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    Augmentations Guide by El Pinguino

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    Deus Ex Augmentations Guide
    Version: Final
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    0. Legal Stuff
    1. A quick note about the FAQ
    2. What are Augmentations?
    3. Default Augmentations
     - 3.1 Infolink
     - 3.2 IFF
     - 3.3 Light
    4. Leg Augmentations
     - 4.1 Speed
     - 4.2 Run Silent
    5. Arm Augmentations
     - 4.3 Microfibral Muscle
     - 4.4 Combat Strength
    6. Torso Augmentations
     - 6.1 Environmental Resistance
     - 6.2 Energy Shield
     - 6.3 Aqualung
     - 6.4 Regeneration
     - 6.5 Synthetic Heart
     - 6.6 Power Recirculator
    7. Subdermal Augmentations
     - 7.1 Cloak
     - 7.2 Radar Transparency
     - 7.3 Ballistic Protection
     - 7.4 EMP Shield
    8. Eye Augmentations
     - 8.1 Vision Enhancment
     - 8.2 Targeting
    9. Cranial Augmentations
     - 9.1 Aggressive Defence System
     - 9.2 Spy Drone
    10.Suggested Augmentation Combinations
     - 10.1 Stealth
     - 10.2 Brute Force
    11.Augmentation Locations
     - 11.1 Microfibral Muscle/Combat Strength
     - 11.2 Environmental Resistance/Aqualung 
     - 11.3 Speed Enhancement/Run Silent
     - 11.4 Ballistic Protection/EMP Shield
     - 11.5 Aggressive Defence System/Spy Drone
     - 11.6 Regeneration/Energy Shield
     - 11.7 Cloak/Radar Transparency
     - 11.8 Vision Enhancement/Targeting
     - 11.9 Synthetic Heart/Power Recirculator
    12.Augmentation Upgrade Canister Locations
    0. Legal stuff
    *This FAQ was written by El Pinguino. You may not make any money from it nor
    may you alter any part or all of it in any way. You may not distribute it 
    for access in a public place (such as a website) or place it in any document
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    *Send your (sensible) questions and comments to ElPinguinoNSA@hotmail.com
    1. A quick note about this FAQ
    *This is a no-bull FAQ. That means there's little in here that you can find in
    the manual. It's a waste of my time, and I'm not in the habit of including 
    huge amounts of text from the manual just to bump up the size of my FAQs. 
    *This FAQ is entirely the product of my own play of Deus Ex on the PC. None of
    the content is from game guides. The FAQ is now in its Final version, so no 
    new contributions will be used. 
    *I wrote this FAQ because augmentations are, in my opinion, one of the most
    interesting features of the masterpiece that is Deus Ex. They contribute to 
    the fantastic level of player freedom that the game offers, letting you play 
    how you want to.
    *I've tried to avoid spoilers as far as possible, because Deus Ex is one of
    those very few games with a decent story.
    2. What are Augmentations?
    *In Deus Ex, you play JC Denton, a government agent who's been enhanced way
    beyond your average foot soldier. One of his enhancements is nanotechnology:
    little machines in his body that aid the body's own natural systems.
    *The upshot of all that is that in Deus Ex, you can buy or find "plug-ins", 
    that give JC new abilities, or improve his existing ones. These plug-ins are
    augmentations, or augs for short. 
    *Augs occupy slots in JC's body. There's one slot each in his head, eyes, arms
    and legs, two underneath his skin and three in his torso. In addition, there 
    are three "default" augs that are already fitted when you start the game (see
    section 3 for details. Each aug has is specific to a slot, so you can't put a
    head aug in your legs, for example. Makes sense. 
    *Augs are found in the form of canisters, which take up one space each in your
    inventory. Each canister contains the information for two augs, but you can 
    only fit one of them, after which the canister disappears from your inventory.
    They can only be fitted with a MediBot (right-click the bot and then click the
    Augs tab). Once you fit an aug, IT CANNOT BE REMOVED. Since there are more 
    augs in the game than empty slots in JC's body, you have to make choices about
    which abilities you want him to have. 
    *Once installed, augs are assigned to one of the function keys, F3 to F11 (F12
    is taken up by a Default aug). You activate and deactivate the augs by 
    pressing the relevant key (surprise, surprise). While the aug is on, it drains
    your bioelectric energy, shown in the top-left corner of the screen as a green
    bar, and on the Augs screen of your F1 menu. Each aug has a different rate of 
    energy drain, and the more augs you have on, the more energy you'll lose. 
    Bioelectric energy can be replenished by using Biocells that you find or buy, 
    which restore 25% each. You could also use a Repair Bot, which can restore 75%
    every three minutes or so.
    *Augs can be upgraded from their default level (1) to a maximum level of 4. If
    you find or buy an Augmentation Upgrade Canister, you can upgrade the aug of
    your choice on the Augs F1 screen. You don't need a Medibot to upgrade an aug.
    The type of upgrade you'll receive depends on the aug you upgrade. 
    *The next few sections focus on the augs slot-by-slot. For each, I've given 
    the in-game blerb for the aug, the energy drain rate of the aug and any 
    upgrades it can undergo. I've also given my opinion on how useful the aug is 
    for both stealthy and brute force tactics, and suggested the minimum level to 
    which you should upgrade it. Of course, it depends how many Aug Upgrade 
    canisters you can get your hands on. 
    3. Default Augmentations
    *JC is hardwired with these augs, so they're present at the start of the game.
    Since you can't upgrade them or anything, it's not worth giving each one its
    own section. Essentially, this part of the FAQ is just information for 
    interest's sake.
    3.1 Infolink
    "One-way micro-transceiver array allows agents in the field to receive 
    messages from Control, and to store and later retrieve relevant maps, 
    conversations and notes"
    This little gizmo's used by your UNATCO colleagues to give you information and
    update your mission objectives on the fly. They'll also use it to comment on 
    your progress, and tell you if you're doing something they don't like. Your
    Infolink is always on, so there's no way to block out the voices in your head.
    Energy Drain: n/a
    Location: n/a
    Upgrades: n/a
    3.2 IFF
    "Automatic friend or foe identification uses advanced heuristic algorithms to
    associate visible objects with known threat categories."
    Basically, when you point your cursor at something, the IFF decides whether 
    it's a friend, foe or neutral. Friends turn the cursor green, enemies turn it 
    red and it stays white for neutral objects. Again, there's no turning it off.
    Energy Drain: n/a
    Upgrades: n/a
    3.3 Light
    "Bioluminescent cells within the agent's retina provide coherent illumination
    of the agent's field of view."
    So that's a torch then. F12 turns it on and off. Be careful where you use it,
    because turning on a bright light in a dark tunnel might just let enemies know
    there's someone nearby.
    Energy Drain: 10 units/min 
    Upgrades: n/a
    4. Leg Augmentations
    4.1 Speed Enhancement
    "Ionic polymeric gel myofibrils are woven into the leg muscles, increasing the
    speed at which an agent can run and climb, the height they can jump, and 
    reducing the damage they receive from falls."
    Energy Drain: 40 units/min at all levels 
    Upgrades: Level 2 - Better running speed, jump height and resistance to falls.
              Level 3 - Excellent running speed, jump height and fall resistance.
              Level 4 - Max running speed, jump height and fall resistance.
    Stealth: The speed enhancement comes in handy when you're trying to find secret
             entrances or avoid cameras and gun turrets. It also helps when trying 
             to get past enemies without getting forced into a firefight, or when
             finding vantage points to pick them off from a distance. There are
             several jumping sections in the game, and this aug makes them a lot
             easier. Remember though that using the speed aug makes your running
             noise a lot louder, moreso as you upgrade it, so enemies will hear 
             you coming a mile off if you have it on. Nevertheless, it's a useful 
             aug, and cuts down on the long walks at the ends of missions, which I
             find tedious. Unless you're really into the silent, close-up kill, 
             I'd suggest installing this aug, and upgrading it all the way to 
             Level 4 if possible.
    Force:   Again, the ability to find vantage points is useful, but you'll
             probably be using the speed enhancement to dodge attacks and to run
             rings around enemies before you decimate them. At level 4, a skilled
             player can circle strafe and destroy a big security bot with minimal
             fuss. Definitely install this aug, but watch out: its benefits are
             heavily reduced when you're wielding a big weapon. For a brute force
             approach, the speed aug is best used in conjunction with the Heavy
             Weapons skill. Upgrade to Level 3 if you can.
    4.2 Run Silent
    "The necessary muscle movements for complete silence when walking or running 
    are determined continuously with reactive kinematics equations produced by 
    embedded nanocomputers."
    Energy Drain: 40 units/min
    Upgrades: (Slightly quieter walking and running at Level 1)
              Level 2 - Quieter walking and running.
              Level 3 - Much quieter walking and running.
              Level 4 - Quietest walking and running.
    Stealth: Running silent is great for stealthy kills. Approach an enemy from
             behind without making a sound and knock him out, then silently drag 
             the body into the shadows. However, the benefit isn't really that 
             great until Level 2, because enemies will still hear you coming while
             you're too far to take them out with a melee weapon. Until then, 
             you'll probably wind up using the crossbow or a silenced rifle, if 
             you have one. 
    Force:   Utterly useless. People tend not to hear your footsteps when you're
             shooting them in the face.
    5. Arm Augmentations 
    5.1 Microfibral Muscle
    "Muscle strength is amplified with ionic polymeric gel myofibrils that allow 
    the agent to push and lift extraordinarily heavy objects."
    Energy Drain: 20 units/min at all levels
    Upgrades: (Can pick up medium sized metal crates at Level 1)
              Level 2 - Increased strength.
              Level 3 - Greatly increased strength, can now pick up huge crates.
              Level 4 - Max strength.
    Stealth: Like the speed enhancement, this aug is more for those who want to
             avoid a fight altogether. Shifting huge crates and barrels lets you
             uncover secret and unguarded routes, and lets you effectively build
             platforms to jump over big gaps. There aren't really many 
             opportunities to do that, though. It's real use is that the greater 
             your strength, the quicker you are at dragging bodies out of view, 
             which'll suit the silent killer. Microfibral muscle doesn't make you
             hit harder with melee weapons, so it won't make it easier to take 
             people out from close up. Still, I guess you could use it to move 
             gas barrels and lure enemies into traps. It's really down to personal
             preference on this one. Consider the alternative in section 5.2.
    Force:   Setting up crates to jump gaps is the only real advantage of this aug,
             and since you'll probably have the speed enhancement (4.1) anyway, 
             this one's pretty much redundant. 
    5.2 Combat Strength
    "Sorting rotors accelerate calcium ion concentration in the sarcoplasmic
    reticulum, increasing an agent's muscle speed several-fold and multiplying the
    damage they inflict in melee combat."
    Energy Drain: 20 units/min at all levels.
    Upgrades: (Using a baton, it takes four hits to the head from the front to 
               knock out an NSF foot soldier without the aug)
              Level 1 - Three hits from the front
              Level 2 - Three hits from the front
              Level 3 - Two hits from the front
              Level 4 - One hit from the front
    Stealth: In theory, you'll always be approaching enemies from the back, and it
             only takes a single hit to the back of the head to knock out most
             troopers. However, the commandos are tougher, not to mention that
             things don't always go according to plan, and you might have to take
             out enemies from the front. It's useful to conserve ammo until the 
             end of the game, so I recommend installing Combat Strength, but not
             upgrading it. The Low-Tech Weapons skill increases your rate of 
             attack, and is a good partner for this aug. Still, avoiding conflict
             altogether is safer.
    Force:   Take it or leave it. Not much else to say, since brute force generally
             relies on bullets and explosives.
    6. Torso Augmentations
    6.1 Environmental Resistance
    "Induced keratin production strengthens all epithelial tissues and reduces the
    agent's vulnerability to radiation and other toxins."
    Energy Drain: 20 units/min at all levels
    Upgrades: (25% absorption of toxins at Level 1)
              Level 2 - 50% absorption
              Level 3 - 75% absorption
              Level 4 - 90% absorption
    Stealth: A truly stealthy player avoids all conflict and concentrates on 
             staying undetected. As a result, the stealthy route is the least 
             obvious, and sometimes involves environmental hazards. Even if you're
             the silent ninja type of player, you'll want the element of surprise,
             and that'll mean coming from where the enemy least expects you. The 
             environmental resistance aug is worth having, but try and upgrade it 
             to at least Level 2 for a decent effect.
    Force:   The first third or so of Deus Ex is full of NSF guards and mercenaries,
             who use tranquiliser darts, which drain your health fast. Without
             giving too much away, the rest of the game features other toxic
             attacks, so the environmental resistance aug proves pretty useful,
             especially in the several compulsory environmental hazards that JC 
             has to pass in the game. Try and get this one up to Level 3.
    6.2 Energy Shield
    "Polyanilene conductors below the skin absorb heat and electricity, reducing 
    the damage received from flame, electrical and plasma attacks."
    Energy Drain: 40 units/min at all levels.
    Upgrades: (25% absorption at Level 1)
              Level 2: 50% absorption
              Level 3: 75% absorption
              Level 4: 90% absorption
    Stealth: You won't use this aug much, although towards the end of the game
             you're more likely to be subjected to electrical and flame attacks. 
             Nevertheless, it's worth remembering that there are only three torso
             aug slots. I wouldn't bother with this one.
    Force:   Enemies in Deus Ex have varying attacks, and there's an aug to protect
             you against each of them, but flame and plasma attacks are by far the
             most damaging and annoying. There are three big fights in the game; 
             one of them is against someone with a flamethrower, another pits JC 
             against a psycho with a plasma gun. It is definitely worth having this
             aug, and upgrading it to Level 2 or 3.   
    2nd Opinion: [I've removed spoilers and tidied it up a bit] "Aggressive defence 
                 system also works vs plasma (PS20s and plasma guns), therefore 
                 energy shield is rather redundant in reducing damage from plasma.
                 The plasma bolts burst way before they hit you so you get 0 
                 damage from plasma [using Aggressive Defence] as opposed to less
                 damage [from Energy Shield]  (note I have only tried this at lv4
                 so you milage may vary).
                        Even more defunct for energy shield is that there are only
                 4 people in the entire game who use plasma and [a few] people who 
                 use flame throwers, and these charactors are easily defeated heck
                 you don't even have to kill any of them." Thanks to KF. 
    6.3 Aqualung
    "Soda lime exostructures embedded in the alveoli of the lungs convert CO2 to 
    O2, extending the time an agent can stay underwater."
    Energy Drain: 10 units/min at all levels
    Upgrades: (JC can stay underwater for 17 seconds without the aug)
              Level 1 - Can stay underwater for 30 seconds
              Level 2 - Can stay underwater for 45 seconds
              Level 3 - Can stay underwater for 90 seconds
              Level 4 - Can stay underwater indefinitely
    Stealth: There are multiple occasions in Deus Ex when you have to do some
             swimming, and many more where swimming is the easier route for a 
             stealthy player. The real advantage of the aqualung, though, is the
             potential for exploration. There are plenty of goodies that can only 
             be reached by swimming, and most of these need JC to have a lung 
             capacity that's above the entry-level 17 seconds. The energy drain 
             of this aug is puny, and it's worth having, but don't bother 
             upgrading it. Keep it at Level 1, and use it in conjunction with the 
             Regeneration aug when you need a bit more time underwater.
    Force:   Again, the main attraction of an aqualung is the exploration 
             potential. If you're using brute force tactics, ammo becomes a 
             premium, and there's a fair bit of it hidden underwater. If you go 
             for the aqualung, don't bother to upgrade it. Of course, you might 
             want to save the slot for more defensive augs.
    2nd Opinion: "I think it is a waste. Improve your swimming skill by one level
                 and your environmental skill by two or more instead, they are 
                 cheap. The swim skill is enough to go through all underwater 
                 passages at the beginning of the game and later on you have 
                 enough rebreathers to explore the underwater areas, your 
                 environmental skill making them last longer (it also improves the
                 duration and efficiency of thermoptic camo and other protection 
                 Thanks to CLAUDE.
    6.4 Regeneration
    "Programmable polymerase automatically directs construction of proteins in 
    injured cells, restoring an agent to full health over time."
    Energy Drain: 120 units/min at all levels.
    Upgrades: (Heals 5 points/second at Level 1)
              Level 2 - Heals 10pts/s
              Level 3 - Heals 25pts/s
              Level 4 - Heals 40pts/s
    Stealth: However good you are at sneaking and silent takedowns, you ARE going 
             to get hurt, especially towards the end of the game. Medibots get
             progressively rarer and harder to reach, and relying on Medkits may 
             be insufficient. Basically, get this aug and upgrade it as far as you
    Force:   See above, only replace "sneaking and silent takedowns" with 
             "shooting everything in sight". Seriously, you want this aug. At 
             Level 4.
    6.5 Synthetic Heart
    "The synthetic heart circulates not only bloody but a steady concentration of
    mechanochemical power cells, smart phagocytes and liposomes containing prefab
    diamondoid machine parts, resulting in upgrades performance for all installed
    Energy Drain: 100 units/min
    Upgrades: None
    Stealth: This is an interesting aug, and one which helps you deal with the
             dilemma of choosing which aug to upgrade when you find a canister.
             Basically, when you activate an aug, activate this one as well, and
             the level of the initial aug will be raised by one. So, if you have
             Run Silent at Level 1, and you activate the Synthetic Heart alongside
             it, it'll be as if you had Run Silent at Level 2. Take note that 
             there is no effect when you use Synthetic Heart with an aug at Level
             4, so it's just a waste of bioenergy. I like this aug, and used it a
             fair bit, especially before I managed to get the Regeneration aug to 
             Level 4. After that, I used it to upgrade Vision Enhancement. A solid
             addition to your aug lineup.
    Force:   I can't emphasise how useful this aug is for upgrading your defences. 
             Instead of using loads of Aug Upgrade Canisters on each defensive aug,
             you can just temporarily upgrade the one you want according to the
             enemy you're fighting. Definitely install this if you've got the
             Environmental Resistance, EMP Shield, Energy Shield, Ballistic
             Protection or Aggressive Defence System augs.
    6.6 Power Recirculator
    "Power consumption for all augmentations is reduced by polyanilene circuits, 
    plugged directly into cell membranes, that allow nanite particles to 
    interconnect electronically without leaving their host cells."
    Energy Drain: 5 units/min at all levels.
    Upgrades: (Energy drain of augs reduced by 10% at Level 1)
              Level 2 - Energy drain reduced by 20%
              Level 3 - Energy drain reduced by 33%
              Level 4 - Energy drain reduced by 50%
    Stealth: Take it or leave it. To be honest, there's not really enough of a 
             benefit to make it worth it, especially considering that it's only at
             Level 4 that there's a noticeable reduction in power drain. Save your
             slot and your aug upgrade canisters for something better.
    Force:   Unless you use loads of augs at the same time, I wouldn't recommend
             installing this one. Save the torso slots for more defensive augs. 
    7. Subdermal Augmentations
    7.1 Cloak
    "Subdermal pigmentation cells allow the agent to blend with their surrounding
    environment, rendering them effectively invisible to observation by organic
    Energy Drain: 300 units/min at Level 1.
    Upgrades: Level 2 - Energy drain reduced by 25%
              Level 3 - Energy drain reduced by 45%
              Level 4 - Energy drain reduced by 60%
    Stealth: A valuable augmentation at the beginning of the game, but less so as
             you progress, and since it takes a while to find it, that makes it
             largely useless. Supposedly, when turned on, organic beings - that's
             unaugmented soldiers and animals - can't see you, but I've found that
             once your bioenergy drops below 33% or so, they can see you well 
             enough to shoot you. For an aug with such potential, it's pretty
    Force:   With the range of weapons that you should be building up, this aug 
             will prove useless. Almost all enemies can be taken out with a single
             shot to the head, and while being cloaked might make that easier, the
             Radar Transparency aug is far more effective for the tougher bad guys.
             Frankly, if you can't take out foot soldiers without this aug, you
             shouldn't be trying brute force tactics. There is one sort of enemy 
             in Deus Ex that would make the Cloak worthwhile - when it can see you,
             it can take out an arm or a leg in a single hit - except that you 
             only meet them three or four times. It's not really worth it.
    2nd Opinion: [spoilers removed] "Technically, commandos cannot 'see' through 
                  cloak. The problem is that if any enemy can hear you and is 
                  ready to fire, they will probably hit you whether or not they 
                  can 'see' you. (Try cloaking your way past the [enemies] in the
                  last visit to Hell's Kitchen. They know where you are -- it's 
                  useless.) Also, available bioenergy does not affect your 
                  visibility per se, but the longer you stay in range (draining
                  bioenergy), the more likely the enemy is to locate you by sound.
                  Still, I like it better than Radar Transparency for those quick 
                  dashes past overwhelming numbers of foes. Bots and turrets are 
                  easier to evade by conventional means, as they don't travel very 
                  far if at all." Thanks to SAMSON.
    7.2 Radar Transparency
    "Radar-absorbant resin augments epithelial; microprojection units distort 
    agent's visual signature. Provides highly effective concealment from automated
    detection systems -- bots, cameras, turrets."
    Energy Drain: 300 units/min at Level 1.
    Upgrades: Level 2 - Energy drain reduced by 25%
              Level 3 - Energy drain reduced by 45%
              Level 4 - Energy drain reduced by 60%
    Stealth: While it won't be particularly useful early on - just for the odd 
             camera and security bot - the game relies much more heavily on
             radar-based  systems as you progress: more robots, more cameras, more
             gun turrets and a hell of a lot of cybernetic commandos. Although the
             energy drain is hefty, this aug is invaluable, especially when making a
             last-gasp escape effort. Upgrade as far as possible. By the end of 
             the game, you should have the Regeneration and Radar Transparency 
             augs at Level 4.
    Force:   Although it may be tempting to go for the Cloak, remember that bots 
             and commandos are tougher than ordinary soldiers, so it's better if
             they can't see you. Also, when you're annihilating everything in a
             room, it's safer to avoid being seen by any cameras. Depending on how
             you like to fight, you might end up using this aug a lot. Level 2 or 
             3, I think.        
    7.3 Ballistic Protection
    "Monomolecular plates reinforce the skin's epithelial membrane, reducing the 
    damage an agent receives from projectiles and bladed weapons."
    Energy Drain: 60 units/min at all levels.
    Upgrades: (19% absorption of damage from bullets and knives)
              Level 2 - 35% absorption
              Level 3 - 50% absorption
              Level 4 - 65% absorption
    Stealth: If you're in the habit of getting shot at by automated gun turrets, 
             it might be worth installing this aug. Actually, there is a lot of 
             gunfire in the game, much of it from assault rifles, so in some cases
             it's hard not to get shot. Depending on whether you're the 
             confrontational type or not, it's a toss-up between this aug and the 
             Cloak. I'd go for this one, but don't upgrade.  
    Force:   If you've been following the absorption percentages for the defensive
             augs, you'll notice that most of them offer 90% absorption at Level 4.
             The ballistic protection is a bit of a gyp, maxing out at 65%, but
             since bullets are by far the most common weapon used by enemies, it's
             definitely worth installing this aug. Level 2 or 3.
    7.4 EMP Shield
    "Nanoscale EMP generators partially protect individual nanites and reduce
    bioelectrical drain by cancelling incoming pulses."
    Energy Drain: 10 units/min at all levels.
    Upgrades: (25% absorption at Level 1)
              Level 2 - 50% absorption
              Level 3 - 75% absorption
              Level 4 - 90% absorption
    Stealth: This aug protects you from EMP grenades, which you should be quick
             enough to disarm, and EMP attacks, which are only used in the last
             third of the game. Both of these attacks cause JC damage, as well as
             sapping your bioelectric energy. It's not worth installing this aug
             unless you're really scared of EMP.
    Force:   Although I normally highly recommend this type of defensive aug, the
             combination of Radar Transparency and Ballistic Protection will serve
             you much better than the EMP shield. When you encounter the enemies
             that use EMP attacks, Sabot shotgun ammo is more than a match for them.
             If you're really desperate, you could use a GEP rocket, but you
             shouldn't need to.
    8. Eye Augmentations
    8.1 Vision Enhancement
    "By bleaching selected rod photoreceptors and saturating them with 
    metarhodopsin XII, the 'nightvision' present in most nocturnal animals can be
    duplicated. Subsequent upgrades and modifications add infravision and sonar 
    resonance imaging that effectively allows an agent to see through walls."
    Energy Drain: 40 units/min at all levels.
    Upgrades: (Nightvision at Level 1)
              Level 2 - Infravision (Warm objects appear brighter)
              Level 3 - Close-range sonar imaging (See through walls)
              Level 4 - Long-range sonar imaging (See further through walls)
    Stealth: Quite useful, and definitely the better of the two choices for the 
             Eyes slot. The nightvision means you don't have to use the torch, so
             you don't alert enemies to your presence. However, nightvision is all
             green, so you need the infravision to see enemies more clearly. The
             best bit, though, is seeing through walls, letting you assess any
             threats around you from a safe place. The nightvision window is only 
             a small one, but the infravision and sonar imaging fill the screen.
             Again, up to Level 4 if possible.
    Force:   Nightvision means that you don't have to rely on the light created by 
             gunfire in fights, and infravision improves the effect further. 
             There's not much use for the sonar imaging, though. In the end, it's 
             a coin toss between this aug and the Targeting one. If you do pick 
             Vision Enhancement, don't upgrade beyond Level 2.  
    8.2 Targeting
    "Image-scaling and recognition provided by mulitplexing the optic nerve with
    doped polyacetylene 'quantum wires' not only increasing accuracy, but also
    delivers limited situational info about a target."
    Energy Drain: 40 units/min at all levels.
    Upgrades: (Name, general health and distance is given at Level 1)
              Level 2 - Individual body part health percentages added.
              Level 3 - Cursor pinpoints quicker, enemy weapon info added.
              Level 4 - Telescopic vision added.
    Stealth: You probably won't need this aug much, since you'll be avoiding 
             enemies or taking them out with a single shot or hit to the head. 
             Still, if you're hiding in an air vent and can see some enemies, the 
             health information might help you decide whether it's worth risking a
             direct confrontation. I prefer the Vision Enhancement.
    Force:   Both of the eye augs are equally useful for brute force tactics. To 
             be honest though, the area-by-area health breakdown is pretty useless,
             since you should be aiming for the head whenever possible, and most 
             of the time fights happen too quickly for you to check the targeting
             window anyway. More useful is the quick targeting that becomes
             noticeable at Level 3, because it means that you don't have to wait 
             as long for the targeting reticule to close, so you're more accurate 
             more quickly. If you're confident of finding lots of augmentation 
             upgrades, got for this one and get it to Level 3. Otherwise, stick 
             with the vision enhancement. 
    2nd Opinion: "Targeting increases accuracy at all levels. +2.5% @ Level 1, 
                  +5.0% @ Level 2, +7.5% @ Level 3, and +10.0% @ Level 4."
                 - Thanks to SAMSON. 
    9. Cranial Augmentations
    9.1 Aggressive Defence System
    "Aerosol nanoparticles are released upon the detection of objects fitting the
    electromagnetic threat profile of missiles and grenades; these nanoparticles
    will prematurely detonate such objects prior to reaching the agent."
    Energy Drain: 10 units/minute at all levels.
    Upgrades: (Close-range detonation of incoming grenades and rockets at Level 1)
              Level 2 - medium-range detonation.
              Level 3 - long-range detonation.
              Level 4 - extremely long-range detonation.
    Stealth: Frankly, I'd recommend this even it was a Turd Detection aug, because
             the other option for the Head slot is so poor. You won't use this aug
             at all, but install it anyway, just to fill the slot. Don't upgrade.
    Force:   Even though this aug is the default choice because the Spy Drone is
             such a steaming pile of hippo crap, I recommend it on its own merits.
             The cybercommandos that fill most of the game fire rockets that can 
             be a pain in the arse, and considering the energy drain is so low, 
             it's worth installing this aug. Upgrade it depending on how difficult 
             you find it to take out the commandos.
    9.2 Spy Drone
    "Advanced nanofactories can assemble a spy drone on demand which can then be
    remotely controlled by the agent until released or destroyed, at which point a
    new drone will be assembled. Further upgrades equip the spy drone with better
    armour and a one-shot EMP attack."
    Energy Drain: 150 units/min at all levels.
    Upgrades: Level 2 - Improved armour, stronger EMP attack.
              Level 3 - Further improved armour and EMP attack.
              Level 4 - Max armour and EMP attack.
    Stealth: Useless. It sucks bioenergy like a prostitute mosquito, is completely
             ineffective against all but the weakest of enemies, and you have to
             stand still while you use it. The spying aspect is terrible too, 
             since it's so slow and unwieldy that it gets noticed very, very 
             quickly. The only possible use I can think of is surveying an area 
             from above, but by the time you've got to a decent height, you'll 
             probably be out of bioenergy. Don't go near it.
    Force:   As above. 
    2nd Opinion: "I used it quite a lot, when fully upgraded the EMP attack can
                 waste any bot, although you need to have the power recirculator 
                 (upgraded) to avoid spending too much bioenergy. It is great to 
                 dispatch bots later in the game without being fired on, 
                 especially if you do not have heavy weaponry. (The best way not 
                 to get killed is not to get shot in the first place, especially
                 in the higher difficulty mode).
                          Thus, although the Aggressive Defence System is easier 
                 to use and is very useful against the commandos, the Spy Drone is 
                 certainly not useless, it does disable the large bots.
                 For me, the choice is like this:
                 - if I develop the Heavy Weapon skill, I take the ADS aug. 
                 - if not, I take the Spy Drone to kill bots."
                 Thanks to CLAUDE.      
    10. Suggested Augmentation Combinations
    When reading these, bear in mind that when I play stealthily, I avoid all
    confrontation, and concentrate on remaining undetected. The other option, as
    I've mentioned earlier in the FAQ, is a sort of ninja-like semi-stealth, where
    you sneak up on enemies and take them out before they know what's hit them.
    For that sort of approach, the ideal aug setup will be different. For a start,
    you'll probably opt for Combat Strength over Microfibral Muscle.
    The numbers following some of the augs refer to their upgrade priority. 1 is  
    highest priority, so you should upgrade it to Level 4. 2 and 3 are a lower
    priority, but still important. After those three, upgrading is arbitrary.
    10.1 Stealth
    Cranial: Aggressive Defence System 
    Eyes: Vision Enhancement (3)
    Arms: Microfibral Muscle 
    Subdermal: Radar Transparency (2), Ballistic Protection  
    Torso: Regeneration (1), Environmental Resistance, Aqualung 
    Legs: Run Silent 
    10.2 Brute Force
    Cranial: Aggressive Defence System
    Eyes: Vision Enhancement 
    Arms: Combat Strength
    Subdermal: Radar Transparency (3), Ballistic Protection (2)
    Torso: Regeneration (1), Synthetic Heart, Energy Shield
    Legs: Speed Enhancement
    11. Augmentation Locations
    *Remember that augs come in canisters, with two augs to a canister, and since
    a canister can only be used once, you'll need to find two if you wanted, say,
    the Regeneration and Energy Shield augs. With that in mind, I've listed 
    multiple locations for some augs.
    *There might be some slight spoilers in this section. 
    11.1 Microfibral Muscle/Combat Strength
    (1)This will definitely be the first aug you get, and you can't miss it. When 
    you finish interrogating the NSF leader at the end of the first mission, the
    canister is sitting on the table next to him.
    11.2 Environmental Resistance/Aqualung
    (1) This is found on Mission 2, in the safe in the control room at Castle 
    Clinton. Standing in the room where you find the Ambrosia container, face the
    exit. Go out of the doorway, and up the stairs to your left. Look around to 
    the left up here, and you'll see a small stairwell going down to the locked 
    door of the control room. There are three ways to get the door open. Firstly,
    you could find the key, which I haven't been able to do. Secondly, you could 
    pick the lock on the door. If you do, you'll need the safe key, which is found
    on the body of the guard patrolling the area near the room where you find the
    Ambrosia. Thirdly, you could use a LAM, which blows open the door and the safe
    (2) This is found much later in the game. On your second venture into the 
    Versalife building, into the Level 2 labs, there are three aug canisters and
    an upgrade to be found. To complete your primary objective you have to pass
    through a big room, which is guarded by blue laser tripwires, an MJ12 commando
    and two big security bots which go nuts if the alarm goes off. Disable the
    tripwires by bypassing the security panel (100% strength - got Multitools?), 
    take out the commando and scientist quickly to avoid raising the alarm, and
    hack the computer at the end of the chamber. Activate whatever's available,
    then go into the small room on your right and hack the security panel to
    release the aug canisters from containment. Leave the little room, and go
    down the corridor that's on your right as you face the computer terminal. 
    Go down the ladder and along the gangway, and you'll see the augs. There's a
    medical bot down another ladder.
    11.3 Run Silent/Speed Enhancement
    (1)Another one found on Mission 2. After destroying the generator, go down into
    the basement of the warehouse. Down there you'll find plenty of turrets, 
    cameras and locked doors. One of the rooms is a control room, locked with a
    keypad. You could find the keycode (which is somewhere upstairs I've been 
    told), or you could Multitool your way in (20% bypass strength).
    (2) Versalife Level 2 labs. See Section 11.2, part (2).
    (3) "At the start of Mission 4, in UnatcoHq after returning from the airbase, 
    the cannister is in the medical supply closet." Thanks to SAMSON.
    11.4 Ballistic Protection/EMP Shield
    (1)This aug is found on Lebedev's jet. Look around on the jet and you'll see
    stairs going down. The aug canister is held in a locked container near the
    Ambrosia crate. The code for the keypad is found on a datacube under Lebedev's
    (2)Much later in the game, at Morgan Everett's place, this aug makes another
    appearance. Go and find Everett in his lab, and you'll see two aug canisters
    and an upgrade canister held in containment fields. The codes for the keypads
    are 2384 for the augs, and 6426 for the upgrade canister.
    11.5 Aggressive Defense System/Spy Drone
    (1) During your escape from the secret MJ12 facility, Daedalus gives you a
    floorplan of the area. Find the nanotech area (it's on the way to the medical 
    area, which you have to go to anyway). In the office at the back of the area,
    there's an aug canister in a containment field. Hack the computer to open the
    field and grab the aug. There's a medibot in the area, so you can install it
    straight away.
    (2) This canister is found a little later, but with another two augs, so you
    might just wait and get all three together. It's in the nanotech lab in the
    Versalife building. When you come into Versalife to get the Dragon's Tooth ROM
    walk down the big red chamber and head right. Go into the toilets. In the far
    cubicle there's an air vent. Go in, and follow the vent up two storeys. Keep
    following the vent along, until you reach a long straight part. Go all the way
    to the end (watch out for greasels) and turn right. Go forwards, ignoring the
    vent on your right that heads downwards, and you'll come to an area where JC
    can stand up. Climb down the ladder, then another one, then a third. You
    should see a vent going forwards and one heading left. Go into the one heading
    left, and you'll end up in the nanotech lab. You'll see the augs ahead of you.
    In an alcove on your right is a computer. Hack it to open the door to the augs
    and the containment fields in which they're held. Don't forget to drain the
    radiation too. There you go, three augs for your pleasure.
    (3) This is found in the DuClares' basement, the entrance to which is found in
    the kitchen of the mansion that you go to after meeting Nicolette. To enter the
    mansion, go round to the back and smash up the debris blocking the back door. 
    Once inside, find the kitchen, and get in the dumb waiter. Hit the switch to be
    taken upstairs to Beth's room. Look behind the painting on the wall opposite 
    you to find the key to the basement. If you can't be bothered with the dumb 
    waiter, just go upstairs and pick the lock on Beth's bedroom door. Anyway, once
    you have the key, go back down to the kitchen, and enter the basement through 
    the door that's down a few steps. Once in the basement, find the very 
    conspicuous candelabra on the wall and use it to reveal Beth's secret hideout.
    Inside, look around and you'll find Beth's computer terminal. Nearby is the aug
    canister, along with an upgrade canister, held in a containment field. I didn't
    know the code, so I used a multitool (60% strength). 
    11.6 Regeneration/Energy Shield
    (1)During your escape, you pass through the medical centre. Jaime Reyes will 
    be in there somewhere. Next to him is the aug. Again, there are medbots nearby,
    so install immediately. 
    11.7 Cloak/Radar Transparency
    (1)Versalife nanotech lab. See Section 11.5, part (2).
    (2)Vandenburg Hazard Lab. Head down to the bottom floor of the main building,
    which is called "Command Centre" on the image you're given. In the room in
    the north of the building, head into the most northwesterly door. Enter the
    grating to the left of the Override panel. In there you'll find the key to
    the Hazard Lab. Leave the room and head south, through the foyer with the
    computer terminal in it, to a corridor with red laser beams blocking it. 
    Bypass the security panel and keep going. You'll be in a room with two MJ12
    guards and a couple of scientists. Take out the guards and go to the door on
    your right, which you'll need the key to open. Inside, the lab is flooded,
    and the arcs of electricity coming from the security panel are electrifying
    the whole floor. You can either jump across the tables to the far corner of
    the room, or just bypass the panel to remove the electricity.
    (3)"On the PRCS Wall Cloud, below decks, there is a room overlooking the 
    helipad which you may enter through the door above the SE corner of the bilge
    pump room (Door is 20% or hacked open with the security terminal just before
    entering the bilge pump room from the W). Down the hall is a room with a 60%
    keypad-locked door to a closet containing a GEP gun, a scramble grenade, some
    crates and the cannister. (The door code is 9999, but you would need to cheat 
    to find it.)" - Thanks to SAMSON.
    11.8 Vision Enhancement/Targeting
    (1)Versalife nanotech lab. See Section 11.5, part (2).
    (2)Everett's lab. See Section 11.4, part (2).
    11.9 Synthetic Heart/Power Recirculator
    (1)Versalife Level 2 labs. See Section 11.2, part (2).
    12. Augmentation Upgrade Canister Locations
    *A huge amount of credit for this section goes to the mysterious Claude, who
    sent me a nice big email with a lot of useful stuff in it, including at least
    half of these aug upgrade locations. I've made the directions more detailed,
    since Claude sent me the general area in which they're found. Still, it saved
    me a lot of work.
    *19 aug upgrade canisters have been found so far. If anyone knows of any more,
    I'd be glad to hear of them. Otherwise, when choosing your augs, bear in mind
    that you can only use 19 upgrades at the absolute most, and that's if you take
    the time to find them all.
    *There are some spoilers in this section.
    Mission 2: Hell's Kitchen
    (1) Behind the locked door in Osgood and Sons. You get the key to Osgood's
    from one of the dead NSF guards outside.
    Mission 3: Helibase
    (1) The upgrade is in the locked security room in the helibase. On entering
    the base, head right (watch out for the camera above you - 20% bypass strength)
    and down the corridor past the stairs. The key to the security room is found
    on the guard in the first room on your right. Turn left out of the room and
    back across the foyer part to the steps on the other side. The security room
    is the furthest door from the stairs on this side. Look behind the plant pot
    in the corner on the left and push the switch you find. The empty bookcase
    will swing open and reveal a secret storeroom, including an upgrade canister.
    Mission 4: Hell's Kitchen
    (1) In Paul's secret cupboard. Head to the 'Ton Hotel, and go upstairs. Find
    the door on the north side. You'll be able to open it with your Nanokey, since
    he gave you the key in Mission 2. Once inside, look behind the small painting
    on the wall to reveal a keypad. The code is 4321. The wall to your left will
    open up, and the aug upgrade canister will be on one of the shelves. 
    Mission 5: UNATCO HQ
    (1) Sam Carter. As you make your escape through the UNATCO building, stop by
    on Level 3, where you meet Jaime Reyes and get the Regeneration aug. Go and
    visit Carter in the armoury and he'll open it up for you. The upgrade canister
    is on one of the shelves.
    Mission 6: Hong Kong
    (1) Find the Old China Hand bar. Use the map you find in the Datacube at the
    newsstand at Wan Chai market, and if all else fails just swim around in the
    canal until you see the neon sign near the bar's entrance. Once inside, head
    behind the barkeeper to the kitchen and then the freezer. Jump up the crates
    and get into the ventilation duct. Follow it along until you see a ladder
    heading down underwater. After a bit of swimming, you'll find a flooded road
    with baby karkians swimming around. Take them out and keep going. Head left
    out of the water and over some rocks, and you'll see a dead guy with the
    (2) If, when you met Jaime in Mission 5, you told him to leave UNATCO as soon
    as possible, he'll turn up at Tong's, with an aug upgrade canister. Personally
    I ask him to stay at UNATCO, so he turns up in Paris with a handy bit of 
    (3) Versalife Level 2 labs. See section 11.2, part (2).
    Mission 8: Tanker
    (1) On the ship itself, there's a chemical lab. It's on the mid-level deck,
    check the map that Tong gives you for details. The lab is in the northwest
    corner of the deck, and inside it there's a safe, that you can pick (60%
    strength) or blow open (50% strength). 
    (2) When you go to see Dowd in the crypt after scuttling the Wall Cloud, look
    at the wall behind him - it's a safe with an upgrade canister inside.
    Mission 9: Paris
    (1) The upgrade canister is found in the DuClares' basement. See Section 11.5,
    Section (3).
    Mission 10: Cathedral
    (1) Everett's lab. See Section 11.4, part (2).
    Mission 11: Vandenberg
    (1) In a one of the lockers in the comms centre. Smashy-smashy.
    (2) In the flooded generator room. Open the hatch in the back of the comms
    centre and go down the corridor. The door on your right, protected by a camera
    and turret, is the generator room. Take a deep breath and swim all the way
    down to the bottom of the stairs. Hack the keypad. Search the body of the
    mechanic inside to find the upgrade canister.
    Mission 12: Underwater Base
    (1) More from Claude: "the body that has the canister is a the bottom of the 
    base. In the lowest part of the base, there is a large room with a large 
    spider bot, it has a lift, under the lift is water and the body is in there.
    (2) If you manage to save Tiffany, then when you meet Dr Savage at the end of
    the mission he'll give you an upgrade canister. Otherwise, he forgets. 
    Emotional stress and all that.
    Mission 13: Area 51
    (1) Found in the comm building, in the basement area. The hatch to get there 
    is protected by a 90% strength lock, so if you don't want to pick it head to
    Hangar 18 first. On the roof of the building in the far right corner is a 
    dead mechanic and the key to the hatch. Anyway, once you're in the basement 
    of the comm building you'll see the upgrade canister behind bulletproof glass.
    The keypad has 70% strength and I haven't found the code for it.
    (2) Sector 2 Barracks. Once you pass the room with the blue laser beams all 
    over the floor, follow the corridor round till you reach a sort of crossroads.
    Take a left an follow the corridor round, and you'll see a door on your left 
    marked Barracks. Open the door with the code 8946, then head to the 
    containment chamber with the body on it. The code is 0169.
    (3) Station 17 in Sector 3. After you speak to Tong, he opens up Sector 3 for
    you. On your right is the a door to a stairwell. Go all the way up, past the 
    doors to the Aquinas Hub, and you'll see Station 17. You can open up the 
    upgrade canister containment by hacking the nearby security panel, or you 
    could use the login Area51 and the password Bravo13.
    (4) Once you get to Sector 4, keep going until you reach the big room with 
    the bodies suspended in liquid. Search the scientist's body to find the 
    upgrade canister.
    13. Credits
    *Thanks to Ion Storm, for making one of the few games I've been bothered to
    play more than twice through, and for showing the world that futuristic games
    don't have to have huge shoulder pads and aliens. Thanks to GameFAQs, for
    being the only place I need to go for help on pretty much any game outside of
    Lula: Virtual Babe. Ahem.
    *Contribution credits: Claude, KF, Samson.

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