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    Signature Moves by Slateman

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 12/30/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Details:           Signature Move Listings
    Game:              Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3
    Developer:         Neversoft
    Publisher:         Activision
    Platform:          PS2, GameCube, Xbox, PC
    Revision Date:     30th December, 2001
    Revision #:        1.0
    Author:            Slateman (slateman@planettonyhawk.com)
    From:              Planet Tony Hawk
         - This is simply a listing of each skater's signature moves.  In order 
           to perform these moves you will need a full special bar.
        (*)           indicates that you can hold the move for more points.
        (lip)         indicated lip trick, do at the top of a lip (hp, qp, etc.)
        (freestyle)   Freestyle move, do on flat ground
                      Please see the Hidden Combo FAQ for full breakdown
         Steve Caballero
    Right, Up, Flip        Kickflip Superman (*)                1500
    Left, Down, Grab       FS 540                               4500
    Down, Up, Grind        Hang Ten Nosegrind                   Varies
    Left, Up, Grind        Handstand 360 Flip (freestyle)	      Varies
         Kareem Campbell
    Up, Right, Flip        Ghetto Bird                          3500
    Left, Down, Grab       Kickflip Backflip                    4500
    Down, Left, Grind      Reemo Slide (freestyle)	            Varies
    Up, Down, Grind        Nosegrind to Pivot                   Varies
         Rune Glifberg
    Right, Up, Flip        Double Kickflip Madonna (*)          1400
    Left, Right, Grab      Christ Air (*)                       1000
    Right, Down, Grind     Crail Slide                          Varies
    Left, Right, Grind     One Foot Blunt                       Varies
         Tony Hawk
    Right, Left, Grind     5-0 Overturn                         Varies
    Left, Right, Grab      1-2-3-4                              2500
    Right, Down, Grab      The 900                              6500
    Left, Down, Flip       Double Kickflip Indy                 2000
         Eric Koston
    Up, Right, Grind       Fandangle                            Varies
    Right, Left, Flip      Slamma Jamma                         1750
    Down, Right, Flip      Stalefish Backflip                   4500
    Right, Up, Grab        Pizza Guy                            1500 (*)
         Bucky Lasek
    Up, Left, Grind        Big Hitter II                        Varies
    Right, Left, Grab      Fingerflip Airwalk                   1500
    Right, Down, Grab      Misty Flip                           5000
    Left, Down, Flip       FS 540 Heelflip                      4500
         Bam Margera
    Up, Left, Flip         540 Tailwhip                         2000
    Down, Up, Flip         The Jackass                          1500
    Up, Down, Grind        Human Dart                           Varies
    Left, Right, Grind     Russian Boneless                     Varies
         Rodney Mullen
    Up, Down, Flip         Gazelle Underflip                    3500
    Left, Up, Grind        Truckstand (freestyle)               Varies
    Right, Left, Grind     Anti Casper (freestyle)              Varies
    Right, Down, Grind     Handstand Double Flip (freestyle)    Varies
         Chad Muska
    Right, Down, Grind     Handstand 50-50 (freestyle)          Varies
    Right, Left, Grind     BS Nose Comply (lip)                 Varies
    Left, Down, Grind      Tailblock Slide                      Varies
    Down, Up, Grind        Ghetto Blastin'                      Varies
         Andrew Reynolds
    Left, Right, Grind     Dark Disaster                        Varies
    Left, Right, Flip      Hardflip Late Flip                   1500
    Right, Down, Grind     Noseslide Lipslide                   Varies
    Up, Right, Flip        Quad Heelflip                        1350
         Geoff Rowley
    Up, Right, Grind       Rowley Darkslide                     Varies
    Down, Right, Flip      Casper Flip 360 Flip                 1500
    Left, Right, Grind     The H Teeth Sweeper (lip)            Varies
    Up, Down, Grind        Sproing (freestyle)                  Varies
         Elissa Steamer
    Up, Left, Grind        Coffin                               Varies
    Down, Right, Grind     Primo (freestyle)                    Varies
    Right, Left, Grind     Bigspin Flip to Tail (lip)           Varies
    Left, Right, Grab      Judo Madonna (*)                     1500
         Jamie Thomas
    Right, Down, Grind     Crook Bigspin Crook                  Varies
    Down, Up, Grind        One Wheel Nosemanual (freestyle)     Varies
    Left, Up, Flip         360 Hardflip                         1350
    Left, Right, Grind     Layback Sparks                       Varies
    Secret Character Signature Move Listing
         Darth Maul
    Right, Left, Grind     Dark Jedi Grind                      Varies
    Left, Right, Flip      Force Grab
    Left, Right, Grind     Sith Saber Spin (freestyle)          Varies
    Left, Right, Flip      Claw Punch
    Down, Up, Grind        The Claw Drag (freestyle)            Varies
    Up, Down, Grab         The Berzerker
         Officer Dick
    Left, Right, Grind     Sobriety Grind                       Varies
    Up, Down, Grind        Lazy Ass Manual                      Varies
    Down, Right, Grab      Assume the Position II
         Private Carrera
    Up, Down, Grab         Handspring Layout
    Left, Right, Grind     Ho Ho Sad Plant (invert)
    Right, Left, Grind     Ahhh Yeahhhh! (freestyle)            Varies
         Ollie the Magic Bum
    Left, Right, Grind     S.U.I. Grind                         Varies
    Up, Down, Grind        ZZZZ Manual (freestyle)              Varies
    Up, Down, Grab         Panhandling
         Kelly Slater
    Down, Up, Grind        Duck Dive Shark Attack (freestyle)   1500
    Left, Down, Grab       Rodeo Clown
    Left, Right, Grind     Paddle Out Grind                     Varies
    Right, Left, Grab      AC Air
    Left, Right, Grind     The Summoner
    Up, Down, Grind        Visiting Home (freestyle)            Varies
         Neversoft Eyeball
    Left, Right, Grab      Super Hand Clap
    Legal Stuff--
    This FAQ is copyright (c) 2001, Trevor Proudfoot (slateman@planettonyhawk.com)
    Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 is copyright (c) 2001, Neversoft, Activision
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    You May however post this FAQ elsewhere, as long as credit is given and *very
    important*, you always post the newest version of the FAQ.  I really don't want
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    FAQ.  Please email me with info as to where you'd like to post it, and I'll get
    back saying yes.  
    This FAQ and much more can be found at Planet Tony Hawk:
    Hope the FAQ was useful in some form.
    Good luck and have fun!

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