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"Jak and Daxter: A Legacy Born?"

Jak and Daxter, one of the first games I ever played, this one left an impression. In the beginning of the game you (Jak) and your awkward friend (Daxter) disobey a short green man (the Green Sage). You go to a creepy island, the very island you were told never to go to, Misty Island. There, Daxter is transformed by Dark Eco into a weird rat thing, apparently called an ottsel. From there the story expands greatly.

Gameplay 10/10
Although it has an arcade type feel to it, this aspect couldn't be better, literally. The controls used by most games on the ps2 are used in Jak and Daxter, 'X' is jump, 'square' is punch, etc. There are no loading scenes when progressing from one area to the next, there are no glitchy parts, I'm not saying there are no glitches, because there are, but there are no areas that freeze up, or get choppy. The game doesn't get too boring while exploring since there are monsters everywhere, but the monsters are all the same, which makes it get boring somewhat quickly anyway.

Story 8/10
Few stories are executed so well, in the beginning, your friend falls into dark eco and turns into an ottsel, the rest of the game is spent changing him back. Along the way, however, you get tied up in a relationship with a young girl and a plot to destroy life as it's known to remake everything. You ultimately find yourself saving the world, somehow...

Graphics 8/10
These graphics are okay, nothing too significant.

Sound 6/10
The music was common, most games with this sort of arcade feeling have music similar to it. The voices always match the characters lips, the punch and kick sounds match the actions, and the grunts the enemies make when attacking match their motions as well.

Play time 2/10
I tend to enjoy longer games better, this one was four hours long, if played by a new gamer. This was what most drastically affected my overall rating for the game.

Replayability 6/10
The first time is awesome, the times after that is so you can see if you can beat your previous score, that arcade feel definitely exists after the first play-through. The reason I gave this aspect a six is because there are no new surprises the next time through, the first time is when you find out everything. Although, the game could be stretched out indefinitely without getting all the power cells.

Final Recommendation
This is an awesome game, its story should not be missed by any gamer interested in adventure games. I suggest that you buy it and play it, then keep it. Keep it, because if you don't collect all the power cells the first time, you WILL want to play it again to try and get them all.

However, this game has little to do with its sequels, and so its title is a little misleading. There was no legacy, it ended here.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 02/04/11

Game Release: Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy (Greatest Hits) (US, 12/03/02)

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