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Reviewed: 12/12/01 | Updated: 12/12/01

Awesome... but way too short!!

Okay let me start off by saying that this is a really high quality game. It is amazing visually, I often just had to stop my character and enjoy the scenery, especially the first island level, it was just beautiful to look at. This game has some of the best lighting and particle effects I've seen too. Everything you do in this game is fun, because it's so polished and well done, and Jak's moves are fun to do. He has lots of Street Fighteresque moves that are fun to be creative with against the Lurkers.
The major complaint I have with this game which others seem to have played off a little is that it is WAAAY too short. I got 100 percent in two days. It was really fun while it lasted but I am beginning to feel a little cheated by my purchase. The game's difficulty was perfect, I thought, but there were only three bosses in the whole game. There should have been more, and the game should have had a lot more secret stuff to find, and especially more levels. I have to say that Mario 64 is still the king of the platformers. If Jak and Daxter had as much depth as that one, this game would be a classic.
Still, everyone must at least see this one in action. It's amazing. I hope the sequel is longer. If so, it will rule.
Oh yeah, i almost forgot. The ending was pathetic.
Almost insulting. Like the game itself, it was way too short. Maybe rent this one, unless you don't mind not having new stuff to do when you replay games. Me, I prefer DEPTH in replay value like in Rayman Revolution and of course Mario six-fo.

That was the intro.
Here's the real review:

Graphics: 9.5
The graphics rule very very very very (Apparently I need a lot more words in order to post this review.)
very very much. The colors are beautiful and the environments you are in feel very real. It's all very high budget and polished. It is good. GOOOOOOOD.

Gameplay Engine: 8.5
It controls a lot like Crash Bandicoot but that is no surprise considering that it came from the makers of that one. Jak's moves, (He's the studly blonde guy with elfish ears) are all street fighter moves. He has the Sho Ryu Ken (flying uppercut) the Tetsu-Putki-Flamboyant-Tiger-of grace or whatever Hurricane Kicks, (which is essentially Crash's spin attack) and a somersault into punch attack that is um, okay that one isn't from street fighter.
Anyways, my point is... uh... okay I didn't have a point.
Ahem. Back to the review... (*scratches head nervously*)
The game's control is really tight and Jak is easy to move around.
I gave it an eight because it's good but nothing entirely original as a gameplay engine. It's basically Crash Bandicoot meets Banjo Kazooie.

Sound and Music:
The music was nice. Just nice, not amazing or anything. I happen to love videogame music if it's done with style or charm. I like to hum videogame tunes to myself. All the cool kids do you know. Anyways, I couldn't for the life of me remember a single melody from any level of this game. So, no it's not really all that great and I think it sounds a lot like Crash's music.
Which I thought wasn't offensive, and was at least original as far as game music goes, but just not anything special.

In closing, awesome game, too short, and rent first.
If you don't believe me, you may be out fifty bucks.
Anyways, you have been warned. . .

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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