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    Pro Action Replay Codes by Peas On Earth / Muni Shinobu

    Version: 1.00 | Updated: 08/17/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Kengo 2 - Pro Action Replay Codes
    Version 1.00 (8.17.02)
    Compiled by Peas on Earth (peas-on-earth@rocketmail.com)
    Written by Muni Shinobu (muni_shinobu@yahoo.com)
    These codes are for and works only on the Japanese Pro Action Replay 2
    (PAR2) together with the Japanese version of the game Kengo 2.
    For numeric calculations, use the PAR2 Numeric Calculator:
    For digit calculations, use the PAR2 Digit Calculator:
    Must Be On Code
    EC878304 14343CE4
    Life Won't Decrease
    1CAFA13C 21D6E7A5
    1CAFA140 21D6E7A5
    * even One Hit Kills will take no effect
    Alternate Must Be On Code
    EC8783CC 1456E79B
    * actually not necessary with the "9" headed codes
    High Speed
    9CB8AE34 1456E7A5
    One Hit Kills More Easily Executed
    9C8F8DB8 1C538CF8
    9C8F8D78 CE56E50C
    * both for the player and the enemy
    * effect not always apparent
    Life Auto Recovery
    9C8F8DBB 61DFE7A5
    * both for the player and the enemy
    * will cause the battle to go on indefinitely
    Will Not Die
    9C8F8DBC CE56E50C
    * both for the player and the enemy
    * will cause the battle to go on indefinitely
    Arm, Slash, Alert, Mikiri See Through, Spirit, Stubborn, Recovery 9999
    9C8EF13C F85AE7A4
    9C8EF140 2873089C
    9C8EF144 B8B3E7A5
    9C8EF148 38DAB00C
    9C8EF14C 38B9E7A7
    9C8EF154 08D6B00F
    Player Auto Recovery When Slashed and Near Death
    9C9AC47C 2053E7CD
    9C9AC480 2873D1A5
    9C9AC484 0865E7A2
    9C9AC48C D754E7A8
    9C9AC494 2053F025
    9C9AC498 D8D3E7A5
    9C9AC49C 15F6E79D
    9C9AC4A0 7A36E7B1
    9C8F8810 105397F2
    9C8F8818 1456E7A5
    Bleed But Life Doesn't Decrease
    9C8F8DC4 CE56E50C
    Hide Odd Effect Signs
    9C8B4068 05DFE7B5
    * doesn't stop negative effects, just hides the signs
    Degree of Skillfulness Won't Decrease
    9C8C5C28 E456DB1E
    Sword Selection, Lots of Swords Acquired
    9C8CA3D8 2AF4E00C
    9C8CA3DC B474E741
    * appears to not be all swords, just lots of swords
    Story Mode All Characters Usable
    9C8CB878 0C538CF5
    9C9AF068 2835E70C
    9C9AF06C B475E79E
    9C9AF070 15F6E79D
    9C9AF074 2854E7A6
    Story Mode Life Code
    9C9AA2A8 2055E7C1
    9C9AA2AC 983924E5
    9C9AA2B0 24B3EBA5
    9C9AA2B4 0476E79E
    9C9AA2B8 983A2449
    9C9AA2BC 24D5E6A5
    9C9AA2C0 C836E7A2
    9C9AA2C4 2055E7CE
    9C9AA2C8 2052F025
    9C9AA2CC 2055E7CD
    9C9AA2D0 0456E7A7
    9C9AA2D4 B032D1B1
    9C9AA2D8 B036B071
    9C9AA2DC 15F6E79D
    9C881540 0C539F85
    * during battle, press R3 to recover life for the player character
    * during battle, press Select + R3 to kill the enemy character
    * sometimes does not work during some battles
    VS Mode Can Use the Village Girl
    9C8CB8CC 0C538CF5
    VS Mode All Characters Un-usable
    9C8CB8C0 1C538CF5
    * All non-Karat codes created by Yuuda, Kopperia, and company.
    ** This document should have been written by Peas on Earth, the only
       reason I ended up writing it was because he's too lazy to do it.
    The Pro Action Replay 2 is a product of Karat Software Corporation.
    This Document Copyright 2002 Muni Shinobu & Peas on Earth

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