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Reviewed: 12/07/01 | Updated: 12/07/01

A step above from the Crash Bandicoot Games, this is brilliant!!!

I have always believed that to give a game ten it must be perfect, after playing Jak and Daxter I disagree, a game has to be supremely enjoyable. Jak and Daxter is the most amazing game ever to be released in this genre. The platform genre that this game is part of has met some classics, and having at one time being the owner of a SNES and N64 I thought I had seen the best of them in Banjo, Mario and Metroid and scoffed the idea of brilliant platforming on the Playstation 2, after Ape Escape was the only descent one on the Playstation I was wrong and it takes a lot for me to admit that.

Graphics: The second best game in appearance on the PS2 (only beind MGS2). The frame rate is silky smooth, movement of the characters is fluid and looks wonderful. Facial expession on Daxter and even the lip synching that goes with the talking is expressive and very cartoony. Shows that the PS2 can handle Polygons as well as Gamecube and Xbox. The detail is amazing, you can see areas on islands far away all polygons and they MOVE. The textures, words Perfectly implemented
Overall: 9.5- Makes me proud of My PS2

Sound: Great Voices, great music. The only reason this doesn't get ten is the fact that the music is very typical for a platform game, it may be clear and beautifully orchestrated, but then so was Banjo Kazooie and that had music that was oh so slightly ahead of this.
overall: 9- perfect voices, only Banjo Kaxooie had better music, and that was released 4 years ago

Story: Usually I would not rate a platform games story as it is almost always save the princess or girl from the badguy, but this is different and the beautifully unfolding story (all with in game graphics) is detailed and more reminiscent of an RPG.
overall: 10- because it is a platform game, and it dared to have one.

Gameplay: Well, after the disapointment of Banjo Kazooies demented brother (Tooie) and its ''fetch me something and I'll give you a prize gameplay'' I was concerned that Jak and Daxter may go the same way. It hasn't. The gameplayis everything that Banjo Kazooie was and everything Banjo Tooie wanted to be. platforming perfection, the missions from townsfolk at the start are the only things at all reminiscent of Benjo Tooies gameplay, and even that is implemented perfectly.
10: Mario 64, what is that?

Lasting Challenge: Too tell you the truth I am writingthis review after owning the game for two days, and have some reservations about the length, therefore I am guessing it would take around fifteen hours to finish, maybe more, But I wont give it a mark 'cause I ain't sure.
NA: Worth your $45

Overall: To say that this is great is an understatement, this is perfectly, I will no longer rave on about it, just buy it.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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