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"A game Jerec will hate!"

He will hate me for dedicating this review to him, But I felt I should, because I now feel the same way as Jerec, on the Review board, does about Donkey Kong 64. I have played a bit of Donkey Kong 64, and after playing Jak and Daxter, it makes me feel as Jerec did about Donkey Kong 64. Jerec hates Donkey Kong 64 for a lot of things, and in my opinion, the main one is the collecting a million things. Jak and Daxter is just like Donkey Kong 64, but with less characters and a lot more things to collect.

I got this game for Christmas day, and I enjoyed it at first, but then I began to dislike the game, I became gutted that I never choose Age of Empires II or Half Life instead. It look's good, for a little while, but it looks like a game which could easily be done on the Playstation One. It would look great on the first Playstation, rather like Final Fantasy IX.

Jak and Daxter's adventure starts when Jak and Daxter visit Misty Island, although been warned not to because you will face great dangers. Looks like neither of them have common sense, It is not explained why they went there anyway! Sort it out, Naughty Dog please. Whilst there, Daxter falls in to a vat of this so-called Dark Ego, which turns him in to a ferret, but unforntunatley kills you in one go when you fall in to it. Loud mouth ferret boy, Daxter wants the silent hero, Jak, who looks like a Final Fantasy character, to bring him back to his normal self. I wouldn't bother, just hearing his voice in the introduction makes you not care at all. When Jak and Daxter get's back to the island where they live, the old sage who told you not to go there does not even scold you, instead he just says ' You need twenty power cells to operate a jet bike across the fire canyon '. Okay, What bike? What Cells? What canyon?

Getting twenty power cells is a task itself, you need to hunt all over the Jak and Daxter world, searching for them. You can get them easilly by giving a number of Ancient power eco to a villager, or doing a task, like pushing a bird's egg off a cliff, or catching this golden muse creature for a sculpture. Sounds familiar, this is what you will be doing the majority of the game, finding power cells for objects which will let you get on your journey. You will get bored automatically when the sage tells you that you need fourty power cells for another machine. Yes... It is that boring and repeative.

Okay, I mentioned a few things in the above paragraph, such as Power Cells and Power Eco. Those are just SOME of the many items you have to collect. Let's have a run down on all the items you will have to collect. Green Eco is small green splodges, which when collected, give Jak and Daxter 3.3% of their life back. If you get a Large Green Eco , you will get a third of your life back. Power Eco Orbs are like coins in Super Mario, Wumpa's in Crash Bandicoot, and rings in Sonic, but a hundred don't give you an extra life (Jak and Daxter offers an infinate life system, which makes the game easier), but if you gave a certain number to a villager, you get a power cell. Scout Flies are a bit useless, and just look for things. There are a certain number in each area, rescue them and get a power cell. Fire Eco is an orange substance which makes your attacks stronger. Blue Lightning Eco works like a magnet, automatically breaks crates and collect what is in them. Blue eco also makes Jak a faster character to control, which is good because he is a slow character to control. Power Cells is the most important object that you need to collect in the game. It powers machines, and makes your percentage of the game cleared screen go much higher. So much for great lifespan promised. Also, in some tasks, you will need to collect items, like

Those familiar with Crash Bandicoot will understand the Crate system Naughty Dog is obsessed with. 'A Different experience from makers of Crash Bandicoot' is the phrase I have heard people say, Well, there is about the same number of crates in this game, same as any of the Crash Bandicoots. There are steel crates, normal crates, very tough to open crates, etc, etc.

Jak and Daxter was supposed to be a free-roaming game. It is more like a corridor platforming game, like Crash Bandicoot. Some bits are wide, and explorable, but a lot of area's make you go in a strigh line. The very first area, the Geyser Rock acts like a corridor platforming game. Come on, If I was the developers, I would never have put Jak and Daxter in this game, and made more levels with Konami for Crash Bandicoot 4.

There are some clever bits in Jak and Daxter. One of them is the day in to night feature, which features in every other videogame right now. Jak and Daxter offers some brilliant backgrounds with the day and night feature. Other clever bits include great voice acting (Except for Daxter).

So there you have it. Jak and Daxter is over hyped. It is actually is a corridor, repeative game, which you have to collect a million items to suceed in the game. Who wants to expirience Donkey Kong 64 once again, or one time at all? Jak and Daxter, as a game, which you must leave alone.


- Average graphics
- Great voice acting
- Good animations
- A Game you could enjoy


- Daxter is annoying
- Jak never speaks
- Too repeative
- Not enough Lifespan
- Crap story
- Lots of things to collect
- Percentage meter can go up very fast


Graphics - 5/10
Sound - 8/10
Music - 4/10
Gameplay W/O items - 10/10
Gameplay W/ Items - 1/10
Story - 2/10
Lifespan - 4/10
Overall - 5/10

Alternatives : Gift, Crash Bandicoot 4.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 01/02/02, Updated 01/02/02

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