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If you like most action movies, as well as action games, this sould be up your alley12/20/01Al_
Max Payne delivers!05/08/02BjsShadow
Payne to the max! But is playing this game a 'payne'?03/22/07EmPlaya34388
Looking for a great shooter? Well find something else.01/28/02Ender Wiggin
If you like action, you're sure to love this!01/20/02Enigma.
Be The Unlickiest Man In The World! And Feel Lucky About It.06/12/02Evil Dead King
Not a tragic port, but the other versions are superior12/21/01fantasyfan
Max Payne is a man with nothing to lose in the violent, cold urban night.05/26/04Gammaknight
Who is the man who can jam over any man, PAYNE!08/01/02Grand Admiral
I don't have a PC or X-Box so this is the REAL honest review.12/28/01Justin D.
Max Payne: buy or rent it immediately.01/13/02Mac D.
While not as good as the PC or X-BOX versions, it still rocks.01/18/02Matoyia
Max Payne is one of those games that has it all: Action, suspense, drama, all with bullet-flying action04/10/06Mortortex
Fly through the air, blast the bad guys, land, reload.01/17/02Risenphoenix999
A man with nothing to lose...do not cross.04/17/06SaintDarkSide
An amazing game with some BIG flaws12/16/01SCUD-SOL
A fairly average game with flaws.06/08/09Shogain
A great action game12/29/01SJohnson
Max Payne is still a great game on the PS2, but technical issues creates some setbacks.03/05/15StickFigures720
This game is as good as ice cubes on a hot day (almost).07/11/02The CKYskater
A good game in its own right, you should definitly give Max Payne a try.12/30/01theblooshuw
A bad framerate, blurry textures, little music, bad gameplay ideas - it all adds up to an unimpressive game03/31/08TheMadcapLaughs
One of the best action games for PS201/02/02Zerowolf745

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