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    Secrets FAQ by Rigel / JYL

    Version: 4.02 | Updated: 01/20/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    JYL and Rigel's 
    Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3 - Secrets FAQ V4.02
    For Sony Playstation 2             1.20.02
    So far we are at 67 secret characters. We also have how to get to secret
    levels and various other tricks and codes including the "backdoor" code
    and the "Peepshow" code, the "Yohomies" code and the "RoadTrip" code. 
    The only thing to do now is finish up the board section maybe add a stat 
    point section, and any other codes. There is a slim chance that there 
    maybe more cheats like disco mode, big head mode, random start, level 
    reverse, and others. Cross your fingers and hope. This FAQ has been getting
    tons of attention and I have been getting tons of e-mails. I have added 
    some sections from some of the tips that have been given to me. All credit
    has been given where due. Also, I added a FAQ section for frequently asked
    questions. Thank you all for the kind words. 
            Copyright Stuff:
    This document Copyright 2002 by JYL and Rigel.
    This document is protected by US Copyright Law, and the Berne Copyright
    Convention of 1976.  It is for private and personal use only--it cannot
    be reprinted in part or in whole, or reproduced in any way or in any
    form (written or otherwise).  It is a free document that cannot be used
    in any sort of commercial transaction, including selling it or giving
    it away as a gift.  This FAQ cannot be referenced, altered, or used by
    anybody (including webmasters, publishers, and magazine staff) without
    my express written permission.
            Secret Characters:
    Earned Characters: 
    1. Darth Maul:
    Defeat the game with all goals and golds in every tournament.
    Notes: Not only does Darth Maul do a Jedi choke on the Rasta
    skateshop guy, but he can also do it to other characters in the
    game. It worked on everyone except for girls, security guards,
    and the photographers. Another Maul tidbit is that instead of
    grabing "Stat Points" the Sith Lord grabs "Force Points."
    2. Wolverine:
    Defeat the game with all goals and golds in every tournament
    with two characters.
    Notes: Wolverine colects "Mutation Points" instead of "Stat Points."
    He makes the Rasta guy want to fight, although it does look more
    like a dance. Also the photographer says "Hey Wolverine" before
    his other lines.
    3. Officer Dick:
    Defeat the game with all goals and golds in every tournament
    with four characters. 
    Notes: Dick collects "Donut Points" instead of "Stat Points."
    Also the photographer says "Hey Officer" before
    his other lines. Officer Dick makes the Rasta guy look nervous 
    he does the same for some of the in game characters as well.
    4. Private Carrera:
    Defeat the game with all goals and golds in every tournament
    with five characters. 
    Notes: Private Carrera collects "Demerit Points" instead of 
    "Stat Points." She is the only earned secret character where
    you can customize her clothes. She makes the Rasta dance, sing,
    and practice his one-liners. She also makes other people dance 
    in the game.
    5. Ollie, the Magic Bum:
    Defeat the game with all goals and golds in every tournament
    with seven characters. 
    Notes: Ollie collects "Puke Points" instead of "Stat Points."
    The photographer says "Hey Ollie" before his other lines.
    Also he uses a homemade board instead of a skate board,
    comprised of two wooden 2x4's. The Rasta guy gets drunk with 
    this bum as the bum screams out non stuff like, "Got any change?"
    The in game characters don't seem to do anything to Ollie except
    get mad and knock him off the board.
    6. Kelly Slater:
    Defeat the game with all goals and golds in every tournament
    with eight characters.
    Notes: Slater collects "Break Points" instead of "Stat Points."
    Also he uses a surf board instead of a skate board.
    7. Demoness:
    Defeat the game with all goals and golds in every tournament
    with ten characters.
    Notes: Demoness collects "Possesion Points" instead of "Stat Points."
    However, she starts with full stats, so her "Possesion points" don't 
    do anything noticeable. When she goes up to certain peds they will 
    shrink to smaller than tiny mode. She also does this to the Rasta man,
    and she sets his skate shop on fire. If you skate up to the Thin man on
    the Surburbia level he will do the Rasta man's dance for Carrerra and 
    hearts will form and pop above his head. Also, scroll down to Secret 
    Areas and check the last one in Surburbia. If you do this one you will
    get a special message. Maybe I shouldn't ruin it for you. Go try it.
    8. Neversoft Eyeball:
    Defeat the game with all goals and golds in every tournament
    with twenty-one characters. This character starts with one stat point
    in every category, however he has 36 extra stat points. He starts with 
    only one special trick. So far it seems like the eyeball maybe the 
    weakest of the secret characters. The photographer says, "Hey Ball"
    before some of his lines, but besides that everything else seems the
    same as a normal skater. The Eyeball collects "Stat Points", and so 
    far the Rasta man doesn't seem to react to him.
    Create-a-Skater Characters:
    The Men:
    It seems that all these secret skaters are either programmers,
    or family of the programmers. Most of these are available by 
    typing in the skaters name, or read the description for 
    instructions. All the faces are unique and some have unique 
    boards and other unique features.
    9. Jeremy Anderson:
    He has a unique sun/tribal tattoo on his back.
    10. Issac Burns:
    Type in "Grass Patch" to get this little scrappy guy.
    11. Aaron Cammarata:
    Type in Eastside to get a normal version of the big boy.
    12. The Pouncer:
    Type in "Crashcart" for this big boy from "New Fricken' Yawk"
    His name is Aaron Cammarata.
    13. Dave Cowling:
    He is shirtless with back tattoo #2 and the beer hat.
    14. Ralph D'Amato:
    Has a neatly cut goatee even when "clean shaven."
    15. Pimpin Frank:
    I guess Ralph D'Amato has a secret nightlife where turns into a pimp.
    16. Peter Day:
    Another English bald headed character. Type in "Pete Day" to 
    get him.
    17. Matt Duncan:
    Type in "Gorilla" to get this huge 7'0" skater.
    18. Chad Findley:
    Has a unshaven face even when "clean shaven."
    19. Alan Flores:
    I am sure the fashion police are after this guy.
    20. Edwin Fong:
    Skinny Asian guy.
    21. Steve Ganem:
    Kinda looks like Jason Biggs.
    22. Chris Glenn:
    Long hair, sun glasses, and a unique shirt logo.
    23. Kendall Harrison:
    Type in "Frogham" the city from which Kendall is from to get him.
    He is also a pirate, except skinnier then Capn Jennings. 
    24. Noel Hines:
    You can also just type "Noel" for the name.
    25. Brian Jennings:
    You can also just type "Brain" for the name. 
    26. Cap'n Jennings:
    You can also type in "Capn Jennings" or Captain Jennings."
    This makes a pirate version of Brian Jennings, with a 
    bloody skull board. 
    27. Gary Jesdanun:
    Happy Asian guy with glasses.
    28. Joel Jewett:
    President of Neversoft. Has a very cool Neversoft board
    and a handlebar mustache with a mullet.
    29. Joel Jewett (2)
    Type in "Mini Joel" to get this disturbing version of Joel. 
    30. Henry Ji:
    Asian without glasses.
    31. Ryan McMahon:
    Tall guy, 6'5"
    32. Kevin Mulhall:
    Looks somewhat like a young Tom Cruise.
    33. BrainEaters:
    Type in "Nolan Nelson" for the name. He has a sweet devil board,
    which may be unique. The Nelson glasses are named after him.
    34. Nolan Nelson:
    Type in "Braineaters" and you get a version of Nolan with a skull
    for a face and the brain hat with two casts. Very grim but funny.
    35. Riktor:
    Type in "Andy Nelson" and you get the brother of Nolan?
    36. Johnny Ow:
    Asian guy with a fro. Very hip lookin'
    37. Hardcore Pease:
    Type in "Scott Pease" for the name. He looks like a programmer
    with an army helmet.
    38. Chris Rausch:
    This guy looks like a skater. Very cool lookin.
    39. Rastapopolous:
    The Rasta guy in the skate shop.
    40. Paul Robinson:
    An English chap with a cool orange outfit.
    41. Junki Saita:
    Type in "Kage" to get this chacacter. Anyone remember "Legend of Kage"?
    No he is not a ninja, I was just wonderin'?
    42. Mark L. Scott:
    Type in "Hi Ben" to get this programmer.
    43. Eighties Mark:
    Type in "80s Mark" and you will get this 80s version of Mark Scott.
    44. Aaron Skillman:
    You can also just type "Aaron" for the name.
    45. GI Skillz:
    Or type in "SkillZilla" to get this Army version of Aaron Skillman. 
    46. Trey Smith:
    A tall shirtless urban cowboy with dark eyebrows and
    a unique goatee, has a Neversoft board.
    47. Dave Stohl:
    Big blonde haired skater.
    48. Darren Thorne:
    You can also just type "Darren" for the name.
    49. Bo Hunter:
    Type in "DDT" for this hunting season version of Darren Thorne.
    50. Jason Uyeda:
    A Asian guy with a pimpin pink outfit.
    51. Chris Ward:
    Looks like an urban green goblin street guerilla.
    52. Mike Ward:
    I am guessing the more conservative brother of Chris Ward.
    53. Mick West:
    A very skinny English guy. 
    The Women:
    54. Lisa Davies:
    A waifish blonde with a pink and aqua dip dye shirt.
    55. Stacey D:
    I guess her last name "Drellishak" was too big for entering.
    She has a cool Girl deck.
    56. Sandy Jewett:
    Wife of Joel? with floral pants and a unique board with
    a picture of Joel Jewett with "Wanted" above his face.
    57. Mighty Mic:
    Type in "Nicole Willick" for the name. She has a blue 
    panda board.
    The Kids:
    58. Rachael Day:
    Daughter of Peter Day.
    59. Matthew Day:
    Son of Peter Day.
    60. Riley Hawk:
    Son of Tony Hawk.
    61. Spencer Hawk:
    Younger Son of Tony Hawk. Complete with pacifier.
    62. Connor Jewett:
    I am gonna guess, son of Joel and Sandy?
    63. William Pease:
    Yet another baby skater. This one with a beanie under his
    64. Andrew Rausch:
    The four year old brother of Steven and James.
    65. James Rausch:
    Like Spencer Hawk another big headed kid. Give em a break
    he is only two.
    66. Steven Rausch:
    One of the smaller kids. Son of Chris Rausch.
    67. Benjamin Scott-Pye:
    A 14 year old with a green shirt and a cool pheonix board.
    Enter in "062287" for his name.
            Secret Levels:
    All the secret levels are not playable in Career except for the Cruise
    Ship which really not a secret area but just a hidden one. 
    Note: If you look at the tapes in the skate shop before they zoom in,
    you can see more tapes after Tokyo.
    Cruise Ship Level:
    Not really a secret just a hidden level. It becomes available after
    the Tokyo level. You must complete this level to unlock all of the
    earned secrets.
    Warehouse Level:
    Defeat the game with all goals and golds in every tournament
    with three characters. 
    Burnside Level:
    Defeat the game with all goals and golds in every tournament
    with six characters. 
    Roswell Level:
    Defeat the game with all goals and golds in every tournament
    with nine characters.  
            Secret Areas:
    People have said that there is a secret area on every level. So far,
    this is hasn't been confirmed. It is somewhat questionable.
    The easiest secret area to get to. Simply grind all the valves to open
    up the reactor core. This area is is a bowl with spiraling ramp that 
    goes up several levels. There is also two half pipes above above the 
    rear end of the park. There is two ways to get to them. One is to grind
    from the secret tape and ollie into them. There is one on each side. The
    other is to launch up to the upper level above the control room for the
    molten pot, from there you can ollie into them.
    So far the only thing I can figure is the way to get the secret tape. 
    Go to where the Canadian is relieving himself. There is a box you can 
    grind that raises the Half pipe to the right up in the air. Launch 
    from the quarter pipe up to the raised half pipe. From there you can 
    launch to another half pipe with a breakaway ceiling. From there you
    launch to another half pipe. From this halfpipe you can grind onto
    some mine cart tracks.
    From the starting point skate to the left edge of park if you follow 
    the wall of buildings you will come to a wooden fence that you can break
    through just by sketing through it. Inisde you'll find a small pool, some
    benches and some dumpsters to skate. Also, it is possible to get outside
    the fence and inside some of the buildings. In order to do this you 
    probably need to cheat. Moon physics will make it easier. Now if you are
    facing the chain link fence, there is a small patch of grass on the far
    right side of the screen, it makes a triangle between a building, the fence
    and a tree. It is possible to launch over the fence into this area. However,
    there is nothing much do here. If you leave the triangle you will be pushed
    back in the park. Also you can skate through the fence once on the other side.
    If you manage to launch ontop of a building you will fall through it. What you 
    will find is surfaces left over the real part of the game. If you skate through
    the wall you will end up back in park. Note: These areas are not secrets but 
    rather parts of the game that should be not available.
    After you finish the thin man quest. You can do a transfer into his backyard,
    full of half pipes and rails and lots of gaps. There is also two halfpipes 
    somewhat hidden on top of the hidden house. They are fairly easy to get to
    after you know where they are. After skating through the corridor when you 
    transfer from the quarter pipe to the half pipe on the other side, you can
    again transfer on the other side of the half pipe to a higher half pipe on 
    your right. From here you can launch to a higher half pipe on the very top 
    of the house by holding forward as you skate back into the half pipe. Also,
    I just found a new secret area today on Surburbia. It is kind of a joke and 
    all it does is kill you , but it is somewhat funny. In front of the haunted
    house you will notice that the front door ocasionally opens and closes. If 
    you look closely you will see two evil eyes peering out of it. Now if you 
    face the haunted house from the set of stairs facing the trailer park you 
    can stop and observe this. If you time it right, you should be able to skate
    forward and ollie up into the open door. If done correctly, you will skate 
    into a dark bottomless pit and your character will say "Aaaaagh!!!" in red 
    letters across the screen. Basically, you have gone out of bounds but it
    is a little different.
    Immediately jump the checkstand on the right and grind the conveyor belt. 
    This will take to you a secret area with helicopter. You can grind the
    helicopter blades to make it take off. If you grind the escalators it will
    take you to the baggage claim. You can actually see this secret room if you
    look out the window in the hallway with the first people mover.
    Skater Island:
    From the big halfpipe with a surfboard above it jump over and grind on 
    the Pirate flag. It is on the same side as surfboard. Once you grind it
    a door will open, and cannonballs will go flying and blow a hole in the 
    wall. Now you can skate outside to the pirate ship.
    Los Angeles:
    Skate towards the right towards the fountain, thru or over the glass 
    windows. Over by where the photographer asks to do varial kickflip.
    If you grind the walls over the grates and the little gaps, you should
    get the gap "They're Grate". Tony the Tiger? Anyway, those grates in 
    that area open up to a secret halfpipe. Also, it opens a grate on top
    of the building directly in front of the place where you start. Other
    than that some people say the freeway is a secret area after the 
    earthquake. There is also a half pipe on top of the Burrito/Carwash
    On the left side of this level are two secret halfpipes that you can 
    easily launch up to. The one at the end of the left side is easy enough
    to get to just launch from the quarter pipe at the end and grind the
    tarin tracks over to it. The other one you can easily get to from the 
    raised walkway in the middle of the area. This one is the key to open the
    real secret area. Once inside this half pipe, you launch to an upper half
    pipe where if you grind the open side where the giant neon circle is. You 
    can make the circle crash to the ground and open up a huge secret area full
    of half pipes and neon lights. 
    Cruise Ship:
    After you thrash the museum and the man goes over board you can grind the 
    saftey nets for some cool gaps and some times there is letters and stat points
    on these nets.
    Launch over the half pipe and you fly through the "secret room."
    Some people have said that you can launch out of the park and skate around.
    This has not been confirmed by me yet.
    This level got a major upgrade in the graphics department. You can skate over
    missle silos and see the missles in them, the rails in this level have flashing 
    blue lights. Also the secret rooms from THPS 1 are still there. I am not sure 
    if you had to open doors in the first one but in THPS 3 you can just skate into 
    them without having to open them. The first room is the alien autopsy room, 
    and the second has a UFO and other stuff in storage. 
           Board Locations:
    It seems that there is three possible board locations for every skater.
    I will list the skaters and their boards with a corasponding number to 
    the location of the board.
    Skater          | Starting Board     | Foundry                 | 
    Tony Hawk       | Birdman Crest      | Golden Edition Logo (1) |
    Steve Caballero | Chin Series - 1999 | Cab Tank - 1993 (2)     |
    Kareem Campbell | Citybot 8          | Sound Team Deck (3)     |
    Rune Glifberg   | Glifberg 1         | Glifberg 2 (1)          |
    Eric Koston     | Classic Koston     | Mechanical (2)          |
    Bucky Lasek     | Paradise Slammers  | Racecar (3)             |
    Bam Margera     | Welcome            | Letterman (1)           | 
    Rodney Mullen   | Rodney             | Duh! (2)                |
    Chad Muska      | Red Sun            | White Icon (3)          | 
    Andrew Reynolds | Green Brand Logo   | White Baker Logo (1)    |
    Geoff Rowley    | Rowley 1           | Rowley 2 (2)            |
    Elissa Steamer  | Etnies 1           | ISA 1 (1)               |
    Jamie Thomas    | Thomas Skeleton    | Punk Green (3)          |
    Darth Maul      | Maul 1             | Maul 2 (2)              |
    Wolverine       | Wolverine 1        | Wolverine 2 (2)         |
    Officer Dick    | Night Stick        | CODE RED! (3)           |
    Private Carrera | Carrera 1          | Carrera 2 (1)           |
    Kelly Slater    | Slater  1          | Splash (1)              |
    Ollie the Bum   | Skate for Food     | Triple X (2)            |
    Demoness        |                    |                         |
    NS Eyeball      |                    |                         |
    Custom Skater   |                    | Birdhouse Logo (3)      |
    Foundry Locations:
    (1) Probably one of the easiest boards to get in the game. just 
    skate to the right of the start point and go up the quarterpipe.
    There it is. Easy.
    (2) This one is on the other side of the level. Just skate over by the 
    hot tub. Build up enough speed to launch up on to the uper level above 
    the control booth and the quarterpipe. The deck is above control booth
    on the lip of the upper level. The easiest way to get it is launch up
    there and then grind to the deck. 
    (3) Fairly easy enough. Go left from starting point down the ramp on the
    left side. Stay close to the wall and when you get to the quarter ramp in
    front of the cylanders hold up on the controller and you will launch ontop
    of the cylanders where the deck is waiting for you.
    Skater          | Canada                      | Rio Ruckus              | 
    Tony Hawk       | Team Seal 2001 (1)          | Hawk Collage (1)        |
    Steve Caballero | Classic Dragon - 1999 (2)   |                         |
    Kareem Campbell | Viking (3)                  |                         |
    Rune Glifberg   | Glifberg 3 (1)              |                         |
    Eric Koston     | Baseball (2)                |                         |
    Bucky Lasek     | 3-D Logo (3)                |                         |
    Bam Margera     | Ivy League (1)              | Bats (1)                | 
    Rodney Mullen   | Panda Poo (2)               |                         |
    Chad Muska      | Orange Silhouette (3)       | Blue Sun (3)            | 
    Andrew Reynolds | Baker Logo (1)              |                         |
    Geoff Rowley    | Rowley 3 (2)                |                         |
    Elissa Steamer  | Etnies 2 (1)                |                         |
    Jamie Thomas    | American Punk (3)           |                         |
    Darth Maul      | Maul 3                      | Maul 4                  |
    Wolverine       | Wolverine 3 (2)             | Wolverine 4 (*)         |
    Officer Dick    | Dead or Alive (3)           | 3 Donuts (3)            |
    Private Carrera | Carrera 3 (1)               | Carrera 4 (1)           |
    Kelly Slater    | o2 (1)                      | Quick Red (1)           |
    Ollie the Bum   | New Bed (2)                 | Grrr! (2)               |
    Demoness        |                             |                         |
    NS Eyeball      |                             |                         |
    Custom Skater   | Caballero Chinese Dragon (3)| City Stars Slam (3)     |
    Canada Locations:
    (1) Launch above the bulldozer for the secret deck.
    (2) On the rope where you nosegrind the horn. The easist way to get there is
    fall into the frozen stream near the bully. You character will be ported up 
    to the horn.
    (3) On a slanted wire straight ahead from the start above one of the skaters.
    Either grind up to it or, use the halfpipe below to launch to it.
    Rio Locations:
    (1-3) All decks are found In the secret area above the pool.
    Skater          | Suburbia                    | Airport                 | 
    Tony Hawk       | Pterodactyl 2 (1)           | Pterodactyl skull (1)   |
    Steve Caballero |                             |                         |
    Kareem Campbell |                             |                         |
    Rune Glifberg   |                             |                         |
    Eric Koston     |                             |                         |
    Bucky Lasek     |                             |                         |
    Bam Margera     | Arbor (1)                   | Animalism (1)           | 
    Rodney Mullen   |                             |                         |
    Chad Muska      | Red Team (3)                | Green Sun (3)           | 
    Andrew Reynolds |                             |                         |
    Geoff Rowley    |                             |                         |
    Elissa Steamer  |                             |                         |
    Jamie Thomas    |                             |                         |
    Darth Maul      | Maul 5                      | Maul 6                  |
    Wolverine       | Wolverine 5 (*)             | Wolverine 6 (*)         |
    Officer Dick    | Dead or Alive (3)           | 3 Donuts (3)            |
    Private Carrera | Carrera 5 (1)               | Carrera 6 (1)           |
    Kelly Slater    | Pro Green (1)               | Team Activision (1)     |
    Ollie the Bum   | I Eat Dirt (2)              | Barrel Buddies (2)      |
    Demoness        |                             |                         |
    NS Eyeball      |                             |                         |
    Custom Skater   | Caballero Chinese Dragon (3)| City Stars Slam (3)     |
    Suburbia Locations:
    (1) Go in the back yard of the nice house, and skate up to the back right hand
    corner of the yard. From there skate up on the roof and grind the the side of the
    roof. The deck is on the other side in the front of the house.
    (*) As you grind the power lines keep grinding. The board is on the roof on the 
    end. That is if you grinding from the crappy house to the nice house on the higher
    Airport Locations:
    (1) Above the second set of metal detectors or the right side. The easiest way to
    get there is ollie from the metal detector up to the right side ledge. You should
    skate right into it.
    (2) After you down the first floor of esculators, right when the second set of people
    mover start if you look up the deck is on a lighting fixture. You the arrivals monitor
    to launch up there or grind the lighting fixtures from the top of the first esculator.
    (3) In the same spot as the secret tape only on the other side of the terminal.
    Skater Island:
    (1) Behind the starting point on a 3rd floor rail.
    Los Angeles Locations:
    (1) From the starting point make a right on the first steet. It is ontop of a power
    line at the end of that street near the fountain.
    (*) By the movie theater, just drop down instead of jumping over to the secret tape.
    (1) Above the starting place you need to get on top of the place where you get
    the medals.
    Cruise Ship Locations:
    (1) On the lip of the awning. Just grind the awnings and you should get it. bm
           Cool Transfers List:
    Note: I'll will not be adding a complete gap list. If you want a list
    of gaps check oneManArmy's list on GameFAQs.
    Canada: Ahhhh! My Head! (??? pts):
    Knock off the head of the totem pole by grinding from wing
    to wing. Easy to do if you start from grinding the fence then ]
    jump to a grind on the wing.
    Picnic Lip Tric! (100 pts):
    Simply to a lip trick on the vertical picnic table on top of
    the halfpipe in the trashy mobile home park.
    Whose House?...Skillz House! (1000 pts):
    Super hairy transfer between quarterpipes where you must transfer over
    the house with empty pool in the back.
    Cruise Ship:
    King of the World! (200 pts):
    Skate up to the bow of the ship, the very very front of the ship
    and to a lip trick on the railing. This a refrernce to the movie
    "Titantic" and I swear the first time I did it, it wasn't a transfer
    but just a move. My skater had his arms outstreched just like in the 
            Neversoft Challenges:
    Neversoft challenges are found in the game guide purchased separately.
    Thanks to Silpheed for this list and the how to of it. 
    -> Nausea Grind (500 pts):
    It's a gut-twisting grind garunteed to make heads spin!
    To Do: In the secret area, go to the top and grind all the way down.
    -> Rockslide!!! (1000 pts):
    To get an idea of how to do this, go to the top of the level, and 
    make a blind leap of faith!
    -> 2 Wheeled Box Gap (250 pts): 
    No it doesn't mean there's a two wheeled box you have to trick over.
    -> Airplane Drop (5000 pts): 
    Is any more help needed than the name? To Do- You probably have to 
    fall from the plane or something, but what I did was get massive air 
    on the halfpipe with the vertical park bench.
    -> Off The Couch (100 pts):
    Use a manual, but there are a bunch of couches in front of you.
    Skaters Island:
    -> There's two this time-Roof Bustin' (100 pts):
    To Do-Get big air and break the roof. Easiest to do on the halfpipe and the pool. 
    -> How'd You Find That? (500 pts):
    To Do- From the start, get air on the ramp, and grind the black pipe on the wall.
    Books Description: Roof Bustin'? That isn't what they meant by "Tear Up The Course!"
    Los Angeles:
    -> Alley-Oop! (300 pts): 
    As in jumping, not a highlight reel dunk.
    Note: Tokyo has a lot of Neversoft Challenges, and all of them can be found in 
    the secret area.
    -> Chiri Nabe Gap (500 pts)
    -> Tara Chiri Nabe Gap (100 pts)
    -> Anko Nabe Gap (1500 pts)
    -> Ishikari Nabe Gap (1500 pts) 
    -> Mizutaki Gap (500 pts)
    -> Kame Nabe Gap (1000 pts)
    -> Udon Suki Nabe Gap (1500 pts)
    -> Dojo Gap (400 pts)
    -> Yanagawa Nabe Gap (400 pts)
    -> Chanko Nabe Gap (1000 pts)
    -> Suppon Nabe Gap (500 pts)
    -> Inoshishi Nabe Gap (500 pts)
    -> Gyu Niku Gap (500 pts)
    -> Buta Niku (500 pts)
    -> Botan Nabe Gap (500 pts)
    -> Sakura Nabe Gap (1500 pts)
    -> Tori Niku Gap (500 pts)
    Cruise Ship:
    -> AAAAAEEEIIII! (2000 pts):
    It's the last challenge, and it's time to earn the skater merit badge for throwing
    caution to wind. Impress the sunbathing beauties with a halfpipe to halfpipe 
    transfer on a death-defying scale. 
            Notes and Observations:
    - The house with the empty pool and bbq is Aaron Skillman's, AKA SkillZ,
    and his address is 420. Check the Cool Transfer List to see how I figured
    this out. He is one of the programmers.
    - If you listen to the annoucements you will here them ask Darren Thorne
    to go to a white courtesy telephone. He is one of the programmers.
            Level Overview Glitch:
    Alan Gray and his brother found this glitch/trick. It lets you explore
    levels in 3-D fly though method. I am including their exact words.
    "My Brother and I found an awsome secret on tony hawk. When a level is
    loading, you press start between the loading screen and the goal list
    screen. This pauses the game and lets you look around. It is kind of 
    hard to time right though. When you do it righ you can move around the 
    veiw using the analog sticks and L and R buttons. We even attached a 
    couple screen shots to prove that it works."
    The screen shots they included were awesome. They were overhead shots 
    of each level from airplane eye view. If you can get the trick to work,
    it looks very cool.
            Cheats and Codes:
    Right now people have found only 11 cheats and there is two ways 
    to activate them. One is to beat the game perfect with x amount 
    of characters and the other is the "backdoor."
    Snowboard Mode x = 11
    Always Special Mode x = 12
    Perfect Rail Balance Mode x = 13
    Super Stats Mode x = 14
    Giant Mode x = 15
    Slowmo Mode x = 16
    Perfect Manual Balance Mode x = 17
    Tiny Mode x = 18
    Moon Physics Mode x = 19
    Expert Mode x = 20
    First Person Mode x = 21
    Backdoor Code:
    (Caution this code may ruin the game for you. Use with caution!)
    Simply enter "Backdoor" in the cheat screen. The cheat screen is
    found in the options menu. This will unlock all 11 cheats and 
    add a cheat menu when you are skating the levels. 
    Peepshow Code:
    Type in "Peepshow" to get all the movies!
    YoHomies Code:
    Type in "Yohomies" to get all the secret characters!
    RoadTrip Code:
    Type in "Roadtrip" to get all the levels!
    Important Trick:
    Not really a cheat or code but rather a trick, a very important one.
    If you do use cheats you will notice your highscores blowing through 
    the roof. However, it is more fun to keep the highscore list honest and
    clean. It promotes competition between your friends and doesn't make you
    look like a cheater. Finally the trick: If you must cheat but don't want
    to taint the highscores list, pause and choose retry instead of letting 
    time run out or hitting end run. This will save all your the things you
    did in the run but will not affect the highscores!
            The Secrets FAQ's FAQ:
    These are all real questions sent to me by you, the gamers out there. I have replied
    to most of you, but hopefully this section will help you with the most commonly
    asked questions. Good Luck. If all else fails try e-mailing me.
    Q: How do I invert the highwires?
    A: First you need to drain the pool. There is a pipe you can grind at the
    back end of the pool near the tail. This will drain the pool. Next you need
    to skate the pool until you get enough speed to reach the high wires. Once 
    high enough, you need to perform the invert lip trick. Done.
    Q: I think I'm being stupid, but I'm having trouble getting the secret skaters. 
    Do I type in the name on the create-a-skater section, or in the cheat password 
    section? Do I use upper case, lower case or both? 
    A: I didn't have any problems typing the names into the create-a-skater section
    where you name the skater. Maybe you have to beat the game once? This just in:
    "Nope they weren't removed...there is now a cheat to unlock them. The copy
    you purchased is a second release copy, some things were fixed on it."
    Q: how do you get the cheat menu open?  In my game it wont allow me to access it 
    to put in a code.  hopefully you can help...
    A: Go to the options menu in the skate shop. After entering the backdoor code, the
    cheats menu should be open in the game.
    Q: in tony hawk 3 where do u find the thin man's keys 
    A: You don't. Go to the house that is being built and grind the wooden beams. You 
    should get an axe. Take the axe to the Thin Man to finsh this quest.
    Q: can you take the cheats off after putting them on?
    A: You can turn off each cheat in the game menu. If you want to get rid of the menu
    my advice is not to save.
    Q: when u said that the "backdoor" cheat messes up the game do u mean the game 
    its self or just the saved game
    A: I meant the replay value. It makes the game too easy and lessens the fun of earning
    the rewards.
    Q: Hi I have a question about th3, (tony hawk proskater3) for ps1, i bought it recently,
     i have a ps2.  the question is, when i start it and go to menu to go in to cheat, the  
    "Cheats" icon is block, i can't seem to get in to punch in the codename. any answer?? 
    Can it be the ps2 or the disc....? 
    A: This FAQ is for Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3 for the Playstation 2. I don't have the game
    for Playstation One. Check another FAQ.
    Q: If i use the "backdoor" code will it lose all of the things i passed and unlocked...
    or will it completely ruin the game like will break it and not let me play it anymore??
    ....just wondering....also are there any tricks on getting gold medals in the 
    three competitions?
    A: No. No. Not yet.
    Q: how do you air walk an escalater.and get the secret tape in L.A.
    A: Go to the baggage claim in the aiport you can transfer over the escalators in the back 
    of the room. While tranfering perform an air walk move. In LA, you need to get on top of
    the Porno Theater marquee. My method is to get onto the freeway from the halfpipe on top 
    of the carwash. Follow the freeway to the theater and ollie on to the building. Once on the
    marquee, straighten up, ollie and then grind the wire on the purple tower. You should get the
    tape. If not repeat.
    Q: hello your websight helps me and my son a lot on tonyhawk3 but we was 
    wondering how to get tonyhawk 3 to lay down on his back when he grinds .we 
    cant get it if u have any help thankx.
    A: OK, after recieving 1000's of emails I am updating this part. Thank you all for the help.
    I would have updated this earlier but I have been too busy with Final Fantasy X and GTA3.
    So the answer is the coffin grind. It is one of the special grinds you can select from the 
    trick list.
    Q: is there a unlock all levels code for tony hawks 3 for ps2? reply asap
    A: There is now. Try the Road trip code. 
         A. Version History:
    v0.5b -> Beta Version of this FAQ more to come soon!
    v1.00 -> Holy Cow! we added 24 new secret characters!! Only 14 characters
    on this FAQ were not found by us.
    v1.05 -> When is the madness going to end! Just added 13 more secret 
    characters. Plus started a board location section.
    v2.00 -> 67 Secret skaters OMFG! Just added the 17. Plus a secret area section.
    Can you say "Peep Show?
    v2.01 -> Updated deck locations, secret areas, secret characters and various 
    other info.
    v2.02 -> More info on Demoness.
    v3.00 -> Yo Hommies. I think this is what everyone wanted. Whew, this FAQ is
    almost done.
    v4.00 -> Road Trip and added some details to secret areas in Rio. 
    v4.01 -> Added two big sections from contributors and a FAQ section for this
    v4.02 -> Updated FAQ section.
         B. Credits:
    Rigel    <- I wrote this FAQ. It's my second FAQ but I think I am hooked
                on these things.
    JYL      <- My girlfriend she plays THPS3 with me. I usually kick her butt
                but she is getting better quick. Oh yeah, she totally helped 
                with all the secret characters. Thanks Jill!
    Silpheed <- He posted all the information on the Neversoft challenges.
    ACGray   <- Awesome level viewing trick/glitch. I believe him and his brother
                were the first to find it. 
    If you want to add to this faq e-mail me at mtnrige@earthlink.com

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