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"One of the worst games I've ever played"

''Shazbot!'', said the game.
Shazbot indeed.

Tribes: Aerial Assault was one of the most anticipated titles for me this year. Just the thought of zooming around midair, shooting at up to 15 other people, while using a jetpack or in a vehicle. Talking with my friends, while enjoying fast-paced gameplay. Man, did I have a rude awakening.

Graphics- 3/10

Wow. The graphics sure did suck. At first, they are appealing, but as you play the game, you notice how bad they really are. The environments are large, but they are simplistic. The graphics effects (jetpack, gunshots) look like they were out of a 1st gen PSX game. Overall, they were very disappointing.

Sound- 2/10

Jeez, the music is repetitive. It seems like the same song is playing wherever you go, whether it be in the lobby or in the actual game. Not to mention the voice clips are horrible, and you begin to hear the same ones over and over again. Think hearing ''Shazbot'' or ''Stupid as stupid dies'' 25 times in a game is hilarious? Oh believe me, it sure is. It was also hilarious when chunked my PS2 out the window. Next.

Controls- 5/10

They are fair, but what's up with no customization or fire button on the L1 button? Anyway, they aren't horrible, but they ain't great either.

Gameplay- 1/10

This is what angered me the most. The whole thing just feels like a recycled version of the PC hit Tribes 2, minus communication and fun. Picture this: A team-based first-person shooter with no communication. What a cowinky-dink! That's what Tribes is! During online play, the weapons have about a one second lag that can make it really annoying when trying to hit someone going 80 miles an hour past you in midair, with 10 people firing at you. And offline? Forget it. It's basically just practice for online, which is useless when you have bad lag. The vehicles make things worse, especially when they move slow and two out of the four don't even have a way of defending themselves. The most crucial part of the game sorely fails.

Replay/ Value- 2/10

There is no real reason to replay the game. It is simply too frustrating. And please, nobody should waste 50 bucks on the piece of trash. Even if it does come with free strategy guide.

Overall- 1/10

This is one of the worst and most disappointing games I have played in a while. If you are sorely in need of an online title, wait for your copy of Twisted Metal: Black Online. Go check out my review of it to see why it is so much better.

Reviewer's Rating:   0.5 - Unplayable

Originally Posted: 10/09/02, Updated 10/09/02

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