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"Jak And Daxter: The Precurser Legacy"

Okay, if it wasn't because of a few minor flaws here and there the game to me would be a perfect 10 and it's hard for me to give a game a perfect 10 considering the kind to games I have played. But overall I seem to find that Jak and Daxter has satisfied my need for a good long and might I add frustratingly hard game. Take a look at how this game turned out.


This is what basically made the game such a fun and very hard game to play. The game is almost like the game Banjo-Kazooie for the N64, except I found this game to be much better and harder. You play the role of Jak and throughout the world you find these energy cells known as Eco. As you make your way north you will encounter new types of Eco such as fire Eco which makes Jaks attack much more powerful or blue Eco which makes Jak faster. The object of game is simple but not so simple. You as Jak and your erm Faithful sidekick Daxter must journey throughout four long and very hard worlds to find these artifacts known as Power Cells. These Cells open up new areas of the world so Jak can find yet even more cells. Some people may think the game is boring in a way to keep doing the same thing...find more and more cells but to find the cells you have to perform a certain task. Depending on the area your in, the tasks can be incredibly hard to insanely easy. For Example closer to the beginning of the game you will find Power Cells...just laying on the ground in front of you, while near the end you will have to swing on tiny little bars over a bottomless pit to reach a single power cell. Sometimes I felt that I didn't even want to attempt getting the Power cell because of the challenge I knew lie ahead. But in the end I found it was all worth it because the game ends up making it a memorable experience.


This is mainly where the game lacks but still isn't all that bad. What happens is Jak and Daxter were bored and went to go explore the small island right smack off the coast of the mainland even though they were told not to by the sage of the village. First off what person isn't eager to check something when someone tells them not to? everybody wants to find out what there not getting. So when they arrive it seems there is a group of monsters being led by two sages brother and sister once before sages that have been transformed into an evil doers by dark Eco. So Jak decides he doesn't want to get ambushed and decides to go explore the island a bit and comes across a pool of dark Eco. Soon enough one of the monsters comes along and attacks Jak and Daxter. Jak luckily has some sort of ''Precurser junk'' in his hand which he uses to defeat the monster. When the monster is defeated a small explosion is sent out sending Jak flying backwards into Daxter which makes Daxter fall into the pool of dark Eco. Seconds later Daxter comes shooting out as a new him, he is now the little ferret all of us are going to soon love or...hate? So after a few words Jak and Daxter go to the sages house to find out how to turn Daxter back into well lets just say turn him back to normal. So after a long talk Daxter learns it is beyond the green sages power to turn him back and he is going to have to travel north to the yellow sages place to change Daxter back. And that's basically the main story line the game presents to us. It is your job to uncover the rest...and have fun!


This game has outstanding music and very good voice acting. The voices match the characters perfectly and the facial expressions tell just how the character is really reacting. Some people have also said that the graphics are a little dull with the bright kind of like a cartoon look to them but if you take a look at any mountain or any house you will notice the amount of detail put into everything in the game!


Jak and Daxters main quest lasted me around 7-9 hours to me that's a little on the short side but I bought cause I'm a die-hard. Yet there is still things I have not gotten and still trying to get...such as, the secret ending. For most players I would say this game would last no longer then 15 hours. Me? once I'm done,I'm done no more for me...and even if I decided to play again for the fun of it, it defiantly wouldn't be from the beginning. I would only play on the file I beat it on.


RENT OR BUY: I would recommend renting it for the people who plan on playing it non-stop and a buy for the people who play on playing the game through mixed intervals.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/06/02, Updated 01/06/02

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