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    [Version 0.95] Tribes: Aerial Assault FAQ/Walkthrough
    Nuruljihad Nasruddin (Irenic Apollyon)
    E-Mail: irenicapollyon@hotmail.com
    (c)Copyright 2004.
      MMMMMMMMMMM           MMMM   MMMW
         ZMMM                  .   MMMM
         BMMM                      MMM8
         MMMM     MMMaSMMMM 8MMM   MMMS MMMMM.        MMMMMM0       MMMMMMM
         MMMM     MMMB      SMMM   MMMM      MMMM 7MMM      MMMM .MMM       .
         MMMM     MMMM      SMMM   MMMW      @MMM SMMM              MMMMMMMMM;
         MMMM     MMMM      SMMM   MMMB      WMMM BMMM                     MMM
         MMMM     MMMM      SMMM   MMMMa    .MMM   MMMM     MMMM iMMM      MMM
                                 AERIAL ASSAULT        
                 -              TABLE OF CONTENTS                  -
                 -                                                 -
                 -	1.0...................Introduction             -
                 -	 1.1..................Game Description         -
                 -	 1.2..................The Tribes (from Manual) -
                 -	 1.3..................Controls                 -
                 -	 1.4..................Game Types               -
                 -	 1.5..................Weapons/Packs            -
                 -	 1.6..................Inventory System         -
                 -	2.0...................Online Gaming            -
                 -	 2.1..................Offline Practicing       -
                 -	 2.2..................Grenades                 -
                 -	 2.3..................Vehicles                 -
                 -  3.0...................Campaign Mode            -
                 -   3.1..................Training 1               -
                 -   3.2..................Training 2               -
                 -   3.3..................Training 3               -
                 -   3.4..................Training 4               -
                 -   3.5..................Training 5               -
                 -   3.6..................The Yard                 -
                 -   3.7..................Cap Time                 -
                 -   3.8..................Shades of Death          -
                 -   3.9..................To Have and To Hold      -
                 -	4.0...................Misc.                    -
                 -	 4.1..................Credits                  -
                 -	 4.2..................Revision History         -
                 -                                                 -
    <<1.0>> Introduction
    When I first bought this game a few months back -- it was hidden at the bottom
    of a discount pile at a local gameshop -- I knew I had something special on
    my hands. Despite the overwhelming popularity of the title (you can still
    find dozens of your peers online at any given time) I was a little
    disappointed when I found out there were only two simple FAQs over at
    Whether this will expound on the information found in those other FAQs is
    really dependant on how far down you read.  The one thing that sets this FAQ
    apart is the walkthrough, which I only included for perfectionists.
    If you'll read my review of this game you'll find that I've changed my mind.
    I was too brash and overtaken with glee when I first wrote this FAQ.  I'm
    sorry.  If you'll read my review of this game at GAMEFAQS you'll find my real
    <<1.1>>Game Description
    TRIBES: Aerial Assault is one of the final iterations of the TRIBES franchise
    developed.  It was converted from the hit PC game TRIBES 2 to the PS2, given
    a few changes in the front-end and a slight upgrade to the visual quality.
    Sadly Dynamix, the group of talented programmers who developed TRIBES, has
    disbanded and TRIBES is now gone for the time being.
    The TRIBES series pits the player in the middle of a war-torn nation, ripped
    asunder by the war against the Bioderm Hordes, a legion of genetically
    enhanced monsters.  To make matters worse, the nations of humanity have
    divided into different groups known as "tribes" which are constantly warring
    on one another.
    As a soldier in any of these clans, you play a vital role in reclaiming the
    glory of your tribe and aid in the defeat of the Bioderm Hordes.  A top-notch
    first-person shooter which places emphasis on strategy and conservation,
    TRIBES: Aerial Assault has been acclaimed by numerous video game magazines
    across the country.
    A new TRIBES game is under development is VERY near completion, complete with
    a new game engine and physics engine.
    n   !!ONLINE PLAY!! - A Network Adaptor is !!VITAL!! to enjoying this game   n
    <<1.2>> The Tribes - from Game Manual
    -Blood Eagle-
    The Blood Eagle claim descent from Imperial Knights sent to pacify the tribes
    centuries ago.  Their philosophy is simple and brutal: obliterate the enemy,
    whatever the cost.
    -Diamond Sword-
    Nicknamed "Sandrakers", the contemplative Diamond Sword craft innovative new
    strategies.  THey say the mind is the greatest weapon, and practice the
    enigmatic teachings of the Enlightened Master.
    -Harbingers of Phoenix-
    Formerly the Children of Phoenix, the elitist Harbingers believe the return of
    Holy Phoenix is imminent, and have triggered a crusade to bring all the tribes
    under the Phoenix banner.
    The freedom-loving Starwolf were once more far-flung than any other tribe.
    However, the initial Horde strike has nearly eradicated them.  Time will tell
    whether they survive.
    <<1.3>> Controls
    The controls in TRIBES: Aerial Assault come in three pre-defined control
    schemes.  Unfortunately you are not given the choice of making a custom
    control layout, which would be greatly appreciated and is a necessary asset
    in today's FPS'.  If you have trouble getting used to the controls, there is
    a set of excellent in-game tutorials which should get you oriented.
    	CONFIGURATION A (Default)
    		Left Analog Stick	:	Movement
    		Right Analog Stick	:	Look/Aim
    		X Button		:	Scroll Weapons
    		Square Button		:	Toggle Target Lock
    		Triangle Button		:	Throw Grenade
    		O Button		:	Use Pack
    		L1 Button		:	Jump/Ski
    		L2 Button		:	Fire Weapon
    		R1 Button		:	Jet Pack
    		R2 Button		:	Zoom
    		D-Pad Left		:	Talk (Negative)
    		D-Pad Right		:	Talk (Positive)
    		D-Pad Up		:	Zoom In
    		D-Pad Down		:	Zoom Out
    		SELECT Button		:	Exchange Weapon/Pack
    		START Button		:	Options Menu
    <<1.4>> Game Types
    -Capture the Flag (CTF)-
    Simply put, it's everyone's favorite playground game but with guns and
    explosive discs.  First made its debut in Quake and is now a necessary staple
    in first person shooter modes.
    Basically, grab the enemy's flag and bring it to your flag area.  Unlike some
    CTF modes in other games, your flag must be in its proper area before you can
    cap (capture) the flag. This means that in order to cap the flag an opponent
    must not be carrying your flag.
    Easily the most popular game mode on the internet.
    -Capture & Hold (CNH) (from Manual)-
    Each team must capture a number of objectives, which are usually found in
    bunkers or towers.  Once an objective is captured, all assets associated with
    it come under the capturing team's control.  A team gets points for the time
    it retains control of an objective.
    One of the least popular game modes on the 'net.  Only a few servers will put
    CNH maps up and nobody plays them.
    -Deathmatch (DM)-
    Back in the day this was the only online mode available.  Just run around and
    kill everything that moves.
    Nobody plays this.  Original DM is no fun anyhow.
    -Hunters (from Game Manual)-
    A hybrid of CTF and DM type play.  Every time you kill an enemy, he drops
    flags you can collect by running over them.  To score, return accumulated
    flags to the Nexus.  The first flag is worth one point, the second is worth
    two, the fifth is worth five, etc...  Turning in 50 flags is worth 1,275
    points!  Flags on the ground have different values according to the color
    they radiate:
          -	RED	1 Flag  -
          -	BLUE	2 Flags -
          -	GREEN	4 Flags -
          -	WHITE	8 Flags -
    The number of fans who play this are similar to those of DM.  None.  There's
    no real reason for this however.
    -Team Deathmatch (TDM)-
    This is essentially regular DM but everybody is split into two teams.  You
    gain points for killing members of the opposing force and lose points for
    killing yourself and your own team members.
    Second most popular mode out there.  I saw a few servers running this.
    Doesn't really encourage any teamplay however.
    <<1.5.>> Weapons/Packs
    Here is a list of all the weapons and a few disadvantages, some derived from
    the game manual and others from my own experiences online.
    All advantages/disadvantages written from here on in this FAQ will be based
    on online experiences because it is the game's strongest point.
    Basically, in TRIBES you have the option of choosing one of three armor
    types. These types define which weapons and how many weapons you can have on
    your person at any given time.  It also determines what kinds of packs you
    can have at a time.
    ~~Light Armor
    ..Can Hold Up to 3 Weapons
    ..Jetpack Works Best
    This is the default armor type and is the most popular.  Your health is small
    but you're quick and can jump noticeably higher than the other two armor
    types.  Also the only armor type that can pilot vehicles.
    ~~Medium Armor
    ..Can Hold Up to 4 Weapons
    ..Bad Jump Height
    This is a great choice for the all-around gamer.  If you're looking to play
    some decent defense or quickly set up some remote turrets this is the type for
    you.  It sacrifices some speed and jet power in exchange for the ability to
    pack some serious weaponry.
    ~~Heavy Armor
    ..Can Hold up to 5 Weapons
    ..Terrible Jump Height
    If you're serious about doing some damage to the enemy or putting up a
    powerful defense this is the choice for you.  Not only can you take the brunt
    of the enemy attack but you can cut through enemy defenses with relative ease
    thanks to the capabilities of carrying the missile-launcher and mortar gun.
    <<1.6>> Inventory System
    In the original Tribes (released 1999), in order to purchase equipment you
    had to go to an inventory station.  However, problems arose when players
    spent too much time at inventory stations, preventing the rest of the team
    from using them.  The issue was fixed in Tribes 2 and a similar method is
    found in Tribes Aerial Assault.  It's a simple and innovative feature that
    creates some ease when looking for a selection of weaponry.
    If you're looking for a way to get extra weapons or change your armor type,
    press start and move to "INVENTORY".  You'll want to get familiar with this
    menu since you'll be using it often.  Here you can select which armor type
    and weaponry you want as well as packs and grenades.  After you've
    decided, exit the menu and simply walk on an inventory station and you'll be
    equipped with the weaponry and armor that you selected.
    If you're confused try it out or play the first few Tutorial levels in the
    <<2.0>> Internet Gaming
    Playing this online title offline is pretty fun, especially with the bots and
    the several game modes it offers.  However, after playing for awhile you'll
    notice something strange with the AI.  They're not realistic.  They have
    unlimited energy and cannot pilot or ride any vehicles.  Which is a drag.  If
    you're craving a challenge, looking online is the answer.  Those PS2 owners
    with network adaptors installed ($40.00 Standard Price) in their Playstation 2
    can take on others around the country.  This is as fun as it sounds and is
    the primary focus of this title.
    Before selecting the server you wish to join, you must configure your player.
    On this screen you can choose your character model (Starwolf, Blood Eagle,
    Bioderm, etc.) and their voice, as well as your name and model configurations.
    There are also two tabs which determine your CONTROLS and BUDDY LIST.
    TRIBES: Aerial Assault offers very little support for chat. That's right, no
    keyboards.  In order to expand your chat options from the standard "Woohoo!",
    "Shazbot!" stuff do the following: 
    From the Player Configuration screen, go down to "BUDDY LIST" and press X.
    From here choose "ADD BUDDY".  Write the name CHAT-TEST and press start.
    Now when you're playing online, simply press SQUARE and select a chat option
    from the list displayed using SQUARE, TRIANGLE, and CIRCLE.  Do note that
    target locking will no longer be available to you (not that you'll be allowed
    to do it on many servers anyhow).
    When it comes to playing online, here are a few tips to become a better
    Be prepared to face unorthodox strategies (e.g. players mowing you down with
    Keep your teammates informed of any major changes in your flag's status
    **                                 [NOTE]                                   **
     In order to enable chat commands you must add "CHAT-TEST" to your buddy
    **                                                                          **
    Do NOT Team Kill (TK), this means shooting and killing your own teammates.
    Doing so can get you kicked/banned from the server on first offense and
    you'll lose one frag from your scorelist.
    When shooting with a weapon with a splash radius (e.g. Disc Launcher, Plasma
    Rifle) don't waste your ammo blasting at them when they're in midair.  Wait
    until they near the ground and shoot the area below their feet before they
    When facing any opponent, make sure that you're higher up in the air than
    they are.  If you stay on the ground for too long, you'll be prone to splash
    damage from any discs, plasma, or mortar rounds fired near your area.
    The Laser Rifle is only useful when facing a slow-moving or static opponent.
    If the target is moving too quickly it will be near impossible to get a
    decent shot in.  Remember to make your first shot count.
    It is near impossible to hide from the opponent in TRIBES due to the team
    detection system which displays nearby opponents/teammates.  Don't stand
    hidden somewhere hoping not to be discovered.  Anytime you're not moving is a
    period of weakness.
    <<2.1>> Offline Practicing
    If you're hoping to improve your game, here are a few things you can do
    First, set up a single player offline botmatch.  If you want to practice your
    targeting, create three bots at level 6 and move them all to the other team
    (press START in-game and go to HOST.  Press X on TEAMCHANGE.).
    Take note that the bots do cheat a bit and the AI is designed for simple DM.
    They have unlimited energy and cannot ride ships. 
    When practicing your flag-defending skills, create five bots at level 10.
    Teamchange them so they're all against you and defend your flag from the
    bots that attack.
    <<2.2>> Grenades
    Grenades are useless unless they're flares.  In this case you can ask for
    some transportation and fire a flare up to tell the driver your location.
    They probably won't do it unless you have the enemy flag though :P.
    Besides that however, grenades are USELESS.
    <<2.3>> Vehicles
    There are a total of four vehicles, each of them with their own unique
    characteristics.  Despite their availability you'll only need to know how to
    pilot one: the bomber.  Oh yeah, you can only pilot vehicles in Light Armor.
    Hover Bike:
    A fast little vehicle which can do some hurt to anyone you can hit it with.
    Here's a warning though, you won't hit anyone with it.
    A fighter plane.  Almost as fast as the hover bike except this thing can fly.
    Also unlike the hover bike it has two machine guns which can do some severe
    damage if you can hit anything with them.  You won't hit anything with them.
    If anything, you'll end up using this as a battering ram in the same fashion
    that you would use the hover bike.
    A transport which is huge, slow and can carry up to four people and the pilot.
    You can purchase one but nobody will ride with you.  If you take this into
    enemy territory you're just a giant skeet disc.
    This is the only ship you'll actually need to use.  If you hold R2 your view
    changes to a camera below your vehicle which lets you see what you're bombing.
    The bomb dropped creates a medium-sized explosive radius which can pretty
    much level anything in one hit.  Most useful when a teammate is trying to
    cap the enemy flag and you need to provide some sort of cover. There's
    nothing scarier than seeing two bombers come lumbering into your base when
    you're out in the open.
    <<3.0>> Campaign Mode Walkthrough
    Let me get say this right from the get-go.  You're not going to want to play
    this mode.  However, for anybody who has problems either getting used to the
    controls or if this is your first time playing games of this genre, the first
    few levels should be invaluable to you.  They may be excruciating (Press Left
    on the Left Analog Stick to Strafe Left) but the later levels are very useful
    for the unique aspects of the title, such as vehicles and inventory use.
    HOWEVER, the following walkthrough is for all you perfectionists out there.
    <<3.1.>> Training 1 : Basic Movement
    For anyone new to console FPS' this level should be useful.  Everyone else
    will be extremely bored.  Just follow the directions until you finish.
    Training Summary:
    o   Read the control scheme section of the FAQ.
    <<3.2>> Training 2 : Basic Weapons Training
    Once again, another mundane training map.  Just follow the speaker's
    directions until you finish.
    Training Summary:
    o   Read the control scheme section of the FAQ.
    <<3.3>> Training 3 : Advanced Weapons Training
    This level is very useful.  It'll teach you about using grenades.  Also using
    advanced weapons like rocket launchers and mortar launchers.
    Training Summary:
    o   Press TRIANGLE to throw a grenade.
    o   Rocket launchers can only fire at a target that it has locked on to.
    o   Flares can be thrown to distract rockets that have locked on to you.
    o   Frag Grenades are simple grenades that blow up on impact.
    o   Concussion Grenades don't cause damage but can cause an opponent to drop
        his weapon.
    o   Mines burrow slightly into the ground and explode when they are stepped
        on.  They cannot be deployed on equipment or next to other mines.
    <<3.4>> Training 4 : Advanced Equip Training
    Now we're getting to the goods.  This one'll show you how packs work and how
    to repair damaged equipment.  It should also teach you how to "ski", a
    necessary technique for internet gaming.
    Training Summary:
    o   Hold L1 while moving to Ski.  Skiing will increase your speed as you
    o   Pressing CIRCLE will activate whatever pack you are carrying.
    o   Press CIRCLE to deploy Remote Turrets and Turret Batteries.
    o   Pressing CIRCLE with a Repair Pack equipped will activate your Repair
        Pack.  Pressing L2 with the Repair Pack activated will repair anything
        within your vicinity.
    o   Pressing CIRCLE with a Remote Sensor pack will deploy up to two Remote
        Sensors.  Sensors increase the range of nearby Turrets.
    o   Press CIRCLE with the Satchel Pack equipped to drop a box of explosives.
        Press CIRCLE again to detonate the Satchel Pack.
    <<3.5>> Training 5 : Vehicle Training
    This tutorial teaches you how to purchase and pilot vehicles.
    Training Summary:
    o   Jump (L1) onto a vehicle to pilot it.
    o   Only light armors can pilot vehicles.
    o   The green bar beneath your health is the armor life of the vehicle you 
        are currently piloting.
    o   Holding R1 in most vehicles will increase its speed.
    <<3.6>> The Yard
    Though it doesn't have the word "Training" in front of it, that's basically
    what this one is. It's a practice DM match with some bots.
    Training Summary:
    o   Get used to the controls.
    o   No inventory stations.
    o   Kill 15 opponents to win.
    <<3.7>> Cap Time
    This one is another training map. It'll run you through the basics and
    gameplay of a standard CTF game.
    I found it a pretty simple game if I climbed up the mountain that was beside
    their flag. I would then ski about halfway down and grab the flag. Then I
    would proceed to make my getaway.
        0_____0             |
        |     |       <- J./
      <-   F    <-       |
        -------         /    MOUNTAIN
        |     |        |
        |     |    ___/
    F  = Flag
    J  = Point from which you should jump
    <- = Path you should follow after jump
    Training Summary:
    o   Capture the flag 6 times for a win.
    <<3.8>> Shades of Death
    Another training map. This one is a scrimmage game of Hunters.
    Training Summary:
    o   Each person has one flag.
    o   When you kill a person they drop their flag.
    o   Pick up a dead man's flag and take it to the Nexus to attain a frag.
    o   250 Points to win.
    <<3.9>> To Have and To Hold
    This is a Capture and Hold skirmish. Every little area has a flag, touch
    it to claim the area for your team. The longer you hold it the more points
    you get.
    This one's easy as well. Your teammates will do most of the work here. Just
    wait until they capture some bases, and then do your best to defend them.
    After ten seconds, you'll officially capture the base and gain 5 points, then
    an additional 1 point for every second you can manage to keep each base.
    Training Summary:
    o   Capture and Hold the bases as long as possible.
    o   Get 1000 points in the alotted time to win.
    <<3.10>> Full-Fledged
    Another CTF exercise. This time Inventory Stations and two vehicles (Mongoose,
    Dingo) are available.
    Full-Fledged is actually a great simulation of CTF games you'll find online.
    It does a great job of provoking the same levels of frustration and
    hopelessness as you'll find on the internet. There is really no quick
    solution to beating this one unfortunately, it's all luck.
    Training Summary:
    o   Reaffirm CTF knowledge and tactics
    o   Get used to piloting a vehicle
    o   Capture the flag 6 times for a win.
                               (Last four yet to come!)
    <<4.0>> Misc.
    Anybody eager to contact me with some contributions or comments for/on this
    FAQ is encouraged to do so. Drop me a line via the following:
         AIM    : GunnerOcelot
         E-MAIL : irenicapollyon@hotmail.com
    All mail sent must have the subject of the e-mail in the actual subject line
    and must say that it pertains to this particular FAQ
         i.e. "Comment - Tribes:AA FAQ"
    Anything else runs the risk of being thrown out. Peace out!
    <<4.1>> Credits
    Thanks to Sierra for publishing TRIBES Aerial Assault as well as the entire
    series.  More thanks to Dynamix for creating it in the first place, good luck
    to all its employees. Thank God that I wrote this FAQ.
    Huge thanks to In Flames' "Reroute to Remain" CD. I probably would've been
    too distracted by stuff going on around me and not getting this FAQ done
    without them crushing my ear drums every moment I was writing this and
    drowning out real life distractions (feeding the dog, etc).
    <<4.2>> Revision History
    4/30/04 -
    Added a few new level walkthroughs. Cleaned up some stuff to make it more
    4/27/04 -
    Included some cosmetic changes.
    4/26/04 -
    Included a Brand Spankin' New ASCII logo.
    4/18/04 -
    Updated the FAQ with some MAJOR revisions.  Fixed huge display problems.
    Published the FAQ.
    1/22/04 -
    Created the FAQ and first tried publishing it.
                      (c)Copyright 2004. Nuruljihad Nasruddin.

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