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"Quite possibly the greatest platformer ever made"

This game meets every expectation that I had and exceeds many of them. Naughty Dog made a funny, and wonderful series back on the PSOne known as Crash Bandicoot. This exceeds that series in every way imaginable! Jak and Daxter will probably go down in history as the coolest videogame duo ever! They are so great and hilarious together. As long as you are not that serious, you will be cracking up at many of the parts throughout the game. Daxter provides wonderful voice acting and silly humor that makes you burst out laughing everytime he opens his mouth. The graphics in this game are absolutely beautiful. You will be in utter shock at how well the ps2 handles this. And not only does it pull of a gigantic beautfil world, it does it all without even a single square inch of loading time! It only takes like 5 seconds to load a game and save games too! What a marvelous achievment! So what about how the game plays, you ask? One word: Spectacular! Controlling JAK couldn't be easier then picking your nose. Its that simple! Basic movements and simple gameplay mechanics make a wonderfully playing game.

Graphics 10
I rarely give games a 10 for graphics, but if any game deserves them it is this one. Had there been loading times I might of given them a 9.5, but with all these superior graphics without an inch of loading times is just remarkable. The world is very large and colorful. You will be doing a lot of exploring with this game. Each area is connected somehow or another and yet it is done so that you do not feel like the game is too non-linear. The textures are fabulous, the effects are spectacular, and the animations are some of the best seen in a video game. The facial character animations during cutscenes is some of the best I have seen ever. In fact, it probably is the best ever, better than most animated movies even! At first the characters might seem dull looking, but you really gain an appreciation for them, since they are meant to look cartoony. Each area feels and looks different than the last, which is another excellent achivement on Naughty Dog's part. You feel like you are constantly exploring new and new areas instead of the same looking ones over and over again. The graphics in this game are so unique and so wonderful, I am beside myself.

Sound 9.0
First of all I have to mention the one thing I absolutely love about the sound in this game. The voice acting is so hilarious, so deep, so incredible, I was shocked. Most games don't offer the greatest voice acting, but this game truly has some incredibly voices. They really make you grow to love that character. Daxter has one of the most hilarious and downright awesome voices ever. Although Jak doesn't talk, that only adds to the level of deepness in his character. I could not think of better voices for any of the characters in this game. The music is classic platform stuff. It sounds great and it is really cool, probably not as cool as the Crash Bandicoot theme... but still worthy of a game as high calibur as this one. A real minor complaint, but the only time that you actually hear something coming from Jak it doesn't sound all that good. You hear ''uhhh'' and ''hiyaaa'' and sounds like that when punching, and preforming your moves. They sound kind of lame, and they should of kept the character completely silent to maximize the effect of his character. Other than this extremely minor complaint, this game sounds excellent!

Gameplay 9.0
I am running out of adjectives to describe this game. How about fantastic, marvelous, spectacular, intriguing, wonderful, beautiful, inspiring. So many I can't even count, and all these apply to how the game play. The games control is some of the best you will ever find in a platformer, and every move you do, ever step you take feels dead on the money. Platform distance is perfect, something that Crash Bandicoot: WOC failed to do. The punch move is awesome, the spinning move is sweet, and the roll is great. All the moves you have here are really fun and easy to get the hang of. After 15 minutes you will feel the same way playing this game that you do 2 months later. It controlles perfectly. One thing, which I don't seem to mind very much, is that a lot of the things you find here seem like straight rip offs from other games. For example, the high jump, the roll jump, and spin move, are both taken straight from Crash. The exploring seems to feel quite a bit like Mario64 and Donkey Kong, and collecting little power ups to increase your health is like Sonic. But rest assured, this game does everything those games does and quite a bit better. In fact it passes them by a long shot. There are some original additions to Jak and Daxter however. For example, there are different color eco orbs that you can collect that do different things. Blue makes you run faster, open certain locked doors, and jump super high. You can shoot yellow eco, and much more. Throughout the game you will constantly be learning the new eco forms and will discover new play mechanics. Their are limited vehicles but they are always a blast, and the mini games are fun as well. I can go on and on about how fun this game is to play. You will be playing through with a smile on your face, and you probably wont put it down for a while.

Crash Bandicoot vs. Jak and Daxter
Jak and Daxter is a heck of a lot better than Crash Bandicoot. If you think these games are comparable, you are quite wrong because they are not comparable at all. Crash Bandicoot is level based, this is not. Crash is a single guy, Jak and Daxter are two guys. That game looks bad, this game looks good. Well I am probably getting ridiculous now, but they don't feel like the same game at all. One thing that this game shares with Crash is the hilarous main characters and the sweet gameplay moves. Crash was an excellent start for Naughty Dog, but its plainly obvious this is quite a bit better. Meet the new evolution of platformers!

Rent of Buy?
BUY BUY BUY THIS GAME!!! Don't know if you want to rent or buy it yet? Well don't be fooled, save the 5 bucks and go buy this game! I truly loved Rayman Revolution earlier released this year on the same console, and I can now safely say that this has passed that game as my favorite platformer ever. If you are the slightest fan of: Humour, Fun, Graphics, Platformers, Crash Bandicoot, Mario, Playstation, or even damned Video Games.... then it is your duty to add this game to your collection!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 12/21/01, Updated 12/21/01

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