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"A great and unique experience for all online gamers"

Tribes: Aerial Assault is a first-person shooting game for the PlayStation 2. First released on September 25th, 2002 Tribes had already gained an audience with its fans from the PC game Tribes, and Tribes 2. Both Inevitable and Sierra helped design and publish this great game. Tribes: Aerial Assault (T:AA) has online capabilities as long as you have a network adapter. Connecting to the internet with Tribes is simple, and can get you playing with up to 16 people in no time.

Tribes: Aerial Assault has some of the most addicting gameplay of any game I've ever played. There are so many things to do in each one of the maps, and each one of the game types available, you can go a long time without being bored. There are 5 different game types, Capture the Flag, Team Death Match, Deathmatch, Capture and Hold, and Hunters. Each one offers it's own unique goals, and makes players come up with their own strategy to succeed at a specific game type.

The abundance of maps (32 total), and weapons (12 total) make Tribes such a unique experience, players will come back again and again. The online experience creates a good atmosphere for small communities, which lead to teams and tournaments. Just the amount of positions, and tasks in one single map can take weeks to master, and that's what makes Tribes special.

The graphics in Tribes can be seen as bland by some, because of the large levels and the lack of detail in the landscape. However, when you look at the places and objects that are often used you can see the detail put into them. The explosions from the different weapons are all unique, and true to the weapon. The graphics in the different bases and vehicles are all original and of good quality.

SOUND 6/10
Unfortunately Tribes doesn't have a way to communicate with other players while online. This may seem like a huge downfall for the game, but there still are ways to talk with other members of your team. If you add the username “CHAT-TEST” to your online buddy list, you'll be able to use many different (basic) sayings while in designated servers. Saying “Incoming bomber” can save your teammates a lot of damage to your base. Saying “I'll go for the enemy flag” lets your teammates know that they should cover you from the enemy on your trip back to your flag stand. As much as people will complain about not being able to speak with teammates, memorizing a few simple commands will help you out in the long run, and make communication between teammates much easier.

Different types of warriors have different types of voices, and in Tribes, you pick from one of several voices. From the taunting voice of a hero, to the screaming voice of a psycho. The voices also go well with the other sounds in Tribes. The background music goes nicely with the pace of the game, and the map that is currently being played. Some people may want a better, louder, and more in depth music selection, which Tribes simply does not offer.

The battle sounds are up to par with other first person shooter games. When a jet fighter explodes, you're going to hear an explosion that sounds as it should. When you blow up an enemy generator, the explosion sound will carry up to a hundred meters, so everyone knows that something huge just blew up.

The controls in Tribes are simple, and easy to use. Most first person shooters use the same button for shoot, but not Tribes. Some people may have a problem with this, but after a while of playing you'll get used to it. The two analog control sticks are used well, controlling movement and aiming. The movement is responsive, and hardly ever lags, except for when paying online. Each button is used in Tribes, and is never doubled up, so as to avoid confusion.

Tribes: Aerial Assault is available online for both 56k and broadband users, making the replay value unlimited. Unlike most games, the amount of maps, players online, and weapons another other things will hook players into playing for a long time.

Gameplay 8/10
Graphics 7/10
Sound 6/10
Control 8/10
Replay Value 10/10

+ Abundance of maps
+ Lots of unique weapons
+ Addicting online experience
+ Lots of game modes
+ Endless replay value

- Simple communication with others
- Some maps are hit or miss


Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/29/04

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