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    FAQ/Walkthrough by I N F E R N O

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               ______                __                              
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                  \ \ \ \ \ \/  \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \/\  __/ /\__, `\\/_/_ 
                   \ \_\ \ \_\   \ \_\ \ \_,__/\ \____\\/\____/  /\_\
                    \/_/  \/_/    \/_/  \/___/  \/____/ \/___/   \/_/
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      \_/ \_/ \___||_|   |_| \__,_||_| \_/ \_/|___/|___/ \__,_| \__,_||_| \__|
                     Game.......................Tribes: Aerial Assault
                     Platform...................PlayStation 2
                     Author.....................Evan "I N F E R N O" Falon
                     Started....................May 19th, 2003
                     Updated....................November 28th, 2004
                     AOL Instant Messenger......IxNxFxExRxNx0 
                     MSN Messenger..............xl_inferno_lx@hotmail.com
                        | This document is Copyright |
                        |  2003-2004, Evan Falon     | 
                                Table of Contents
                             1) Introduction
                                a. Game Information
                                b. Game Requirements
                             2) Controls
                             3) Game Modes
                             4) Game Types
                             5) Factions/Clans
                             6) On-Screen Display
                                a. Health
                                b. Energy
                                c. Heat
                                d. Aiming
                                e. Score
                                f. Time
                                g. Grenade Count
                                h. Pack Display
                                i. Enemy/Teammate Display
                                j. Pause Menu
                             7) Warrior Setup
                             8) Online
                                a. Joining A Game
                                b. Hosting A Game
                             9) Weapons
                            10) Armor
                            11) Packs
                            12) Vehicles/Transportation
                            13) Base Assets
                                a. Generator
                                b. Inventory Station
                                c. Vehicle Station
                                d. Anti-Aircraft Turret
                                e. Mortar Turret
                                f. Missile Turret
                                g. Plasma Turret
                                h. Sentry Turret
                            14) Maps
                                a. Map name
                                b. Map description
                                c. Map strategy/hints
                            15) Positions
                                a. Flag Running
                                b. Flag Defending
                                c. Base Disrupting
                                d. Base Defending
                                e. Midfielding
                                f. Remote Equipment
                                g. Vehicles
                                h. Repairing
                            16) Campaign
                            17) Special Thanks/Legal
                            18) Copyright
    1)                            Introduction
           Tribes: Aerial Assault is a PlayStation 2 videogame, released in North
    America on September 25th, 2002. Tribes: Aerial Assault (also referred to as 
    T:AA) is a first-person shooter game. Both Inevitable and Sierra helped design
    and publish this great game.
           Tribes: Aerial Assault requires a PlayStation 2, as well as a controller
    to play. It is recommended to have at least 110KB of free space on your memory
    card in order to save your progress in Tribes. A Network Adapter is also 
    available for use to play online with opponents all around the world. Playing
    online gives the game the ability to host 16 players playing at one time.
    While playing without a Network Adapter, the game only supports up to 2 players.
    2)                             Controls
                              X  .... X Button
                              [] .... Square Button
                              /\ .... Triangle Button
                              () .... Circle Button
                              <- .... Left D-Pad Button
                              -> .... Right D-Pad Button
                           .: CONFIGURATION A CONTROLS :.
    Left Analog  ................ Move
    Right Analog ................ Aim/Look
    X            ................ Switch Weapon
    []           ................ Target Lock On/Off
    /\           ................ Throw Grenade
    ()           ................ Use Pack/Toggle Pack (On/Off)
    L1           ................ Jump
    L2           ................ Shoot Weapon
    R1           ................ Jet Pack
    R2           ................ Zoom With Weapon
    <-           ................ Say Something Negative
    ->           ................ Say Something Positive
    Up (D-Pad)   ................ Zoom In
    Down (D-Pad) ................ Zoom Out
    Start        ................ Options/Menu
    Select       ................ Change Pack/Weapon
                           .: CONFIGURATION B CONTROLS :.
    Left Analog  ................ Move
    Right Analog ................ Aim/Look
    X            ................ Switch Weapon
    []           ................ Target Lock On/Off
    /\           ................ Throw Grenade
    ()           ................ Use Pack/Toggle Pack (On/Off)
    L1           ................ Jet Pack
    L2           ................ Zoom With Weapon
    R1           ................ Jump
    R2           ................ Shoot Weapon
    <-           ................ Say Something Negative
    ->           ................ Say Something Positive
    Up (D-Pad)   ................ Zoom In
    Down (D-Pad) ................ Zoom Out
    Start        ................ Options/Menu
    Select       ................ Change Pack/Weapon
                           .: CONFIGURATION C CONTROLS :.
    Left Analog  ................ Move
    Right Analog ................ Aim/Look
    X            ................ Zoom Out
    []           ................ Say Something Negative
    /\           ................ Zoom In
    ()           ................ Say Something Positive
    L1           ................ Jet Pack
    L2           ................ Zoom
    R1           ................ Jump
    R2           ................ Shoot Weapon
    <-           ................ Use Pack/Toggle Pack (On/Off)
    ->           ................ Target Lock On/Off
    Up (D-Pad)   ................ Throw Grenade
                           .: CONFIGURATION D CONTROLS :.
    Left Analog  ................ Aim/Look
    Right Analog ................ Move
    X            ................ Zoom Out
    []           ................ Say Something Negative
    /\           ................ Zoom In
    ()           ................ Say Something Positive
    L1           ................ Jump
    L2           ................ Shoot Weapon
    R1           ................ Jet Pack
    R2           ................ Zoom
    <-           ................ Use Pack/Toggle Pack (On/Off)
    ->           ................ Target Lock On/Off
    Up (D-Pad)   ................ Throw Grenade
    Down (D-Pad) ................ Switch Weapon
    Start        ................ Options/Menu
    Select       ................ Change Pack/Weapon
    3)                            Game Modes
                        | -         ONLINE          - |       
    .: ONE PLAYER :.
    When choosing to go into the one player online mode, you play alone in many
    different types of game modes (later explained in depth) with people from
    around the world.
    .: TWO PLAYER :.
    This mode sends you into the online world with a partner. Another PS2
    controller is required to play in this mode. You take place in a split-screen
    match against each other with teams, or on the same team with others around
    the world.
                        | -         OFFLINE         - |       
    Take on computer-controlled robots by yourself, with robots helping you on your
    team, and robots opposing you.
    Grab a friend and head into action against, or with each other.
    .: CAMPAIGN :.
    This game mode puts you into story based action set in the 40th century. You'll
    master the basic skills of being a warrior before being sent out into missions.
                        | -         OPTIONS         - |       
    Fine tune the sounds of Tribes until you find your favorite.
    This option lets you configure and control your personal network settings.
    .: CREDITS :.
    See the names of the people who brought this great game to you.
    4)                            Game Types
                        | -     CAPTURE THE FLAG    - |       
    Capture the flag combines many different elements into one game type. The main
    idea is to run to the enemy's side of the map and grab their flag, then take it
    back to your side. Capturing the enemy flag is worth 1 point, and taking it
    back to your base to score is worth another 10 points. The team with the
    highest score when time runs out is the winner.
                        | -     CAPTURE AND HOLD    - |       
    Each team goes after stationary flags located in bunkers or towers. Once a flag
    is in control by one team, it starts to gain points by the second. The more
    flags you control, the faster your points go up.
                        | -        DEATHMATCH       - |       
    Deathmatch is pretty self explanatory, everyone's an enemy. Take yourself out
    onto the battlefield and try to kill anyone you can. The player with the most
    points after time expires is the winner. The team with the highest score when
    time runs out is the winner. 
                        | -         HUNTERS         - |       
    Hunters is a game that puts two teams against each other in a race to get the
    most points in the time limit. The way you get points is similar to capture the
    flag, only there are many more flags in hunters. To score, you must gather
    flags and deliver them to the Nexus (the beam of light in a small base). Each
    flag is worth a different amount of points. When there's enough flag, they
    automatically turn into different colors. For example, a red flag is 1 flag, a
    blue flag is worth 2 flags, a green flag is worth 4 flags, and a white flag is
    worth 8 flags.
                        | -     TEAM DEATHMATCH     - |       
    Team deathmatch is pretty much the same thing as a deathmatch, but with other
    warriors on your team. A maximum of 16 players can play in one team deathmatch,
    and the highest scoring team when time runs out wins.
    5)                            Factions/Clans
           * Descriptions and Factions taken directly from game manual *
                      *           BLOOD EAGLE          *                 
    The Blood Eagle claim descent from Imperial Knights sent to pacify the tribes 
    centuries ago. Their philosophy is simple and brutal: obliterate the enemy
    whatever the cost.
    COLOR: Red
                      *          DIAMOND SWORD         *            
    Nicknames "Sandrakers," the contemplative Diamond Sword craft innovative new
    strategies. They say the mind is the greatest weapon, and practice the
    enigmatic teachings of the Enlightened Master.
    COLOR: Gold
                      *       HARBINGERS OF PHOENIX    *               
    Formerly the Children of Phoenix, the elitist Harbingers believe the return of
    Holy Phoenix is imminent, and have triggered a crusade to bring all the tribes
    under Phoenix banner.
    COLOR: Purple/Pink
                      *             STARWOLF           *                 
    The freedom-loving Starwolf were once more far-flung than any other tribe.
    However, the initial Horde strike has nearly eradicated them. Time will tell if
    they survive.
    COLOR: Blue/White
                      *        THE BIODERM HORDES      *              
    Artificially grown slave-soldiers who once serves the Empire and now fight a
    long, bloody war against it, the BioDerm seek to break the deadlock by
    acquiring the wealth of the tribal Wilderzone.
    COLOR: Gold/Silver/Blue
    6)                         On-Screen Display
    a. .: HEALTH :.
    The first thing that you'll want to be aware of while out on the battlefield is
    your health. The health bar is located on the top left hand of your screen,
    along with two other bars. The health bar will always be the top bar, and will
    go up or down depending on how much health you have left. When you have all of
    your health left, the bar will show up green. When roughly 1/3 of your health
    has been drained, your health bar will change into a solid yellow. After that
    third has been taken, and you're down to the last third of health, the bar will
    show red. This means that you should repair yourself, or find a repair station
    as soon as possible. When the health bar is gone, you die, and either restart
    the mission (campaign mode) or respawn (online mode).
    b. .: ENERGY :.
    The bar below your health is the energy bar, which always shows up as blue.
    This tells how much energy you have left to use your jet pack or your blaster.
    When using the jet pack, the energy goes down, and you will eventually fall
    because you have nothing keeping you up. When using the blaster, you'll
    eventually stop shooting because you won't have enough energy to continue.
    When you have no energy left, you'll hear a shot beeping sound. The energy pack
    is helpful to regain the energy you've lose faster that normal.
    c. .: HEAT :.
    Under the energy bar is your heat bar, which appears red. This bar goes up and
    down very quickly. It goes up when using energy (using a jet pack), and down
    when you're not using energy. If your heat is high enough, missile launchers
    will get a lock on you and shoot you down. Watch this bar closely when flying.
    d. .: AIMING :.
    Each weapon that you select has a different aiming system. They're not hard to
    understand, and aren't very important since they all aim almost the same way.
    When getting out your weapon, you'll see a circle with a box inside, or outside
    of it. The circle is your aiming feature, just point it at someone and shoot
    if you want to shoot at them. The square is what determines how far you're
    going to zoom in. However big the square is, that's what you'll be seeing when
    you press R2 (default controls). On the lower left corner of the aiming
    crosshairs, there's a number. This number represents how much ammo you have 
    left in that gun. Some weapons don't shoot straight, but rather throw something
    out. An example of this would be the grenade launcher. To line this up with
    your target, point it at the person who you want to shoot at. When pointing at
    them, a red line should appear with a red dot at the end of the line. Shooting
    directly at this dot will put your shot directly at the person who you're
    shooting at. If the person is moving, the line will most likely go up, and to
    the left or the right. Hitting the red dot is critical if you want to shoot
    someone with weapons like the grenade launcher and the plasma rifle.
    e. .: SCORE :.
    The score is always located on the top right hand of the screen, where you'll
    see two scores. The types of scores will differ, depending on which type of
    game you're playing. For example, Capture The Flag will give you two scores,
    one for the Inferno team, and another for the Storm team. Hunters will also
    give you two scores, your score, and your flags.
    f. .: TIME :.
    Directly under the score is the time. The time is pretty self-explanatory, but
    this shows how much time you have left in the mission/game. When time expires
    then the mission/game is over.
    g. .: GRENADE COUNT :.
    Your grenade count tells you how many grenades you have left to throw. The
    image differs with the different types of grenades, but the basic grenade image
    looks like a typical grenade with a small explosion around it. To the left of
    the grenade image is a number, this number tells you how many grenades you have
    left. You start with 5 until you get another type of armor on, or pick up more
    grenades. When the number reaches 0, it will turn red and you have no more
    grenades left to throw.
    h. .: PACK DISPLAY :.
    Under the grenade count is your pack display. When you pick up a pack, or equip
    yourself to have a pack, a small image will appear here to tell you which pack
    it is. The repair pack image is a wrench, and the energy pack looks similar to
    a nuclear symbol. Each pack has a related symbol to what it does, it's helpful
    to know what these symbols are in order to correctly use your pack. When you
    don't have a pack, there will be no symbol.
    When you're looking around on the battlefield, you'll see opponents and
    teammates. To tell these players apart, there is a colored arrow over their
    heads. A green arrow means that that player is on your team, while a red
    arrow means that player is on the opposite team. When getting close enough
    to a player, the arrow will disappear. Aim directly at them and you will see
    their name and a health bar, if the health is green, it's a teammate, if it's
    red, it's an enemy. This display feature is useful for working as a team
    while playing online, as well as shooting down snipers.
    j. .: PAUSE MENU :.
    The pause menu comes up when you hit the start button, and although it doesn't
    pause your game, it still has a lot of configuration options that take effect
    after you press start again. When playing, press start to activate this menu,
    it should look something like this:
          [Inventory] [Vehicle] [Player] [*Score/Objectives*] [Help]
                   Invert Player Y  []          [Suicide]
                   Invert Vehicle Y []        [Change Team]
                   Vibration        []     [Vote Yes] [Vote No]
                   3rd Player       []        [Vote To Kick]
                   3rd Vehicle      []        [Vote On Map]
                     [EXIT GAME]
    * In online games, and the first few missions in campaign mode, the Score
    option shows up. When offline, and in campaign mode, the Objectives option
    shows up. *
    • The options on the lower right are not available in campaign mode.
    • Invert Player/Vehicle Y means that the movement controls are switched, up
    becomes down, and down becomes up.
    • 3rd Player/Vehicle means that you will see your player or vehicle from behind
    rather than in the eyes of it.
    7)                              Warrior Setup
    The warrior setup screen comes up after you connect to the internet, but before
    you see the list of servers. The screen has options for you to customize your
    warrior. It looks a bit like this:
                             WARRIOR SETUP - PLAYER 1
               Gender     [Male/Female/Bioderm]
               Skin       [Starwolf/Blood Eagle/Phoenix/Diamond Sword]
               Voice      [Hero/Iceman/Rogue/Hardcase/Psycho]
               Controls   [Configuration A/B/C/D]
               Buddy List [* Explained Below *]
               Armor      [Light/Medium/Heavy]
               Weapon     [All weapons can be displayed if in correct armor]
               Pack       [All packs can be displayed if in correct armor]
                        [BACK]  [LOAD]  [SAVE]  [CONTINUE]
    * The Buddy List feature allows you to see if someone is in a server or not.
    The buddy list screen looks like this:
                                  BUDDY LIST
                           [       Buddy 1       ]
                           [       Buddy 2       ]
                           [       Buddy 3       ]
                           [       Buddy 4       ]
                          [ADD]   [EDIT]   [DELETE]
                           [CANCEL]          [OK]
    To add a buddy, simple press the [ADD] button and type in that buddy's online
    name. When online, you will see a check mark next to the server name if that
    buddy is playing in that server. This feature is especially useful if you're
    in a clan. Just add the clan name (.POW or .Inc, etc.) and all players with
    that in their name will show up, so you can easily join their game.
    8)                                Online
    a. .: JOINING A GAME :.
    To join a game, simply select the game list by pressing down on the d-pad, then
    pressing down or up on the d-pad to hover over your selected server. Press X
    twice to join it, once to select the server and automatically choose the "Join"
    option, and X again to join the server.
    A server with maximum clients will be grayed out, and is not available to join.
    Select "Refresh" and hit X to refresh the servers, this will update the number
    of clients in each server. Servers hosted by dial-up are shown by a small
    telephone icon, and are typically have a lot of lag. These are not recommended
    to join. The green, yellow, or red coloring on the server information is an
    indicator on how fast the server is. Join the green ranked servers, and you
    will have a faster and more enjoyable gaming experience.
    b. .: HOSTING A GAME :.
    To host a game, press -> on the d-pad, and you will be given a warning.
    Depending on your connection, you can host a certain amount of clients server.
    If you have a fast connection, go ahead and host a 16 player server, but be
    warned there may be lag. Players with T3 connections are suggested to use this
    16 player limit, others are not. Players with cable or DSL connections can
    typically host very good 12 player servers, and sometimes even 16. Players
    with a 56k connection are not recommended to host servers, unless they are 2
    player servers, and even then the non-hosting players will experience lag.
    The biggest change between hosting and not hosting a server is team and map
    changing options. They are located under the server menu when you press start,
    and do exactly what the names suggest. Team changing a player will respawn that
    player on the opposite team, this is suggested to keep the teams even, or to
    put clan members on the same team. Changing a player's team two times in a row
    is a good way to tell them that they are doing something that is not acceptable
    by the server's host. Changing the map to a favorable map can often lead to
    players leaving your server, or if done in good timing can lead to more
    players. It is suggested that you let the players vote, or start a vote
    yourself instead of going over player's heads and changing without opinions.
    9)                                 Weapons
                           | -     PRIMARY WEAPONS     - |       
    .: WEAPON :. Blaster
      DESCRIPTION: The blaster is the standard tribal sidearm, equipped with
    respawning armor.
      AMMO: 8/10
        The blaster has unlimited ammo because it takes it directly from your
    energy. However, the blaster is not useful while flying, because all your
    energy is being used to power your jetpack.
      RANGE: 8/10
        The blaster can travel as far as the eye can see, but doesn't have much
    range after it hits a target.
      POWER: 3/10
        The blaster does not have an explosion, so it will only work if comes in
    direct contact with another warrior. Hardly any health will drain from the
      OVERALL: 4/10
        The blaster is hardly ever used by a skilled warrior, unless out of ammo.
    It's useful for training, and is often seen used by newbloods. The only reason
    the blaster is often used is for going through shield packs.
    .: WEAPON :. Chaingun
      DESCRIPTION: The chaingun sprays out bullets at a high speed, and chews up
    it's targets with ease.
      AMMO: 7/10
        The chaingun packs about 100 bullets in light armor, 150 in medium, and 200
    in heavy armor. It may seem like a lot, but when you fire it, the bullets go by
    very quickly.
      RANGE: 5/10
        The chaingun is mostly used for close combat situations, and doesn't have
    any explosion to hit targets far away.
      POWER: 7/10
        The chaingun will chip away at an enemy's health very quickly, and has the
    ability to destroy an enemy generator in a matter of seconds.
      OVERALL: 6/10
        It is good for destroying generators because it has no explosion to damage
    you. It's also good for close range combat, and taking away an enemy's health
    .: WEAPON :. Spinfusor
      DESCRIPTION: The spinfusor is another weapon equipped by a warrior after
    respawning. It fires a explosive disc-shaped charge at it's targets. 
      AMMO: 6/10
        The spinfusor packs the standard amount of ammo, at respawning it has 25
      RANGE: 7/10
        The explosion will hurt any warrior within a few meters, but it doesn't
    have the best range out of all the weapons.
      POWER: 7/10
        The spinfusor can take down another light armored warrior in several shots,
    and is always a good weapon to have as a backup.
      OVERALL: 7/10
        The spinfusor is a good weapon, and is mostly used in respawn armor, or
    when you're out of ammo with your other guns.
    .: WEAPON :. Plasma Rifle
      DESCRIPTION: The plasma rifle fires exploding balls of plasma at it's
      AMMO: 7/10
        The plasma rifle packs about 30 to 40 shots, more than the spinfusor, and
    enough to destroy several enemies.
      RANGE: 7/10
        The plasma rifle will hit any enemy, no matter on how far away they are, as
    long as they're in the path of the plasma ball.
      POWER: 8/10
        Any enemy in light armor can be taken down by two to three shots of this
    gun, and the warriors with heavier armor can also be killed by the explosion
    and direct hits of the plasma rifle.
      OVERALL: 8/10
        The plasma rifle is a good gun to carry around when traveling somewhere. It
    can take out enemies from far away, as well as explode and take out base
    .: WEAPON :. Laser Rifle
      DESCRIPTION: The laser rifle is a useful weapon for snipers, and can kill
    targets easily.
      AMMO: 5/10
        The laser rifle's ammo is taken directly from your energy. One normal shot
    takes most of the energy away, so it's useful to bring along an energy pack.
      RANGE: 5/10
        The laser rifle doesn't affect anything that it doesn't hit directly. It
    has no explosion, and is mostly used for direct shots on the enemy.
      POWER: 8/10
        One hit from the laser rifle dramatically drains a warrior's health. The
    more energy you have, the more power the laser rifle has.
      OVERALL: 5/10
        The laser rifle is a great weapon for snipers because of it's ability to
    drain life from a warrior easily, but is very hard to use on a moving warrior.
    .: WEAPON :. Grenade Launcher
      DESCRIPTION: The grenade launcher throws basic grenades much further than a
    warrior can throw them.
      AMMO: 5/10
        The grenade launcher doesn't carry a lot of ammo, but seeing as the grenade
    launcher is usually packed with medium or heavy armor, you should have enough
    ammo from other weapons.
      RANGE: 7/10
        If you aim upwards, you can shoot a grenade a very far distance, and have
    it drop on the head of an enemy. Grenades can also bounce around corners to hit
    hiding enemies.
      POWER: 8/10
        The power of the grenade launcher is about the same as a basic grenade. It
    can take out an enemy in several shots, as well as a generator or base station.
      OVERALL: 8/10
        The grenade launcher is a good weapon to use when defending a base/flag, or
    disrupting a base. It's explosive shots cause warrior's health to drop quickly.
    A great way to use this weapon is to fly over an enemy and drop several
    grenades on his/her head.
    .: WEAPON :. Missile Launcher
      DESCRIPTION: The missile launcher is mostly used to take down vehicles, or
    other warriors who are often seen flying around.
      AMMO: 5/10
        The missile launcher usually packs about 4 missiles, but can be around 8
    with an ammo pack, or heavy armor.
      RANGE: 8/10
        The missile launcher can lock onto anything 400 meters or closer, and will
    follow that warrior or vehicle until it explodes, or a flare carries it
    off course.
      POWER: 9/10
        The missile launcher kills light armored warriors, leaves a minimal amount
    of armor on mediums, and takes about half away from heavies. Several missiles
    can take down a transport, or a base turret.
      OVERALL: 8/10
        The missile launcher is a good thing for base defenders to have, so they
    can shoot down incoming vehicles and enemies. However, when a flare is throw,
    the missile goes off target and hits the flare instead of the enemy.
    .: WEAPON :. Fusion Mortar
      DESCRIPTION: The fusion mortar shoots a mortar ball at enemies, and is
    possibly the most powerful weapon in Tribes.
      AMMO: 6/10
        The average ammo packed by the fusion mortar is 10, but it's more than
    enough to blow away enemies.
      RANGE: 8/10
        Anyone standing within 10 or so meters of the explosion will be hurt,
    anyone unlucky enough to be hit by a fusion mortar, almost always dies.
      POWER: 10/10
        Any warrior hit by a mortar ball won't come out alive without heavy armor,
    or a shield pack. If you see a green mortar ball coming at you, run.
      OVERALL: 8/10
        The fusion mortar is a very powerful gun, often used by base defenders to
    keep disruptors away. It can also be used by base disruptors to clear an enemy
    base of enemies.
                           | -    SECONDARY WEAPONS    - |       
    .: GRENADE :. Basic
      DESCRIPTION: The basic grenade explodes upon impact, and does only damage to
    whatever it hits.
      RANGE: 7/10
        When exploding, anything within a few meters gets hit, nothing too special,
    but it gets the job done in close places.
      POWER: 7/10
        The basic grenade will take a good amount of damage out of whatever it hits.
      OVERALL: 7/10
        The basic grenade is good for base disruptors, as well as in close combat
    situations. It takes damage out of whatever or whoever is close, but doesn't do
    much past that.
    .: GRENADE :. Concussion
      DESCRIPTION: The concussion grenade causes players to be pushed back from
    where they are standing, as well as drop the weapon they currently hold.
      RANGE: 8/10
        The range of a concussion grenade is a bit larger than the basic grenade,
    and can hit another warrior away from the point of impact, which makes its
    range even better.
      POWER: 3/10
        The concussion grenade doesn't cause a lot of damage, but that's not it's
    primary purpose. It still takes out a bit of health from another warrior.
      OVERALL: 6/10
        This grenade is useful for base defenders because it disrupts any attacking
    warriors. It pushes them away from the point of impact as well as making them
    drop the weapon that they're carrying.
    .: GRENADE :. Flare
      DESCRIPTION: The flare grenade is used for diverting missiles away from you
    while flying with your jet pack.
      RANGE: 9/10
        When throwing a flare, the missile heading towards you will veer off to hit
    the grenade instead of you. As long as the missile is heading in your
    direction, you can alter the course of it by throwing a flare.
      POWER: N/A
        The flare grenade does not damage a player at all.
      OVERALL: 8/10
        This grenade is very useful to flag carriers (cappers) because it will make
    any missile used against them useless. It's also useful when playing midfield,
    because it can turn missiles heading for turrets or flag carriers away.
    .: GRENADE :. Mine
      DESCRIPTION: The mine grenade digs itself into the ground and detonates
    whenever a warrior or vehicle comes near it.
      RANGE: 7/10
        Any warrior or vehicle to come within a meter or two of the mine grenade
    will feel the explosion.
      POWER: 6/10
        The mine grenade takes out a bit of health from a warrior, but not enough
    to kill a warrior with full health.
      OVERALL: 7/10
        The mine grenade is good for a few different positions. For example, base
    disruptors can use this grenade for when they're leaving a destroyed base. Any
    warrior who comes to repair their own base feels the explosion, and can
    possibly be killed by it. Base defenders can use this grenade to protect the
    entrances of their base, or the area around their generators.
    10)                                Armor
    .: LIGHT :.
    Light armor is the smallest armor that a warrior can have, and had advantages
    as well as disadvantages. It is the fastest of armors, and is often used to
    flag run. However, it is the weakest of armors, and cannot take more than a few
    hits from any given weapon.
    Speed: Fast
    Protection: Minimal
    Armor Packs: Can equip all
    Deployable Packs: Can equip sensors and satchels
    Vehicles: All
    Weapons: 3 primary
    Weapons Not Available: Fusion Mortar and Missile Launcher
    .: MEDIUM:.
    Medium armor is the neutral armor, with both speed and protection. Medium is
    preferred by some over heavy because of mobility. Medium armor is often used by
    midfielders, and sometimes by base defenders, base disrupters, and flag
    Speed: Medium
    Protection: Medium
    Armor Packs: Can equip all
    Deployable Packs: Can equip all
    Vehicles: All except mongoose
    Weapons: 4 primary
    Weapons Not Available: Fusion Mortar and Laser Rifle
    .: HEAVY :.
    Heavy is the strongest armor, capable of carrying the most devastating weapons
    in the game. The downfalls are the lack of mobility and speed, and the steep
    learning curve to use it correctly. Heavy armored warriors cannot pilot
    vehicles, but may ride in the Piltdown transport.
    Speed: Slow
    Protection: High
    Armor Packs: Can equip all
    Deployable Packs: Can equip all
    Vehicles: Cannot pilot any vehicle
    Weapons: 5 primary
    Weapons Not Available: Laser Rifle
    11)                                Packs
                        | -       ARMOR PACKS       - |       
    .: AMMUNITION :.
    The ammunition pack or "ammo pack" as it is often called, lets you carry more
    rounds of each primary and secondary weapon.
    .: ENERGY :.
    The energy pack lets energy drain slower while jetting, or using weapons that
    require energy. It also recovers energy quicker, so your energy gauge will fill
    faster than without an energy pack.
    .: REPAIR :.
    The repair pack lets you restore the health of an item, another warrior,
    or yourself. The repair pack drains energy as you use it, and the item must
    be near to be repaired. Press () to select it, and hold L2 to use it.
    .: SHIELD :.
    The shield pack gives a protective barrier around your warrior, making your
    maximum damage taken greater. The only weapon that will bypass the shield pack
    is the blaster. The shield pack uses energy when turned on, and will not turn
    on if no energy is available. Press () to turn the shield pack on, and press ()
    to turn it off.
                        | -    DEPLOYABLE PACKS     - |       
    Base turret barrels are used to change the turret type on base turrets. There
    are four different types of barrels; mortar, plasma, missile, and
    anti-aircraft. Only medium or heavy armored warriors may equip the base turret
    barrels. To use base turret barrels, stand near a base turret that is
    operational, and press (). Turret barrels may be changed any number of times.
    This smaller version of the base inventory station may only be equipped by
    medium or heavy armored warriors. It can only be deployed on a flat surface
    that is not already occupied by an object, and by pressing (). The remote
    inventory station cannot change a warrior's armor like a base inventory
    station, but it can replenish health, change weapons, and restock rounds of
    a warrior's current weapon.
    The remote sensor can be deployed by any armored warrior. This item increases
    the range of remote turrets as well as base turrets, when placed near them.
    The remote turret shoot enemy targets by using their own built-in sensors.
    Remote turrets can be placed on any surface, and their range can be increased
    by placing remote sensors near them.
    The satchel charge pack is a powerful explosive, and is deployed by pressing
    (). By pressing () after a few seconds, the satchel will explode, damaging
    anything near it. Satchels can only be used once, and will blow up early if
    shot, causing not nearly the amount of damage if it were set off properly.
    12)                       Vehicles/Transportation
                            *        MONGOOSE        *               
    A mongoose is a gravity cycle mostly used by snipers or flag
    runners. With blazing speeds, you can either outrun your competition, or die
    .:  SPEED  :. 10 out of 10
                 The mongoose can outrun any other vehicle in Tribes, as well as
    any warrior, no matter what pack they have.      
    .:  ARMOR  :.  2 out of 10
                    The armor on the mongoose is very weak, a couple small bumps
    after jumping over hills will cause it to explode. Two or three shots from any
    weapon will also cause the mongoose to explode.  
    .: WEAPONS :.  N/A
                    The mongoose has no weapons.
    .: OVERALL :.  6 out of 10
                    The mongoose is a good, fast vehicle for certain types of
    players. If you're looking for something can withstand enemy fire as well as
    take warriors out with weapons, the mongoose isn't for you.
                            *          DINGO         *                  
    The dingo is a fighter jet designed to get you to where you're going fast, as
    well as take out anyone who stands in your way.
    .:  SPEED  :.  7 out of 10
                       The dingo has enough speed to outrun any warrior trying to
    chase you, and to get you to any base in a matter of seconds. Hit R1 to boost
    the dingo and go even faster.
    .:  ARMOR  :.  6 out of 10
                       The dingo can withstand a missile, as well as several shots
    from any weapon. Land on someone's base and the armor will go down rapidly, so
    be careful.
    .: WEAPONS :.  7 out of 10
                       The dingo is equipped with twin blasters, which can take
    down just about anything you desire in a short period of time. You can also
    take it and run warriors down for an easy kill.
    .: OVERALL :.  7 out of 10
                       The dingo is an all around vehicle, fast, agile, good
    weapons, and anyone can pick one up and go with it without much experience.
                            *         HAMMER         *        
    The hammer is a very powerful bomber. It's most effective against exposed bases
    and things that are shielded.
    .:  SPEED  :.  5 out of 10
                       The hammer doesn't have very good speed, but it's not a
    vehicle that's designed to get warriors places, it's designed to kill.
    .:  ARMOR  :.  8 out of 10
                       The hammer can withstand two or more missile attacks as well
    as a few rounds of ammo from any weapon.
    .: WEAPONS :.  9 out of 10
                       The hammer drops extremely powerful bombs directly below it,
    blowing up anything that gets in it's way. If a warriors is anywhere near the
    explosion, they will be critically hurt and most likely die.
    .: OVERALL :.  7 out of 10
                       The hammer is a good weapon for controlling the game, or
    taking over the enemy's part of the map in the start of the game. The bombs
    can take out turrets and vehicle stations and still have enough armor to drop
    you off to take out the generators and control the game.
                            *        PILTDOWN       *                           
    The piltdown is a transport vehicle, which can take you and four other warriors
    at the same time to a destination. They can hop out by pressing L1 at any point
    throughout the trip.
    .:  SPEED  :.  4 out of 10
                       The piltdown isn't made to be a fast vehicle, it's made so
    that you can get a lot of warriors to one place in a single trip.
    .:  ARMOR  :.  9 out of 10
                       The piltdown can withstand many missiles and takes many 
    rounds of ammo to take it down.
    .: WEAPONS :. 10 out of 10
                       The piltdown is equipped with an automated assault turret
    on the back end for taking out any vehicles or warriors that come to close.
    This turret along with the ability to have four warriors with guns ready to
    shoot anything and anyone down makes the piltdown's weapons the best to have.
    .: OVERALL :.  6 out of 10
                       The piltdown should only be used to transport warriors in
    maps where the enemy base is very far away, or when heavy armored warriors
    need a lift. When taking it by yourself, this vehicle is next to useless, but
    can be your best friend when you know how to be a team player.
    13)                             Base Assets
    a. .: GENERATOR :.
    The generator is what powers an entire base, and are most often the targeted
    item for an attack by the opposition. Most bases have 2 generators, while some
    have only 1. Few of the maps have no generators, and are always powered. If the
    generators of a base go down, all base equipment loses power and cannot be
    used. Base equipment can be powered by a single generator with nearly 1/3
    The inventory station is used to change armors, get new weapons, restock ammo
    for weapons, and regain health. Choose your armor and weapon selection before
    you step on the inventory station, otherwise it will not work.
    c. .: VEHICLE STATION :.
    The vehicle station spawns all vehicles, from Mongooses to Piltdowns. Select
    the vehicle you want before you step on the vehicle station, and it will
    automatically spawn for you.
    This turret has twin blasters which are useful for taking down any flying enemy
    or vehicle. It will not fire on warriors who are on the ground, but it will
    if they are in flight.
    e. .: MORTAR TURRET :.
    The mortar turret is a larger version of the weapon carried by heavy armored
    warriors. It fires a green projectile that explodes on impact, and causes
    heavy damage.
    f. .: MISSILE TURRET :.
    The missile turret fires missiles at anything with a heat signature. Warriors
    who are flying will be targeted by the missile turret, as will vehicles with
    it's jets or afterburners on.
    g. .: PLASMA TURRET :.
    The plasma turret shoots balls of blue and white plasma at anything near them.
    They are slow, but cause heavy damage to anything they hit.
    h. .: SENTRY TURRET :.
    Sentry turrets are often indoors, or near doorways, and fire at any opponent
    or opponent's vehicle.
    14)                                Maps
    The map are listed in the boxes, and described by game type (CTF = Capture The
    Flag, CNH = Capture And Hold, TDM = Team Death Match, DM = Death Match, HNT =
    Hunters), the layout of the map, the pros and cons of each map, and finally
    the assets that each team's base contains.
                            *       ABOMINABLE       *
    Game Types Offered: CNH
    Layout: Medium sized, snowy
    Pros: Large map means controlling a point will last longer
    Cons: Difficult for heavy armored warriors, mountains don't allow for skiing
                            *         AVALON         *
    Game Types Offered: CTF
    Layout: Very mountainous, green and extremely large
    Pros: Defense thrives here, good map for skilled pilots
    Cons: If base is down team is all but dead, long distance for cappers
    Base Assets: 2 Generators, 4 Inventory Stations, 1 Turret, 1 Vehicle Station,
                 2 Sensors, 3 Bases (1 Main)
                            *      BEGGER'S RUN      *
    Game Types Offered: CTF
    Layout: Small, but full of red hills
    Pros: Easy map for cappers and disrupters, skilled flag defenders will succeed
    Cons: Hard to see enemies coming, hard to get disrupters out of base
    Base Assets: 3 inventory Stations, 1 Turret, 1 Sensor, 1 Sentry Turret
                            *       DAMNATION        *
    Game Types Offered: CTF
    Layout: Small, bases separated by single mountain range
    Pros: Easy for cappers and midfielders, disrupters have many options
    Cons: Hard to flag defend, hard to base defend
    Base Assets: 2 Generators, 7 Inventory Stations, 1 Sensor, 1 Turret,
                 3 Buildings (1 Main)
                            *    DEATH BIRDS FLY     *
    Game Types Offered: CTF
    Layout: Large but flat, mountains on each side of map
    Pros: Easy for pilots, disrupters have easy job, cappers have many ways to live
    Cons: Hard to base defend, flag defense is difficult, map may be too large for
    Base Assets: 2 Generators, 7 Inventory Stations, 1 Turret, 1 Sensor, 1 Vehicle
                 Station, 2 Buildings (1 Main)
                            *       DESSICATOR       *
    Game Types Offered: CTF
    Layout: Large, no visibility, many plateaus, shields protect flag
    Pros: Cappers can lose chasers in fog, pilots can be undetected
    Cons: Disrupters have hard time, cappers cannot enter base while gens are up
    Base Assets: 3 Generators (2 Shield, 1 Main), 1 Vehicle Station, 1 Sensor, 
                 3 Inventory Stations, 1 Sentry Turret, 3 Buildings (1 Flag, 1 Main
                 Generator, 1 Shield Generator)
                            *        EQUINOX         *
    Game Types Offered: CNH, TDM, DM
    Layout: Large map, large hill in the center with four corners in valleys
    Pros: 4 corners makes teamplay easy, terrain is good for skiing
    Cons: Hard to overtake a base once it is occupied, spawn points are in center
                            *        ESCALADE        *
    Game Types Offered: TDM, DM
    Layout: Large, many bases, hills scattered around map
    Pros: Many bases to use, lots of entrances to each base
    Cons: Spawn points are not favorable, center tower is very hard to reach
                            *       FIRESTORM        *
    Game Types Offered: CTF, CNH
    Layout: Very small, large plateau in center, elevated bases
    Pros: Easy for cappers and disrupters, easy to cover cappers
    Cons: Hard to base and flag defend, capper assist may assist enemies as well
    Base Assets: 2 Inventory Stations
                            *       FLASHPOINT       *
    Game Types Offered: CNH
    Layout: Large map, towers on either side of map, large floating base in center
    Pros: Flat surface favors pilots, towers can be controlled easily
    Cons: Spawning in the middle of the map is a downfall
                            *        GEHENNA         *
    Game Types Offered: HNT
    Layout: Medium sized, buildings for use
    Pros: Spots can become overpopulated and chaotic
    Cons: Hard to play in if you're in spawn armor
                            *        INVICTUS        *
    Game Types Offered: TDM, DM
    Layout: Large map, no inventory stations, medium visibility
    Pros: Light armored warriors will love this map
    Cons: No inventory stations, many players struggle here
                            *       INSALUBRIA       *
    Game Types Offered: CNH
    Layout: Large map with lots of points scattered around
    Pros: Easy to control points, vehicles can be used to an advantage
    Cons: Hard to overtake points, large map makes it hard to get places
                            *     JACOB'S LADDER     *
    Game Types Offered: CNH
    Layout: Large map, three points available
    Pros: Three points make each warrior's choice important, has something for all
    Cons: If base is down, spawn fighting for points is very hard
                            *       KATABATIC        *
    Game Types Offered: CTF
    Layout: Large snowy map, remote tower and main base for each team, flat
    Pros: Easy for pilots, disrupters have many routes
    Cons: Base defenders may have trouble, cappers have long travel
    Base Assets: 2 Generators, 8 Inventory Stations, 1 Sensor, 2 Turrets, 1 Vehicle
                 Station, 2 Buildings (1 Main)
                            *        MYRKWOOD        *
    Game Types Offered: TDM, DM, HNT
    Layout: Medium map, very foggy with little visibility
    Pros: Fog helps players be undetected
    Cons: No visibility, very frantic at base stations
                            *         OASIS          *
    Game Types Offered: TDM, DM
    Layout: Very small map, both teams have one base, one neutral base
    Pros: Frantic pace means lots of kills for each team
    Cons: No time to set up defenses
                            *       OVERREACH       *
    Game Types Offered: CNH
    Layout: Large snowy map, three points in Recalescence type bases
    Pros: Easy to control points, lots of entrances to bases
    Cons: Players are able to sneak up on you, no vehicle station is hell
                            *        PARANOIA        *
    Game Types Offered: CTF, TDM, DM
    Layout: Small, flat with one small hill in the center and hills on the sides
    Pros: Flag defenders have lots of help, small map that cappers will love
    Cons: Base defenders can get rushed easily, a down base means trouble
    Base Assets: 2 Generators, 2 Inventory Stations, 1 Sensor, 2 Turrets, 1 Sentry
                            *       PYROCLASM        *
    Game Types Offered: DM
    Layout: Medium sized map
    Pros: Frantic at spots, easy to rack up kills
    Cons: Hard to get armor with lots of players in a server
                            *        QUAGMIRE        *
    Game Types Offered: CTF
    Layout: Large, very foggy with no visibility, small hills
    Pros: Cappers can sneak up, flag defense is easy as is disrupting
    Cons: Defense cannot see enemies very well, hard to base defend, tough turret
    Base Assets: 3 Generators, 2 Turrets, 4 Inventory Stations, 2 Buildings
                 (2 Main)
                            *          RASP          *
    Game Types Offered: TDM, DM, HNT
    Layout: Medium map, large outdoors area with multi-layered base
    Pros: Good map for indoor and outdoor specialists
    Cons: Inventory stations are easy to control, and hard to lose
                            *      RECALESENCE       *
    Game Types Offered: CTF
    Layout: Medium sized, floating bases, huge valley in center
    Pros: Lots of entrances for cappers and disrupters
    Cons: Hard to chase, flag defense and base defense can be difficult
    Base Assets: 1 Generator, 2 Inventory Stations, 1 Vehicle Station, 1 Sensor,
                 2 Sentry Turrets
                            *        RIMEHOLD        *
    Game Types Offered: TDM, DM, HNT
    Layout: Large map, small towers scattered, hills on outside with base in center
    Pros: Outdoor fighters will have huge advantage, hills make skiing easy
    Cons: Indoors fighters will struggle, no inventory stations inside base
                            *       REVERSION        *
    Game Types Offered: CTF
    Layout: Flat, large, mountains on either side of playing field
    Pros: Pilots can thrive, base defenders have easy base to defend
    Cons: Difficult to disable generators, capping is hard on flat surfaces
    Base Assets: 2 Generators, 2 Turrets, 1 Sensor, 8 Inventory Stations, 1 Vehicle
                 Station, 2 Sentry Turrets, 2 Buildings (1 Main,
                 1 Self-Powered Tower)
                            *       SANCTUARY        *
    Game Types Offered: CTF
    Layout: Very large, foggy in places, huge hills and steep valleys
    Pros: Disrupting is easy, flag defenders have large margin of error
    Cons: Base defending can be tough, cappers have long distance to travel
    Base Assets: 2 Generators, 1 Turret, 1 Sensor, 4 Inventory Stations, 1 Vehicle
                            *        SLAPDASH        *
    Game Types Offered: CTF
    Layout: Very large, lots of mountains with small flat paths throughout
    Pros: Disrupters will have easy time, cappers can take many paths
    Cons: Flag is very open, base is small, very large map for cappers
    Base Assets: 2 Generators, 1 Turret, 2 Sensors, 2 Inventory Stations, 1 Sentry
                 Turret, 1 Vehicle Station
                            *       SUN DRIED        *
    Game Types Offered: TDM, DM, HNT
    Layout: Medium sized map, 4 bases at corners of map, basically flat
    Pros: Lots of space in center of map for duels, easy to control tower
    Cons: Players love to "camp" a tower and never leave, getting easy spawn kills
                            *        THIN ICE        *
    Game Types Offered: CTF
    Layout: Small, basically flat, large mountains on either side of playing field
    Pros: Cappers can make it back to their flag in under 20 seconds
    Cons: Flag defenders are out of luck if capper doesn't die on the flag stand
    Base Assets: 2 Generators, 2 Inventory Stations, 1 Sentry Turret
                            *       TOMBSTONE        *
    Game Types Offered: CTF
    Layout: Large, large valley in center, all bases on higher ground
    Pros: Flag defenders can camp the flag, base defenders won't see action
    Cons: Cappers will have hard time getting the flag, disrupters have long trek
    Base Assets: 2 Generators, 2 Turrets, 3 Inventory Stations, 2 Sentry Turrets,
                 2 Bases (1 Main, 1 Flag)
                            *       UNDERHILL        *
    Game Types Offered: TDM, DM, HNT
    Layout: Large, both indoor and outdoor sections
    Pros: Indoor fighters and outdoor fighters love this map, many entrances
    Cons: Indoor fighters may spawn outdoors, and vice versa
                            *        WHITEOUT        *
    Game Types Offered: TDM, DM
    Layout: Medium sized map, snowy with large tower in center, no inventories
    Pros: Skilled lights will thrive, always a fight for the central tower
    Cons: No way to change armor, stuck with spawn weapons for majority of map
    15)                              Positions
    a. .: FLAG RUNNING :.
    Flag running is an essential part of Capture The Flag games. The flag runner,
    or "capper" is designated to take the enemies flag and capture it, by taking it
    back to their own base and touching it to their flag. If the flag runner's flag
    has been taken by the opposing team, then the flag must be retrieved and 
    returned before you are able to score. Each flag touch is worth 1 point, and
    each successful capture of the enemy flag is worth 100 points. First team to
    800 points is the winner.
    b. .: FLAG DEFENDING :.
    Flag defending is necessary to winning in a game of Capture The Flag. Without
    flag defenders, the flag runners on the opposing team can take the flag without
    resistance. Flag defenders set turrets, sensors, mines, satchels, and anything
    else that help them stop flag runners from taking the flag.
    c. .: BASE DISRUPTING :.
    Base disrupting is used to cause havoc inside the enemy base. Their main goal
    is to disable the enemy generators, causing the rest of the base to go down.
    Without the base up and running, the opposing team cannot spawn vehicles, or
    use their inventory stations.
    d. .: BASE DEFENDING :.
    Base defenders protect the base from base disrupters. They set up turrets,
    sensors, mines, and anything else that kill enemy base disrupters and keep
    their team's base up and running.
    e. .: MIDFIELDING :.
    Midfielders are often found in the middle of the field, protecting their team's
    flag runners, and engaging enemies. They support their own cappers by throwing
    flares to divert missiles, and by killing any enemies that are chasing their
    own flag carrier.
    Setting out remote equipment is not often seen as a full time position, but it
    is done regularly by players. Players who are assigned to put out remote
    equipment such as turrets, sensors, and remote inventories are often called
    "remote farmers". Players who do not see much action, such as a base defender
    when there is no base disrupter will often switch positions to "farm" any
    remote equipment needed by their team.
    g. .: VEHICLES :.
    Players whose position is to stay in a vehicle are often seen on defense.
    Fighters and bombers can be used to defend the flag from enemy flag runners,
    by bombing them or "mowing" them down with the dingo. These players can also
    defend the base from the outside by killing incoming base disrupters. Players
    who take an offensive role in a vehicle may bomb the opposition's vehicle
    station, and killing any enemies that are outside. They may also cover the flag
    runner by killing chasers.
    h. .: REPAIRING :.
    Players are not often designated to repair, but it is often a position that is
    taken up by the base defender in their free time. Players repair any broken
    equipment, and keep the base running so other players are free to go about
    their positions without being slowed down.
    16)                               Campaign
    Campaign mode is not the best aspect of Tribes: Aerial Assault, and is usually
    only recommended to be played by beginners, and anyone new to FPS games. The
    first few levels are tedious, telling you how to move, but later levels can
    help even skilled warriors with different weapons and techniques.
                        | TRAINING 1 - BASIC MOVEMENT |
    This level teaches you how to move your warrior, looking up and down, side to
    side. You also learn how to walk, and move in different ways.
                   | TRAINING 2 - BASIC WEAPONS TRAINING  |
    The basic weapons training teaches you about some of the weapons, and basically
    tells you what I have already said in the controls section of my FAQ. Just
    listen to the narrator, and you won't have any problems.
    This training will teach you the more advanced weapons, as well as grenades.
    Press /\ to throw a grenade when you are prompted to do so. Look back at the
    grenade section of this FAQ to see the ratings and explanations of each
    grenade. Rocket launchers are explained here as well, and you are told that
    you must lock onto a target before firing at it. Mortars, possibly the best
    weapon in this game are introduced. Aim above your target, to the red dot and
    fire, and you should have no problem completing this training section.
                   | TRAINING 4 - ADVANCED EQUIP TRAINING |
    Here you are taught to ski, which is how you move faster down hills. Hold L1
    while you are traveling down a slope to bounce when you hit the ground. This
    technique will keep you from stopping, and let you go faster.
    Activating packs is also in this training, simply press () to turn on and off
    packs. Deployable packs will deploy when you press () on a suitable surface.
    The narrator again will tell you everything to do, and if you have trouble with
    it, return to my section of the FAQ that talks about packs and how to use them.
                       | TRAINING 5 - VEHICLE TRAINING |
    Vehicles are used in many of the maps in this game, and this training teaches
    you how to use them. Jump into a vehicle by jetting (R1) or jumping (L1) into
    the pilot's seat. In this training, you must be in light armor to pilot the
    vehicle. The green bar under your health bar is the health of the vehicle.
    To go faster in a vehicle, hold R1.
                                  | THE YARD |
    Now it is time to put your skills to the test. You will face bots in a
    Deathmatch game, and will need to get to 15 kills first. There are no inventory
    stations in this map, so get used to being in spawn armor. Use your newly
    acquired knowledge of weapons and movement to kill your opponents. If you die,
    you will respawn, and are able to keep your score. This should be no trouble.
                                  | CAP TIME |
    This mission teaches you the basics of the Capture The Flag game type. You must
    capture the enemy flag 6 times to win. The bots on your team will defend your
    flag, so do not worry about that. It is your job to get the enemy flag and
    return it to your stand for a score.
    The enemy bots are difficult, because their aim is perfect. However, if they
    don't see you until you have the flag, your chances of getting away are
    increased. Fly to the top of your flag stand, and you will find an energy pack,
    this will help you greatly. If you die, simply find this energy pack again.
    Now, fly up to the mountain to the right of you, and get to the top. You should
    now be in sight of the enemy flag. Ski or fly down to the enemy flag and grab
    it in one quick motion, then fly back to your base. You should have enough
    health left to make it back. If not, simply repeat the process. You have enough
    time to attempt capping many times, so keep at it until you get to 6 caps.
                              | SHADES OF DEATH |
    This mission is a game of hunters. Hunters requires you to have more than 1
    flag in your possession to score. You get flags by killing enemies, and taking
    this flags. The more flags you have when you return them to the Nexus, the more
    points you will receive.
    You must score 250 total points to win, which can be done many ways. First, you
    can kill a few enemies and pick up their flags for a score. Or you can try to
    kill many enemies and hold your flags until you have a great amount. This will
    give you much more points, but is harder to do since you can die and lose all
    of your flags. I suggest killing a few opponents than scoring rapidly, because
    the bots won't usually outscore you, and you have a lot of time to complete
    this mission.
                            | TO HAVE AND TO HOLD |
    This mission simulates a Capture And Hold game, and teaches you how to capture
    and hold different points on the map. Touch a point that is neutral (gray) or
    that is in the opposing team's possession (red) to gain points. You may only
    gain points by controlling a point for over 10 seconds, and the more points you
    control the faster your score goes up. This holds true for the opposing team,
    so take control of their points fast! You will receive 1 point for each second
    after 10 that you control a point.
    Touch any point that is not in your team's possession, and stay there until it
    starts gaining points. Then do the same thing to other points. Your teammates
    will help you greatly, so don't worry much about holding the points. You should
    be at 1000 points and the next level before you know it.
                                | FULL-FLEDGED |
    This mission will teach you about Capture The Flag with inventory stations as
    well as vehicles. Only Mongooses and Dingos are ready for use. Become familiar
    with piloting a vehicle on your way to 6 caps to pass this mission.
    Get in light armor with an energy pack and flares, and spawn a Dingo fighter
    from the vehicle station. Fly over to the enemy base and grab that flag any
    way possible. Next, run or fly as fast as you can back to your base. The
    perfect aim of the bots will cause you to be frustrated, but eventually you
    will find a good technique to use. If you're good in a vehicle, I suggest
    flying towards the flag, the jumping out before you get there to get a good
    sized speed boost on your way to grabbing the flag. You will get the flag
    with good speed, and will have a much easier trip back to your base.
                                  | ONSLAUGHT |
    For this mission, you will need to repair generators, and turrets, then set up
    defenses and hold off waves of BioDerms.
    First, grab a vehicle, I suggest Dingo, and head for the location that has been
    way-pointed. Head inside the base and repair the generators until they are
    operational. They do not need to be 100% repaired, just repaired enough to
    work. This will save you some time. Next, head outside and repair the turrets.
    My suggestion here is to suit up in medium and take a remote inventory station.
    This will allow you to repair and change the turrets to mortar. After repairing
    and changing both turrets to mortar (optional), place a few sensors nearby to
    help with the range of the turrets. 
    Now, you have a choice, you have to hold off BioDerms and you have a couple
    ways to do it. You can suit up in heavy armor, and set up turrets in your base.
    This will require you to be good in close combat with lots of enemies. You can
    stay by your inventory stations in case you get hurt.
    Your other option, which should be done if you are confident in your skills as
    a pilot, is to take out a Dingo and kill the BioDerms. If you choose this, suit
    up in medium armor with a repair pack and flares. Get to the vehicle station
    and spawn a Dingo. Now, wait for the BioDerms. When they arrive, let the mortar
    turrets do most of the work. Wait until the start getting to the base, and then
    mow them down with your Dingo. If your Dingo becomes damaged, park it on top of
    the base and repair it, then jump back into it and kill some more BioDerms.
    After the waves of BioDerms stop coming, you have passed the mission.
                                   | DYSTOPIA |
    For this mission, you will need to head to the enemy base, destroy the
    generators, destroy the turrets, then protect your heavy armored teammates.
    Start by getting into medium with a remote inventory station at the inventory
    station directly in front of you. Ignore the turrets for now, and make your way
    into the enemy base. When you are in the base, set up your remote inventory
    station, and get a shield pack and basic grenades. Kill the BioDerm guard that
    is around the corner, then head back and get more health and ammo. Proceed to
    the generators and blow them up to disable to turrets. Go back to your remote
    inventory station which should have it's beacon up to help you find it. Get
    a repair pack and concussions and head outside. The turrets are down, so they
    will only require a few hits to destroy. Next, find your heavy armored
    teammates, and protect them any way possible. I suggest repairing them while
    they are heading for the final fight. You can also go in front of them and
    destroy the final BioDerms. If you lose 3 heavy armors you fail, so protect
    them at all costs. Once all BioDerms are dead, you pass the mission.
                                | SCORCHED EARTH |
    This missions requires you to stay with your assault team, travel to the
    way-point, help take out turrets, and kill all BioDerms inside of a base.
    This mission shouldn't give you too much trouble. You should be in heavy
    armor with an ammo pack, so you will have many missiles to take down the
    turrets. With the help of your teammates, you will be able to take out the
    turrets fairly easily, then head to the enemy base. Get inside and it's
    a fight to the death with the BioDerms. When you kill them all, and hit the
    control switch, you pass this mission and move on.
                               | DEATH FROM ABOVE |
    In this mission, you travel on a Mongoose to a small base, destroy turrets for
    a bomber, head inside a base and kill all BioDerms.
    Travel to the way-pointed location on your Mongoose, and get to the inventory
    station in the top of the tower. Set up a few turrets to warn you of BioDerms.
    When the BioDerms arrive, kill them all any way possible. Next, take an ammo
    pack and shoot all the turrets to let the bomber come and bomb the BioDerms.
    When the bomber passes, you travel into the base and kill all remaining
    Because this level gives many people so much trouble, this is another option.
    Get into light armor with an energy pack and go to the location of the base.
    Get into heavy with an ammo pack and take out all the turrets. When your leader
    tells you to get a move on, get back into light armor and head back to the
    vehicle station. Spawn a Mongoose, and head back to the way-pointed location.
    Now all you need to do is wait for the bomber, and kill a few BioDerms. This
    saves you time and unneeded risk from BioDerms while killing the turrets.
                                 | GEN DEFENDER |
    This level requires you to hold of enemy BioDerms and protect a generator.
    Start by setting up turrets and sensors in the different levels. Put mines all
    over to kill any BioDerms, and finally get into heavy armor with a remote
    inventory station. Stand by the generator and kill any BioDerm that survives
    enough to get to you. Repair and put more mines and turrets out when you have
    a break in the action.
                                    | BASTION |
    For this mission, go to the enemy base with your assault team, take down the
    generator which disables the force field, get into the base and hit the control
    switch, and finally kill all BioDerms.
    Again, follow your assault team, and get to the generator. Destroy it any way
    possible, which disables the force field. Get into the base and kill the
    BioDerms who are still alive. Touch the switch and defend your position from
    the remaining BioDerms.
    Congratulations, you have completed the campaign mode for Tribes: Aerial 
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