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"A Great Game, but is not the Best out There."

Introduction: I never really was a fan of Naughty Dog games. I just really disliked the Crash Bandicoot games, but Jak and Daxter changed my complete outlook on Naught Dog. They finally impressed me with this rare gem. Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, may I present the review for Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy.

8-Story: Jak and his feisty friend Daxter are on a quest to stop the Precursors taking control of the Dark Eco, an evil and powerful substance. They must cross mountains, travel to islands, fight monsters, and collect the many Power Cells. Very original, and the most creative I've ever seen.

9-Gameplay: The controls are very basic and are easy as pie. You basically move around with the left analog stick and attack with circle or square. Press the X button and the circle or square buttons at the same time to execute stronger attacks. The menus are also very easy to cruise around with. There are also side quests to complete and many, many, many power cells to collect. Eco, a substance that comes in many colors and attributes will help you on the way.(Green Eco replenishes your health, Blue Eco makes you time limited power, etc.) Gameplay in J&D is absolutely awesome, one of the most impressive games with fluid and solid controls.

8-Graphics: The character models are all very detailed and is a huge step from the Crash games. The 3-D environments are also very detailed and the NPC's are also very detailed as well. I don't like to talk about graphics much, but J&D's visuals are astounding.

9-Sound/Audio: The music really suits the game's atmosphere and the locations. The songs are very well composed and are one the the strong points in J&D. The character voices could of used more work though, but Daxter's voice was the most coolest and funniest of all. Overall, great music but disappointing voice overs for a anticipated game.

5-Replay Value: Here's the downfall of this review. After you beat the game which you can accomplish in 10 to 15 hours. There's nothing left to do but to collect the rest of the many power cells and beat up monsters. I seriously was really hoping that this game was much longer.

Rent or Buy: One simple word: RENT. Since this game can be accomplished in about a week or so. But I suggest you buy it only if you want the challenge of collecting all the power cells and beating up the enemies for fun.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 12/29/01, Updated 12/29/01

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