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"Good game, but..."

Intro-Rayman Arena is basically another party game, sort of like Mad Dash Racing for the Xbox. In this game, you control one of eight characters from Rayman 2 and you can race or engage in tough battles. You can also vie for best times in Training mode. However, this game is not what you might expect from a Rayman game.

Gameplay-One of the two modes you can play is race mode. In this mode, you race against three CPU-controlled characters. There are also three types of Race and Battle modes, Race, Popolopoi, and Lums. The race mode is a little too hard, but a whole lotta fun if you're a race fan. You can also engage in battle. Three different battle modes pit you against 2-4 CPU drones. The Battle Mode is the best part of the game, in my opinion.
Gameplay Score-7/10

Graphics-The graphics are sort of like PS1 and PS2 graphics combined. The 3D scenery outside of the arena is beautiful, but the scenery inside the arena could have been done on a PSX system. This game isn't a clone of Rayman Rush for the PSX, isn't it?
Graphics Score-6/10

Sound-The sound is excellent. The music really stands out. The character reactions to being whomped are just great. However, the sound in Battle mode needs a little bit of work. The sound there is too staticky on my part. This game has great SFX/Music which make up for its graphics.
Sound Score-8/10

Replay Value-Depends. I think you really have to be into this game to get addicted to it. If you're a big fan of Rayman, sure you'll play this game a lot. Don't play this game if you've never heard of Rayman! This game has moderate replay value unless you're a big Rayman fan.
Replay Score-7/10

Variety-Definitely needs some work. A lot more tracks could have been added. Some more characters, like those from Rayman 1 could have been added. Some more modes could have been added. Where are the lands from all the Rayman games? Where's Mister Dark and the Electoons? At least put SOME old Rayman characters in this game! Variety needs A LOT of work.
Variety Score-5/10

Outro-In general, this game is an average game. Only big Rayman fans will get really into this game. This is a good game for all ages, however, it doesn't fit the criteria for an excellent game, because this game really WANTS to be Mad Dash Racing or Mario Party. But still, Rayman fans, you can't pass this up for $20.
Final Score-7/10

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 02/06/03, Updated 02/06/03

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