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"Jak & Daxter + An Amazing Adventure = Never Ending Fun"

Jak & Daxter: The Precursor Legacy is one of the best video games to come along in a long time. I had the best time with this that I have with any game in years!

The graphics are nearly perfect, if it hadn’t been for the rare time when there would be something that made me think “Oh yah, this is a video game”, then I would have given it a perfect score.
Everything is perfectly suited to the cartoonish environment that the game takes place in.

But before I get into everything having to do with the graphics, I want to tell you what makes this game so special.
Normally in a video game everything has an animation that it follows. There’s a walking animation, a running animation, a jumping animation, etc. But what this game does is it takes those animations, and then creates new animations while you’re playing so that everything goes seamlessly from one thing to another. That means that there’s never a snap in between animations like you see in every single other video game ever made. It lends the characters an incredible fluidity that really helps suck you into the game, and I don’t think that there’s any way I can explain it properly without you actually having played the game. You have to see it to believe it.

Now for everything else.
The environments in this are massive, massively massive, in fact almost the entire game is just one big environment. There are no load times, there’s only one cut scene in the entire game that’s used for loading stuff in, and the cut scenes that are used to move the story along use the game programming instead of CG.
The sky overhead has moving cloud cover, the world cycles through the time of day, it also cycles through weather patterns, and all of it is done seamlessly and looks great!

As I said at the beginning, the graphics are nearly perfect!

SOUND: 9.8
There’s not that much to say about the sound except that it sounds fabulous.
The music is perfectly suited for each situation, and many times you forget it’s even there.
All the voice acting is incredible; with the exception of the girl that’s always with the Green Sage (I forgot her name). It seems that late in development they changed her voice to appeal to younger kids or something, personally I preferred the voice I heard in the previews.
Last of all, all the sound effects are perfect.

Everything can be interacted with, and there’s nothing that you’d want to do that you can’t, and they used clever ways of getting you not to do some things. For instance, I wanted to swim out into the ocean and find the edge of the programming, but guess what, there’s Precursor Sharks out there, you don’t want to mess with them.
The controls are great, although many times I had trouble with the double-jump due to you having to use it almost immediately after your initial jump.

While doing all the various challenges and puzzles, nothing’s ever to hard or easy, everything’s always right in the middle where it’s slightly challenging.

Jak & Daxter has a good 20-25 hour play time, but only if you explore EVERYTHING. Many times I spent hours trying to find something important, and it turns out I just hadn’t looked over on the right side of the room or I hadn’t looked on the other side of something.

Oops, I forgot to mention all of Daxter’s one liners…

You could play this game many times through and still not be tired of it. There’s just so much to do, there’s no order in which you necessarily have to do things, and it’s always a challenge.

This is a video game that people of all ages can find enjoyment in.

If you’ve enjoyed Naughty Dog’s games in the past, then you’ll have three times as much fun with this and should buy it.

However, if you’re not sure this is the game for you, then you MUST at least rent this.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 02/01/02, Updated 02/01/02

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