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    Multiplayer Guide by BSam

    Version: 1.5 | Updated: 11/19/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Game-Tribes Aerial Assault                          Version 1.5
    Publisher And Maker- Sierra and inevitable
    Game rated-T for teens violence
    ON-line capabilities-yes analog or broadband
    Difficulty-even and nice
    learning curve-about 4 to 3 hours
    Faq is made by Benjamin Sam email me at godstation99@aol.com
    Aerial assault.
    Updates- 10/10/2002-began making faq
    Updates-10/17/2002 actually finished some of it.
    Update- 11/5/2002 Put more stuff in
    note* there may be spelling typos in this here and there i'm doing my best to
    findd them all so be patient.
    2. Basic controls
    3. Weapons and other stuff
    4.On-line  strategies to keep your team in good shape
    5.Modes of play.
    6. Clans
                          Legal disclaimer                             *
    This faq is made by me and only me no reproduction of any information *can be
    copied this faq is
    used for personal use and should not be *used in any other way but for the pure
    enjoyment of
    players(you) so *don't go doing anything to it with out permission.
    Tribes aerial assault is a mostly on-line game but has 50 single player levels.
    The game takes
    place in the 40th century were tribes battle it out in heart pounding and blood
    curling battles
    to win you have now joined and now your a soldier so strap up and and waste you
    Basic controls
    Tribes has a unique control system and you may find hard using in battle so get
    your self
    acquainted with them.
    Weapon fire- L2
    Left analog stick-Move
    Right analog stick- Look/aim
    X button-next weapon
    /\-Throw grenade
    []- Auto Chat/was target lock
    ()- Use pack
    up button- increase zoom
    down button-decrease zoom
    right button- talk positive
    left button- Talk negative
    Select- exchange weapon/pack
    start - Option/inventory/vehicle station menu
    Weapons and other stuff
     I am going to post every item and weapon in the game here and show its
    advantages and
    disadvantages  so this will help you in certain situation.
    Hand weapons
    these are weapons such as grenade launchers to chain guns.
    Blaster- A energy consuming weapon which can ricochet off walls when close. A
    good weapon for
    close combat attacks and air attacking. The draw back is it is so weak!!!!!
    Chain gun-ammo consumption weapon takes 2 seconds till it fires and keeps
    firing till ammo runs
    out, Good for close close combat attacking and for assault based attacks on a
    transport, Bad
    accuracy and is not good in long range combat, good for taking out a shield.
    Spinfusor- Best out of all weapon and the most used,fast accurate and damaging.
    There is no disadvantage
    advantage or so they there is splash damaging with this weapon so sued good far
    away or outside
    of buildings.
    Plasma Rifle- A great weapon best used in any predicament if u run out of
    spinfusor ammo
    this is second to that weapon, IT it powerful but can't hurt shields that bad,
    Slow projectile
    movement so predict your enemies movement and fire .
    Grenade launcher- A good weapon if used correctly, Its hard to aim good but
    throws out grenades
    pretty far. Not great for beginners use.
    Laser Rifle- Draws energy very fast, And can only be carried by light armor.
    The weapon deals
    decent damage but is someone see's you you can kiss your ass goodbye. If you
    have a good hiding
    place then have fun picking off targets.
    Missile launcher- Best weapon for vehicle attacks, and turrent attacks homing
    on there heat energy
    and fires, That is the disadvantage the time it takes to lock on a enemy can
    only be used my
    MEDIUM or HEAVY armored suits.
    Fusion Motar- SLOW the slowest weapon in the game. Takes about a sec to
    detonate but very
    powerful and usually instant kill. Splash damage on this baby.
    These weapons are sued for different situation so know when to use these.
    Regular- Just a basic grenade damage is good but is not used a lot, best
    situation to use these in
    is when u have no grenades left.
    concussion- causes little damage but knock out weapons and flags form
    opponents. Situation to use
    this is hunters and base defending.
    Flash- Fires a flare in the sky which can have enemy missiles follow it. Good
    for telling your
    friends u need help bad. Situations best used flag running, or taking out
    missile turrets.
    Mines- These are great little things for traps. U can also protect your flag
    with these but be
    warned it causes damage to any one who gets near it. Situations best used to
    stop somebody form
    following you.
    Packs/armor kind
    These things are have different proposes form healing,sheilding,and more energy
    out out these
    will help you in a lot of situations. Must press () to use them.
    Repair pack- Can repair generators and heal your self good for a lot of uses.
    Press circle to
    switch to it and l1 to repair but must be in pretty good range to use it.
    Energy pack-  increases energy regenerations, IF your in light armor this is
    for you good for flag
    Ammo pack- not much hear increases ammo capacity.
    Shield pack- Defends against damage of most sorts, Best sued for flag holders
    or base defenders.
    Deployment packs
    These go on turrets or make torrents used for a lot of things such as making
    stronger torrents.
    Also there is numerous ones that just aint used for turrets.
    Remote Inventory station - deploys a small version of a inventory station, only
    MEDIUM armor or
    heavy can carry these can not change armor or get another remote inventory
    station form these.
    Best used out of your base just incase your inventory gets destroyed.
    Remote sensors-  Used for long range sensing for torrents. Good around friendly
    Motar turret- bigger badder and unlimited ammo_not for you_ this baby can be
    attached to BASE
    TURRENTS and have better range and fire at all red enemies(good for ctf levels
    such as reversion)
    Missile- It fires missile at anything that is flying and will still hit even if
    there is no
    afterburners on(be careful though) cause you  will run out of flares sooner or
    Anti Aircraft(AA)- this fires against any aircraft or flying person unlike the
    missiles it causes
    moderate damage good for vehicle type maps in ctf.
    Plasma turret- Pretty much just like the plasma rifle just with a better range(
    most turrets
    have this pre-equipped)
    Remote turret- Need a turret some were and can't find one at all? well your in
    luck these can
    go anywhere on walls  ceiling pretty much anywhere the only problem they cant
    be right by each other
    still good by generators.
    * note this turret can not be found in inventory is in base's already so don’t
    look for it.
    Sentry Turret- Under the ground on ceilings above flags its a nightmare with a
    better shield
    then the remote turret, and slightly more damage can also fool you for a pack,
    be careful.
    Satchel charge( a quick explanation)- Very big damage and usually instant KO to
    anything unless
    out of the way. Heavy armors can not protect form it. Press () to set then
    after a minute(after
    its icon blinks) press () again to set it off.
    most items up their can only be used by medium or heavy armor except (satchel
    or any pack)
    N00b help and hints.
    So you just got tribes and went to tribes online without knowing anything and
    got your ass served
    to you we all had it but don’t be down I’m here to help you.
    First off before playing know what your gonna be doing (Cnh ctf tdm dm and
    hunters) know each
    role well, before you go online I suggest you play the Campaign mode till you
    get to the real
    first mission against bio derms. After that I suggest you play off line bots at
    lv 6 or so ,so u
    can really get used to some things on-line. When you begin a game if your a 56k
    user then you
    will have the 1 second delay on firing so check you ping here and there. Fire
    delay is annoying
    but after 30 minutes or so you wont notice to much.
    On-line games are not like single player games and the reason is these are real
    people don’t go in
    there thinking there just like bots, there smarter and trickier to defeat. They
    will use some
    very wacky tactics on you may it be mowing you over in a fighter or satcheling
    the fighter then
    jumping out detonating it. But don't  use auto-target it will get you killed
    many times.
    You should learn a role such as base defending,flagrunner,assault,pilot,etc
    there are many and
    each one helps you and your team to win. Try to master each type of role as it
    will help you
    become a better player.
    The most important thing you should do is do not get a big head or get cocky
    that will end up
    with people hating you or you losing many times remember your not the best
    cause there will
    always be some one better then you.
    Do not use satchels at all just yet, Once you have learned how to use them then
    go on but since
    you just started don’t you will kill you and most of your team mates with it.
    Roles are special things in CTF or CnH modes here is a explanation of each one.
    With a suggestion
    of equipment.
    Flag Runner-   All you do is pretty much run for the flag steal it and run back
    and cap it if
    your a good dodger this is a good role for you.
    : Equipment suggested: Light armor,flare grenades, energy pack or repair pack,
    Base defender- They defend the base like a man defending his woman these people
    will protect there
    generators there flag and will make you sorry you came into there base- if your
    a assaulter this
    is another good role for you to play. Usually stand onto of the base or by the
    : Equipment suggested: Heavy or medium armor Concussion grenades,missile
    launcher, inventory
    station,ammo pack,sheild pack. Chain Gun, grenade launcher. Spin fuser.
    Repair Man-  This guy repairs/heals anyone who needs it. Should be used around
    the base. When
    generators or inventors get blown up have him repair it.
    : Equipment suggested: Medium, Plasma rifle and mines, Repair pack.
    Pilot- If you can handle the fighter pretty good then get in this and help your
    team out. Mow
    down enemies. use it for flag running.
    :equip ment suggested: Fighter vehical,flares.
    Bomber- Bad news here anyone can pilot these but it takes a skilled person to
    take people out in
    56k need to take out enemy turrents,and the only vehicle that can take out a
    vehicle station.
    please use the bomber with pre caution it can kill your team mates if you just
    press L2 like a
    mad man and some will think your a team killer and will vote you off.
    :equipment suggested: Flares,repair pack.
    Transporter- This is another easy one just get in and pilot your team mates to
    the enemy base and
    help flag runners get to the base faster. Also if your not piloting and are in
    it you can fire
    your weapons.
    :equipment suggested : Not much: Medium armor:
    Base Attacker- for those who are quite good in assault, I suggest get a fighter
    and fly behind a
    base. Base attackers should take out the generators first and then go for
    inventories etc. These
    people are very important as well.
    :equipment suggested: Medium armor, Bomber,Satchel charge,chain
    gun,spinfusor,plasma rifle,and
    other weapon is ok.
    Vehicle defender- a little bit different then the base defender these people or
    you should stay
    close to the enemies base but not to close. Always have a missile launcher
    ready with a good
    supply, and take out dangerous vehicles.
    :equipment suggested:  Ammo pack, Missile launcher, medium armor.
    Each game mode has a map some will have  certain ones just made for that
    certain game mode and
    some others are used in each I have made a legend for you to use.
    (CNH)- is used in captured and Hold
    (CTF)- is used in Capture the flag
    (HNT) used in hunters
    (DM) is used in death match
    (TDM) is used in DM
    (BM)- Big map
    (SM)- small map
    (NM) normal size.
    (VS)- Vehicle stations are on the map.
    (BT)- there is base turrets. also include sentry turrents.
    (ISN)- there are inventory station.
    (IB)- big interior or inside buildings.
    (GR)- there is generators
    (NI) normal size interior
    (SI) Small interior
    (2+) more team buildings and usage
    (HIS) huge interior space.
    (BT+) 4 or more base turrents.
    Maps in alphabetical order.
    Abominable- (CNH) (NM) (ISN) (IB) (GR) (BT)
    Avalon-  (CTF) (BM) (ISN) (BI) (BT) (VS)
    Beggar's Run- (CTF) (SM) (SI) (ISN) (BT)
    Damnation- (CTF) (GR) (IST) (BI) (2+) (SM) (BT)
    Death Birds Fly- (CTF) (GR) (2+) (SM) (ISN) (VS)
    Dessicator- (CTF) (NI) (2+) (BT) (BM) (ISN) (GR) (BM) (NI)
    Equinox- (CNH) (TDM) (DM)  (2+) (BM) (BI) (ISN)
    Escalade- (TDM) (DM) (ISN) (HIS) (NM) (2+)
    Fire Storm- (CNH) (CTF) (SI) (SM) (ISN)
    Flash Point-(CNH) (NM) (NI) (GR) (ISN) (VS)
    Gehenna-(HNT) (ISN) (NM) (NI) (2+)
    Invictus- (DM) (TDM) (SM) (SI) (S+)
    Insalubria- (CNH) (ISN) (VS) (2+) (BT+) (NM) (SI)
    Jacob's Ladder- (CNH) (NM) (SI) (BT+) (Sm) (ISN)
    Katabatic-(CTF) (VS) (ISN) (BT) (2+) (GR) (NM) (BI)
    Myrkwood- (HNT) (DM) (TDM) (ISN) (SM) (SI)
    Oasis- (SM) (ISN) (2+)(TDM) (DM) (NI)
    Overreach- (CNH) (BM) (NI) (VS) (GR) (BT) (NI)
    Paranoia- (CTF) (DM) (TDM) (SM) (GR) (BT) (NI) (INS)
    Pyroclasm- (DM) (BI) (NM) (ISN)
    Quagmire- (CTF) (BM) (NI) (BT) (IST) (GR)
    Rasp- (HNT) (DM) (TDM) (BM) (HIS) (INS)
    Recalescence- (CTF) (VS) (INS) (GR) (BT) (BI) (BM)
    Rimehold- (HNT) (DM) (TDM) (INS) (SM) (NM) (HIS)
    Reversion- (CTF) (GR) (BT) (VS) (BM) (BI)  (INS)
    Sanctuary- (CTF) (BM) (BI) (BT) (VS) (INS)
    Sirocco- (CNH) (INS) (NI) (NM)
    SlapDash- (CTF) (INS) (VS) (BT) (GR) (BM)
    Sun Dried- (HNT) (TDM) (DM) (2+) (INS) (NI) (BM)
    Thin Ice - (CTF) (NM) (NI) (GR) (INS)
    Tombstone- (CTF) (GR) (INS) (HIS) (BM) (BT)
    Underhill- (BM) (HIS) (INS) (TDM) (DM) (HNT)
    Whiteout- (TDM) (DM) (2+) (BI) (BM)
    The list above should help you make a stratagy for each map you play before you
    go in it, IF you find one as a weak point then work your best to get some kind
    of advantage on it.
    Generator locations,and flag locations,and map strantagys
    All generator locations are for ctf(IF there is a multiple level of them) and
    CNH, THe stratagys should help you on keeping alive. Generators are very
    important to the base since it powers everything and may be heavily guarded.
    THye useally come in 2 or 1. IF you take a Generator out Base turrents will not
    work nor will sensors or sheilds , and if it is linked to a vehical station it
    will die, Also note any remote turrent,stations,sensors will work with the
    genrator out. After you take out a generator you should take out the inventory
    station, then the base turrents while there un protected. Remember if there is
    a vehical station (These have a imensely high armor) you shoudl go for this
    with a bomber and bomb it down to make sure enemeies can not bomb you at all,
    Another thing is assaulting make sure you cover your team mates if they need
    it. IF there flag running i suggest get in a fighter or transporter and pick
    them up or give it to them so they can leave. More off is always use a satchel
    for destroying generators it will save you alot of ammo. When playing if you
    are base defending You should use a ammo pack with a missile launcher  the
    reason is if a enmey steals your flag he will run out of flares and you will
    have a good 3 missiels left he will die its a good thing to have around, vice
    versa with flag runners energy pack is good but ammo pack with 16 flares is
    better cuz u can send more flares out. You can walk most flag runenrs alread
    have there energy signal up and can get killed fast walking is betetr now just
    straf out the way and you should stayt alive now to the statagys.
    Map stratagys.
    Abominable- (CNH) (NM) (ISN) (IB) (GR)(BT)
    A good stratagy here is sking to the base's and then tag them and run back a
    good energy pack here and you should stay alive for a while, Use grenades here
    to take out enemy turrents if you must. Good for Base defending but there will
    be alot of action around the farther out station. You may find your slef in a
    heated 1-1 match if so equip a repair pack if you are in a light armor if you
    are in medium armor I suggest you go with a energy pack.
    Generator location is on the bottom of the base, on the side of the  of  the
    place u wlak down to (not the one were u jump and fall to the bottom) but if u
    do use that go infornt till u see a walk way above of the place you fekk down u
    should have no problemb seeing it.
    Avalon-  (CTF) (BM) (ISN) (BI) (BT) (VS)
    Alot of space around here a good place for chain gun battles, and spin fusor
    will be good here, Get in a bomber and head out twoards the enemt be sure to
    take out there turrent and sensor then take out there Vehical station, Then get
    out and blow it up and assault them full frontal go to there tower(not the one
    were the flag is) go in and go to the right fly up and take out there inventory
    station then head out. IF your going to there base be ready for immense remote
    turrent resistans they can be taken out take out your spin fusor and take it
    out. Go in and drop to the floor on your left is #1 generator room and to your
    right is the #2 generator room go in and take them both out if you  in light
    armor use a chain gun top take them out, then leave there is 4 inventory
    stations in the main base take those out then leave, The flag is located on the
    mian base you will see it immediatley go for it and run you ass off. If your
    protecting it i suggest a satchel and when someone goes to land BOOM! that
    should help you for the most part, Transprotation ships are good here as well.
    Beggar's Run- (CTF) (SM) (SI) (ISN) (BT)
    This is a pain in the ass really since it very hard to get out of the way once
    you capture there flag. First off there is no Generators on this level omly a
    base turrent and a sensor thats it. The flag location in in the middle of the
    bridge which is quite easy to get if you fly in. Now this level is very easy to
    protect your flag, go get a stachel and place it in the corner of the flag to
    the wall. And camp out twoards the back once you see an enemy go for it
    detonate it and go back for another but to save time form running back and
    forth take a remote station and place it next to you. Have a ammo pack if they
    steal your flag then set off missiels after missile at them they can't
    withstand to much of the attack. The wya of getting back is rocky and makes
    good for grenasers or spinfuseing it takes about 15 seconds to get ot the abse
    to cap the flag so u might wanna run while faceing the enemy just in case they
    try to suprise you dont jet backwards or you will run out of energy when u need
    ot dodge incoming weapon fire. Once heading back if you got damaged change to a
    medium armor and cap it. Watch out though for enemy's may just satchel you and
    detonate  you take there flag and your flag so before entering the flag stand I
    suggest you fire a grenade just incase. The inventory station is behind the gap
    in the floor and there is 2 inventory stations under the floor(were the gap is)
    you have a turrent i suggest you put missile or motar on if you put motar on
    when they take your flag they will be killed just by the second delay also put
    a sensor in the corner of the flag(dont have a stachel if your gonna have a
    motar turrent on it will waste it down.
    Damnation- (CTF) (GR) (IST) (BI) (2+) (SM) (BT)
    This level has 4 building complexes  plus its very foggy which may be hard for
    n00bs, The flag is located behind your base in forn of a building and is on a
    flag stand below it is alot of thick fog good for some remote turrent set up.
    The Base has 1 turrents and I suggest plasma it for a while but if you wnat
    have a motar on it. The game will get pretty hectic near the middle of the map
    cuz many enemys and team mates will be dukeing it out if you want to avoind
    dieing go around them, and watch your back a enemy may stray off to do the same
    so keep your guard up. MEdium armor here should keep you alive if your
    assaulting. Ammo pack is useless here to much close combat so your most likely
    die, so stick with a sheild pack. There is a tower by the enemy go to the left
    and go up and take out there inventory station for sum points thats it there
    unless you want to pick off enemys with a laser rifle. Leave and keep going and
    take your missle out and fly up close enough to there turrrent but enough were
    the sensor can not detect you and unload 4 missiles on it that will take it
    out, then go behind everything and come up behind there front tower( it is
    behind the base and behind the flag stand) go in and take out both inventory
    station (be on guard there might be remote turrents around by other players.)
    thats it there. There is 2 ways to reach there generators 1 is through the
    sides but theres a good chance of dieing before you get to them, they are on
    top no need ot drop down to the below of the grates there is 2 so take both out
    with a chaingun. then leave. The second way is what I would prefer go behind
    the base you should see 2 pipes with a opening go in each (watch out for remote
    turrents here too) then  go in your find your slef under the base keep heading
    further till you see the grates on top fly up and do the same as you would with
    the first way in. If your flag running just fly up dodge some wepaon fire
    hopefully someone has tooken out the turrent to there base dive in take there
    flag and escape if you run out of energy skiing will help you get away. I
    suggest to put remote turrents by each pipe to take the enemy out or just put
    down a thousand sensors ot block the way.
    Death Birds Fly- (CTF) (GR) (2+) (SM) (ISN) (VS)
    This level is not to diffulcult on-line lal you need as a ammo pack + medium
    armor and its a peice o cake, yeah right with its open space it makes great for
    bomebrs to bomb you down also makes a good chian gun fight here. WHen the
    battle starts put on the motar pack on the base turrent. And mine your flag for
    the time being there are 7 inventory stations for you to use on this map 2 in
    your base righ by you on the right if you walk in through the front and 3 down
    by the generator room, also in your outpost there are 2. I suggest you head
    down to the enemy outpost and take out there inventory stations so once you
    take out there base they aint got much to do or work with. BE on gurd here many
    enemys will respawn here if they are killed and there might be remote turrents
    here as well so take them out too. Now head to there base pay no attention to
    turrents or vehicla bay head down  into there base the room will be on the
    right of you if you walk in through the fornt. GO down fast take out a weapon
    or satche land take them out after there out have a ball take out all there
    inventorys and there vehical station there sensor even there turrents. NOW that
    there base is finshed head ontop of there base and go grab there flag run out
    and go to your base if your a flag runner take a fighter and land behind them
    take the flag and get in your fighter.  Bombers will be good here so take them
    out with your missle launcher if the vehical station is not finished off yet.
    Dessicator- (CTF) (NI) (2+) (BT) (BM) (ISN) (GR) (BM) (NI)
    Big and large map not very good for bombers and very dusty(foggy) The level is
    very simply lay out your generators are in another building. And your flag is
    defeded by a force feild the only way in is through the fornt but you may
    die,also satchel your flag so you can take them out if your barrier is still
    on. Flag runners have a good advantage all they need is a fighter and the force
    feild down. NOw your probaly wondering all this Force feiild stuff how do I
    take it out . Well ehad to there generatoer building not to far off from them.
    go in and head down the gap set a satchel and leave detonate it and thats it,
    there finished. Have a bomber come in and take out there vehicla station out
    head into there base and take out there inventory there is only 1 so get rid of
    it to make them have a tougher time takeing you out. Remote turrent the flag
    and sesor block it. TO make it harder for enemys ot get it even wiht generators
    down, BD should stand on top with a missile launcher  and take out any fighter
    bomber or transport coming for you. Now if your flag holding not much but get
    in a bomber and hide out fomr the enemy till they get your flag back. Grenades
    very useful here when flying high above any enemys.
    Equinox- (CNH) (TDM) (DM)  (2+) (BM) (BI) (ISN)
    Easy slopes 4 inventory buildings just get a missle launcher and take everyone
    out half of the enemys will not have flares get a chain gun and finsh them all
    off with  a  grenade or 2.not much cover here so you best just keep moveing,
    the valley will have alot of action in there so get your shots in quickly and
    Escalade- (TDM) (DM) (ISN) (HIS) (NM) (2+)
    BEst hunters and tdm out there to play in.
    Hunters Nexus is located at- Right by the huge tower on the hill.
    This game is very huge and will take some time gettign used to death from above
    will ahpend there is a huge underground base which has 4 entrenes(its very
    noticible as well) go down there are 4 inventory stations down here, this place
    will be a great place to lure a kill down so you can take out a chain gun and
    kill him or grenade launcher them. Also make note you should set up some remote
    turrents around the onventory stations. LEave and go to the huge tower and fire
    off missiles. There is another complex but most of the action will take place
    were the Underground base is.
    Fire Storm- (CNH) (CTF) (SI) (SM) (ISN)
    Flag runners dream 2 huge, Lava hot and 2 inventory stations on each tower. The
    repair back is in the middle of the tower under it there is no generators here
    so your force feild will never go away. If your a flag runner strap up and fly
    to there flag in 1 shot. THe flag is at the tip of the base and is not
    protected your best bet is a mine ir a sensir ti make it hard for the enmy to
    steal it. Also if its 8-8 it will be quite tough to get htough this BD is a
    waste here but if you think you can do it then do it.
    (CNH) The only thign to tag here is in the middle of the map thats it.
    flash Point-(CNH) (NM) (NI) (GR) (ISN) (VS)

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