Review by DKamikaze

"Mario 64, just a lot smaller. And easier."

Why did I, a games player of 15 years, buy Jak and Daxter? Hey, I needed something to fill the gap between Devil May Cry and Final Fantasy 10.

Jak and Daxter was amazingly good fun, but heres a breakdown.

GRAPHICS: I must say, I was impressed. Incredibly impressed. I looked for glitches and falters in the animations, but didn't find any. THAT good. But then, I would not call them revolutionary. They are just very, VERY nice. And thats that.

SOUND: Daxter's quips and one-liners are funny, the music isn't as brash as other cartoony platformers, the sound effects fit in well. But unfortunately I didn't like the continuous hints from Daxter, really, there should have been an option to shut those off. It spoils the game somewhat.

ENVIRONMENTS: Some of the most beautifully crafted landscapes since Mario 64. The way the game flows is quite remarkable, the detail in the levels is outstanding, the views are remarkable. This is the one area it levels with Mario 64. You could waste the best part of half an hour gawping at the draw distance, the level of craftsmanship is breathtaking. A round of applause to Naughty Dog!

ENEMIES: Oh dear. Whats the word I'm looking for... errr... dull? Uninspired? They're pretty much what you'd expect, they look nice, they chase you around, you hit them and they are defeated. What, you expected them to give you piggy-back rides and to have afternoon teas with Jak?

DIFFICULTY: This is where the main gripe comes. TOO EASY! In 48 hours I got 100% complete ranking. True, I've played it through a few more times to cut down my total play time. But the bonus scene at the end for getting 100 powercells is... err... what is it? I didn't understand... WHAT ON GODS GREEN EARTH WAS THAT ENDING ALL ABOUT?!?!?! Basically, don't expect to be rewarded for your efforts. Although it has to be said, getting that ending isn't exactly very hard. I'd expect the averaghe gamer to have knocked the stuffing out of this game in a week. But what a week!


Jak and Daxter is one of the most entertaining games I've played in a while, the quick jokes and the crazy humour are a great departure from the moody horror games and dull action games we've been bombarded with in recent months. It will make you go ''WOW!'', but not forever. When you've finished the game, theres nothing else to do.

If you want the best, Mario 64 is still out there for people who are insane enough to have never played it! Jak and Daxter comes so close in terms of fun and frolics, but against the master craftsmanship of Nintendo's Supreme Ruler of the Platforming World, it's not long enough, challenging enough or innovative enough to compete. We're talking a system which has TWICE the potential of Mario 64. Oh well, we'll never know Nintendo's dirty little secret on how their games are so addictive and fun... but until we get Mario GC, or another good substitute, Jak and Daxter is worth a weeks rental.

Just don't expect a challenge.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 02/18/02, Updated 02/18/02

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