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Reviewed: 02/21/02 | Updated: 02/21/02

"Average 3D Platformer" pretty much sums this one up

First things first; if you're an 8-year-old and have never played a 3D platformer before (i.e your family just converted from amish to some other religion), go out and buy this game. It's the perfect game to get you accustomed to the genre. The rest of you, read on:


Smooth, polished, mostly good quality throughout, high framerate, all that jazz. The graphical style here works well too, given the genre.


Walks that ''not supremely annoying, but not really memorable'' line. The voice acting, while hardly MGS-quality, is surprisingly good as well.


Layout is good, responsive, no glitches, blah blah blah.


Did you see that headline? Look at it again.

That enough for you? NO?! Bu... Wha... oh, hell, I'll actually do a review for you.

Ahem... First of all, this game is somewhat short. Only 4-5 hours in, and you'll find your ''percentage done'' tally at over 50%.

The learning curve in this game is dead-on. The early stages will hardly require you to look at the screen (assuming you have so much as an inkling of actual skill), but the later ones actually require some good timing and skill (though none of the puzzles will ever make you scratch your head). The young'uns might have a little trouble with the final levels, but overall this game actually has some challenge for you, regardless of your age or skill level (unless you're some ultra-player who completed Extreme mode in MGS2 without using rations, being seen, or killing anyone, with a time under 3 hours; why are you even considering playing this game, anyways?).

As for variety, there's a good bit of it here. Shooting, driving, racing, and various other stuff are all thrown in, and actually implemented well.

My biggest complaints? This is one of those ''collect everything in sight to open up next level, go to next level and repeat same'' games. Now, I don't know about you, but I never really liked those kinds of games (except mario 64, which, sadly, is better than this game). There aren't enough bosses, either (a measly two, if memory serves), and the bosses you do get are a bit too easy. Oh, and finally, this game has all the 3D platformer stereotypes we've come to know and love. Ice level? Check. Stuff you collect to open up the next level? Check. Cast of characters that consists of a cute-yet-sassy animal, an old scientist, a token female, and various other ''wacky'' characters? Check. A hero who doesn't talk much/at all? Check. A whole bunch of others I won't go over, for the sake of keeping this review under a megabyte? Check.

Overall: 6

Average 3D platformer. I gave it an extra point for being well-rounded and polished. If you really need a new 3D platformer, or a gift for your kid, go ahead and get this. Otherwise, spend your dough elsewhere.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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