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"Good Story, Funny Characters, Excellent game!"

From the makers of the Crash Bandicoot Series (Naughty Dog for those who've been living under a rock) bring us the latest installment on their quarky, off-beat and very funny games like Jak and Daxter. Well enough about the company's history, your here just to read the review!

Graphics 9/10: Very beautiful graphics considering they are cartoonish. They have somewhat anime-ish looking faces and the characters look col especially Jak. What really catches the eye is the how big everything is and how detailed it is, well actually its not like super detailed as if it was coming from Metal Gear Solid 2 or anything but its pretty good. The character designs are very smooth and yet retain a realistic kinda sense (but theyre pointy elf like ears arent that realistic). Good graphics, plus I think the way they designed the characters, levels and such fit the attitude of the game perfectly.

Sound 8/10: Very good sound. And the voices of the voice actors fit the characters nicely, take Daxter for example. His voice fits nearly perfect with his character design and his personality fits him just as much. And another good example is Keira, she's the hot mechanic babe who makes all the spiffy gadgets you'll use later on in the game and her voice also fits her character and personality. Naughty Dog did a great job in the voice acting department unlike some other game companies.

The music fits a good atmosphere for the levels also. But you can tell that the tone and beats of the songs are definetly from Naughty Dog, you can tell if you've played Crash Bandicoot.

Story 8.5/10: A very good story I might add. Jak and Daxter go to an island that they were told not to go to. Well they see this creepy looking christopher walken look/act alike and dont even understand what the hell he's speaking. Anyways, Jak and Daxter go to investigate a little further of whats going on, well then they come across this weird looking gem and this pit filled with this weird black and icky looking goo. A gaurd then comes up and attacks but Jak saves the day, BUT Daxter accidently falls backwards and falls into the goo! When he hops out he realizes he's a cute little furry animal that girls just love to hug (hey if I had the chance to have girls do that to me then I'd take it, lol). You'll bassicly see this on the intro when you start the game but I wont tell anymore as not to spoil anything. But your job is to help Daxter get back to normal!

Difficulty 6/10: It was kinda too easy if you ask me but then again alot of the Crash Bandicoot games were easy. But if you can figure out the enemies pattern then you bassicly know how to beat them after that. Sometimes the puzzles and the jumps are tricky and I had a hard time during some of the harder and more later levels of the game. It kinda got old after a while since almost all you do is gather Precursor Orbs and Power Cells. But hey you may love it to death.

Replayability 6/10: This game is short and I mean VERY short. I could play it again if I got bored and wanted something funny to play but other than that then I wouldnt play it again. If your firmiliar with the whole Spyro series then you'll know what I'm talking about on the replayability, and this game handles alot like Spyro.

Buy or Rent: Sadly, this game is great and all but its too short. I mean I beat it in a little more than a day, it took me about an hour or so to get everyhting in the game but thats about it. So I just say to settle down with the rent, if you like alot and wanna keep it in your collection then go ahead and buy it, I'm just giving you my opinion here. Anyways, I wouldnt really wanna pull out 50 bucks for a short and pretty easy game.

Well thats the end of my review. If you have any questions, feel free to email me or visit the message board here. Happy Gamin'!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 12/28/01, Updated 12/28/01

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