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"Move over Crash...You've just been beaten"

Naughty Dog...creator of Crash Bandicoot has released a new game, possibly BETTER than Crash. Enter the freaky duo of Jak and Daxter.

Jak, the freaky squirrel type thing, has been dosed with some Dark Eco and now is even weirder than before. Daxter, well he looks sort of elf like, but so far nothing has caused him to be disfigured.

So... they have decided to go on this ''quest'' for power cells. The power cells will help you throughout your quest to fix items, machines and other wacky stuff.

Maybe your wondering, ''So how in the world do I get these power cells?'' Well if you complete tasks like bringing Precursor Tokens to citizens for a Power Cell or tasks as strange as pushing a giant egg off a cliff. There are endless tasks to complete. Some are very easy to complete and some are very time consuming, frustrating, annoying, and lastly, difficult.

Unlike Crash Bandicoot games you are not exactly in levels you are in a world where you can move very freely. There is a lack of enemies in some areas but it doesn't make the game any worse. In my opinion the areas are what sets Jak and Daxter apart from Crash Bandicoot. They are so incredibly large you can easily get lost.Every area is unique, some with molten lava, some in a tropical paradise. The graphics within each area are also amazing, they are never blurry and aren't simple.

You can easily change the view, from first person to third person, and then change the angle. This makes it so the game will fit you perfectly.

Jak and Daxter have so many moves and combos that you will never know which to use. Ram the box, smash the box or maybe spin Jak into the box. Maybe you might wanna double jump and spin to get to that far away platform. You must constantly press buttons, and always concentrate. Timing is also a huge factor. For example if you quickly tap the jump button twice you probably will only preform one jump, but if you press the jump button once, and then at the peak of that jump, jump again and you will be able to reach new heights. It may seem a little confusing but it is actually quite easy.

Obviously, you will encounter some bosses on your quest. The bosses in the beginning aren't difficult but later on they do pose a threat.

Lastly, let me tell you about the items! You can use eco vents or find eco throughout areas which boost your strength, jump, or other stuff for a small period of time. Use some yellow eco to shoot energy balls which greatly injures the enemy. Also you can use blue eco to jump higher, and move faster. There are also machines during the game to help you fly or to do other things.

This game is a GREAT, FABULOUS, AMAZING game. It is a little short but that won't matter to anyone. If you liked the Crash series you will fall in love with Jak and Daxter. This game is comedic, fun, and challenging. A must buy for any gamer!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 01/20/02, Updated 01/20/02

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