire with your pliers. In that room you will find a
    repellant arrow and a wooden box. Search that box to view a cool cut scene. The
    pocket watch is now in your possession. There's also an article in the box
    about someone who sounds awfully familiar. Make your way back to the concert
    hall, and get ready to stop running and fight! Read the tutorial on boss
    fights, and show that hammer freak who's the real boss.
    **-*BOSS FIGHT*-**
    Victims: 26
    Besides being faster, Sledgehammer is not too stingy with his array of attacks.
    Whenever he attacks you, he always hesitates for a few seconds afterwards. So,
    take advantage of his recovery period after attacking you. Always charge your
    arrow at a far distance. His pulsating ground wave attack is powerful, but very
    beneficial because he freezes after executing it. A warning sign that he's
    about to use that attack is when he tells you to die, and his sledgehammer
    lights up. When he does this, get away from him. Because this battle is a cinch
    compared to ones you'll fight in the future, don't use any of your special
    arrows. The more you collect, and the less you use them, the more you'll thank
    yourself for not using them at times like these. ^.^ To defeat Sledgehammer
    easier, read the area about boss fights I wrote for tactics and binding
    techniques. After you defeat Sledgehammer, you still have work to do!
    Besides one extra holy water slot, you get freedom from Sledgehammer! But
    you're not done here. Enter the concert hall, and head to the stage in the
    auditorium for an end of the chapter cut scene!
    -- Chapter II: "Home Sweet Home" --
    Ah, home again. You're not even back that long and already you have a visitor!
    This is Dennis, and he's Alyssa's friend. He gives you Dick's room key, so
    let's put that key to use. Head back into the mansion lobby and enter the
    double doors on the lower level in back of the stairs. Dick's room is the door
    right in front of you, so go on in. Search his desk for a book about Entities.
    Dennis will show up again to annoy you, and after he agrees to part his ways,
    search the photos on the fireplace for winding keys. Then, head back upstairs.
    Enter the hallway where you broke the first blue crest and crawled under the
    fireplace. Enter Nancy's room. As you enter, a picture frame falls. Take a good
    look at the picture that remains on the wall, particularly at the time on the
    little clock in the background. Now, use the winding keys on the grandfather
    clock in the corner of the room. To solve this puzzle, you must set the time to
    match the time on the clock in the picture. To do this, you have to use the
    keys of the clock to set the time. The left key moves time back by 40 minutes,
    while the right one moves time forward by 25 minutes. I had a hard time with
    this puzzle. You can figure it out yourself or get the answers from me (that's
    what I'm here for. ^.^). You must set the time to 3:00. To do this, first
    rotate the left key, then the right key, then the left key, then the right key
    twice. Doing this will make a hidden door appear. Enter, and grab the tutorial
    about portal squares on the desk. Activate the portal square by splashing holy
    water on it twice. Step on it, and you'll be transported to a new location.
    -- Chapter II, Part I: "I Hear the Acid's Lovely" --
    HIDING SPOTS: Bathroom
    Run up ahead and pick up a lavender water on the ground. Fill up or save at the
    fountain in the center of the area and go to... well, the only place you can go
    to. As you turn the street, grab the teddy bear lying next to the garbage cans.
    Straight ahead, there's a crashed car. By putting the teddy bear on the car,
    you free one of the spirits here. We'll worry about the body in the dumpster
    later. For now, make your way into the door to the left of the car. Once
    inside, turn the corner ahead to see a strange cut scene. Continue ahead for a
    rather alarming cut scene. You won't be able to have access to that room for a
    good while. Go up the stairs in this hallway and enter the door at the top.
    Albert's diary is on the desk. Turn the flower on the table to the northern
    direction and an entryway through the floor appears. Climb down, and take the
    kitchen key off the table. Also on the table is a half heart pendant. Exit
    through the double doors to get back to the main hallway.
    Run down the hall and take a sharp left to find the kitchen. Find and read the
    reporter's disturbing notes. And out pops yet another spirit. Unlock the other
    door here and you'll be back outside. The body in the dumpster needs the other
    half of the pendant that you found. Head back to the lion fountain to view a
    cut scene showing Alyssa's mum! She walks off, and leaves you Dick's desk key.
    Activate the portal square that got you here to return back to Nancy's room.
    Back in Dick's room, use the key on his desk to find a second book of Entities
    and a strange mask. Place that mask on the space on the wall with the other
    masks and a hidden room will appear. In there, take the repellant arrow on the
    table and open the chest for some film. There's also a note from Dick in the
    chest. Head back upstairs and return to Nancy's room to return to the port
    yard back through the portal square. Enter the door by the dumpster and return
    to the reporter's body with the camera. Use the film on the camera to see some
    photos. The first picture gives us an idea about a killer, and the second is
    a clear, obvious hint about how to gain access to the door out at the end of
    the hall. So, go there. Press the switch under the picture frame and exit
    through the door.
    If you haven't done so in a long time, save/refill. Take note of the bathroom
    to the left of the door you just came out of. Go up the stairs and enter the
    only unlocked door straight ahead. In here, you'll see one of my favorite
    cut scenes in the entire game! Quickly avoid Corroder and pick up the
    invisibility ring in the corner of you want to. Use the evade point in the
    corner and leave the room. The door outside that was locked before is now
    open, so go in. Take the toolbox key on the shelf and run down the stairs and
    enter the building. Head up the stairs in this hall and enter the door at the
    top. You can now open the red toolbox with the key you just got. Inside is a
    hexagonal wrench. Return back outside, and get to the area down the other
    stairway. At the end you'll see a valve that needs something in order to
    operate. The wrench will work, and it will turn off the giant fan so you can
    crawl through.
    In the next large area, enter the door with the red light over it. Proceed
    down the steps and enter the room directly by the stairs. Grab the daughter's
    letter and a lavender water. Use the evade point on the switch on the wall if
    necessary. Exit, and this time take a left. It's a dead end, but you can still
    get past. By inching your way across the narrow edge, you'll get to a place
    with planks connecting several platforms. Walk across the smaller plank to
    purposefully fall. A dead body pops up. Give it the daughter's letter. Then,
    try to cross the planks again. Keep in mind, the small ones always break. Walk
    across the large planks. At the end, take Dorothy's shawl and continue on.
    Corroder finds you again! Run back up to the large area that you got to by
    crawling through the fan. It's time to duel!
    **-*BOSS FIGHT*-**
    VICTIMS: 31
    Because you have a lot of space here, this battle isn't too tough. Corroder has
    long range acid attacks that he uses. When he shoots flying acid at you, simply
    duck to avoid getting hit. Take advantage of times where he struggles to get
    his acid weapon to work. He'll stall for a few seconds; enough time for you to
    bind him in place. You can easily get by this battle without wasting any
    arrows. After Corroder is defeated, you get a clover of courage and an extra
    holy water slot. Returning back inside the building, you'll see that the room
    that was "brimming with energy" that was preventing you from entry is now back
    to normal. Go inside there to view the end cut scene!
    -- Chapter III: "Sewers of Hell" --
    HIDING SPOTS: Behind fish tank
    A kind of neat scene takes us to our next destination. Pick up the lavender
    water on the ground and crawl out of here through an opening in a corner. Wade
    through the waters and climb up the ladder. There's an unlocked door here that
    serves as a rest area. Go there. Take the worker's key on the table and exit to
    meet the new killer. As you can tell, he's got some fast moves and he seems
    smarter. His blades aren't too fun to try and run away from. Run past him and
    unlock the door at the end with the key you just got. In the next area, board
    the elevator and take it to B1. Just to clear something up: It may seem like a
    great idea, but standing in the elevator does not alleviate the panic meter.
    Chopper cannot get to you in the elevator, though. Anyways, Proceed down the
    steps of B1 and open the storage closet around the corner to find a pair of
    rubber gloves. Return back to the elevator and head up to B3. Once there,
    access the power box high up on the wall down the steps. Because you have
    rubber gloves, you're able to fix the disconnected wires. The upper left wire
    should be connected to the lower right wire, the upper middle wire should be
    connected to the lower left wire, and the upper right wire should be connected
    to the lower middle wire. Doing so will restore the electricity! Return down to
    B1 and pull the lever on the control panel. This turns the electronic card key
    reader on. Now, all we need is a card key.
    Head to B2, and you'll find a red box sitting on a bunch of other boxes. Inside
    is a crowbar. Return to the place where we first met Chopper. Use the crowbar
    to pry the lid on the ground to the right open. Climb down the ladder into a
    place with a dead body. It's kind of cool how the body can sit upright like
    that after all the stages of composition, isn't it? Search the body for a note.
    Take the spectacles on the boulder in the water and give them to the body. Grab
    the card key and head back up the ladder. Return to the elevator area and go to
    B1. Cross the walkway and you'll be able to open that door with the card key.
    In the next room, grab the repellant arrow and feel free to use the save/refill
    services. Make your way up the stairs here to find a place that should look
    strangely familiar to you. You know where you are, so go to the mansion lobby.
    You'll see a cut scene that will explain many things that have been unexplained
    until now. Afterwards, you get to fight Chopper!
    **-*BOSS FIGHT*-**
    VICTIMS: 44
    No, there's not a lot of room here to fight. This fight is relatively easy; so
    don't use any of your special arrows here. Just bind him a few times and
    attack, and about halfway through the battle, Chopper will teleport you to a
    -- Chapter III, Part II: "Take it to the Grave" --
    HIDING SPOTS: Curtains in cabin
    Start out by using the save/refill area in the area in back of you if needed.
    Then, run straight ahead into the area with the broken columns to view an odd
    cut scene where you'll hear something about a "Ritual of Engagement". Then,
    pick up the lavender water in the corner by the exit. Back in the graveyard,
    head out the east gate. Activate the portal square to be sent to another area
    of the graveyard. Walk down the path and you'll see a cut scene showing the
    return of Chopper! Quickly, pick up the note in front of the crashed car, and
    RUN to the path to the right and enter the cabin! If you're fast enough, hide
    in the curtains. After he leaves, take the lavender water and the third book
    of Entities, which gives some background information about Chopper. When
    you're ready, exit the cabin and take the path across from the car.
    In this area, there are three large lion statues. Believe it or not, the two
    statues that are opposite to each other can serve as hiding spots! Hide in the
    back of the statues so that you CAN'T see Alyssa AT ALL. This works best if the
    stalker music hasn't started yet and if you think Chopper is soon to pop up.
    This trick does not work if he's directly chasing you, obviously. Anyways, each
    statue has a different number of eyes. Push the switches in the lions' mouths
    in order from the lowest number of eyes they have to the highest number of eyes
    they have. Return to the center of the two lions by the stairs and sprinkle
    holy water on the pedestal to get a Compass of Shadows. Take it, and teleport
    back to the graveyard.
    Place the Compass of Shadows on the statue to the left. Head to the west path
    here and activate the portal square there. You'll be taken to an odd place
    where you must solve a puzzle! Somehow, the stones and their respective tombs
    here got all mixed up! Your job is to place the stones back in the right tomb.
    Place the right color stone to the tomb of the same color. There are spirits in
    each tomb area, and the spirits represent the color of the tombs. The catch to
    this whole thing: you can only carry one stone at a time. Which is why there's
    a place up by the holy water jars to keep one stone. The solution: Remove the
    sky rooder stone from the blue tomb and place it in the pedestal by the holy
    water jars. Next, remove the sea rooder stone from the yellow tomb and place
    it in the blue tomb. Remove the earth rooder stone from the red tomb and place
    it in the yellow tomb. Finally, remove the sky rooder stone from the pedestal
    and place it in the red tomb. Your reward: The Compass of Light. Return to the
    graveyard and place the Compass of Light in the statue across from the Compass
    of Shadows statue. Run through the illuminated square and you'll appear in an
    underground cave of some sort. Run to the other side to get a binding arrow.
    Walk ahead to see a cut scene. Take the old rooder arrow and run like hell back
    to the graveyard! There, you'll finish that battle you couldn't finish earlier.
    **-*BOSS FIGHT*-**
    VICTIMS: 44
    It would be nice if his HP meter was the same as it was when you left it, huh?
    But it's not. And this fight is somewhat tricky. His flying blade attacks do
    significant damage. The best chance you have of hitting him with a fully
    charged arrow is when he tries to flip-attack you. If you evade that attack,
    he'll hesitate for a few seconds. Only use your special arrows if you
    desperately are having difficulty. After the fight, run forward to see the end
    cut scene.
    -- Chapter IV: "Visiting Hours are Over... Or Are They?" --
    HIDING SPOTS: Bathrooms on 1F and 2F
    Welcome to the longest chapter ever! Run forward to come to a city, and to see
    that Dennis' sister is not where he said she was. Inside, a cut scene tells a
    the truth. Meet Scissorman and Scissorwoman, the next two subordinates! It's a
    good thing they showed up, now Dennis won't be around to bother you! After the
    scene, pick up the photo of mother on the table and Dennis' letter to Linda on
    the floor. Exit the double doors here out to the reception hall. Take a
    lavender water off the bench and a labeled key "A" on the desk. The photo of
    mother belongs to the body thrown over the stretcher in the corner by the
    entrance doors. Head back to the previous room you were in and exit through the
    back door. All of the doors here are locked, so walk up the stairway and enter
    the door to the left of the door-less bathroom. Crawl through the opening in
    the wall and grab the looking glass on the table by the bed. You can see
    something in the cupboard, but it's not accessible right now. Since the door
    here is locked for now, crawl back through the hole and return to the hallway.
    Here, a cut scene comes into place. Use the looking glass on the giant mirror.
    It takes you to the other side of the mirror and another part of the hospital.
    Enter the first door on the right. Get the Release Form from the chair and
    return out into the hallway. Go into the room diagonal from the room you were
    just in. In there, crawl through the wall opening, and remove the blue crest
    from the cabinet. Inside is a lavender water. Return out into the hallway, and
    head down the stairway there. Take the photo of a child from the bench. Enter
    the bathroom down the hall, and search the sink for labeled key "C". Return
    back up the stairs and go back to the other side of the mirror. Enter the first
    door on the left of the mirror. Read the note on the body here, and give it a
    release form. Return to the room where Dennis was captured and give the photo
    of a child to the dead nurse in the corner. Return to the room that had the
    item locked in the cabinet. You can now open the cabinet, and get the labeled
    key "B" inside. Head back to the hallway with the control panel outside one of
    the doors. All three of your labeled keys will open the door. Activate the
    portal square and you'll be taken to a new place.
    -- Chapter IV, Part II: "Return of Burroughs Castle" --
    A cut scene shows that ominous man again. Run forward to find Dick's notes and
    a lavender water. Up ahead, save/refill if needed at the lion fountain.
    Scissorman will appear, just ignore him and run forward. Break the blue crest
    on the entrance doors and head on inside. I think the statues in here are so
    awesome. Check around all the corners of the lobby to find a few arrows. When
    you've found them all, enter the double doors to the far left side of the
    castle. Be very careful at the top of the stairs; wait for Scissorman to run
    towards you, then engulf him in holy water. Then run up the stairs and quickly
    get to the evade point. Take the notes from the headless guy to the side.
    Return to the castle lobby and enter the double doors to the far right side. It
    looks like a dead end, but it's anything but that. Walk out the opening to
    outside. You can very slowly step your way across the exterior wall. When you
    get to the gargoyle statue, just duck and crawl. Don't try to open the door
    when you get to the other side; it's locked. So, head back out another opening
    here and you'll eventually come to an opening in the wall. You can squeeze
    through it, luckily. This passage takes you to the kitchen. Open the oven to
    find a charred skull (which belongs to that headless body). The oven is also
    an evade point, should you need one. Examine the fireplace to see that
    something's back there. In the corner of the kitchen, use the ash to extinguish
    the fire in the fireplace. Take the "A" crest. Exit the kitchen through the
    The other door in this hall takes you to the dining room. Slide the candle on
    the table back to its original place. Now, you can insert the "A" crest inside
    one of the slots in the pedestals. Exit the dining room through the other door.
    Enter the door at the end of the hall to enter the library. Dick's notes are on
    the table, and a lavender water is close by. Exit the library at the other end
    and use the exterior edge of the wall again to get across to another opening.
    This one takes you to a tiny part of the library, where the "N" crest is
    mounted on the wall. Take it, and exit. Return to the dining room and put the
    "N" crest on the other pedestal slot. A door will appear, so head through
    there. After going through a few halls you get to a large room. Walk over to
    the portrait of Lord Burroughs on the wall. You'll get the "D" crest, the
    fourth book of Entities, and Dick's notes. A cut scene shows us what Dennis
    is going through. Walk over to the screen and press the switch under it.
    Insert the "D" crest in the slot below the portrait to unlock the door.
    This next part is tricky; and if you have plenty of sigil stones, you won't
    have too much trouble. Those suits of armor you passed earlier are now in
    action, and deadly. Their weapons move in certain interval patterns. Figure out
    the pattern, and work a strategy to get through them without being hit. One
    hit, and you're dead (Unless you have a sigil stone). There are some weird
    brown looking things in this room. They're elevators. Right now, enter the one
    in the upper left area of the room (Or the one to the left if you haven't moved
    yet). It takes you to an underground dungeon type place. You have to unlock
    all doors you can, so that when you pull the switch, you'll be able to get out.
    Unlock the door down here, and return up to the armor room. Go down the
    elevator in the bottom left corner now. On the table here is an invisibility
    band. Unlock the door past the fallen door and head back up to the armor room.
    Now to the elevator in the lower right corner. Pull the switch on the wall and
    run straight through the openings fast! At the end, enter the door to find the
    freak show! After the cut scene, you'll be forced to fall in an underground
    Take the book of Entities V which talks about Scissorman and Scissorwoman. The
    door here takes you to a place that should once again look familiar. Here, walk
    to the corner of the room and search for Alyssa's drawings. A path will then
    unfold. Ascend the ladder and you'll be back in the room with the film
    projector. And you'll get to see another scene on it. But this time what's on
    the screen comes to life. After the lovely cut scene, return to the room where
    Dennis and the freaks are. If you don't remember how to get there, head out the
    double doors and go down the elevator in the lower right corner of the armor
    room. Pull the switch down here again and run. Next up: The battle between
    Alyssa and Scissorman and woman!
    **-*BOSS FIGHT*-**
    VICTIMS: 22
    Scissorwoman doesn't pose as a big threat at all. It's by far the easiest fight
    in the game. Her HP meter is very small, so that should help. The trickiest
    thing about this battle is Scissorwoman's teleportation technique. This makes
    it hard for Alyssa to aim her arrow precisely. Also watch out for her spinning
    tornado attack. When she uses it, run to a corner of the room opposite of where
    she is. Don't shoot any arrows at the tornado, they can fire back. Don't even
    use any special arrows. You should have absolutely no trouble with this
    battle. After her, all that's left is Scissorman.
    **-*BOSS FIGHT*-**
    VICTIMS: 37
    This fight is kind of hard. However, I found it easy to bind Scissorman. And
    if you can bind him into place, you should not have any trouble defeating him.
    Watch out for all of his long range attacks. Even if you do bind him, he can
    still use them. You really shouldn't have a problem defeating him; you just
    need to be faster than him. After his defeat, it's on to the final chapter!
    -- Chapter V: "Justice Shall be Served"
    All you must do here is climb up the never ending castle stairs. Once you get
    to the giant cogwheel room, grab the binding arrow and crawl underneath the
    giant wheels until you reach a door somewhere to another side of the room.
    You'll be outside on the exterior of the clock tower. Around the corner, pick
    up the repellant arrow and crawl under the opening here. Pull the lever and
    return to the ladder. Pull another lever there and climb up the ladder. The
    door up here brings you to the final save point. Maneuver your way across more
    giant cogwheels and at you'll climb up one more. Here is where you see a cut
    scene introducing us to the last boss.
    **-*BOSS FIGHT*-**
    VICTIMS: 115
    No mistake, Lord Burroughs has two large life bars for you to empty! This is a
    long and tricky fight, so be ready. When he tells you to go to hell (I guess
    that's what he says, it's hard to understand), quickly run right or left.
    Whatever you do, don't get hit by the blue sphere he launches at you! Not only
    do they bind you, but if you get hit three total times, Burroughs will use his
    final attack on you, killing you. Even if you do get binded, you can still
    duck to dodge a blue sphere. After a few seconds, you'll be free to move
    around. STAY AWAY FROM BURROUGHS! He has extremely powerful close range
    attacks. The key is to be on the direct opposite side of him throughout the
    entire battle. Because he moves at a snail's pace, it's easy to stay away from
    him. He also has a technique that he will use if you're close to him. He'll
    pick you up and absorb your HP into his HP meter.
    After taking a certain amount of damage, his attacks are increased in power.
    Instead of launching one blue binding sphere at you, he'll throw three at a
    time! When he states that there is no escape, a red blob in the ground will
    attempt to suck you into the ground. Dodge the blob and you'll move out of
    its range. You should have a ton of specialty arrows; use them ALL!
    I've gotten many, many emails from readers of my walkthrough. Besides nice
    comments, I have recieved a load of questions. So, before emailing me with a
    question, please look here beforehand to see if your question hasn't
    already been asked here.
    Q. After I beat the game, I see a screen that tells me that I have a
    certain number of "Rooder Points". What are these points for?
    A. Beats the heck outta me! I really don't know. I'll take a guess, and
    I'll say that you get a certain number of points every time you perform
    certain tasks. These tasks could be sending a spirit, dodging a killer,
    or collecting a diary or notes.
    Q. It says in your guide that an evade point appears in <insert place here>.
    But, I don't see it! Why?
    A. If you're being directly chased by a killer, you won't see an evade point.
    If there's a good distance between you and the killer, the evade point appears.
    Q. I love the piano music that plays in the first chapter! What's it called?
    A. It's called Fantasie Improptu (In C Sharp Minor) by Chopin. Thanks to
    Wang Shijie for finding that out and telling me!
    Q. I found a ghost in the hallway in Alyssa's house near Nancy's room.
    What can I do to send it?
    A. Heh, sorry guys, I left this one out of my walkthrough. The ghost comes
    from the bathroom sealed by a sigil. Use a lavender water on the body in the
    bathtub. I think you get a Sigil Stone for it.
    Q. Know of any codes that I can use for this game?
    A. Oh, come on! This game is fairly easy, why the hell do you need codes?
    I don't believe in using codes, because it's cheating, and cheating is for
    losers. Oh, and the answer to your question is no. :-)
    Q. How do I beat [Insert boss name here]?
    A. Hmm, let's see... Uhhh.. gotta think about that one.... YOU READ MY @#$%^
    FAQ! OR IS THAT TOO DIFFICULT FOR YOU?! Believe it or not folks, I DO have a
    life, and I will not do your dirty work for you. Read my guide, it has all
    of the info you need to beat a boss!
    Q. I am so disappointed, there is no way to beat the last boss. 10 other
    people and I have tried, but cannot do it.
    A. Okay, that's not a question, but can you believe that some idiot told me
    that in an email? Before a game is released, there are these wonderful
    folks called beta testers, or video game testers. If there is such a flaw
    in a game as the last boss being unbeatable (Which is a flaw that does NOT
    happen often because game developers and creators are smarter than that.
    Except the ones who made Final Fantasy X-2.), then the game cannot be
    released until the glitch is fixed. Yeah, I've had exactly 48 emails asking
    me how to beat the last boss. And the ones I did not sarcastically reply to
    were simply deleted. ^^
    This section comes from you!
    From: Stickmizer822
    At the final boss (Lord Burroughs), you first have to bind him. It doesn't
    matter how, you just have to. When he starts to do that thing that means he is
    going to break free of the tether, start fully charging your arrow. He can't
    attack when he's doing that. Once he breaks free, don't release the arrow until
    he touches the ground, otherwise it won't register. He will then be tethered
    again. While you wait for him to try and breakout of the tether, just run and
    duck to avoid the attacks. Continue to do this and you should kill him. You can
    also bind him while he is already bound but unless you have a red arrow, I
    found it very difficult.
    After you have defeated him, the end credits roll, a cut scene ensues, and
    you are asked to save your game. By doing so, you'll be able to replay the game
    on a MUCH harder difficulty. You'll also gain access to Alyssa's wardrobe
    closet in her room. Simply save your game, and load your file at the main menu.
    On the dining room table of Alyssa's house is the wardrobe key. Use it to
    unlock the armoire in her room. If you change her outfit, you won't be able to
    change it again.
    Like I said, the game's difficulty will increase dramatically. The killers
    will be MUCH faster, MUCH smarter, and they'll have different looking weapons.
    And the last boss fight is just about impossible. I have yet to beat him!
    The Clock Tower series are great. Even though I've only played the first one
    before (The second one was really hard to find where I live), I just love
    the style and gameplay. I feel that there should be more survival horror games
    out there. Sure, the Resident Evil and Silent Hill series are there, but that's
    not enough! (By the way, if you need help with SH3, ask me. And if you have
    not played Silent Hill 3.... what are you thinking?) I sure hope that Clock
    Tower 3 isn't the last of the series. I enjoyed it just as much if not more 
    than the first one. The graphics are excellent, and I think Capcom's entrance 
    to the game really brought interesting gameplay. My favorite aspect of the 
    game is the whole concept of killers stalking you. If that part wasn't there, 
    I don't think there'd be any creepiness. But then again, I thought that there 
    could be a LOT more scariness. The killers' design were relatively good; 
    especially Corroder. He was the coolest looking in ranks of creepiness. But 
    then you get to Chopper, Scissorman, and Scissorwoman and they don't look 
    like true killers, let alone killers I'd fear. Out of 10, I give the game a 
    9. Woo hoo!

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